The Return of the Phoenix
The Return of the Phoenix

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The Purpose Of The Trilogy

~ Open the Mouth of the Dead ~


Edgar Cayce, who became world famous because of his remarkable psychic ability to find cures for disease and foresee the future, made 45 predictions during the height of his prophetic career about events which will surround a devastating shift in the Spin Axis of the Earth during the early part of Century 21. Cayce even predicted when the shifting of the Spin Axis of the Earth (or poles) would begin: the process would begin during the years 2000/2001 and would accelerate with greater and greater destructive breakups in the Earth’s crust such as have been seen in Asia during 2004/2005.

These prophecies are gravely troublesome, giving the impression of far-reaching, cataclysmic changes which will propel humanity into a completely unsuspected, unimaginable future. Is there any reason to suppose that Cayce’s disturbing prophecies could actually happen? The Return of the Phoenix presents in three volumes the story of the Quest which was undertaken to answer this question and the findings and discoveries which were made on the journey, including:

  • an anthology of Edgar Cayce’s readings and predictions about the 20th and 21st centuries; including a comprehensive briefing on the probability and likely effects of a shift in the location of the Spin Axis or poles beginning in the beginning of Century 21;
  • the first objective scores for Cayce’s accuracy which were developed from a scientific analysis of over 300 of Cayce’s predictions during five years of study - the first objective score which has ever been created for any psychic;
  • a thorough review on the life, career, and credibility of Edgar Cayce, an outline of his readings, their content, and their validity;
  • a systematic assessment of Cayce’s stories about ancient pole shifts and his predictions about a pole shift in the early part of Century 21; the feasibility, morphology, mechanics, probabilities, behaviors, and likely geological and cultural consequences of a pole shift;
  • an outline of Cayce’s whole vision about the ancient past and future of the world and a summary of the parallels between Cayce’s vision and the findings of geology, archeology, geophysics, and the study of mythology; and
  • the demonstration of a major new scientific discovery – Vortex Tectonics – which was formulated by the author while analyzing Cayce’s statements: an inventory of some correlations and proofs which demonstrate that the driving force behind plate tectonics, earthquakes, and volcanism is the constantly moving location of the Spin Axis of the Earth; tables and charts which point to how to predict volcanic activity and earthquakes.

The Phoenix Quest began with two paramount issues: what is the “pole shift” proposition and what is its credibility? The effort to answer these two questions resulted in an anthology which is presented in these three volumes. It is the most comprehensive anthology and scientific analysis of the validity of Cayce’s work which has ever been compiled outside of his health prognostications. Based on five years of research, the Quest assigned an overall score of 92% for Cayce’s accuracy in making long term predictions. With this objective score, the first which has ever been established for Cayce, the Trilogy provides a major historical milestone for Cayce’s legacy as well as for the scientific study of psychic/spiritual phenomenon.

Book One, “The Veil”, explores the credibility of the man, Edgar Cayce, by looking at his life and his documentation. His professional career is summarized and analyzed, and the general content of his readings is reviewed, including the metaphysical and religious context which provides the backdrop of his predictions.

Books Two and Three provide the first comprehensive overview of Cayce’s prophetic scope. The books evaluate 253 world-class objective predictions given by Cayce and tie them together into a complete story of the past, present, and future. The setting and story behind the predictions, including their connection to the flow of Cayce’s life, are provided within an outline of the history of the 20th century, or within the history of the Earth and ancient times. The story line leaves little doubt why 191 of these predictions were objectively fulfilled, why 17 failed, and why 45 “destiny” prophecies are still pending for the first few decades of Century 21.

Book Two, “The Great Break-Up”, establishes the validity of Cayce’s predictions about human history and presents Cayce’s sweeping vision of the 20th century and beyond in a “Future History”. Book Two summarizes the methods for verifying Cayce’s statements and provides a scoreboard for Cayce’s accuracy with various types of statements.

Book Three, “The Prophecies”, establishes the scientific validity of Cayce’s statements about the ancient past and his predictions about all types of Earth events. Book Three concludes the Quest with an integration of all of Cayce’s outstanding predictions for Century 21 into a complete vision which describes why, when, and how the Spin Axis of the Earth will shift to a new location and how humanity can cope with the aftermath.

