July 2000,  from Linda Field, a life long student of Edgar Cayce :


"Return of the Phoenix" by Michael Mandeville is a groundbreaking study

of the Earth Changes prophesies made by Edgar Cayce. Because Cayce's

predictions are scattered among many, often unrelated psychic readings,

Mandeville was faced with the task of finding related phrases and concepts

and assembling them into a coherent and understandable prophesy. I've been

reading Cayce material for about 37 years now. It's safe to say I was

raised on Cayce, but Mandeville's approach makes it refreshingly new and



He then tallies predictions that have since occured to give Cayce an

extraordinarily high accuracy rating. Very impressive!

Comparing the Cayce material with the latest in geology, physics and the

known effects of solar and lunar activity on the oceans and the crust of the

earth, Mandeville reaches sensible conclusions about the probable timing for

earth changes and the occurance of a shift in the locations of the poles.

There are many graphs illustrating concepts presented.


This book is well referenced, comprehensive and comprehensible and the

science is very impressive. But you don't need to be a scientist to read

"Return of the Phoenix".


If you enjoyed "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock I think you

will find that Michael Mandeville has taken the step to the next level. And

if you remember "Worlds in Collision" and "Earth in Upheaval" by Dr.Immanuel

Velikovsky this book will remind you of his comprehensive and well

researched approach to earth's past and probable future. But most

especially, students of the Edgar Cayce readings are in for a truly

enlightening experience. Read this for Mandenville's methods as well as his

conclusions.  I highly recommend it.

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January 2000, from Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-Palms, an economist/banker who specializes on Russian-American Trade:

Bravo applause. What a masterful choice of, and artistic use of words. Your words themselves are exclamation points. Like music each word has a level of sound that proclaims both its relevant importance as well as its confirmation of logic.


It's 3:30 am . I have been reading for about 4 hours. I have goose pimples. What a tale you have spun (no disparagement intended). What a talent you have for making the scientific interesting for the layman. What a fantastic description of the avalanche. I suspect a child will understand it.

Have to go back to my book now.


A monumental work of research and correlation. I can only guess at the persistence, tenacity, perseverance and dedication. An awesome accomplishment. I stand very humbly in its presence. It must be shared widely. It transcends both past and prediction. It is an incredible awakening of both our origins and our destiny.

The more I read and re-read Chapter 46 of Book Three, the more astounding, delightful,astonishingly clear and wonderfully obvious the not so obvious becomes. Michael Well Mandeville has turned the dry, scientific facts of this matter into the most exhilarating adventure that Michael Douglas or Harrison Ford ever had on the silver screen and that is where I predict Mr. Mandeville's excellent work will appear sooner or later to win the first Oscar for the combined category of scientific documentary and best picture of the year.

What can you say about a man audacious enough to describe in great detail and with demonstrated competence the coming of the shifting of the earth's axis and reconfiguration of the earth from a point of beginning that is one of no remaining nations, and then adds "dress warmly" in his survival instructions. Truly Michael Wells Mandeville must himself be endowed with the stiffest upperlip any Brit ever had and I love him warmly for his "dress warmly.

Congratulations. It is a life achievement. Clearly it was intended to be your vocation. It could only have been accomplished with great love and it has given you great joy. It will be a gift of Joy to many in the days to come.

Fall 1999, from Hotno, a psychic channeler in British Columbia who has been reading Cayce all of her life:

Boy, you sure like name-calling. Poor Jess Stearn.. Yeah, he paraphrased Cayce in The Sleeping Prophet, but keep in mind that he was an earlier interpreter of the material, probably at a time when it hadn't been completely compiled. And he introduced you to the Cayce legacy...and me as well. So what if all those guys made mistakes. They laid the groundwork for your work...and others to follow, not to mention, made people think....you, for one. ...But I'm with you solidly on dealing only with the direct quotes... I must say, I had a few good laughs this evening, reading, I think it was, Chapter 30. You made me laugh, Michael. ...I salute you, Michael. You're certainly making statements...most of them right, I figure.

February 2000, again from: "Dr. Pyotr Joannevich van de Waal-Palms, an economist/banker who specializes on Russian-American Trade:

Subject: Awesome

What an enormous amount of reading, study, research are represented by this work of yours. I had no idea. I am overwhelmed. I stand in awe of your accomplishment and creation. It is a testimonial to a life's work. I don't know what to say. Impressed is inadequate. Awestruck begins to approximate it. Reverence comes to mind. Nothing I have ever done comes anywhere close to this accomplishment. I do not envy you. I say this to place your accomplishment into its true perspective. I shall ask the creator the rest of my life to allow you to be truly recognized by the world for your creation.

I wish that it may continue to bring you great happiness as it already undoubtedly has. Unaccustomed as I am to unqualified superlatives I shall stop now, but I wish I was more eloquent and could have put it better. My efforts to describe how I feel are clumsy and inadequate.

From Cornplanter, professional agronomics expert and classical piano impressionist:

Two things: 1) Its about time that you get some of the respect in the community and the world that you deserve. You are on the verge of being an "overnight" success. I know you as both a brilliant thinker, and an honestly caring person, who has been taken advantage of during your life of service to humanity. In the old paradigm we used to say "Nice guys finish last." Now, we can change that to "We’re Number One!" (As long as we reserve the right to define both "we" and "number one!") Wishing you the best; knowing you are about to enrich the lives of many more people. Your greater good is unfolding . . . . . . .

From Dan Youra, Publisher and Cartoonist in Washington State:

Michael, I am very happy about the recent breakthru's for you and The Book from talk shows, interviews, lectures, etc. I am writing this to let you know that. You deserve Success. I truly hope and pray that these new leads take you in that direction. I am busy on my publishing efforts here also. I don't know what concrete things I can do for you, but I wanted you to know that I want you to succeed in whatever direction all this takes you or you take it.  Happy New Year, Century, Millenium and whatever.

From ancient history researcher  Andrea Petrochi:

I truly enjoyed reading "The Prophecies" and am looking forward to reading the trilogy once it is finally published. I read the article in "Atlantis Rising" and connected to your website. I was having difficulty trying to get to certain areas when I was able to get into "The Prophecies", I read it from start to finish. I agree with most of the conclusions and research you have done, as I myself have been on a similar "ancient" quest for many years now. Keep up the good work. Thank You!


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