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Chapter 30
The New World Order

Entering The King's Chamber





Cayce died in January 1945 before World War II ended. But even before his death, the world was abuzz with the prospects of peace, which would obviously be imposed by the force of Allied arms and the wills of Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. Cayce's querents began to think and ask questions beyond the scope of the war.

In response to these questions, Cayce made several long-range predictions, most of them with no particular time frame. He predicted a post war world which would see the creation of a "new order of conditions". The leveling which had started in 1930 would continue through out the world and change the nations and their politics. The changes would create many conflicts, here and there, turmoil and upheavals. Cayce predicted that there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against race - yet the leveling must come...that a new order of conditions is to arise.

Cayce made clear that America was the crucible for the leveling. This leveling was based on the joining of secular ideas and methods with older spiritual values to compose new opportunities for growth and creating freedom. America would draw into this new milieu a full range of cultural diversity from other countries and times which would add "the leaven" for both its own development and the development of the entire world, America... a leaven to the whole...world.

In 1941 he predicted the formation of the United Nations and its root essence: Americanism -...with the universal thought that is expressed and manifested in the brotherhood of man ...as expressed by the Masonic Order, will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world...the principles that are embraced in same will be the basis upon which the new order of peace is to be established in '44 and '45.

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