The Phoenix Trilogy is a major scientific milestone for the study of spiritual/psychic phenomenon. The Quest used a scientific approach for deriving a “hard”, empirically-based score for the credibility of objective psychic precognition and clairvoyant observations. The approach subjected Cayce’s psychic “data” to rigorous empirical critical analysis to substantiate Cayce’s credibility and areas of strength. With these scores, the Trilogy proves the existence of psychic or clairvoyant faculties and the ability of humans to consistently and reliably “tune into” both the future and the past. This approach squarely bridges the gap between science and the spiritual/psychic realm and it should be used for the study of any psychic.

The Quest unfolds as the author’s personal story of his long journey through the work of Edgar Cayce, ancient Egypt and other cultures, human history, and a large assortment of legends, myths, archeological findings, and scientific concepts about the Earth. The Quest begins with the author’s encounter with the Cayce phenomenon and the 100,000 plus pages of Cayce transcripts, reports, and correspondence which reside on the Cayce/Davis CDROM. The Quest goes on to demonstrate the workings of the scientific approach which was used in the process of verifying Cayce’s personal credibility and the accuracy of his predictions. This first person approach provides guidance in how to study Cayce’s readings on the CDROM and is intended to demonstrate and convey serious science and philosophy in a manner which is understandable, continually useful, and interesting for large numbers of people.

The Quest continues through the Trilogy to present and demonstrate how key ideas from Cayce’s readings merge to form an integrated vision which guides and leads to further discoveries. One such “find”, another scientific milestone on the pages of the Trilogy, is the discovery of the mechanism which drives the motion of the plates in the Earth’s crust. From the attempt to correlate Cayce’s Earth change predictions with real phenomenon, certain correlations emerged which demonstrate exactly how and why plate tectonics works.

Since this mechanism goes to the core of all of Cayce’s predictions and comments about the rapidly approaching shift of the Spin Axis, Book Three explains the mechanism in great detail with extensive proof. The crust of the Earth is formed and shaped by cyclical fluctuations in the wobbling motion of the Spin Axis (Chandler’s Wobble). These fluctuations in the wobbles of the Spin Axis are directly driven by the Sun and the Moon. All motion in the plates and blocks of the Earth’s crust are directly created by the combined tug of the Sun and Moon and these fluctuations in the wobble of the pole. This motion of the crust is experienced as earthquake and volcanic activity and all of Earth’s major tectonic features (mountains, volcanoes, and continents) are directly created by these fundamental motions. The history of the Earth’s crust is essentially the history of the continuous motion of the pole through the cycles of its wobbles and the occasional sudden jerking relocation of the Spin Axis to a new point of equilibrium. Ironically, the mechanism behind plate tectonics is nothing but this shifting Spin Axis.

The Trilogy concludes by weaving together many of Cayce’s key stories and ideas about Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and the millenium into the story of the “World Epic”. For the first time, Cayce’s “whole proposition” is laid out in a comprehensive anthology of Cayce’s key ideas. The World Epic portrays the elements of a grand paradigm about the nature of the Earth, the history of humanity, and God. If Cayce’s propositions are true, many mysteries about the human situation. religion, spirituality, and many areas of speculative archeology about the ancient past can be resolved into clear and certain knowledge. Since Cayce is often misunderstood and is frequently quoted incorrectly and out of context, this mosaic of the World Epic will change the way even devoted fans currently understand and regard Cayce's work.



The Purpose of Book One – The Veil

The Quest begins in Book One with an overview of Edgar Cayce’s world vision and a serious examination of the credibility of Cayce and his psychic powers. Who was he, what was his personal track record, how did the people who knew him regard his work? Is there any reason to suppose that we should take him seriously? What objective results did his clairvoyance obtain for his clients and himself? What studies have been done to validate his work? What is the objective evidence?

The man, his life, his development as a psychic, his practice, his readings, his documentation, his commentaries, his message, his religious concepts, his metaphysics, and his psychic vision are all surveyed. Some of the popular books about Cayce’s life and work are reviewed and the testimonials offered by Harmon Bro and David Kahn are explored in considerable detail.

