I'll look forward to the book and will take the opportunity to recommend it to a variety of others. I hope that you find great success with sales and distribution of your truly prodigeous and careful work. William Hutton, professional geologist and author on the subject of Edgar Cayce’s earth change predictions, July 2000

Congratulations on getting this work wrapped up! I have a strong feeling this project will be an overwhelming success for you. Too long overdue. You've gone a great job. Wilf Chipman, professional electronics engineer, July 2000

I received my copy of the revised version of the Return of The Phoenix Trilogy on time as promised. It is truly an incredible piece of work! It is clearly both well researched and well written. I would also love to obtain a physical copy as well...Ivan Heller, Chestnut Hill, MA July, 2000

Dear Mr. Kenyon, editor of Atlantis Rising Magazine: About 3 years ago, we ordered the book "The Return of The Phoenix". For the past 3 years we had been wondering what was taking so long. We just received a CD-ROM of the book last week. Now we are wondering how such a monumental, magnificient piece of work could have been completed in only 3 years. We highly recommend this book to all of your readers. Bob and Liz Johnson,, 25 Apr 2000

The CD arrived, and has been run off--all of the third book. Awesome, really awesome. Something you and your progeny can be most proud of now and in the future--assuming we have one. Will look forward to receiving the book towards the end of August. Mary Anne, July 2000

Keep up the great work...your outreach to humanity helps to change the vibration of the world. Swale Fenley, July 2000

I have read and reread the Phoenix Website. Didn`t think anyone was as interested as I in this aspect of Cayce`s readings. Being in Athens makes it impossible to be informed, until internet came along. ...Please accept my congratulations for the serious job done, and also thanks for not insulting my intelligence as 99% of the web sites have since now. Maggie Pym,, early 2000

Thank you for this incredible work. I'm sending your website to many kindred Spirits. So far from what I have read online from your trilogy - many thanks for resurrecting Cayce from all the crap that crept in over the years...I am 42 and grew up inside the ARE from the age of 11 and knew Hugh Lynn myself well. What I have read so far of your work is excellent . Jonathan K., 1999

I truly enjoyed reading "The Prophecies" and am looking forward to reading the trilogy once it is finally published. I read the article in "Atlantis Rising" and connected to your website. I was having difficulty trying to get to certain areas when I was able to get into "The Prophecies", I read it from start to finish. I agree with most of the conclusions and research you have done, as I myself have been on a similar "ancient" quest for many years now. Andrea Petrochi July 2000

Michael, you interpret Cayce like no one I've come across before. Now it all makes sense. I wish you could tackle some of the other issues in the readings, but then why? This really seems the most important issue at the moment.... There is great generosity in you and you share on so many levels. The universe and I thank you deeply. ...When all is said and done, what ever happens to the planet has happened before and will happen again...I am truly amazed at your work. Your flawless logic is proving itself constantly. Linda Field, April 2000

Feel like I've been waiting for a child to be born & surely I have. Congratulations! I'm eagerly awaiting the book - thank God for people like you! Carol Crow, July 2000. Michael, I would like to congratulate you about the"grand oeuvre" called "the return of the phoenix".It's a tremendous and rigorous piece of work... June 2000

Bravo applause. What a masterful choice of, and artistic use of words. Your words themselves are exclamation points. Like music each word has a level of sound that proclaims both its relevant importance as well as its confirmation of logic. I have goose pimples. What a talent you have for making the scientific interesting for the layman. What a fantastic description of the avalanche....A monumental work of research and correlation. I stand very humbly in its presence. It must be shared.  Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-Palms, January 2000



Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 15:09:56 -0600


Subject: Your HOR post

I understand. I perceive this Cayce connection with you even through the e-mail. You seem to have a better understanding of the material even above the ARE-ers. I'm VERY impressed with what you've uncorked so far. I tell ya, I've become so jittery about channelers and psychics over the past couple years that I've had to seriously re-think my views on Cayce. But there IS something

different about his readings, and his life, which helps me have confidence in him. And things I've studied about Egypt since, and which I believe to be true and valid (primarily Keys of Enoch, which we've talked about before), are neatly correlated with his predictions. So I've returned Cayce to my study resources with joy.


Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 20:13:01 -0800

From: Mary Jackson <>



Subject: re: Melchizedek

Dear Michael, a friend of mine forwarded your message to Michele to me. There is something about your experience, about the way that you put it that spoke to me in a very wonderful way. Normally, (heck, never) I do not contact people on the net but something about your experience intrigues me. I have been involved with spiritual work for a long time and am impressed with the maturity with which you handle spiritual matters. You write about your experiences in a way that is well balanced and gives insight. I'm glad my friend sent it. Regards, Mary





Phone: 808-964-1717


Street: RR-1 BOX 135-B



Country: USA

When looking for answers to the mistery of the universe ,and praying to find a higher amount of knowledge...BANG! here you are. ( this is no accident!) keep up the good work and MAHALO!

Name: Kymberli Willey


Phone: 910-577-8963

Fax: same

Company: Kymberli Willey

Street: 319 carlson dr

City: Midway Park

State: NC

Country: USA

Zip Code: 28544

Thank you for pulling together the chaos.


Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 04:03:31 -0400

From: nicole taylor <>

Organization: Taylor and Northrop


Subject: About the Phoenix...

Dear Mr. Mandeville,

I have broused through the web-site regarding the "Return of the Phoenix" and am intrigued with your work I have read various related books, such as Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints..." and "Message of the Sphinx," Atlantis Rising's "Lost Origin's" book, Richard Hoagland, John Anthony West, et cetera, et cetera. I have also read a little of Edgar Cayce, as well as various books on prophecies from different traditions. I, as you, are convinced of coming, and OCCURING, Earth Changes, whatever they may be, and whatever level of existence, whether spiritual, geological, biological, social; from actual global cataclysm to apocalypse as a symbolic structure for spiritual evolution/awakening. It is obvious that your intent is far from economic gain, in fact quite the contrary.

Thank you for your time,

Jonathan Northrop


Hi !

For George Butler, Geoffrey, and any others interested in what Cayce had to say on the Hall of Records, Sphinx, The End Time, etc., check out the site: where you will find a pre-publication draft of The Return of the Phoenix by Author Michael Wells Mandeville. C. 1996-97 I recommend that you read through the 170 (plus or minus) pages of what is posted so far to better understand the flow. Seems a whole lot easier than searching through all Cayce's books. I now live in Cairo, Egypt, and this is just one of many resources and sources I draw upon. It is not my purpose to plug a book, but rather to encourage accuracy of information...Interpretation is still up to each individual !!!


Suzanne Grandon


Hi, Michael

Thanks - I shall look forward very much to reading your new draft. I absolutely agree with all that you say. Although I have not studied Cayce in-depth, as much as you have, I have been reading/studying his books for some years now and it is fairly obvious (to me, anyway!) that Cayce has often been mis-interpreted during the course of many 'translations'. Thanks for all your support to our new group of seekers.

All best wishes, Asclepius


From: "Karen & Ralph Johnston" <>

To: <>

Subject: Coincidences???

Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 10:18:00 -0400


Hello. I am so excited!!! I am sitting here trying my best to find the words to explain all that is rushing through my thoughts right now. First, about your book......I have only scanned through it, as I have not yet had the opportunity to read much of what you have posted.....yet, believe me, I WILL!!! As I was reading, I experienced cold chills running all through my body because.........just last week, one morning when I first woke up, I experienced a sensation of a 'wisp' moving across my mouth...from the left to the right and then back again....then, a tingling in my mouth area. THEN, I very clearly heard the words, "Remember the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony". I have been searching for meaning to this when, 'coincidentally', I was led to your book. (A post to the hall-of-records mailing list led me to your site and the book.) Michael, can you please help me in having a better understanding of what is happening? I am sitting here trembling and am seeing so many

'coincidences' that I am thrown quite a bit off balance.

In Love and Light (and AWE),

Your Sister In Spirit, Karen

Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 15:23:13 -0700

From: Dan Youra <>

Organization: Dan Youra Studios

To: Michael Mandeville <>

Subject: Dr. Phoenix

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your e-mail informing me of your latest additions or editions to your Magnum Opus. I spent about 2 hours going through the many chapters and links you provide. It is an overwhelming amount of research and writing you have done to get the project to this stage.


