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Sacred Initiations

Introduction To The Path For All Paths

A Radical Call For Making Spiritual Unity

The Resurrection 2002

Note:  This Call is available on an Audio Tape or CD.  It is free but a small donation is requested to offset expenses


Dear Friend,

If you are listening to this tape, you are surely among those who are searching through the great spiritual truths to find greater meaning for your life. Surely you also seek greater manifestations of divine love in your life as you search ardently for a greater sense of transcendental guidance and salvation. And you may be among the many who currently are seeking most diligently for the immeasurably boundless spiritual fruits of Rapture and Ascension from the grace of the Great and Holy Spirit.

Like so many have begun to do during this millennial epoch, you may be searching through many a spiritual path for these Great Treasures which have been prophesied for such a very long time, yea even since the distant dawn of civilization many many thousands of years ago in the ancient lands of Bharati and Khem, which in the West are known as India and Egypt.

Even now you may be waiting watchfully for the next astounding act in the great dance of history, as has been foretold in many a book in many a religion for so many followers for such a long time.

Indeed, across the lands and among the peoples of the Earth, great numbers of those who seek God hope for a great change to come, NOW, in this time, into their lives personally as well as for the entire Earth. Such ones are found in the great and venerated paths of Buddha, Christ, Israel, Vishnu, Mohammed, and as well among the many peoples of the Earth Medicine Wheels, including the Hopi, Lakota, and the Q’ero.

All these ones who sincerely seek the Divine Presence in these and other old old paths are surely beloved in the Heavens, as are you who listen to this tape. If you are certain of your seeking, come Dear Friend. Come and commune in your seeking with me in the living presence of the divine, of THE ONE which is the essence of the All which can be found in the All.

Whether you know of THE ONE as the All In All, or as Allah, or as Brahma, or as God, or as one of the other 144,000 names by which THE ONE is said to be known, the name matters not. The way to the Divine Heart and Mind is open, indeed the way is made plain to you now in this time through many paths. And perhaps here in the Book and Tapes of the Sacred Initiations, you may find yet even more of the light and perhaps even a clearer sense of a Path to the All In All.

Even as the Age of the West seems doomy and gloomy in a rising tide of horrible violence, the way to the All In All is made more open with each and every passing day. Even as more horrible acts are committed on the Earth, more and more people are waking up into the presence of the Divine. Great irony but true.


Dear Friend, the Seers say that A Lever Long Enough Can Move The Earth. I say to you such a lever is here and now before you. You need but take it up to move both the world and yourself into the Ascension and the fulfillment of the spiritual values that you seek.

All around you is the lever. Perhaps you have already found it in a group, or perhaps through a teaching, or from a guide, or in a book. Or perhaps you haven’t seen it at all yet.

Right now here before you, you will find such a lever in the Book of Sacred Initiations For The Path Of All Paths. In the Sacred Initiations, and even in the introductory tapes, you will find a map which points to where you can find the Great Lever. All people from all traditions can find this Path For All Paths and as you walk along this Path you will find the Great Lever.

As you walk along this Path to the All In All, you will discover that the lever grows longer and stronger with each passing day. Eventually, if you keep walking the Path, the lever becomes longer and stronger than the understanding of Humankind, yea even longer and stronger than the cycles and tides of the Earth.

Come therefore, my beloved, walk along this Path with me. Come! Move the Earth! Together, bye and bye, after we have moved ourselves enough, we will move the entire Earth.

If you need to, if you are unsure of the way, begin now with the Sacred Initiations In The Path For All Paths. The Book and the tapes provide a system of meditations for conscious spiritual attunement to the sacred energies of the Most Ineffable One, the wondrous All That Is In All, this one whom many call Allah, Brahma, God, or one of many other names in many languages.

Even if you have a well developed path of attunement and have your own internalized methods for spiritual development, come! Come join with me and those who walk this Path For All Paths. You involvement will make the tapestry of this Path richer and the parallel connection of our energy will accelerate the uplift and Ascension of all those seeking Divine Love.

In the final analysis, following the Path to the Realization of God, or the All that is in the All, should be as simple as following a good road map. No obscure musty old scriptures should be necessary. No dubious, unverified "channels" need be followed. Check out this map to the Path. It guides you to the place where all Paths must eventually meet and merge. You will find there a wondrously good romance.

The diligent Apprentice who walks on this Path to seek the full realization of full attunement and connection to this ineffable Sacred Mystery of the All In All may know in this lifetime the states of Unconditioned Love, the "Peace Which Surpasses All Understanding", Health, Vitality, And Ascension to Rapture, Bliss, Samadhi, Enlightenment, Liberation, And Immortality Of Consciousness.

