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Chapter 48
On The Wings
of the

The Journey Into The Future


This chapter up to the Postscript was folded into the previous one.  The text below was revised.


The Hunt For A New Equilibrium

Given what I think I know about the way the world works, as shaped by what I have learned from the Quest, how would I define the general nature of the flight of the Earth-Phoenix? After seeing how well so much of the ancient memory and symbolism correlates with the record in the rocks, part of my answer comes from the allegory of the Phoenix.

The ancient Egyptians were master symbolists. They selected and consistently used their visual symbols with great care and precision through several millennia, which has given their carved walls profound powers of communication through the ages. Most of their symbols are perfectly obvious symbols which easily capture the essence of universal human experience. But the Egyptians curiously picked a Great Blue Heron to serve as the basic symbol of the Phoenix, to which they added some minor feathery ostentation to make the visual image of the Phoenix slightly distinct from the Heron and Ibis. This choice of symbols puzzled me for a long time.

Many of the other cultures had feathery characters which were equivalent to the Phoenix concept but their characters were suitably dramatic with fearsome natures and exotic appearances. Describing them no doubt made for great story-telling. Why would the Egyptians use something as innocuous as a rather ordinary Heron to symbolize the Earth-Phoenix whose flight over the water transformed the whole Earth? Shoudn’t this be a dramatically strange beast, preferably a frightening one, such as the Chinese Feng, the Hindu Garuda, the Persian Simorgh, or the North American Thunderbird?

Part of the reason for the Egyptian choice is perfectly obvious. The Heron migrates between Europe and Egypt, which makes it a suitable symbol for the time cycles of the Earth. The Heron is also usually seen alone, which makes it uncommon. Hence we have an uncommon cycle of the Earth which stands alone. But why such an innocuous, plain-jane bird for such an astounding event?

I couldn’t see the power of the Heron allegory for "pegging" the avalanching of the crust until I surprised a Great Blue while walking on the Olympic Peninsula while I was searching for mushrooms. I broke through a dense thicket of young fir and practically fell into a long, narrow pond hidden in the middle of the forest far from the awareness of humans. In the middle of the pond a very big grandfather of a Great Blue Heron stood on one leg, with the other stuck out at an angle, half lifted but frozen motionless before it. It made not a motion nor a sound, indeed, it was hard to tell if Great Blue was actually alive and aware of me. I stepped over to a log to sit down and watch it. As I did, Great Blue’s head suddenly snapped around to give me a long sizing over. Great Blue peered at me motionless for countless seconds and then it suddenly turned its head away from me by 90 degrees.

Apparently he figured the neighborhood had just gone to hell. I watched in total fascination as Great Blue slowly put down his leg and then lifted the other in an amazing slow-motion ballet. First one plodding step, then other slow plodding step, then another and another, each in long, slow-motion strides. After a half dozen steps which seemed to take forever, its huge wings, oh what huge wings opened ponderously and with a long slow flapping motion, the heron was half in the air as it began to stride more rapidly down the pond on its long, long legs. It was hard to believe that this huge ponderous, slow motion bird was going to actually lift itself out of the pond and fly. Surely it was too heavy and slow.

Again, and again and again, the Great Blue slowly flapped its huge outstretched wings and now finally, miraculously, it was aloft. Suddenly it pirouetted around in a tight spiral as it lifted itself to break past the tree cover which crowded the small pond. And then it was gone, winging away with greater and greater speed. It was then that I understood for certain that the seemingly innocuous, ponderously-moving Heron, which spends most of its time standing motionless in a pond while waiting for a choice morsel to pass below its beak, was a well-chosen allegory for an avalanche of the Earth’s crust.

Given the immensity of the tectonic factors involved in an avalanche of the crust, it will not happen suddenly without prior signals. This is no humming bird which can dart off in any direction faster than the eye can blink. Many prior motions in the Earth should long betray its ponderous flight, as indeed it would seem it already has. Perhaps, as Cayce seemed to be saying so clumsily and haltingly, the pole shift literally began in 1936 and all of the anomalous long term changes and increases in tectonic activity are part of the precursor signs.

From this point of view, it may be that the anomalous movement of the Earth’s magnetic field toward the north spin axis is one of the first signs of a change in the equilibrium of the heavy mass of the Earth. It began to move sharply toward the north spin axis during the first half of the 20th century and its rate of movement has increased again by 50% during the past 15 years or so.

Certainly, the occasional sharp jiggles in the average position of the pole towards England since 1890, though still very small, looks suspiciously like the beginning of a "hunting" in the mechanical oscillation of the Earth. Most dramatically, the 40 year anomalous trends of a three or fourfold increase in volcanism and earthquakes, which ebb and flow in synchronicity with the X Wave of the wobbling crust, betray profound but unknown tectonic motions and forces at work which are far beyond the motions induced by the annual and the 7 year primary axis cycles. The trends declare an increase in the stresses in the Earth and point to an escalating increase in the relative motions between the tectonic plates.

With all of this, if Cayce is right, we are looking at several of the first ponderous footprints of the long slow ballet of the march of the Phoenix down the pond. Perhaps the killer earthquakes in Turkey and Greece along East 40 during 1999 were the next three steps in the quickening stride of the Phoenix as it strained to pick up flight speed.