Date: Fri, 16 May 97 02:38 MET DST


From: Jennifer Beaumont <>

Subject: From Ric Polansky


Dear Michael,

Absolutely fascinating THE RETURN OF THE PHOENIX. Where can I get your books? I am sending a copy of your writings to a friend of mine who has written a book already incredibly similar, in the sense that some of your ideas are parallel. Maybe he can help you. On my own behalf I am slowly plodding away on a book about El Dorado, the Incas and the richest gold mines in S. America.

Best wishes

Ric Polanky

Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 12:08:28 -0400

From: (Jim Uban)


Subject: Re: Return of the Phoenix


Thank you for putting this information on your site. I'm looking forward to reading through it. I've been following the earth-crust thing and the pyramid stuff via Hancock/Bauval's works.

Regards, Jim Uban


From: Alan Turnbull <>

To: "'Michael Mandeville'" <>

Subject: RE: Serious Sphinx Inquiries

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 08:01:42 -0000

Well done, I suffer from insufficient energy in my fingers to put it all down.

Well done



Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 19:41:32 -0800

To: Michael Mandeville <>

From: curtis <>


Mr. Mandeville:

Thank you for a quick response. I appreciate it. Needless to say I am very excited about this material. It is a passion with me. I hope to see it very soon. If there is anyway I can assist you please advise. I would be pleased to do anything I can for this cause. Meantime please do cash the check and use the money in the most advantageous way toward your final goals. Thanks very much again and I look forward to hearing from you again.


Curt Reynolds


Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 16:18:10 -0700


From: Fred.W.Evans



Fax: 423-933-4769

Keep up the good work!!! I am eagerly awaiting your next two books before you have even finished the first.


From: "Karen & Ralph Johnston" <>

To: "Michael Mandeville" <>

Subject: Re: Coincidences???

Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 11:53:16 -0400


Thank you for replying to my post. Upon rereading what I sent to you, I am not surprised that you didn't add me to your 'Woowoo' folder.....although, I am very grateful that you didn't. :-) I am much calmer now that I was when I first found the synchronicity between my 'experience' and your book. I have finally regained balance and am now centered again.

What you said about the mount of my crown chakra and the mount of my destiny makes sense.....although, I still an unsure of as to what that destiny entails. I do have my thoughts and feelings on it, yet I am constantly aware that my ego can easily influence those thoughts and feelings, so I pretty much remain silent on what I 'think and feel'. I too, look for some solid evidence, or something that will confirm what I 'receive'. I read somewhere once that "Science and Spirituality are two wings of the same bird".....without either, the bird cannot fly.

Your book has helped me a great deal in finding both. I thank you for that. It humbles me to think of all the time and effort you have made in bringing this information forth......and are still making in continuing into books 2 and 3. Yes, dear Brother, I am ordering your book. I have found much vital information there that resonates quite strongly with me. Thank you. If only others on various mailing lists would go and read with an open mind, they would find much vital information there. Thank you for responding. I am glad you did, as I now you are really busy with the books.

Love and Blessings to you,

Your Sister In Spirit,


Date: Sun, 5 Jan 1997 15:01:53 -0800



Route: comment about this site from Veenendaal Holland\olanda\the Netherlands

Name: marco leyenhorst


Phone: 0318-529367

Message: this is a very beautiful site i have enjoy it

marco leyenhorst



Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 18:51:38 -0400 (EDT)


Subject: Group Therapy?

I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your book excerpt on the Internet and look forward to reading the completed work(s Thank you for your time and good luck in your important work. Wepawet--------aka-------John Croxton

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 20:53:26 -0500 (CDT)

From: Cindy R Short <>

To: Michael Mandeville <>

Subject: info on secret egyptian pictorials...please.

hi michael, keep up the work - we love ya for it!

cindy short


Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 19:40:05 -0800



Name: Michael Alfone


Phone: (719) 584-3385

Message: I have seen the updated "Return Of The Phoenix" site and it is exciting! But how do I receive the email version, the site doesn't tell me how to get into book one? Is it available yet?



Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 23:48:53 -0700



Subject: MetaSyn Pagemail

Name: Bill Byrd

Message: I enjoyed reading the book you have online, as my interest in this has been keen over the years. I have been a Cayce reader and studyer off and on for quite some time. I wouldn't call myself a New Ager neither am I a Christian Cayce follower in the normal sense of the word. I will say I am a follower of the Law of One and that goes without saying as it is something I have always felt deeply about or mabe rather it has felt deeply about me. At any rate I do look foreward to the opening of this Sealed Chamber. But I even more look foreward to , hope for, the coming of age of man.