By the grace of the All In All, the diligent Apprentice can find these Great Fruits and Powers along this Divine Path For All Paths by creating and building, one step at a time, day by day, greater and greater attunement to the creative forces within and without. From the attunement which is brought into being through the use of these or similar meditations, all the Fruits of Spiritual Evolution are ripened and brought into the life of the Seeker.

All these high and Great Fruits are promised by the Sages and Prophets in the legends and scriptures of all of the great religions and spiritual traditions. Accordingly, these meditations and this map to the Great Path are provided with complete respect for all of the religions and spiritual traditions of the Earth. The meditations and tapes are written and conducted in a way which any believer of any faith can use to empower hisher faith with a closer connection to the Living Presence of the Divine.

Never ever did God put all the eggs in one nest for one church or for one religion. In the same magnificent abundance with which God made Life, so God has bestowed all the lands and peoples and ages of the World with the eggs of divine truth. Along this Path of the All In All, eggs from all the nests can be gathered. They make a wonderfully good omelet!

As this Path is Walked upon, it does not take long to discover that this is not at all a new religion, not even remotely a new path, definitely nothing like a cult. It is really more the bridge-work, a rainbow bridge it has been called, on the Super Highway which joins all of the existing spiritual traditions and religions. The Path of the All In All UNABASHEDLY COMBINES AND ADAPTS THE TRUTH, THE POWER, THE GLORY, AND THE BEAUTY OF ALL OF THE SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS OF THE EARTH.

The Sacred Initiations are compatible with the central values and practices of all religions and spiritual traditions. These meditations are not Christian trying to co-opt Buddhism and Islam. These are not Hinduism trying to co-opt Islam and Christianity, nor are they Buddhism trying to co-opt Islam, Christianity, and all others. By the conscious use of certain universal principles, the Sacred Initiations provide meditations which lead to the All In All in ways which can be employed and altered for any type of religious services in any language in any type of religion.

You will discover that this really is a Path for All Paths because these truths of the Sacred Initiations can be used equally as well by Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Wicca, and the traditions of the Earth Peoples such as the Hopi, Lakota, Maya, Q’ero, and all other traditions which are truly centered on the Sacred Mystery of the Great Spirit of the Greater Being, this ALL which is the unity which is in and of All Things.

Accordingly, you can use whatever Holy Names for the All In All you wish to honor from the venerable traditions of the Earth. The meditations can be done equally well to serve Allah, Amen-Re, Brahma, God, Jehovah, Manu, Maasauu, Ra, Yahweh, and all other 144,000 names of the Great One. The same is true for the names of the Prophets and Sages who have inspired the Great Faiths In the Quest For The Realization Of The Great One: Al Ruh, Buddha, Christ, Guru, Jesus, Krishna, Maitreya, Messiah, Messenger, Mohammed, Rama, Saint, Teacher, Vishnu, Y’shua, and all other 144,000 names of the Saints.

All of this is made plain in the Book of Sacred Initiations and the Instruction Tapes. The Book provides extensive discussions about some of the major features of the Path, powerful Mantras for personal and group empowerment, and how and why to use various techniques of breathing, meditation, mantras, toning, and other sacred practices of the priests and shamans.

Side A on Tape One provides an overall introduction and Side B on Tape One, titled "How To Breath The Airs and the Ethers", provides instruction in the basic art of yogic breathing and tuning into direct perception of the spiritual plane.

On Tape Two Side A, you will find an introduction to the how and why of using Mantras and a follow-along rendition of the Divine Mantra. Side B of Tape 2 provides a follow-along guide to the Meditation on the Seven Mantras of Self-Realization and the Meditation on the Ascension Mantras.

These meditations are not unlike very powerful prayer-visualizations. They inscribe the map of the Path For All Paths in your nervous system and lead you to a transcendental connection with the All In All. The Tapes are provided to help you memorize the system and after you have done so you may wish to give the tapes to some one else. But keep the Book of Sacred Initiations because it may explain much more than you will realize for many years.

Before you begin to work with these mediums, let me summarize as succinctly as possible the Path For All Paths.

The Path For All Paths weaves a journey through three levels of being. The most immediate and personal level is the level of personal empowerment. On this level, the Path leads to focusing enough personal time, respect, and love to heal and transform one’s self in perfect freedom and fidelity in accordance with the highest principles of truth. The meditations unfold your personal ability to truly love unconditionally, beginning with yourself and your body. The Meditations add greater power and depth to your love and life than you may believe is possible…


...unless you are already far along in developing your ability to love yourself into perfect health. Along with this increase in love and life energy, this Path For All Paths shows you the keys to use this amazing grace to activate and quicken the process of transcendental transformation of self into realization and manifestation of the spiritual fruits of union with divine being.

