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Sacred Initiations

The Divine Mantra
from the Book of "Sacred Initiations"
by MW Mandeville

This is a mighty fine Mantra to use at anytime for re-centering yourself, for reminding yourself who you really are, especially when you need to repair some wounds.
So come back often!!!

We begin now the dialogue with the All In All


The Seeker starts the Spiritual Quest with this Mantra or with one very close to it. The Seeker explores and learns the fundamentals of a vast system which empowers this Mantra and then, finally, perhaps after even a lifetime of learning, the Seeker returns to use this Mantra as the lever which moves both self and the world. Ultimately, the Seeker who uses this Mantra is as the Buddha who is perfected in "Is Lam" to become as the Christ. All paths lead to this Mantra and to this truth.

The key to this great Mantra is the use of deep breathing to call forth the unseen energies of the spiritual forces of God. The Seeker learns how to use the force of the breath through the nervous system to direct the flow of the energies through hisher self, through hisher family, and through hisher community before returning them to God. A long time ago the Great Sages named this combination of focused meditation and deep breathing "The Breath of Brahma".

With one Brahma Breath of the All In All, the Great Sages attune with and become, knowingly, as one with God.

As they attune through the Breath of Brahma, the Great Sages become linked, not metaphorically, with the super-real energy, ability, and knowledge within the Great One which we call the All in All. This, of course, involves far more than can be demonstrated or discussed within these Sacred Initiations. Such attunement involves a lifetime or more of work which goes far beyond these meditations.

Take three deep Practice Breaths to wake yourself up into the Here and Now. Then once more empty the lungs, create a total void within, align consciousness with the Root Chakra, and think to yourself this Divine Mantra

I am here, I am now, I am breathing as deeply as I can

This is the orientation line for this Mantra. It is always said while emptying the lungs. Sometimes it is useful to remember the rhythm of the Mantra by first calling up the Walking Stick – Catch the Rhythm – which reminds you to take a full breath and then begin to exhale while thinking I am here…etc.

When you reach the "I Can", become aware of breathing in through both your lungs and through the Root Chakra, and then complete this Mantra while breathing in slowly as fully as you can

I am breathing in the highest essence from All There Is, yea even from the most Ancient Of Days. Oh what an awesome mystery!

You lungs should be full about the time you think "awesome mystery". Then hold your breath just long enough to think

Behold! In this breath I am become as One with the All In The All in the forever eternal now.

Now begin to exhale as slowly as you can while thinking as rapidly as you can, this:

Behold! As I return this breath, the energies of the All In All flow through me to my family, to my community, and back to the All In All, thus uplifting, transforming and healing my family and community in the All of the All, forever and ever. Oh, sacred mystery, but true!

Breathe one to three deep cycles while savoring this Mantra.  On the next breath, make and realize all the connections which the words in the Mantra suggest, but TRY to do the second cycle WORDLESSLY.

Notes For These Sayings

When one first takes this one up in the morning, it may take several re-starts to get the breathing and the Mantra to flow smoothly together.

This Mantra aligns the self with the All In All while focusing consciousness with the Here and Now. Thus aligned, the spiritual forces (sometimes called Chi, Ki, Kundalini, Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.) are directed through the Chakras and organs of the body. This system is explained as the Mantras unfold in the Sacred Initiations.

The words of this Mantra are of course only the tips of the icebergs of cosmic realities which lead to Realization of the All in All, this Oneness which is also called God..  With mastery of this God Realization, diligent students become the Great Sages, Masters, Prophets, Bodhisatvas, Messengers, Saints, Teachers, and Avatars who have founded the spiritual practices and religions of the world. They have provided the essence of all religious teachings in all of the languages and cultures of humanity and this essence is the same throughout them all, though the words may differ and the levels of understanding and practice may vary widely.

After having completed the Divine Mantra, you can add a prayer, or thanks, or affirmation, or communication of any sort with the Heavens or Spirits. Suddenly your words will have so much more power, your prayers and affirmations will have so much greater wings to find their way into manifestation.

Here is a quicker more informal version of the Divine Mantra which can be said at any moment, perhaps as something you use to take a moment to reorient yourself during the day. Those moments in your life during which you need to take a deep breath to refocus are the perfect moments for a Mantra such as this one.

Breathe in deeply at a normal pace while thinking:

Here & Now, I become one with the infinite heart, mind, and spirit of the All In All, sacred mystery yet exactly true.

Breathe out deeply at a normal pace while thinking:

Here, Now, & Forever, I am one with this sacred mystery of the All In All.
















Reading Mantras, Prayers, & Songs is not it.

Saying it is not it.

Saying it quickly and glibly is definitely not even close.

Your awareness must flow through and experience
each thing which is described in the Mantra.

Only in this way can you Allow the All In All
to lead your consciousness through your body and being

Only in this way can you Allow the All In All
to show you how you can heal your body and soul.

Only in this way can the All In All

unify your organs and cells and all aspects of yourself
into a higher state of being.


Sacred Initiations

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