Book One provides a starting point for any exploration of Cayce’s readings. The Quest explores the Cayce/Davis CDROM in ways which students of Cayce will find useful as a research reference tool.



The Purpose of Book Two – The Great Break-Up

The Quest continues in Book Two with a rigorous examination of Cayce’s predictions about his own times and the future of the twentieth century. Cayce made hundreds of specific business, political, and economic predictions for the years 1924–2000, and even beyond far into Century 21. For the first time, these objective historical predictions are carefully examined within their historical context. The Quest then systematically tabulates Cayce’s successes and failures to determine an accuracy of 92% for Cayce’s long-term predictions and clairvoyant statements.

Cayce made many types of objective predictions for businessmen, groups, housewives, students, and friends about war, peace, recovery from the great depression, the beginning and end of World War II, future technology, the destinies of the nations, growth industries, the stock market, stock picks, earthquakes, major storms, droughts, searching for treasure, interest rates, the future of gold, the ways in which the prediction of weather and earthquakes could be made scientific, and many others. He even predicted that the study of spiritual/psychic phenomenon could and would eventually become fully scientific and measurable.

Cayce’s accuracy for these predictions varied quite widely, depending upon how short-range the event was and the extent to which free will could influence the outcome. Book Two analyzes each major type of prediction and establishes a score for each. Several findings are posted into a “scoreboard” which will prove to be of interest to scientists and philosophers as well as the general reader. With this scoreboard, the Quest has an objective estimate for how seriously Cayce’s predictions for Century 21 should be taken.

The summary scoreboard clearly shows that a number of factors determine the accuracy of a precognitive or clairvoyant prediction, including the “room” for the play of free will in the event, the theatre of the action, the number of actors involved in the theatre, and the time frame of the event. Most surprisingly, the Quest discovers that the present and the near future is the least determined, and the long future is the most determined. Cayce’s accuracy was the highest with long term impersonal events and was the least accurate in human affairs involving the choices of a relatively small number of people in the time frame of less than 30 days.

To document and convey the solid substance of Cayce’s score, over 300 of Cayce’s predictions are quoted verbatim, many for the first time, and set within an accurate historical context along with an analysis of each statement. Within each topical chapter, the predictions are usually presented in the sequence in which they were given. This provides an historical mosaic against which the application of each prediction can be objectively seen. From this a determination can be made for whether the prediction was fulfilled or whether an individual prediction had failed or is still pending. Many seemingly obscure statements suddenly can be seen to be right on the pulse of the times. And some statements can be seen to have been badly abused by various writers and quoters, misinterpreted by quoters who “lost” the context in which the predictions were given.

The result is a vivid retrospective of the central dynamics of the 20th century, a “Future History” which demonstrates Cayce’s prophetic scope and accuracy. The Future History articulates, as a series of prophetic warnings, the way history would unfold and why during the 20th century and the early part of the 21st century. Within the retrospective, the extraordinary vision behind the prophecies becomes clearly obvious, the central dynamics and outcomes of the 20th century were all thoroughly grasped and outlined in the most basic terms by Cayce, even though not every prediction involving the various players on the historical stage came true.

It is impossible to seriously view this retrospective of the 20th century without having one’s personal paradigms profoundly influenced. The retrospective serves like a personal scryer’s mirror in which images of both the past and the present form up to reveal the dynamics, trends, and tendencies which have molded and impelled us all over the planet.

Images of the future may also form up in the mirror to reveal what will confront us yet again throughout the Earth. By 2007, economic conditions in the world may parallel the mass unemployment and poverty conditions of 1932. During succeeding years, as the destructions from great earthquakes increase greatly in number, many physical and organizational modes of operation may cease to function, nothing may work as it has. World trade and the economies of the world likely will collapse as a consequence of the destructions. Huge masses may then find it difficult to cope with even the most basic issues of survival. Under such circumstances, the political solutions people seek will increasingly parallel the political movements and factions of the first four decades of 20th Century. Facism in many forms will complete violently with democracy and cooperative movements. All those divergent factions and conflicts which embroiled the world in constant struggle during the Great Break-Up of the dynastic age from 1930 through to 1945 will reappear and contend for world domination through to perhaps 2030.