Surely this is enough Spiritual Fruit for any Path, but there are still two other profound levels to this Path For All Paths.

On the second level, the Path For All Paths provides part of a template for a complete Paradigm Shift in the way humans think about the various religions, spirituality, science, and the world as it is. The Path For All Paths provides part of the leading edge of the Global Wave Form which is rising now like a great tide all around the Earth.

The Path provides common ground in the new Global Paradigm for pulling humans out of the headtrips of the "differences" with which they slay one another. The Path directly demolishes the "otherness" which humans have invented as foils to hang around the necks of those they imagine as their enemies. The temples, mosques, and churches are seen for what they are, as essentially similar efforts to serve fairly much an identical Faith in the efficacy of the ages old Sacred Quest to seek a relationship with the All In All.

The Path For All Paths provides an outline, a beginning point for a matrix which integrates the various religions, cultures, and traditions into a unity which harbors their diversity, into a Global Family of Humanity which knows no Strangers and denies no person the dignity of belonging on the Earth in peace. In this growing Global Wave Form, the differences between the Great Faiths are esteemed for the beauty they create in weaving so many intricately diverse patterns into the Tapestry of Life.

Many a one teach such, many a one give lip service to such, many a one have wishful thinking about such. The Path of All Paths IS the place IS the call, IS the movement, IS indeed a trumpet of the Global Wave Form for the manifestation of OUR unity in the All In All.

From the two levels of personal and global transformation, a third level arises. On this third level of the Path, seekers can find re-connection to personal destiny and re-connect into a real family with those who also travel the Great Path.

Across the world, the material basis of huge numbers have been disrupted or even destroyed in the great social cataclysms of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 21st century, we see that culture in North America has become virtually destroyed with the fragmentation of individuals into autonomous bits who are miserably lost, physically unhealthy, and materially unhappy. Few indeed are the tyrants of human history who have been so successful at the destruction of the culture of a people as has come to the people of North America through their ersatz economic system which guarantees for all that the wealthy shall always become wealthier, never mind what you don’t see.

From out of this strange landscape of 21st century America, those who seek on this Path For All Paths, or on parallel and similar Paths, are finding each other. And as they do find each other more and more, they shall begin more and more to forge the fires and the hearths of a new cultural foundation to which all people belong and can find the respect, cooperation, security, and love which alone creates lives worth living.

Do you ask, is such a Path as this possible? Do you ask, how can such as this Path For All Paths be proclaimed in this dismal time and place? Can transcendental transformation of self into a divine reality be proclaimed successfully in any time or place? Haven’t all of these Paths as taught by Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Babaji, Yogananda, and many others, haven’t these failed to reconcile the world? In fact, do not the conflicts between these old paths worsen the human condition?

Dear Friend, the only answer to these questions is Yes. A thousand times, yes. Yet even as the human condition degenerates rapidly, even now, the Heavens prepare the new spiritual ground for the next age of the Earth. For those who are beloved in the Heavens, for those who seek to genuinely express the divine reality, most certainly the Great Path For All Paths can be proclaimed to reconcile all paths. A thousand times yes!

Such proclamation requires no great prophet, merely ordinary souls who cleave to the truth with clarity and devotion and with love and respect for the diversity of the All In All which reveals all truth.

So it is that these Sacred Initiations come as a gift to you through Seekers whose work is the product of being lead for many years on the inner planes by the Great Sages and Masters of Space and Time who manifest the highest expressions of the All In All upon this Earth.

This gift does not demand surrender to secular or material forces. It does not suggest blind dependency upon a formula composed of pleasant cants and rants which are repeated woodenly for the remainder of one’s life. Nor does it demand surrender to an organization which mouths them. Rather, the gift offers a focal point for self-discipline and personal fulfillment through personal surrender to the Fruits and Opportunities which flow from the greater energies of the All In All .

The gift provides keys to the wisdom of the ages which the Seeker’s expanding awareness can incorporate into hisher Quest. The gift insists that blindness surrender darkness into vision in the light and the gift demands that the hobgoblins of fear, disease, ignorance and poverty surrender to love, health, wisdom and abundance.

The gift encourages, be smart, be free. Such is the true Buddha who walks even now the 8-fold path bringing forth the message of liberation from bondage through compassion. Such is the true Christ, who is abroad over the land as always, walking and talking with people in every clime. Such is the true Islam whose ways of devotion are beloved of God. Such is the true Israel, whose perseverance and patience inherits the Great Promise of the Great Plan. Such is the surrender to the realization of becoming as Buddha Christ on Islam Road en route to Israel for a meeting with Maitreya Vishnu Al Ruh.

