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Sacred Initiations

Sacred Initiations

on the Great Path For All Paths

Table Of Contents


1. Infinite Are The Names Of The All In All

2. The Purpose Of These Meditations

First Purpose – The Quantum Jump

Second Purpose

Third Purpose

The Fourth Purpose - Making The Connections

The Fifth Purpose – A Matrix of Standards

3. How To Learn & Use The Path Of All Paths

4. The Stepping Stones

Meditation – Devotion – Trance – Church Service

The Mantra – Program, Prayer, and Affirmation

The Breath

Breathing Through The Chakras

Aligning Awareness

The Three Step Process In The Sacred Initiations

Variations and Applications

Using A Touchstone

Preparations For Doing The Meditations

Walking The Path

5. Structure Of The Dialogue With God

How To Use The Statements In This Dialogue

What To Do With Underlined Phrases

The Walking Stick Mantra

6. How To Breathe The Airs & The Ethers

Breathing The Airs

Drill No. 1: Inhaling

Drill No. 2: Exhaling

Drill No. 3: Deep Breathing

The Rhythm of the Mantras


Drill No. 4: The Waltz

Breathing The Ethers

Polarity of the Flow of the Energy

A Walking Stick Mantra

A Key To Typical Responses

7. The Divine Mantra of the Great Sages

8. The Seven Mantras of Self Realization

The System In The Divine Mantra

The Mantras of Self-Realization = Self Recognition

First Mantra --- I am here and now

Second Mantra --- All There Is

Third Mantra --- All In All

Fourth Mantra --- Airs & Ethers

Fifth Mantra --- Toes To Top

Sixth Mantra --- The Breath of Brahma

Seventh Mantra --- The Seven Creative Forces

A Variant For Quick Recentering Any Place Any Time

A Variant For Muslims:

9. The Seven Great Questions

First Question – Can I talk to God at the dinner table?

Second Question – If not God, how ‘bout the Great Sages?

Third Question – Well then, can I see the Spirit Plane?

Fourth Question – Can I communicate with my Guides?

Fifth Question – Can I feel the shell of the Mystery Egg?

Sixth Question – Do I have Clairsentience?

Seventh Question – Do I have Clairvoyance?

10. Proclamation Of The Divine Path To The All In All

11. Mantra Of The Buddha

12. The Ascension

First Chakra - Root

Second Chakra - Vitality

Third Chakra – Nourishment Center

Healing Center In The Side Chakra Point (Spleen)

Joy Centers - Perfection of the lower chakras

Fourth Chakra – Love & The Secret Button

Fifth Chakra – Guidance

Sixth Chakra - Third Eye

Seventh Chakra - Crown

13. In The Divine Light Of The Ascension

14. Phoenix Mastermind Transformation Matrix

Initiation Into the Matrix

Creating Or Joining A Focus Circle

Focus Circle Meetings

Template For A Focus Circle Program

15. Abbreviated Rendition Of The Ascension Mantras

The Lower Chakras

Fourth Chakra – The Heart (tone = Maaah)

Fifth Chakra – The Mind (tone = Aaaht)

Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye (tone = Teeee)

Seventh Chakra – The Crown (tone = Eeee)

16. Chart Of The Chakras

17. The Seven Pillars of the Phoenix Mastermind Matrix

18. Medicine Wheel Of The Great Path For All Paths

Sacred Initiations

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