It may that the pattern of escalating changes in the Earth through volcanism and earthquaking will continue in several more episodes during the years 2000 and 2001 before the avalanche commences. These may strike with great drama as in Turkey during 1999 or as on top of Etna. Or, they may appear mainly as rising lines in the graphs of the Phoenix Quest Website or in the databases of other scientists who follow such affairs. And, they may very well appear in both ways.

As the Phoenix’s stride picks up, at some point it will become airborne and an avalanche in free fall will begin. Given the Earth-Phoenix’s huge mass relative to our perspectives, the crust is likely to begin to move almost imperceptibly and then gradually to pick up speed over the period of a week to a month or so, possibly through a period of a few "moons". The main event, the majority of the motion, most of the change, more probably than not from all available data, will occur during approximately a one week period after which there may be a long slow coasting stop, ranging from a few days to a few weeks as the Earth "settles in".

During the beginning and ending processes, there may be several "false starts" and "false ends". This is suggested by the nature of the lunar motions in cyclically impelling waves of greater and lessor motion in the crust. It may take the "pumping" action of two, three or even more lunar perigees and/or new moons to accelerate the crust up to full speed. Afterwards, as the crust coasts to a halt, it may overshoot its best point of equilibrium. Accordingly, while pushed during a following perigee or New Moon, the crust may move again slightly (perhaps even by as much as tens of kilometers) to a slightly better point of equipoise. This may go on for several "moons" attendant with a monthly round of severe earthquake activity (but without creating the surge reaction in the oceans).

Quite possibly then, we may have an event which takes perhaps some 30-120 days to fully manifest. And when the main ride is over, a few small but frightening "after motions" may taper on for many moons and perhaps through several solar perihelion events before the Earth is fully stabilized into the rate of slow motion (centimeters per year) which is typical of the annual and 6.5 year primary axis cycle.

Y’shua, the Hebrew prophets, and others spoke of "Days of Tribulation" or "Time of Troubles" during which humans would be confounded and confused by the shaking and raging of the Earth and its waters even before the curtain raised on the main act to dispatch the nations. A 30-120 day event, beginning with a slow creep which gradually escalates, pumped up into greater activity with each passage of the lunar perigee and/or New Moon cycle, would certainly fulfill this ancient human description about a shift in the poles.

As things currently stand, the most terrifying aspect of such an event is that most of humanity will not have a clue about what is happening. The nations and nearly all of the leaders, wise men, and scientists will indeed be confounded. In the midst of having to cope with major damage and loss of confidence from several incidences of severely damaging earthquakes, or profoundly destructive volcanism, they will never have the opportunity to assess exactly what is happening and why. What will happen next will never be clear. Confusion will reign and humanity will never be able to organize collectively to respond in an appropriate manner to maximize its survival. Under this circumstance, fully three fourths of humanity may be caught needlessly by the flood surges or buried in the rubble.

Even for those who are applying the principles of vortex tectonics to interpret the events and "see" the motions of the Earth-Phoenix as it strides down the tarmac of the pond, there will be substantial unknowns. It will remain difficult to interpret which tectonic clues will portend the beginning of the final rapid avalanching of the crust. Until it is over, many scenarios will seem possible. Thus there is ever present the issue of whether events will be correctly perceived and how much warning they will give.

When the stress in the Earth goes critical just before the camel’s back is finally broken, I have little doubt that that a great sudden surge in earthquakes and volcanism may portend for a little while the beginning of the flight. All the memories, all the prophets, all the prophecies, all the psychics, and all the vortexian principles which have been demonstrated in "The Prophecies" are in complete, definitive correlation on this particular point.

But there it is by no means certain that a wave of such events will be the final portents. They may be false starts. There may be several waves, several jerky, short hunts for a new equilibrium, each one creating profound days of tribulation, perhaps even over a period of several months. Or, they may simply announce the beginning of the Earth's FINAL hunt for a new equilibrium. Events may spiral out of control within a few days and provide almost no warning. No doubt, confusion about the true meaning of the portents may fuel considerable "tribulation".

My personal belief is that the tectonic and stellar forces will visibly contend over a period of a few to several weeks. The trembling ballerina of the Earth will slip and struggle vainly to hold onto her sense of balance. But soon enough she will slip once again ... and then finally on the third or maybe the fourth time she will begin free-falling fully into oblivion. As Y’shua seems to have hinted 2000 years ago, the Earth-Phoenix may then finally come like a thief in the night: Wham, Bam, Slam, here it is. And there you are, gliding on a rapidly accelerating crust which is going through a cosmic wringer, on the way to a complete restructuring in the geological equivalent of a computer "format" command.

The "contention of the forces" and a false start or two offer the greatest hope for most of humanity. The Earth events and their connections with the "omens" will provide a tangible "drift" within which these words and these pages will have greater, more tangible meaning. With this more intimate connection to a more specific "drift", these words and the principles of vortex tectonics will gain greater currency on the world stage and from this they will find sufficient circulation to finish warning those would listen to sources of intelligence beyond 20th century materialism.