So it is on this Path that the keys to the secrets of many traditions are thrust before you, ancient Egyptian keys, ancient Sanskrit keys, ancient Bible keys, keys for the Koran, even keys to the Rapture, that you and this Age may be fulfilled. The Seeker need but take them up to open the Gates Of The Most Amazing Grace…

Walking the path

Before I leave you to the Meditations in the Book and Tapes, let me outline something about what you can expect personally from the Personal Level of the Sacred Initiations.

First and most immediately, the Sacred Initiations are provided to assist those are ready to make a quantum jump in spiritual attunement. The Meditations provide powerful methods for channeling the greatly increased flux and flow of the etheric spiritual and kundalini energies which are flowing in the lives of many people at the beginning of the 21st century. Hopefully these meditations will help them do so with greater self-knowledge and with much less uncertainty and crisis.

The meditations are designed to directly lead the Seeker to the ability to discover and use the gifts of spiritual healing, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. They directly teach the Seeker how to become "spirit filled" with the manifestation of the "Holy Spirit" or the "Holy Ghost". The dedicated Seeker who walks this path will, bye and bye, find the "Ascension" through "Rapture", "Samadhi", and "Enlightenment".

The Diligent and Intrepid Seeker, who has already looked in many places for these Spiritual Fruits in the All In All, will recognize that many secrets of various groups are plainly exposed here. Indeed they are. Indeed these Sacred Initiations "out" many of the inner secrets of many groups and secret mystery schools.

The Sacred Initiations provide a universal system for contacting and guiding the flows of spiritual energies through one’s body and life as well as through others. Accordingly, these principles necessarily encompass all other known systems. As well, it is entirely inevitable that the powers and secrets which can be found in some form or another in many "secret" high-priced schools, such as Reiki and others, can be invoked through the Sacred Initiations.

Most importantly, the meditations are designed to teach the fundamentals of how to direct the flow of the spiritual energy for healing purposes and for alleviating various problems with strange symptoms, some of which are quite negative, which are emerging in millions of people who are having psychic and spiritual experiences.

Many people are relating these changes to shifts in spiritual orientation and psychic sensitivities. Some people claim that these include changes in their chakras, auras, meridians, and how their body functions. All of these are probably true.

Many of these symptoms are positive, such as increased remembering of dreams, better hunches, increased personal energy and personal power for healing self and others, and so on. Unfortunately some symptoms of change are also negative, such as the appearance of weird pains or tics in various parts of the body, a new type of strange "out of body" disorientation at times, increased anxiety, sudden inability to sleep, and the like.

Some people are aware that these new symptoms are created by the Kundalini and etheric/auric energies which are beginning to flow through their chakras in new ways. But still, most people have failed to begin the practices of controlling these symptoms through the ages-old meditation techniques which were designed for the task of guiding the process of spiritual development.

The most basic methods and universal principles for attunement to the sacred energies of the Spiritual Plane to find God Realization, were worked out thousands of years ago, some say many tens of thousands of years ago. This knowledge has been transmitted down through the ages by various groups in many languages all across the Earth. A goodly portion of this information is now freely available, yet in this age it remains largely unused by the vast majority of the current cohort of spiritual sensitives, seekers and transformationalists. Too many are stuck in the head on the mental plane. Too many make do busy busy busy and thus continually crowd out awareness of the energy and realization of how to work with it to ameliorate the symptoms of imbalance which crop out … everywhere.

Upon talking with many people from a broad diversity of backgrounds, religious beliefs, spiritual attunement practices, and levels of sensitivities, it is obvious that only a very few people have incorporated into their lives the disciplined daily meditation methods for handling and channeling the increased flux and flow of the spiritual energies which are flowing in their lives.

Most people do not understand the potential power in this ineffable gift of energy which is flowing into their lives. Nor do they know how to work with this subtle yet powerful energy to heal their bodies and overcome many of their negative symptoms. Even many of those who seem to be the most sensitive and responsive to the spiritual realm remain the most oblivious in using the profound meditation techniques which have been evolved through the eons for releasing and channeling the spiritual energy.

Too many believe, purely from a place of "belief", that a loose assortment of the right ideas inside makes one’s relationship with God and enables one to fully benefit from the great gifts which the All In All has bestowed on humanity.

But frankly this is too much like Wishful Thinking, too much like waiting for Magic. Eventually, one must learn how to discern the energy principles which can empower spiritual beliefs with real results. Eventually one must learn to use the energy principles to create the motive force which brings forth the Spiritual Fruits promised by the Prophets and Yogins. This of course means some disciplined, methodical work must be undertaken, even rather like as prayer or rosary is taken up as a regular practice.

