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Chapter 25
America & Russia

Two Destinies




The plethora of business, economic, and American political predictions made by Cayce were no doubt interesting and important to those who lived in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Most of these predictions arose out of their career concerns about prosperity during the Roaring ‘20’s or their personal anxieties about economic and political survival during the era of the Great Depression. But the very narrowness of the topics leaves the material the least interesting area of Cayce’s work for those perusing it since that time. I often found it difficult to continue grinding through them to construct the historical mosaic for validating them. Boredom made me put the material aside many times for more interesting subjects.

Far more interesting by far are Cayce’s world history predictions, in which he forecast the major trends of history and the broader drama of the world which is still unfolding in our lives. These began in early 1926 while Cayce was just settling into Virginia Beach through the patronage of his New York clients, especially the Blumenthals. Clients and money were thrust into Cayce’s life and Kahn was beginning to ambitiously pencil out a permanent institutional framework through which Cayce could employ his talent. All of their personal worlds were expanding in the wave of optimism which was spreading through out North America. Their interests and questions also expanded in scope.

The three most inquisitive minds Cayce knew, Morton Blumenthal, David Kahn, and Tim Brown, whose economic and political questions I explored in great detail in the preceding chapters, began to ask questions which for the first time transcended their narrow personal, career, and political concerns. These questions brought out of Cayce a new class of predictions, both mid and long term prophecy about the world which was now beginning to rapidly change around them. The mid-term prophecy outlined with chilling accuracy the essence of world events several months to several years in advance. The long term prophecy outlined the central dynamics and results of the 20th century, culminating in the famous Earth Change and millennial prophecy about a pole shift.

It would take the agony of the great depression and the full collapse of the dynastic age before Cayce’s world prophecies would fully emerge on a regular basis but even in the early years at Virginia Beach, 1926 to 1932, Cayce gave a few world history prophecies which are as important today as they were then.

Among the early predictions, the very first one suffered from vagueness and lack of focus but Cayce went on to correctly predict, 2 times, the overturning of prohibition and a "future shock" from very strange conditions which would come into the world during the 1930’s. But far more importantly, Cayce gave two entwined "destiny" predictions which became prophetic themes through the remainder of Cayce’s career. Through them, Cayce pointed to the ultimate political destiny of the world. Should we be surprised that the predictions were about America and Russia?

In one of his most far reaching prophecies Cayce predicted in 1926 that America must balance the economic, political, and military forces in the world through diplomacy, as in the creation and use of the League of Nations, or be drawn into war, which he mystically but appropriately described as "Armageddon", even as far as Asia. He consistently predicted that the solution to the balance of the world was Wilson’s 14 Points ( primarily the League of Nations, collective security and arbitration of disputes, no tariffs, equality of nations, arms limitations, and national self-determination) and that unless Americans adopted them and made them the cornerstone of their policies, they would end up in war...to implement the 14 Points.

In an even more far-reaching prophecy, Cayce began predicting in 1932 that communism in Russia would eventually fail, attendant with much turmoil. Out of this failure in Russia would come a new religious idealism and a new basis of religious thought. The ultimate "rule" of the world would rest on a partnership between groups in North America and Russia which partnered in manifesting this new religious movement.

During the remainder of his career, Cayce added to these destinies line by line or paragraph by paragraph, deepening their meaning. This chapter focuses on these two destinies after assaying a small handful of Cayce’s other early predictions. The remaining chapters of this book unfolds the future of the 20th century as Cayce painted it, era by era. The predictions are placed within their actual historical context so that the appropriateness, validity, and lucidity of Cayce’s statements can be easily grasped.

The remainder of this chapter is available as part of an e-book or in a paperback or hardbound book.

This sample text originated from the first edition in 2000.  Changes and corrections were made to approximately half of all pages. To purchase this book in e-book (Open Document PDF format) or as a paperback or hardbound book, click on Cosmic Catalog.



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Chapter 25 Two Destinies










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