Bill Byrd

Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 01:36:12 -0800




Route: flight of the Phoenix


Message: Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to purchasing the book.

Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 07:33:36 -0800





Heardwrite: art bell

Message: I am very interested in your upcoming book.

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 19:35:26 -0800





Phone: (719) 584-3385

Street: 1921 w. 11th apt. 153

City: pueblo

State: co

Country: united states

Zip Code: 81003

Heardclick: Yahoo


Message: I request a hard copy edition of the "flight of the phoenix" to be sent to me in addition to the email version. I have been researching this type of information for many years, and am very interested in what it has to say.

Thank you


Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 07:03:11 -0700


From: James.Haggerty


Route: your book, page,everything else


Phone: 573 494 3655

Fax: 573 494 3810

Message: I have read most everything I think you have on the web and I want to make sure I can gat all of you books and publications, especially those concerning Mr. Cayce. Thank you.

Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 22:27:36 -0700


From: Steven.Jackson


Route: subscribtion and ??'s


Phone: 616-847-9098

I have been very inspired by your 1st Electronic Book! I read everthing you had in the first sitting I am dying for more of your insight and more info on the subscribers you hint at, :) I also want to say thanx for reawakening my interest in his matierial. I already have a few of his works yet unfinished because i had a hard time getting thru his 'readings'.


Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 00:13:10 -0700


From: Tim.Travel


Route: 2012


this page is what i was looking for. good job.

Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 14:12:41 -0700


From: Thomas.Knizner



Phone: 630-851-8032

Fax: 630-851-8179

When is the book going to be released? I'm anxiously awaiting it!


Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 14:53:01 -0700


From: Renee.Brown


Route: In Answer to Your Question


Phone: (505)522-7640 home

Fax: (505)646-1372 work

Company: Que Milagro Way Station, NM (home)

Street: 301 N. Roadrunner Pkwy, #912

City: Las Cruces

State: New Mexico

Country: USA

Message: I appreciate the audacity of your grand synthesis.. I am really enjoying your manuscript. You are also explaining some of my artwork & writing to me. (I know what my art means to me personally, but I didn't know about their specific meanings in connection with Atlantis.) Someone told me that I lived in Atlantis during its beginning & end times, & that I had sent things to be put in the Hall of Records; one of these things was a scroll, wound from each end & bound in the middle with a metal clasp. I also had no idea about the Law of One -- I've done a picture of that; & a phoenix. I know you are exceptionally busy; someday when you have time I'd like to correspond with you. I think you'd enjoy seeing my artwork, & I would like to know your observations. In the meantime, I hope the above URL's provide you with some useful information.



Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 18:53:15 -0700


From: Curtis.R.Reynolds

Curt Reynolds here. I have read chapters 1-10 and was very excited about it. You have done a wonderful job - super research and connectivity. As a trained historian I know you are analyzing it correctly when you question the validy, source, bias and objectvity of the author you are using. Cacye is great, I have never seen anyone else do him better or more thoroughly and in my opinion more By the way, I totally agree wtth your indictment of academe. Scholars, so called, are indeed married to both their chairs and thier grants. God forbid any new evidence or objectivity would come between them and their disciplines.



Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 12:14:13 -0700



Subject: MetaSyn Pagemail

Route: Return Of The Phoenix

Name: Dave Bashaw


Message: I am reading your excellent book online and wish to thank you for putting it there. I'd like to make a suggestion about the hidden mysteries still uncovered; you might consider submiting some qusetions to the author of The Bible Code. This is a most remarkable book and even a single hint from the program may prove useful to you. The fact that the "Code" has produced so much to date should pique your interest.

Best Regards,Dave Bashaw



This one is from a world famous physicist:


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 21:38:38 -0400


Subject: Re: Phoenix

Thanks Michael. I can't wait to see your book when finished. I also had read "Message of the Sphinx," and many of the Cayce readings as long ago as 1957, when I visited Virginia Beach.

Hal Puthoff


Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 20:04:17 -0800

To: Michael Mandeville <>

From: curtis <>



Thank you for your quick response. I am most interested in this material. I am a serious student of this subject. I am most anxious to study your work.


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