The Yogins and Prophets have always taught the methods for discovering the energy principles and truths of the Divine Reality. They have always insisted that the relationship with God is something with grows out of regular activity. They have always provided methods which enable the relationship with God to develop step-by-step from an awareness of the truths of the Spiritual Realm which gradually expands.

Without a disciplined regimen of development, body-building champions cannot emerge. Can spiritual super-heroes emerge without "spirit-building"? Of course not. Building muscle requires structure and nourishment to feed the structure. These come only with a regular daily work-out effort to build the muscle, with proper attention to diet.

The Sages teach that spiritual muscle and structure are best created through the regular use of age-old techniques which include guided mediation, breathing, focusing of awareness, and the conscious projection and reception of the spiritual energies. Nourishment is provided by a diet rich in love and devotion. The Sages of the Ages maintain that it is from out of this focusing work that one discovers the knowledge and the means to more fully manifest the gifts of the Great One.

The Sacred Initiations provide a universal system which leads the Seeker rapidly through the main methods of "spirit-building". The Initiations help the Seeker learn objectively just how the energies manifest and how they can be guided to create positive changes in one’s body and being. As well, there are many techniques which help release harmful energy patterns and diseases.

Doubtless, the time never has been so right for millions of people to seriously take up such discipline and meditation. People who suspect that they are experiencing kundalini or spiritual growing pains are probably right and they should immediately take up these meditations. When they do, they may make awesome revolutions in their own lives and perhaps as well as in many others. They may be astounded and thrilled to the core of their being about the progress they may experience.

Do some of the meditations daily, even if for just 15 minutes, at a regular time and place. The Seven Mantras of Self-Realization are designed for exactly this purpose. As time goes by the Seeker will experience a fundamental radical change in what is felt during the process of doing the breaths. This change will bring the precise and clear knowledge that the process or Path of building relationships with the forces of the All In All is an exact and knowable process, not some impossibly obscure, mystifying process composed entirely of unverifiable, one-sided faith or beliefs.

If these meditations and Mantras of Self-Realization and Ascension are done frequently, on a schedule, Spirit Guides will begin to take over from this text and "show the way" to you for walking the Path internally. To begin this process, you have to make it a regular habit at a regular time. This enables the Spirit Realm to coordinate more deeply with you.

It is as if you set off an alarm bell in the Spirit Realm when you begin to meditate. It is as if Spirit Guides react by saying, "Oh My, someone is beginning to awaken". I am very certain that these Mantras of the Sacred Initiations are well attended. They would not be in your hands unless it were so.

In the beginning, most people probably will not be aware of involvement with the Spirit Realm. "Good ideas" will just pop into your head and you will do with them as you have always responded to good ideas. Eventually, you will begin to suspect that you are sometimes being given inspirations, and then finally you will begin to see how the process works.

In this respect, and in all things related to this Path, you do not need to just merely have faith or beliefs. You can expect proof and actual experience of the facts to manifest. Ask and you shall receive. These Sacred Initiations came in exactly such a manner, step by step, as rapidly as I could absorb them. More and more proofs, signs, and knowledge will come if you are looking for them and know what to do with them.

The All In All is no fool. The All In All gives the Seeker increasing comfort and self-confidence by making the Path bloom with fruitful results, including knowledge of how to create positive internal changes, as well as how to heal, uplift, and overcome disease. Not the least of the fruits is finding how to give loving buoyancy to all aspects of one’s life within a better sense of internal guidance.

These fruits are all valuable beyond measure but they are just the beginning. Soon enough the doors of perception begin to open into the Spiritual Realm, awareness expands, and new realities are directly glimpsed.

This expanding experience provides something which is light years beyond preaching, pulpits, institutions, and beliefs. Faith in God or Faith in some vague direction which leads to God, such faiths are supplanted with the beginning of clear, tangible evidence that an exact Path can be found which really leads somewhere which is … truly transcendental.

Such awareness finds continual evidence that the Path to the realization of the All In All produces results which are NOT ephemeral, that the Path is real, is knowable, is methodical, and is ultimately as scientific as any other field of endeavor. This evidence encourages the Seeker’s "faith" or "belief" that the Great Path to the All In All may be as unlimited as the Prophets and Messengers do claim. This precious fruit will multiply in countless ways and will never fail to expand the Seeker’s comprehension and desire to search for more.

But always remember, the All In All makes the calendars for the times and seasons of all things. Accordingly, it is very helpful to have as much patience as you expect to receive from the All In All. Allow faith to lead you in the beginning as you look for useful results. Perseverance and diligence will eventually win all.

