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Chapter 28
Cayce’s Warnings

The Cross of Greed





During the years 1934 through 1938, Cayce described in considerable detail the long march to World War II. He provided several years of advance notice about the main trends which would unfold as a consequence of the Great Break-up of 1936. He was consistently far ahead of the statesmen of his time in foreseeing how the international order would evolve and how the nations would be caught up in the maelstrom. He was only wrong once, about Mussolini’s inclinations towards peace.

Cayce began 1934 with four with veiled predictions cast in metaphor. He predicted that the struggle in India would begin to fall away, which is suggestive of the achievement of Indian self-government, and he predicted the reduction of one risen to power in central Europe to naught, which is suggestive of the death of Hindenburg. He predicted the young king son will soon reign which is suggestive of the elevation of Hitler to the Presidency of Germany. For the U.S., Cayce predicted the success of the New Deal reforms.

During the next two years Cayce added many more predictions to the Great Break-Up prophecy. In March 1935, he predicted that the immediate future should not cause a great deal of anxiety in foreign affairs but that the forces of the Great Break-Up would terminate in a revolution throughout many of the foreign nations. But in August 1935, Cayce sounded a war alarm loud and clear when he predicted the coming of World War II in his World On Fire prophecy. Cayce saw this coming as a result of the American betrayal of Wilson’s 14 points and the failure of the League of Nations. In a time span of five months, Cayce went from predicting a revolution throughout many of the foreign nations to a ...dire condition which ...set on fire - as it were - the whole world... this condition will grow and smoulder and grow again. Paradoxically, for 1936 Cayce optimistically cautioned that this situation in Germany will gradually subside to a more understandable basis to the other nations.

In April 1936 Cayce added the Cross of Greed prophecy which began to detail how the world would catch on fire and how the fire would be put out: man's greed, man's fear of his own self... crystallized into activity such an influence that soon there must be a reckoning...for again has the prince of peace been crucified upon the altar, the cross of greed! At this point, Cayce dropped the notion that American adherence to Wilson’s 14 Points would make a difference. Now he said, only the intervention of supernatural powers could alter the outcome.

Cayce pointed to exactly how the fascist tide would be opposed with the Atlantic Charter but he foresaw that this alliance would come too late to stop war from breaking out: ...there is to be a great upheaval beginning in the next few months, that will be the basis of a greater upheaval throughout the whole world in '38 and '40. Cayce omenously called the American Destiny, hinting about U.S. involvement in the great fire: America must remain - as it were - the balance of power in not only the money forces of the world but those influences that will later be for the manning of those powers where greater destructive forces will arise in those portions of the world.

The Spanish Civil War broke out during the summer of 1936 and it truly became a great upheaval. The war prompted Italy and Germany to jointly intervene by sending military equipment, munitions, and even troops. In October 1936, Cayce predicted that as a consequence of all this, a shifting within the next year and a half to two years of many of the boundaries in Europe. Cayce went on to lay out the main anatomy of the alliances of World War II: as to the affairs of an international nature, ...the Austrians, Germans, and later the Japanese joining in their influence... there must become, as it were, almost a direct opposition to that which has been the THEME of the Nazis (the Aryan). For these will gradually make for a growing of animosities.

Events unfolded as Cayce outlined. In 1937 Japan formed a pact with Hitler, its first step towards the Axis Pact. In May 1938, Germany annexed Austria and in September 1938 Germany absorbed the western half of Czechoslovakia.

Cayce gave several other predictions to complete a description of the march to World War II. He even predicted that eventually the British would successfully spearhead the opposition to Hitler. But throughout this period of time, despite the grim forecasts, Cayce refused to admit that direct entry of the U.S. into the coming wars was inevitable. Pray, he admonished his listeners, and act in accordance with the highest ideals of the God Game.

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