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Phoenix Quest Group

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Four Corners Haven

Chairperson - Annette Hardman AKA Inspirit

We are seeking to create a haven in North Central Arizona or New Mexico, and possibly another one in Sonora, Mexico, to survive the flight of Phoenix Five.  We intend to find a way to accomodate as many as several hundred persons.  If you are interested, please contact us.   You can email the Land Search Committe Chairperson,directly at

"Inspirit" <inlighthardman@cybertrails.com>



We are ready at this time to pool our talents and resources into a cooperative entity. We are members of the Phoenix Quest Group which members scattered throughout North America and many other places on Earth. We are seeking spiritually minded people who are interested in joining our Quest into the new world.

We call our approach a RESOURCE LAND CO-OP to function as a Ranch, Farm and SAFE HAVEN during this time of the Earth changes, pole shift, and ever-increasing threats of terrorism and the war we find ourselves in. We will need to be in place for those who will be coming before during and after the changes in the earth which must come again. Some of us in the Phoenix Quest have already foreseen this.

For those of you who want to bring this into fruition and create a safe harbor amidst the sea of changes that are coming hard and fast, take heed.

We are now looking to buy a large chunk of land co-operatively to farm, ranch, to create housing. and build a small community. We want not only to survive but thrive in the coming changes. If there is a catastrophic shifting of the poles, we will have a safe place of refuge. If the problem is bio-terrorism or something else caused by man, we will have a safe place to hide out in. If none of these things occur, we will have an investment in a friendly, small-scale retirement center or home with compatible people where we can live inexpensively close to the land in a remote area in a good, easy, year-round climate and grow great gardens while talking with interesting people.

There would be different levels of involvement. One would be financial investment to purchase the property which would create joint ownership as limited partners. Members of the community could buy into the co-op for campsites, or for real house sites, for acreage to farm or ranch, and/or also they could buy into a co-op "food stock". We intend that at least half of the property will remain in common ownership and about half of the property will be assigned to the co-op members for use by individual families.

For more information about this, you will be able to check into our website at


We are scouting properties in Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora Mexico right at this time. Take a look at this webpage for some discussion and some pix of land which would be roughly equivlent of what we are looking for. This webpage describes land which is a little drier and higher than we want but there are many similarities.:


The elevation will be between 5000 to 7000 feet which makes for a good temperate client in the SW, not too hot, not too cold, there will be easy water on the property. This will not be empty sage land. We will only purchase land which has a diverse, treed eco-system on a major portion of it (oak, PInon, Juniper, Cedar, Aspen, Ponderosa Pine, etc). It is doubtful that power or phone lines will be available. Likewise, cell phones will probably not work. Land prices are likely to fall in the range of 1000 to 1500 per acre, thus the buy-in capital is likely to be quite reasonable. We can contemplate purchasing as little as 40 acres at these prices, or as much as 16,000 at prices under $100/acre depending upon the interests and the capabilities of those who connect into the project.

We are taking into consideration ancient text and prophecy, Michael Mandeville's ground-breaking vortex science of how the avalanche of the crust is likely to occur, and Edgar Cayce's predictions. All of these, plus our own hunches, are the criteria for selecting the property. To review some of these prophecies, sciences, and the books which have been written about these, see


or http://www.michaelmandeville.com/phoenix/phoenix.htm

If you seriously want to join in with us, we hope you will read "The Prophecies" book or the "Earth Changes 2001 Special Report". These lay out the best overall summaries on the nature of the earth changes and the coming shift in the location of the poles. You cannot know what a "safe haven" is and where to located one until you have read one of these publications. You can check them out and even order them from http://www.michaelmandeville.com/catalog/cosmic_cat.htm

For our Wagon Train into the New Land, our Land Resource Co-op" has many levels of involvement and cooperation. Mothers and Fathers, Grandparents, and especially children to pass on what we will be pioneering and learning are all sought. Single people also welcome. Especially welcome are people with experience in construction, alternative energy systems, gardening and farming, animal husbandry and vet services, excavation, experienced medical people, alternative medicine and the healing arts, artists of all sorts, and musicians. Avatars may hang out as well.

Through our co-op we will collectively pool the down payment or possibly the entire purchase price of the land and go in as joint owners of the property, which we will hold as a "Land Resource Co-op" to fall under agricultural and/or recreational zoning rules. Naturally, the co-op members will have to contract to pay the montly mortgage payments, if any, the taxes, and the utility expenses. Since this will be remote land in a remote rural state, these expenses will be much lower than urban dwellers are used to.

This is not for materialists or secularists. We are believers who are non-dogmatic. We embrace diversity for its richness. We are Buddha Christ Islam and occassionally we speak Yiddish and talk with the spiritual realm. This venture would not just be a hole in the wall for escaping earth changes. We feel that living on Mother Earth in a different more gentler way is absolutely necessary. This would be a whole new paradigm to live out in a safe, gentle way without having to become a cult zombie.

We would try mightily to incorporate healing on all levels. Our hope would be to become a healing center of light during after the changes. We as the Christ-Buddha-Islam need to co-create heaven on earth. We all must move into the heart of Love at a deeper level. Y'shua demonstrated this through action while on his very human journey here. This would be demonstrating what we already know. We can now and should now move in greater action to demonstrate it.

For those who would like to help hold this vision, time is awasting. We feel time is of the essence now and as the world moves into uncharted waters, we must adapt to the changes that are coming. They are undeniable now. We have talked much over the past years about what this family might look like, now we believe it's time to take it to the next phase of co-creation in action.

Please join us if you feel moved to. We are one..... Many levels of involvement are welcome. You may just want to learn from what we do, you may want to store survival goods in a safe place, you may want to retire in a pristine, ultra clean environment, or you may want to raise Llamas and chickens and ride horses on your own ranch, or just grow veggies while browsing the Internet for survivors.

If you want to join in helping to acquire property, please get in touch right away. We want to firm up a concept of the number of people we will need to accomodate.

Inspirt Keeper of the Flame,
Chairperson of the Phoenix Quest Land Search Committee

contact  me by e-mail or phone:
or call 928-474-9371

P.S. Important Connections

Everyone concerned about the Earth Changes must subscribe FREE to:


If you want to join our Covered Wagon Train, you must subsrcibe FREE to:


or you can connect at:


To check the latest status of the Change In The Earth and the location of Earth's Axis, go to:


To connect with the data about Vortex Tectonics, go to:


Please consider purchasing one or both of "The Prophecies" book or the "Earth Changes 2001 Special Report" if you have not done so previously. If you have been thinking about it, now is the best time. The mail may get severely disrupted by another major round of bio attacks and we may not be able to mail anymore. It will not take much to cause the postal people to abandon the mail and allow it to wait several months while the military tries to figure out how to irradiate huge piles of it. So for the print versions of the Trilogy and the best summaries of the Earth Changes, the window for acquiring them may be rapidly drawing to a close. To review and order them, go to