By looking backwards on the era of the Great Break-Up, one may see a vision of the trends and dynamics of human history which will be at play in Century 21. Hopefully we can learn from that vision how to avoid repeating the stupidities and brutalities of the 20th Century.


The Purpose of Book Three – The Prophecies

The Quest continues in Book Three by finishing Cayce’s Future History through to the millennium and beyond. The full power of Cayce’s clairvoyance is fully unleashed in this final volume of the Trilogy. For the first time, every statement Cayce ever made about Earth events in the past or Earth changes in the future is presented, along with all of his other “Change In The Earth” predictions about the opening of the Hall of Records and the return of a Great Initiate. From these the visionary story which Cayce’s comments collectively tell emerges for the first time.

Cayce’s predictions about Earth changes are thoroughly analyzed and compared with the latest scientific concepts and data to assess their validity and feasibility. All of Cayce’s objective comments about the past are also systematically explored. Based on the objective evidence, an accuracy of 90% is computed for Cayce’s comments about pole shifts, and an accuracy of 84% is computed as his average score for all Earth change predictions.

Since many of Cayce’s Earth change predictions about the future are a part of his stories about Atlantis and ancient Egypt, the Quest forages broadly through archeology, ancient history, geology, geophysics, paleontology, and mythology seeking evidence and corroboration. Book Three demonstrates how Cayce’s stories and explanations parallel with evidence from many sciences and areas of knowledge.

The Quest begins in Book Three by examining the pole shift concept (which is a shifting of the location of the Earth’s Spin Axis) and the lines of geological evidence related to it. Cayce described a succession of pole shifts which he claimed shaped the evolution of humanity and finally destroyed a civilization called Atlantis with a pole shift in 10,500 BCE. Book Three presents a critical tour through the concepts of geology, plate tectonics and geophysics looking for the evidence of Cayce’s past pole shifts and for the mechanics of the Earth which make them feasible or impossible.

The Quest discovers that the evidence which supports Cayce’s pole shift is abundant and directly confirms most of the dates which Cayce mentioned. Surprisingly, the Quest also discovers that many geologists and geophysicists are abandoning old ideas about ice ages and the slow movements of the Earth’s continents. Many Earth scientists are beginning to argue that not only are pole shifts feasible, only fairly frequent shifts in the location of the poles can explain the geological records of catastrophic floods, sudden climate and sea level changes, and other phenomenon.

The Quest then undertakes to develop “tectonic” eyes by reviewing (for laymen) the basic concepts of geophysics and plate tectonics. Through these new eyes, the rest of Cayce’s comments about Earth changes and pole shifts are examined, beginning with Atlantis. From a high quality study which has been ignored in North America, the hard scientific data which describes part of the physical corpse of Atlantis is presented. Since the smoking gun of Atlantis’ demise was found near the corpse, Book Three presents the tectonic murder weapon as well.

The Quest continues by looking for ancient memories which remember the last pole shift event in 10,500 BCE. If Cayce and the catastrophe data are correct, there must be parallels in the earliest ancient memories of humanity which reflect the last event. Book Three presents the methods and results of a search for the ancient memories of floods and catastrophes in the ancient myths and legends of many cultures and peoples. Through a process of radical deconstruction, the ancient memory elements for many cultures were found and their parallels summarized. They parallel both each other and Cayce so closely the result cannot be coincidental. They describe in very similar ways the experience and results of a pole shift. Even more tellingly, from deep within the ancient memory comes what is most likely the exact specification of the sequence of the events connected with a pole shift and the length of the last one in 10,500 BCE.

Thus emboldened, the Quest subjects many ancient and traditional prophecies about “end times” to the same radical deconstruction to extract the common elements. “The Prophecies” presents the most common parallel between the old prophecies: they describe ancient memories of the last pole shift and they predict that the same thing will happen again.

From the parallels between the ancient memories, old prophecies, and Cayce’s stories about the pole shifts which destroyed Atlantis, the Quest spots the tracks of the Phoenix. For the Egyptians, the story of the world is the Earth-Phoenix. Once in a great age the Earth-Phoenix flies, the ancient Egyptians told their children, and each time it flies the world is both destroyed and reborn. Myths in almost all cultures and prophecies echo and parallel this master metaphor in various ways, even closely agreeing on the number of former worlds.