Therefore, do not ‘rush in" expecting immediate fulfillment of your spiritual ambitions through these meditations. Do not doubt that these spiritual treasures require a serious quest. All Great Treasure requires a Great Quest. It is dedication, effort, and time which makes these discoveries.

But even so, with all of this disclaimer to caution foolish beginners, these Sacred Initiations are brought forward now because of the "Quantum Jump" in spiritual evolution which many dedicated Seekers and Devotees can now make with the right cues and discipline.

Those who are most ready to make this Quantum Jump are those who are eager to weld back together again the romantic experience of life with the intellectual understanding of the material and energetic processes which shape it. The 20th century long ago lost or destroyed any semblance of balance between the two and have left humanity with institutions which are either soulless on the one hand or are purely romantic on the other hand. It is rather hard to find balance for thoughtful romantics in most institutions at this beginning of the 21st Century.

The Sacred Initiations provide a path which balances both aspects of being, the romance of life balanced with the reason of understanding which penetrates the mysteries. These meditations are fully as devotional as they are intellectual. With these meditations one does not just think about how to think about God, one becomes fully involved as a devotee in joining into a complete and full relationship with the All In All.

The ladder for this is not faith, not belief, not any particular teaching. The ladder is fashioned with both love and the profoundly subtle yet perfectly objective energies which are love’s wings.

The proposition is ultra simple. The principles continually create results which are useful. Useful results create even stronger devotion. Stronger devotion leads to greater effort to use the principles for greater results. Such does the Divine Reality really unfold.

As one undertakes the path, then, one looks for the results which verify the fruitfulness of the path. The results lend ever more credence to the "leap of faith" which began the path. How can it be otherwise? This really, ultimately, must be the main feature of any path which leads past the ignorance of "here" to the Divine Reality beyond.

Insist on nothing less in all matters. If you do not find yourself on such a Path, you are not on a Path. You are stuck in a muddle. Come along then, take up this Path. It will lift you free of all the muddles of Earth.

The Global Wave Form

Why now is such a Path as this Path For All Paths being proclaimed? Let us consider this question for a moment or two within the context of the Global Wave Form. This is the second level of the Sacred Initiations.

The question is: why now? The answer is: It could only come now. Until this last half of the 20th century, all knowledge about spiritual matters had to be couched within the idioms of the different religions, mainly whichever one was dominant in a particular area or period of time. If such masquerading and subterfuge was not done, the true knowledge and its teachers were soon repressed and sometimes even burned. Yea, even unto this very moment, there are many major areas of the world were there is no tolerance and in these places those who proclaim new or different thoughts are easily murdered with wide acceptance and little regrets.

It has widely been so for at least the past 1700 years. Typically the knowledge of the direct Path to the All In All had to be most circumspectly described. The knowledge had to be presented in a manner which made it seem to be different than anything which was discussed in other religions and traditions, lest the priests of one religion accuse the presenter of heresy originating from the other religion. One had to be most circumspect in these matters since they often burned or impaled heretics on stakes.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the romance with God and many of the ancient spiritual traditions are still hopelessly lost in a Tower of Babeling Illusions which are cast from the shadows of 10,000 Make Believe Differences which have been invented by a million priests through several millennia of contention and competition. These Make Believe Differences now loom over Earthly landscapes like 10,000 foot tall Hobgoblins.

As one peers through the darkening landscape of the current age, one sees that the greatest Preachers of Judgement, Hate, War, Rape, Violence, and Death are proclaimed as Holy Men, Heroes, and Great Leaders. And if one peers a little further into the fading twilight as the Sun sets on this Fourth Age of the World, one sees that many of the evangelists of all the religions worship the Hobgoblins of Great and Rude Differences, make Judgements and Rejections on each other, and wait for the thunderous passage of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to destroy all those who do not believe as they believe.

The plain and ugly truth is that many churches of the world are filled with such ones. Seemingly the greater they are, these one who claim the message of salvation from the One True Prophet and Savior whom they personally know, the ruder such religious leaders have become in seeing and proclaiming evil upon the world. Despite 100 years of extensive secularization of political institutions, there does not seem to be any stopping of this religious nonsense and mayhem. They are still going at it stronger and stronger with each passing year.

Unfortunately the zealots are far too successful. Scamsters have turned some Muslim institutions into virtual factories for terrorism, outfitted with suicide brokers who masquerade as Imams or other religious leaders. There are also dark circles among both the Christians and the Jews, who act out to express their moral macho with extreme social prejudice and occasionally with great violence.

