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Chapter 20

Verifying Cayce’s Predictions

The Chopping Board





Fortunately, looking up everything Cayce had to say about economics, politics, international affairs, Earth Changes, and the millenium to build the mosaic of Cayce’s future history was a simple mechanical task, even if wading through the sheer volume of material took months of boredom. Cayce's stenographer, Gladys Davis, had exhaustively indexed every reading and every paragraph ever uttered by Cayce, creating lists of key words from the text itself. She also assigned designators such as "business advice", "business prophecy", "economic prophecy", "political prophecy" and so on. Her intent obviously was to provide an index of predictions (termed prophecies) which could be verified.

I decided to examine both her "advice" and "prophecy" categories to see how well I could trust Davis’ sense of distinction. By using a variety of keyword searches, I tested all of the prophecy categories, looking for mistakes. The only variance I found was in Davis’ business category. When I did, I found an enormous number of stock predictions, mainly for the Blumenthals, which had been categorized as business advice or dream interpretations. Since the object of these readings was to interpret a dream about something which was about to happen to a company or a stock, or the economy in general, and then to verify that the dream was correct, the answers to the questions are more than business advice and dream interpretations, they were in fact predictions about future events.

As indexed by "business prophecy", there are 506 citations for 188 people. As indexed by "business advice", there are 2869 citations, about 40% of which are to the indexes for the individual readings, the balance are key words in readings or reports. I estimate that approximately 1200 people received such "advice". My reassignment of the Blumenthal stock picks destroys the Davis number for total citations..

I decided to look more closely at the remaining business advice citations but found nothing of historical value. Double-checking with obvious keywords, such as bonds, business, money, trend, and so forth, produced no new predictions. Many of the "advice" questions asked about the outcome of employment applications, or making a career change, or putting a house up for sale on the market. Generally, Cayce suggested fields of endeavor but rarely made a specific prediction about a specific job for a specific person. The information which he gave sounded more like fatherly or neighborly advice and encouragement rather than a "psychic prediction" of outcome.

Sometimes he did strongly encourage questioners to bark up certain trees, so to speak. He told some people declaratively to "write!" or hinted strongly about being a diplomat, and so on. After reviewing a great many of these readings, I am quite positive that this advice really was "advice", in the language of "should", or "could", or "possible", quite often delivered with a sermon. Since I am not interested in the "advice", I did not create a tally of these readings.

After a number of other keyword hunt and compare games with Davis’s terms, I came to rely on Davis’ indexing for prophecy, as amended for the stock picks. I also came to rely on her indexing for all other areas of interest related to Cayce’s stories in the World Epic.

Every reading and every report for several hundred individuals was read, night upon night, week upon week, month upon month. Where ever I could detect an objective prediction, i.e., one which I could readily check to see if it had come to pass, I copied the relevant paragraph or text into a master document which eventually burgeoned into about 350 pages just for the economic and historical predictions, never mind the Earth Changes, Atlantis, and the story of Egypt, whose pages also ran into the hundreds. I ended up with definitive compilations of Cayce’s predictions and comments, stacked and racked, as I thought of it in my mind, like collections of tiles waiting for me to trowel into the mosaic. When it was finished, I would have Cayce’s complete prophetic vision which I could score.

To manage the material, I organized the predictions into the two broad categories of "anecdotal" and "general history". These two I broke down into additional categories as follows:



career arrangements

archeology & paleohistory

inventions and books in progress

commodities & weather


economic trends, industries, & technology

private business arrangements

geology and geophysics

real estate

international trends

treasure hunts

political trends


specific stock picks
  stock market trends, general

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Disposition Location


complex issues; objectivity is tendentious Book Three
commodities & weather


not verified; requires specialized expertise see below
economic trends, general or industry

Table 200

100% analyzed Chapter 23
geology & geophysics

Table 202

100% analyzed Book Three
international events trends

Table 201

100% analyzed Chapter 25-30
political trends

Table 201

100% analyzed Chapter 24
specific stock picks


2 samples Chapter 22
stock market trends, general

Table 201

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technology trends

Table 200

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