From this ancient Egyptian concept of the Phoenix, the Quest begins to outline the "World Epic”. The World Epic begins with the cataclysmic history of Atlantis and other antediluvian civilizations. The story continues with the founding of Egypt, the building of the pyramids, and the sealing of the Hall of Records. The story jumps to Cayce’s stunning predictions about his own times and the last half of the twentieth century, and ends with Cayce’s Earth Changes and Destiny prophecies. Each era in the World Epic is correlated with historical facts and scientific findings.

With the correlations of the World Epic serving as the backdrop, the Quest proceeds to analyze Cayce’s predictions about Earth events in the 20th century. Book Three organizes thematically all of his predictions for 1923 through to 1944 and analyzes them against the historical record to tightly assess the accuracy of Cayce’s ability. The record of verification in Book Three eliminates much confusion which has been created by an endless misquoting and misapplication of some of Cayce’s predictions.

With well-developed tectonic eyes, the Quest finally tackles Cayce’s long range predictions about gradual “omen” changes in the Earth for the period 1958-1998. Cayce claimed that a shift in the equilibrium of the Earth in 1936 would cause a change in the location of the poles. This would begin a long term process of change. The trends of this Change In The Earth would appear by 1958 and they would begin the process of the shifting of the poles. By 1998 these trends should intensify and then gradually culminate sometime in the first few decades of Century 21 with a sudden, major shift in the location of the poles.
Book Three demonstrates the results of an exhaustive study of scientific databases which verifies these omen predictions. Many correlations of polar motion with trends in earthquakes and volcanic activity demonstrate exactly how and why Cayce’s predictions have come true. The correlations show that earthquake and volcanic activity have increased by a factor of four to five times since 1950 on a long steadily increasing curve which parallels the curve of Global Warming. Since the early 1990’s, this growth curve has rapidly climbed, showing a strong intensification of worldwide activity for 1998. This curve is completely anomalous and does not correspond with the flat line of average annual activity for the first 50 years of the 20th century.

During the process of finding these correlations, the Quest discovered the direct evidence of exactly how and why all plate tectonics works, which can be expressed simply by calling it Vortex Tectonics. Ironically, it works like Cayce said it did. The gravity of the Sun and Moon constantly pull the crust of the Earth a little off center, creating a wobble in its spin. The cycles of the motions of the Earth, Sun, and Moon cause a 6.5 year cycle in the wobble of the spinning Earth (Chandler’s Wobble) and this causes all of the stress and motion which moves the continents and oceanic plates. This motion is turn causes most earthquakes and volcanoes.

Book Three presents charts of the 6.5 year cycle in Chandler’s Wobble which demonstrate how to predict when earthquake and volcanic activity will suddenly surge. Book Three completes the tectonic evidence by providing charts which show the history of changes in the cycles of Chandler’s Wobble during the past 100 years. These charts reveal that the Spin Axis of the Earth is showing clear mechanical signs of a periodic, jerky “hunting” for a new locus of stability. Just as solid rock is an illusion, so is the stability of the Earth’s pole.

With this, the Quest completes its mission to assess Cayce’s personal credibility and the objective credibility of his predictions which began in Book One and Book Two. “The Prophecies” concludes Cayce’s work by integrating all of his pending predictions together into a seamless whole to summarize Cayce’s “whole proposition”. The Earth changes are collectively presented as Cayce’s Change In The Earth Prophecy. These are then united with Cayce’s predictions about the Hall of Records and the return of The Great Initiate. As much as is feasible, Cayce’s own phrases and words are used to weave all of Cayce’s key ideas about the world with all of the elements of his pending predictions into one complete statement, the World Prophecy.

“The Prophecies” concludes by paralleling Cayce’s Change In the Earth prophecy with the concepts of plate tectonics. Cayce’s predictions are combined with basic geophysical notions and the behavior of past pole shifts to infer how Phoenix Five is likely to take wing, what it may be like to experience the flight, and some of the impact it may produce.

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