Without a doubt, the world cannot afford the self-styled leaders of bigotry and superstition who are constantly seeking to infect religions with ignorance, sweeping over-generalizations, hate, jealousy, incitements to violence, the denial of respect and basic human rights, and bizarrely stupid behaviors in dealing with elementary problems and issues of life.

Real spiritual teachers should be "rushing in" to re-orient these poor souls and those who manipulate them. But, as in all of the religions, few real leaders are around to set higher standards to provide pressures for exposing the scamsters and phonies of violence.

Here is the consequence of the Babeling Hobgoblins of Religion which proclaim and manifest evil upon those who they perceive to be different. With the great exception of certain schools of yogins and mystics, a great many of both the leaders and followers of the major religions and spiritual traditions of the world, including the great oral traditions of the Native Earth peoples, have lost the point of what they are doing. A great many mostly have lost the connection of their teachings, Mantras, and meditations with the source of the power or energy on which the spirit walks.

It is entirely understandable and in fact all of the great religions provide ancient yet elegant prophecy to what has come to pass. Through a period of some 1700 years, rude and cruel men, zealots of religion all, destroyed the oral traditions of the past by killing the teachers and banning the languages and sayings. They burned and destroyed the living spirit and wisdom behind the knowledge in the old books of many a people. Thus the true essence of most of the old teachings was lost. All that was left were cold words in old obsolete languages of vague meaning. What is left now of the great old religious traditions is truly sad.

Here is the essence of the story which reconciles the religious and spiritual traditions of humanity within the Global Wave Form.

People have searched through all the ages, races, and continents for the divine reality, for the supernatural, for the path which leads to that which they have called, by various names, God. The answers to their questions are as old as the hills and the most important answers are very similar from place to place, race to race, religion to religion

The basics are simple, but the details seem bewildering. The greater portion of humankind seems lost in continual confusion about the fundamentals and conflict is rife in many lands between followers of paths who think they are being lead in different directions.

Through the Ages, only a few seem able to tune into the big picture and obtain basic information about the nature of God as true knowledge. In ages past, Great Masters of Space and Time have become the Saints, Sages, Teachers, and Prophets of the religions of the world to proclaim the All In All and teach the steps to find and manifest the All In All. The Sages of the Ages have collectively inspired the raising up of the churches and temples of the world to give forth the message of how to find the Path of the All In All and to house and teach the methods for walking on this Great Path.

Through time, the methods were beaten out of those who knew and thus the knowledge was lost. The very existence of the methods is now largely forgotten, and a great many of the earthly Houses of the All In All have become a place to sleep or daydream with wishful thinking and pleasant but entirely pointless theological erudition. So it has become in the era of AD 2000.

Yet even as the Houses of the All In All fall more and more into slumber and dream fantasies, the Great Masters and Sages gather up more and more legions in the Spirit Realm to work with greater and greater energy with those who Seek in both the Earthly and Etheric Realms

Accordingly, now as always, especially now, the Great Sages inspire earnest Seekers through various means, including direct inspiration, greatly increased synchronicity of destiny, accelerated learning, even miracles, and above all a vastly increased outpouring of the spiritual energies known as the Etheric, Ki, Chi, Yod, or Kundalini energies which change both the bodies and the awareness of those who tune into them, both consciously and unconsciously.

The inspirations of the Great Sages take many forms. They serve to press Seekers to search and find out the keys and secrets which have been lost in the established Houses of Religion. Finally, when the Seeker has learned enough and is sensitive enough, the Great Sages lead the Seeker within hisher own consciousness to find the internal connections and awareness which lead the energies of Enlightenment through the Chakras to achieve enough "critical mass" to produce the cosmic fruits of Samadhi, Bliss, Rapture, and finally the Liberation of Enlightenment.

The more that the Seeker surrenders to this process of becoming a Child of God, to becoming as this Benu, Buddha, or Christ, as proclaimed by Y’shua and many others, the more the Great Sages can present this inestimable gift of attunement with the All In All to the Seeker and thence through the Seeker into the lives of those who struggle in blindness with the cosmic and historical forces of the material universe. This, in various forms, is the central message and purpose of all of the major religions of the Earth.

The objective of the Great Sages, the "Great Plan", is to provide the gifts which bring all things of the spirit and religion into alignment and attunement with a universal, objective Path which ignites or illumines the realization of that which is the All In All. All action which builds the Path and connects others to it leads directly to finishing the "Great Plan" and to fulfillment of the greatest teachings and prophecies of the ages.

These are, precisely, promises of fulfillment of the "Great Plan" for a fully Spiritualized Earth, an Earth ruled by the Heart and Mind of Divine Consciousness, which humanity in ages past have called Buddha, Horus, Christ or Islam. This would come, the Sages taught, after the conquest of people and nations ruled by self indulgence and manipulation of the emotions of the three lower chakras (which are mainly sex, power, and fear and have been variously called the forces of Set, Ahriman or Satan).

