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Chapter 19

An Outline Of The Future History

The Great Work




Cayce's predictions and descriptions are multi-dimensional and profuse. Only a few are enough to demonstrate the truth of the main matter.





Cayce gave about 253 world-class objective predictions, many of them truly long range prophecy of the chief trends and outcomes of the 20th century. At least 191 of these predictions were objectively fulfilled, 17 failed. Still pending are 45 "destiny" prophecies which are even more important today than when Cayce gave them. Almost all of these pending prophecies are due to be fulfilled during the millennial period of 1998-2001.

Cayce’s most outstanding world-class predictions are briefly summarized in this chapter to provide an overview of Cayce’s prophetic scope and accuracy as well as an outline of his "Future History". The remainder of Books 2 and 3, the "The Great Break-Up" and the "The Prophecies", explore Cayce’s predictions and his Future History in great detail. The setting and story behind the predictions, including their connection to the flow of Cayce’s life, are provided within an outline of the history of the 20th century. Within each topical chapter, the predictions are usually presented in the sequence in which they were given.

A Key To Cayce’s Future History of the World

In accordance with Cayce’s statements and definitions, the Future History breaks out into several distinct eras, each with its own dynamic:

1924 – 1929 The Bull Run – The Last Golden Bubble of the Dynastic Age
1929 – 1936 The Great Break-Up – The Collapse of the Dynastic Age
1936 – 1938 The Geological Beginning of the Change In The Earth
1937 – 1945 The World On Fire – Devastation of the Nations
1946 – 2001 The New Order Of Conditions – America The Balance
1958 – 1998 The Gradual Earth Change Omens
1998 – 2001 The Reign In ’98 – The Final Omens
2000 – Phoenix5 The Shifting Of The Poles - Century 21
2001 - ???? The Great Initiate – The folding up of the ancient prophecies

The major chapters in "The Great Break-Up" and "The Prophecies" present each of these eras. To provide a sharp focus for each of these themes and chapters, all of Cayce’s economic, business, stock and American political predictions are separately organized in different chapters.

In the summary montage of Cayce’s predictions in this chapter, Cayce’s actual words (not counting the paragraph headers) are shown in bold italic text. All of Cayce’s phrases in this chapter are more formally quoted and cited in the relevant topical chapters of Book 2 or Book 3.

Future Shock

Cayce’s first major prediction that the world would change in fundamental ways came in 1926. He told his audiences that the world of 1926 would change drastically in the years ahead and become "very, very strange". He began to prepare people for events and phenomenon which the people of the early 20th century could not guess nor understand by telling them that in the earth's plane, at the present period, time or age, many ...will bring many radical changes in the history of world...in the affairs of man many conditions will arise that will be very, very, strange to the world at present - in religion, in politics, in the moral conditions, and in the attempt to curb or to change such, see?

The world changed drastically in the following 20 years, the tempo of radical change continually increasing with the great depression, the rise of crime syndicates, wide scale street anarchy in many nations, the advent of film and radio, the steadily rising spiral of warfare, radical shifts in technology for everyday living, mass expression of unbounded racism and imperialism throughout the world, and so on. It is most likely certain that Cayce’s audience did not "see" nor understand. They barely had time to react and hold on.

Few people of Cayce’s time paid much attention to such predictions, neither apparently did Cayce himself. It wasn’t until the wall hit them all in 1930 with the beginning of the Great Depression that they could begin to feel and see the future shock. Then the world-class questions began and the world-class answers began to flow. By 1932 the prophet in Edgar Cayce began to truly emerge from the shadows and he progressively outlined, with chilling accuracy, the essence of world events several months to several years in advance. Some of Cayce’s commentary outlined the central destinies and dynamics of the entire 20th century, which he predicted would culminate in the shifting of the poles of the Earth and the emergence of a completely new planetary civilization.

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