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Book Three:  The Prophecies

by Michael Wells Mandeville

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Edgar Cayce 1998-2001   MetaSyn Media  The Return of the Phoenix Homepage - Master Access  Thothermes Library  Seminars, Workshops,& Briefings

Thothermes' Magic Baboon Turns The Pages Master Access to The Prophecies Thothermes' Magic Baboon Turns The Pages

Table of Contents



Publisher’s Signature

The Purpose Of The Trilogy

Book One – The Veil

Book Two – The Great Break-Up

Book Three – The Prophecies

Table Of Contents




The Quest Continues

Chapter 31 - The Earth Changes Prophecy In The Shadows

In The Shadows

Degeneracy Into Delusion

Deeper Into The Shadows

Fouling The Neters

The New Age Delusion

The Backlash

Dispelling The Shadows

Building The Mosaic For The Earth Change Predictions

Chapter 32 - The Ancient Earth Changes "An Overflow Of The Land"


The Origination World – Genesis Phoenix

The Diaspora Phoenix

The First Atlantis Phoenix - 120,000 AGO

The Second Atlantis Phoenix - 52,700 AGO

The Third Atlantis Phoenix - 24,600 AGO (+/- 600)

The Fourth Atlantis Phoenix - 12,500 AGO

The Pole Shift Mechanism - An Overflow Of The Land

Two Other Cayce Planet Predictions

Scoreboard For The Ancient Earth Changes

Chapter 33 - Correlations In The Earth


Hutton’s Correlation Of Cayce With Geology

Migration Of The Poles

Cataclysms In The Earth

The Mass Graveyards

The Rubble Traps

The Bone Beds

The Fish Beds

The Coal Beds

The Ivory Fields of Siberia

The Careen Of The Earth

The Illusion of the Ice Ages

The Entrepid Doctor Hapgood & The Path of the Pole

Correlations With Defining Instances

The Answer Is In The Sulfer

The Answer Is In The Ice

The Answer Is In The Bogs

The Answer Is In Dem Bones Dem Bones

On Various Dark and Stormy Nights...

So...In The Bottom Line

Chapter 34 - Correlations In The Motions


All Dressed Up With No Place To Go

Another Crazy Aunt...In The Basement

The Ringleader

Shifting The Pole

Bottom Line On The Science Of Pole Shifts

Correlation Of Atlantis

The Smoking Gun: The Carribbean Plate

Concluding Note

Chapter 35 - Correlations In The Ancient Memories
                                                                    Legends, Tall Tales, & Facts


The Transmitted Human Memory

The Flood Catastrophe Stories

The Tribal Oral Epic Concensus

The Written Epic Memory

Utnapishtim’s Flood

According To The Aztecs and the Mayans

The Hopi Story

Manu & The Mandate Of Heaven

Zoraster & The Persians

Egypt’s Story

The Phoenix Parallel

The Zep Tepi

The Ten

The Master Equation

The World Epic Consensus

The Tragic Historical Bottom Line

Chapter 36 - The Early Earth Changes 1926-1936


Some Weather Predictions

Cayce’s First Earthquake Prediction

The Catastrophes Of Outside Forces

The Upheaval In The Earth

The Jiggle In The Axis

Polar motion, 1900-1997

Scoreboard For The Early Earth Change Predictions

Chapter 37 - The Earth Change Muddles

Dipping Into The Muddle

The Baby Muddle

Cayce's Earth Change Score Takes A Bashing

1936 Earthquakes

An Airplane Prediction

The Livingston Prophecy

Scoreboard For The Earth Change Muddles

Chapter 38 - The Earth Change Omens
                                             When The Change Is Imminent


The Change In The Earth

The Trends

Qualifications On The Trends

Atlantis Rising

Chapter 39 - Verification of the Omens
                                                         As We May Find in 1998


Trends Of Drift In The Location Of The Axis

Trend Of Magnetic Field Anomolies

Trend of Crustal Warping

Trend of Increasing Earthquakes

The Global Trend

Western North America


Chapter 40 - The Torches of the Anunnaki
                                              As We May Find in 1998 Part II

The Trend of Increasing Volcanism

Charting The Volcanoes

The Global Trend

The Barometers

Barometer #1: (North Temperate Zone) Etna

Barometer #2: (North Tropical Zone) Hawaii

Barometer #3: Pacific Tropical Zone Volcanism

Barometer #4: Western North American Volcanism

Barometer #5: Japanese Volcanism

Upheavals In The Arctic and Antarctic

Barometer #6: (North Polar Zone) Iceland

Barometer #7: (South Polar Zone) Erebus

The Hidden Earth Change Trend

Chapter 41 - Connections, Scoreboards, & Summaries
                                              As We May Find in 1998 Part III

