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Chapter 27
The Hitler Reading

God Game 0, Dementia 1





Cayce’s 3976-10 reading for the World Affairs Group in 1932 certainly sketched the themes of some of the basic changes which would unravel among the nations. And, as we have seen, Cayce’s subsequent statements on the same topics during the following years, given in response to questions in individual readings, appear to have supplemented rather well Cayce’s original statements. All in all, they showed both remarkable consistency and an ability, as in the case of Japan and China, to see the outcome of human activity fully 12 years in advance.

Nearly two years after the 10th reading, in November 1933, Cayce became infamous for a reading he gave on Hitler (3976-013) to a parlor full of Germans in New York. Cayce got into a lot of trouble as a result of this one and he is still mistaken as a racist by those who read some of the contents from this reading (but who do not read all of Cayce's remarks about Hitler). That Cayce was not racist and that the reading did not endorse Hitler’s racism is easy to demonstrate, yet the reading itself remains deeply disturbing. It is the only reading in the entire Cayce/Davis Collection which, on all objective grounds, simply does not resonate very well with the observable realities. Our problem of comprehension, however, is that our observable facts are all in hindsight about a situation in which Cayce was involved in using foresight in an effort to say something constructive about Hitler. Saying something constructive about such a deranged individual was not an easy task. In retrospect, the most we can say is that Cayce’s effort was not successful.

There is only 1 qualified prediction in the reading (which was fulfilled), the reading is mainly circumspect advice to Germans, possibly directly aimed at Hitler. In a long discussion which is heavily veiled, much too heavily veiled in retrospect, Cayce recognized the victim mentality of the Germans and the difficult image which Hitler’s actions had created for himself in his rise to power. Most of the reading advised Hitler to hold strongly to his policy positions as of 1933, to avoid imperialism, and to maintain his ability to meditate and work with intuitive and psychic sources. If he did that, Cayce predicted that his international relationships would improve and that Germany would become a leader of Europe. But two months after this reading on Hitler, Cayce called Hitler into question in another reading, warning his clients that imperialism had entered into Hitler’s policies, making obsolete all of Cayce’s previous statements.

All of this was well and good, but Cayce’s discussion totally ignored Hitler’s 1926 "Mein Kampf" blueprint, which outlined an imperial expansion of Germany into the Ukraine and a large number of completely off-the-wall lunacies, including Hitler’s ideas about implementing Martin Luther’s anti-semitism. Cayce’s heavy veiling, and his disregard for Hitler’s lunatic side as so clearly revealed in "Mein Kampf", landed him in considerable difficulty in dealing with the Jewish issue. Cayce ended up lamely advising Jews to consider Hitler’s attitude towards the Jews as fulfillment of biblical prophecy, i.e. that it was time to return to Israel. If ever there was a time to deliver the God Game sermon, with all possible verbal pyrotechnics, that was the time. But the Source ducked it.

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