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Sacred Initiations
Phoenix Focus Group Matrix

A Movement For Making Spiritual Unity

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Hint:  first read  A Radical Call To Spiritual Unity Between All Faiths

The Family Matrix

As one’s consciousness comes into communion with the spiritual realm, the Seeker has a progressively expanding opportunity to become a part of the planetary matrix of spiritual being, intelligence and connections,. The Seeker can take up involvement in countless numbers of special "focus" circles which jointly meditate in a variety of ways within a diversity of religious traditions for upliftment, transformation, and healing of self, others, and the Earth. These collectively comprise a Matrix of Masterminds for guiding evolutionary advancement. Collectively the Matrix has no boundaries and it incorporates focus circles from all continents, peoples, and religions. Thus, the Matrix is constantly opening into infinity.

Do you suppose that you could sit in meditation with all of them, all the Prophets, Saints, Sages, and Adepts, and merge into the Matrix which is formed by their joint consciousness. Could you draw from this Mastermind Matrix all of the collective accumulated intelligence, power, and abilities of the ages to uplift, transform, heal, and create new realities?

In many ways, such opportunities are given the Seeker. Especially now. Over the course of the past 100 years, more and more energy is being channeled through a vast Spiritual Matrix. Since at least as early as the 1990’s, a huge flood of spiritual etheric energies has begun upwelling to greater and greater heights and depths than has ever before flowed through the Earth Plane. At least, to those who are sensitive and aware of these energies, it feels like it…

On the Spiritual Plane, all of the seekers, leaders, and followers of the primary religions and spiritual traditions are focused as one, paralleling their energy into a vast Matrix of intelligence and living, loving divine energy which reflects the heart and mind of the All In All, of that Great Being which is simply called God in the English language. Each individual on the Earth Plane can draw forth energy from this Matrix by paralleling in love and focused dedication with the intent of the Matrix to uplift the All in All. By joining and connecting through Focus Circles and regular meditation and spiritual healing work on the Path, individuals learn how to mirror the energies of the Matrix in and through their own chakras, thoughts, and actions to achieve constructive results.

Do you want to heal someone? Why not stand before those who are ill with the entire Matrix of Earth’s Spiritual Mastermind behind you to deliver the goods? Does this mean with all of the Christ? Yes. Does this mean with all of Islam? Yes. Make no mistake, they are one and the same. Those who talk differently don't know what they are talking about.

To walk in this league, the Seeker begins with a personal focus circle. A focus circle typically is composed of a group of people who meet for a couple of hours on a weekly or monthly basis to conduct a joint meditation. A highly focused "space" is created by the matrix of minds who have come together to create and maintain the special group "Mastermind". These focus circles gather together the energies for achieving specific results. The greater the awareness of the energies and how to apply them, as is learned through the Ascension Mantras and by many other ways, the greater are the results. It is that simple.

A group can be composed of any size, even as little as two or a handful. Or they can be in sizes of tens of thousands or even more, as in the specialized Holy Day mass celebrations and precessions, and in events like the Meditations For World Peace which are becoming increasingly popular on the Equinoxes and Solstices.

To generate a dedicated space, a group Mastermind needs to renew its energies on a regular basis through weekly, monthly, or even for some purposes, daily meditation activities. It also needs a disciplined structure which is created by a set of shared Mantras, symbols, and meditation routines to maintain a common orientation and frame of reference for the people who are involved.

Ideally, the Mastermind Matrix is programmed by using a dozen or so Mantras, keyed of course with the power of deliberate breathing of both the airs and ethers of the All In All. These should be practiced by all of the matrix members at the same time to bring them to the same telepathic focus at the same time within the Matrix of the All In All.

The strongest and clearest result will generally be found if the Mastermind is all in the same space. But space does not really matter. The Mastermind is an energetic link which works telepathically on the etheric plane between the members of the Matrix, regardless of physical proximity. The Mastermind can practice and produce results even though its members are widely scattered across the continents. So location and space do not create barriers for the Mastermind but the energies are always the strongest when the auric fields of the individuals can merge in the same location.

Would you like to join us in a Phoenix Matrix of Focus Circles?  The first circle is  under development and will begin regular activity later in April 2002.  If you would like to join the first circle, email mwman@earthlink.net, subject "All Right"

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