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Appendix D
Select Bibliography Of Sources


Rather than create citation lists for each chapter, which is a style of presenting information which I personally dislike, I have provided enough detail within the text to directly find the relevant document in this general list. Many items here were not directly named in the text but were included because they provided me with important groundings and touchstones for ideas, leads, and information during the unfoldment of the Quest.

If you use any of the html references below, make sure that you omit the "disable" which precedes the "http". The "disable" was included to make the URL unrecognizable as such to PC software during the process of preparing this book.

This bibliography is focused exclusively on references to sources in the fields of economics, history, politics, and general science and technology and related subjects which were used to verify Cayce’s objective precognitive and clairvoyant comments about the 20th century. For all references related to the Association For Research And Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and books about Edgar Cayce by various writers, see the first book in the trilogy of the Return of the Phoenix (Book One: The Veil).

A.R.E.: for references to various publications see the bibliography in Book One: The Veil.

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Cayce/Davis Collection: see Cayce, Edgar and Davis, Gladys

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Economic Statistics: see Liesner.

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ES: see Liesner.

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Mandeville, Michael Wells: "cayce scoreboard.xls", included on the "Return of the Phoenix CD-ROM"; the scoreboard is easily used by researchers who understand spreadsheet logic and techniques however the copy has not been edited – inconsistent formatting and various construction artifacts litter the worksheets; Black Canyon Arizona: MetaSyn Media, 1999.

Mandeville, Michael Wells: "Collection Of Charts, Figures, And Tables"; this collection of various illustrations and trend graphs on the "Return of the Phoenix CD-ROM" include many items which are not printed in the book version of the Trilogy; Black Canyon Arizona: MetaSyn Media, 1999.

Mandeville, Michael Wells: "Return of the Phoenix CD-ROM"; All three volumes of the Trilogy are included in four versions: (1) elaborately illustrated in html form for reading with any web browser, (2) in Acrobat PDF documents, (3) in MS Word 7.0 (PC) documents, and (4) as MS Word For Macintosh 5.1 documents; Black Canyon Arizona: MetaSyn Media, 1999. Also available on the Iway at disablehttp:/www.michaelmandeville.com/

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Shirer, William Lawrence: "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich; Part 2, Nazi Germany, Years Of Triumph" - a videorecording; MGM presentation produced by Wolper Productions. This is a Videocassette release of a 1966 motion picture which was made into a series of three films versioned by Films Inc., 1971; traces the expansion of Nazi Germany from Hitler's accession as Chancellor to the fall of France, shows how terror and propaganda can transform a democratic government into an absolute dictatorship, examines the goals and ideals of the Nazi state.

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Wolfe, Martin: "The French Franc Between The Wars 1919-1939"; New York: Columbia University Press, 1951. 


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