The paths of the religions, the secret societies, and the sacred mysteries now comprise a vast road system which explores a never-ending terrain of metaphysical principles, values and spiritual phenomena. All are linked together, somehow, but one would never know it because connectons to all others are missing.

This Path For All Paths is the missing part of all the road maps. In this map of the Path For All Paths, one finds the connections where all paths merge and thus become one in the last leg of their journeys. The places where they all join leads directly to that which is the Great One. This Divine Path For All Paths may be likened to the final few steps which lead to a full realization and manifestation of the nature of the relationship with that which is the All In All.

The highest spiritual purpose in the world today is served by taking up the Quest in the Path For All Paths. And the greatest and highest religious purpose in the world today is to eliminate the attitudes of differentiation and exclusiveness based on subjective, unprovable claims about history, doctrines, or ideology. Only from a dedicated, concerted effort to overcome exclusiveness can humankind find the way to finally create world peace.

Almost all of the fine theological debating points which much of the current leadership of the various religions believe are so important in defining their DIFFERENT organizations and movements are in fact totally irrelevant to anything which matters.

A hard truth but one plain to see.

So Damn the hobgoblins of Ignorant, Sanctimonious Differences, no matter how pious the proclaimers seem to be! The Sacred Initiations provide a radical statement of unity which systematically destroys all of the illusions of separation, difference, and chauvinism which have built up through the ages in huge piles around the various Houses of Religion. The paths of all the religious traditions are seen for what they are, as simply the initial stepping stones of paths which wind through the Lands of the Earth and the Ages of the Peoples to merge eventually into the same High Road which leads to the All In All.

Look at this little book of Sacred Initiations as just a minimalist sketch for the new paradigm shift, for this coming Global Wave Form in human consciousness. See it as a beginning Matrix into which symbols, words, and data from the various religions, spiritual traditions, and esoteric sciences can be added profusely to create even more dimensional depth. Take this crude cloth and weave it into the finest tapestry which shows the greatest visions of the All In All through the ages. See it as a means to restore the great teachings of the past which have been lost. By such means you can adapt these meditations to suit practically any religion or philosophical perspective.

Doing this as much as possible dissolves the walls of separation between the various traditions. All intellectuals and spiritual leaders upon the Earth should now do the same to bridge the gaps between the religious cultures and demonstrate healthier patterns of thinking about other cultures to their followers and clientele.

Within this "universal matrix", all religions can link and merge to find unity in the All In All instead of theological controversy. This task is before all of the leaders of all of the religions and churches.

This is your opportunity .

This is your moment

This is your destiny,

You must do it now or you must get out of the way.

This is especially important in providing bridges between the Islamic and Judeo-Christians communities. A great many of the practitioners in these traditions, especially the most vocal promoters of them, continue to harbor the attitudes that the religions and sectarian churches are militantly separate and hopelessly different. They are not. They are virtually the same in everything which really matters. The prevailing assumption should be that they are the virtually the same on the most basic points, even though they harbor great diversity and variation in expression between them.

The perceived doctrinal "differences" should be assumed to be illusions or the products of manipulative or ignorant minds who should be defrocked from any influence in religious institutions. Where and when ever the claimed differences lead to judgmental assertions and zealous claims, laughter should become mandatory! Laugh away the differences as absurdities!!! Wash away the zealots with a chorus of hoot ‘n’ hollering Har Har Har’s.

Many religious controversies boil down more or less to crazy claims that one person’s names are holier than another’s. The way out of the crazy divisions and controversies is to sincerely and lovingly use all of the names. You who would lead, lead those who are lost through the Labyrinth, that they may see their foolishness.

And lovingly laugh at all assertions of fundamental differences and irreconcilable destinations. Laugh, Laugh, and Laugh some more! Only when zealotry evokes laughter as the predominant response, will it occur to the zealots that they are missing something, something fundamental, something….like….brains.

Dear Friend, you who are beloved in God, allow me now to step down from my soap box. I will leave you in peace and quiet without my harangues, so that you may practice the meditations which are on the remaining tapes and tracks. If you wish to connect with the Sacred Initiations and Phoenix Quest Focus groups in a more direct way, look in the Book of Sacred Initiations for how to contact us through the mail or on the Internet. May the Mother/Father, the Son/Daughter, and the Holy Spirit which unites them all, from the beginning to the end, keep you healthy and happy in the Great Circle of Life.

~ A Friend, April 2002 (MWM)

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