Trend of Stellar Connections To Earth Events

The Syzygy Windows

Cosmic Cycles

Trend Of Lights Seen In The Sky

Summary Of Cayce’s Omen Trends

Scoreboard For The Change In The Earth Predictions

Summary Assessment Of Cayce’s Earth Change Predictions

Chapter 42 - The Shifting Of The Poles A New Cycle Begins


Emphatic Predictions Of The Shifiting of the Pole

The Waters & The Destructions

A Composite Of The Change In The Earth Prophecy

1936: The Jiggle In The Axis

1936-1957: The Beginning Signs

1958–1998: The Seven Omens In The Earth

1998-2001: Pole Shift Imminent

2000-2001: Final Omens

2000-2001: The Flight of the Fifth Phoenix

The Safety Lands

Catastrophe Zones

Mass Migrations

Chapter 43 - The Once & Future Destiny Of Egypt
                                                                As Time Draws Nigh


The Advent Of Christ Consciousness

The Hall Of Records

The Reign of ’98

The Great Initiate

Folding Up The Tents

What Y'shua looks like

Verification of the Change In The Earth Prophecies

Verification Of The Hall Of Records Prophecy

Opening The Hall Of Records

Chapter 44 - Prophecies Of The Phoenix Whispers In The Wind


In The Words Of Mother Shipton

In The Words Of The Norse - The Ragnarok

In The Words Of The Pachacuti

In The Signs Of The Kachina Gourd

In The Words of No-Eyes

In The Words of Thothermes

In The Words Of Zorastrianism Through The Cult of Mithras

In The Words Of The Hebrews

In The Words Of The Chaldeans & Zorastrians Through Daniel

In The Words of Y’shua

In The Words of the Xian-Zorastrian Millennialists

In The Words Of The Mysteries

Paralleling The Prophecies

Paralleling Cayce’s Change In The Earth Prophecy

Chapter 45 - The Change In The Earth Prophecy The Return Of The Phoenix


Outline Of The Change In The Earth Prophecy

The Source

The God Game

The World Epic

The God Game For the 20th century & The Millennium

Future Shock

The Great Break-Up Of 1932-1936

The World On Fire: 1937-1945

The Great Leveling

The Advent of Christ Consciousness

The Change In The Earth

The Hall of Records

The Great Initiate

The Eagles & The Carcasse

Folding Up The Tents

The Fifth World

Chapter 46 - The Avalanche Of The Crust  The Earth Phoenix

In Passage

The Bottom Line On The Earth Changes

Predicting The Unpredictable With The Ley Lines

Composing The Scenario

From The Motions In The Vortex
From The Ancient Memories and Prophecies
The Four Event Horizons –The Record In The Rocks

The Avalanche Of The Crust

Flying On The Wings Of The Earth-Phoenix

Parallels In The Lines of Fall

The Line of Maximum Movement

The New North Pole In Archangel

The New South Pole

Basic Reactions To Sudden Motion In The Crust

Scrying The General Movement
The Inscrutable Great Dragon Line
The Inscrutable Plumage of the Phoenix
The Ellipsoid Changes & The Shaking Of The Earth
Erratic Block Upthrusts
The Surge Wave in the Waters
Latitude Sea Level Gradation
Reflection Tsunami Surges
The Torches of the Anunnaki
The Weather Freakshow

General Rules of Thumb For Survival

Think & Visualize Properly
Watch Carefully
The Water Is The Number One Problem
Stay Off The Coast
Seek High Ground
Gravitate to the Lee Side of the Islands or Continents
Remaining in Volcanic Areas is Crazy
Avoidance of Doomed Areas
These Words May Be Misleading

The Hunt For A New Equilibrium

The Lighting Of The Torches

Along The Line Of Maximum Movement Through Europe & Africa

England & Ireland
Western Coast of Europ
The Mediterranean Coastlines
Northern Africa
Western Coast of Africa
Eastern Coast of Africa
For Africa As A Whole
South Africa

Along The Line Of Maximum Movement Through The Pacific

Melanesia & Polynesia:

The Phoenix Over North America

Central America & Mexico
Western Mexico, Baja California & Arizona
Pacific Northwest
The Pacific Coastline Of North America In General
The Caribbean Gulf
The Continental Interior
Most Dangerous Earthquake Zones In North America
The Eastern Coast of North America
The Arctic Coast of North America

The Pacific Node & Line of Least Movement

The Pacific Node
Australia & New Zealand
Indonesia, Philippines, SE Asia
Northern Asia: Japan, Korea, Vladivostok, Kamchatka

The Atlantic Node & Line of Least Movement

The Atlantic Node
Amazon Coast
Eastern Coast of South America (from the Bulge to Cape Horn)
Western Coast of South America

Most Favored Quadrant – The Indian Subcontinent

Chapter 47 - Timing & The Five Whammies


New Moon Syzygy

Super Syzygy

Perfect Syzygy – The Eclipse Cycle & The Allais Effect


The Breath of Brahma

Some Planetary Electrostatic Alignments

Figure 150: June 15, 2001 Inner Planet Alignment

Attuning To The Omens In The Sky

Table 312: Timing Parallels In The EMS System

Chapter 48 -  On The Wings Of The Phoenix The Journey Into The Future

The Hunt For A New Equilibrium

The First Stride Upon The Pond

The Second Stride Upon The Pond

The Third Stride Upon The Pond

The Time Of Tribulation

The Wings of Phoenix Five

The Aftermath


Appendix A - Notations & Text Notes

Appendix B - Citations To Cayce’s Readings

Appendix C - List of Tables & Figures

Appendix D - Select Bibliography Of Sources

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