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Book Two:   The Great Break-Up

by Michael Wells Mandeville

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Edgar Cayce 1998-2001   MetaSyn Media  The Return of the Phoenix Homepage - Master Access  Thothermes Library  Seminars, Workshops,& Briefings

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Table of Contents


Publisher’s Signature

The Purpose Of The Trilogy

Book One – The Veil

Book Two – The Great Break-Up

Book Three – The Prophecies

Table Of Contents




Chapter 18 - Cayce’s Objective Predictions World Conditions and Trends

From The Veil (Book One)

The Quest Continues...

The Future History

The Scoreboard



Chapter 19 - An Outline Of The Future History The Great Work


A Key To Cayce’s Future History of the World

Future Shock

The God Game

Science & Technology

The Stock Market

Economic Trends

American Politics

The Destinies of the Nations

International Affairs 1932-1945

Post World War II: A New Order Of Conditions

The Changes In The Earth

Chapter 20 - Verifying Cayce’s Predictions The Chopping Board


The Anecdotal Business & Vocational Predictions

The Objective History Predictions For Cayce’s Score

Qualifying The Selection

Archeological Descriptions

Commodities & Weather

Economic Trends

Geological Events – "The Earth Changes"

Political & International Events Trends

Stock Market Trends

Stock Picks

Precognition & Free Will In Human-Centered Futures

Chapter 21 - Cayce's Business Predictions Dreams & Schemes

Tim Brown (195)

The Case Of the Missing Motor

The Blumenthal Brothers (137 & 900)

Mr. Banker (261)


M. B. Wyrick (270)

The Treasure Hunt Fiascoes

Scoreboard For This Chapter

Chapter 22 - Cayce & The Stock Market The Roaring ‘20’s

The First Warning

The Second Warning

The Third Warning

The Fourth Warning

The Fifth Warning

On The Eve Of Destruction

The Aftermath

A Blumenthal Dream

Some Random Stock Picks (Mostly Blumenthal)

Allied Chemical Speculation April 11, 1926 – May 1926

American Can & Coca Cola Speculation

Atlantic Coast Line Speculation

Atlantic & West Indies Gulf Speculation October 25 1925 - February 19, 1926

Corn Products Speculation October 15, 1925 - December 1925

American Safety Razor Three Day Speculation

Chrysler Speculation April 13, 1927 – May 1927

Columbia Carbon Speculation March 1926 – May 1926

Gen. Electric Speculation January – May 1926

Havana Electric Speculation April 23, 1927 – April 30, 1927

International Harvester Speculation October 22, 1927 – February 3, 1928

Missouri & Kansas Pipe Line May 1930

Sears-Roebuck Speculation April 6, 1929 – April 30, 1929

Standard Brands – October 1929

Stewart Warner March 1926 – June 1926

Some Random Kahn Stock Picks

Gen. Elec. Long Term Sept. 1939 – Sept 1949

Kolster Radio Speculation May 1929 – Sept 1929

RCA Speculation July 1930 – Sept 1930

Republic Steel Speculation Oct 1940 to Dec 1940

Sears Speculation May 27 to July 27 1929

Sears One Year Long Term 1928 - 1929

Sears Speculation July 1930

Chapter 23 - Cayce & The Economy Conditions and Trends


The Great Depression

The Return To Normalcy

The American Safe Haven

The Long Cycle

Inflation & Interest

Gold & Money


Real Estate Predictions: Norfolk - Virginia Beach

Growth Industries For The Post War World

Night Vision



The Consumer Age


Scoreboard For Cayce's Economic Predictions

Chapter 24 - Cayce On American Politics The Leaven Of The World

National Elections 1928 - 1944

The New Deal 1933 - 1934

Policies 1936 - 1944

Radicalism & Labor 1935 – 1941

Scoreboard For Cayce's American Politics Predictions

Chapter 25 - America & Russia Two Destinies

Some Early Predictions

The American Destiny

The Thorn In The Side Of The World

Scoreboard For Cayce's Two Destinies Predictions

Chapter 26 - Cayce On "The Great Break Up" Ego


In The Shadows Of Fear


India (Bharati)

The Great Break Up Of 1936

Japan & China


Scoreboard For Cayce's Great Breakup Predictions

Chapter 27 - The Hitler Reading God Game 0, Dementia 1


The Back Drop

The Reading

Scoreboard For Cayce's Hitler Predictions

Chapter 28 - Cayce’s Warnings The Cross of Greed


The Background In The Mosaic

Warnings And Omens In 1934 and 1935

The World On Fire Prophecy

The First Upheaval

Speak Softly But Carry A Big Stick

Scoreboard For Cayce's Cross Of Greed Predictions

Chapter 29 - Cayce & World War II "The World On Fire"


The Fire

The End Of World War II

Scoreboard For Cayce's World War II Predictions

Chapter 30 - The New World Order Entering The King's Chamber


The Leveling Which Must Come

A New Order Of Conditions

The Conflicts Which Must Come

Post-war America

The Destiny Of China

Scoreboard For Cayce's "New World Order" Predictions

Appendix A - Notations & Text Notes

Appendix B - Citations To Cayce’s Readings

Appendix C - List of Tables

Appendix D - Select Bibliography Of Sources


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