Accordingly, this last chapter of the Trilogy provides illustrations of specific ways in which the cosmic forces may progressively unstabilize the ballerina of the Earth and the accompanying tectonic signals which will herald the imminent fall. The easiest way to convey these illustrations is to tell a story about the flight of the fifth Phoenix. Necessarily, this story is entirely speculative, only a literary flight of "science fiction". But hopefully this story line will help people compare and reason through the coming events to make appropriate connections and draw relevant conclusions about what to do, when, where, and how.

Here then follows a story of the Fifth Phoenix.


The remainder of this chapter is available as part of an e-book or in a paperback or hardbound book.

This sample text originated from the first edition in 2000.  Changes and corrections were made to approximately half of all pages. To purchase this book in e-book (Open Document PDF format) or as a paperback or hardbound book, click on Cosmic Catalog.

This was turned into Chapter 48


  As Y’shua reportedly said some 2000 years ago, unless you see signs and wonders you do not believe. Exactly correct.

Thank you very much Mr. Cayce for your signs and wonders. It was a pleasure meeting you. And oh yes, please give my regards to the Shining Lady In The Woods.



The Phoenix Paradigm

I began the journey which I have chronicled in this Trilogy by viewing JA West's video tape about the "Mystery of the Sphinx". Seeing that the Sphinx could be as old as Cayce had said it was, and seeing furthermore that seismology data demonstrated that most likely there were passageways under the ground in the location Cayce had predicted, I endeavored to determine the credibility of Edgar Cayce and his horrible predictions about a shifting of the poles.

I set these final words in place after having viewed the tape one more time. Never once have I regretted the decision to evaluate Cayce, even though it was to fundamentally change my life. Not in anything which I have learned have I come to downgrade the quality and relevance of what West revealed in 1992.

As I set forth on my quest I was soon exploring a full range of geological data in a ever widening quest to understand obscure phenomenon like pole shifts while browsing the ancient legends of Egypt. By and by the Quest led me to ancient Egypt where eventually I meet, in a manner of speaking, the Seven Baboons. They picked me up, or I picked them up, it was never quite clear to me, and they lead me to the themes and trails of Thothermes and many others of the ancients, from whose memories and works I obtained many keys to the past, present, and the future.

Since returning from Egypt my efforts have been spent assaying the facts and the truths of humanity from every possible source. I have ravaged libraries, books, the internet, most especially the internet, and of course the Cayce/Davis collection. These I have diligently woven into the Trilogy in the form of science, philosophy, and spiritual practice. The last two years were spent penniless while struggling to keep cheap PC equipment working and my internet connections alive so that I could complete the mosaic. Poverty is amazingly remarkable for firming up one’s sensitivities, hardening one’s moral sensibilities, and getting clear about certain priorities.

My interests turned into obsession and then transmuted again into total absorption. The intensity of this period of my life became the most intense, the most focused, the most completely given to a task in the complete sacrifice of my personal life. Progressively one illusion after another was sandblasted out of my brain by a ceaseless, withering barrage of data. Finally I was intellectually stripped, made naked of the pretensions and pretenders of the 20th century and the self-centered forces of materialism. The faster the 20th century dissolved away, the faster I made rapid intellectual progress in finding new patterns and new layers which connected all the ages and all the dimensions.

I spent five years grinding pennilessly on the proposition that the results may help save millions of people. The discovery and formulation of vortex tectonics was one of the most exciting discoveries and personally rewarding activities of my quest. It took me far beyond verifying the work of others or of synthesizing other’s people findings and ideas. I got to do real science and make real correlations to formulate new geological principles about how the world works materially. My findings point to, demonstrate, and lay the preliminary proofs and basis of exploring a profoundly new paradigm which will answer a lot of questions. If you want to do original science, even as an undergraduate student, in creating a brand new paradigm 20 years ahead of established theories, get crackin’ on the vortex.

Slowly several themes emerged to loom as central to my Quest as I sought to comprehend the vast forces and dimensions at work around us to determine the validity of Cayce’s comments. A vast retrospective of the 20th century formed up to become the "The Great Break-up". As my work and the pages of the Trilogy marched relentlessly through the century’s history and Cayce’s comments to diligently calculate Cayce’s objective score, they began to reveal the at onement and agenda of the hermetic orders. When it was finished I realized it was, the book and the experience of the entire 2oth century, an allegory of the Great Breakup which will attend the flight of the Phoenix. But I also know in my heart few will heed or even attempt to read as it should be read, even though the problem of the re-genesis of human civilization is laid out on its pages.

Early on in the Quest I became aware of the central significance of the allegory of the Phoenix in the World Epic and I posed several questions about it to answer in the Trilogy. Through the parallels and the correlations which increasingly formed up between the geological record in the rocks and the ancient memories of humanity, it became progressively obvious to me that in the beginning of our age, before written history began, before the Phoenix became a legendary myth, a message was created for succeeding generations by the survivors of the last Flight.

In its barest essence, the message is: four times the Phoenix has flown, each time destroying human civilization, do not forget that it will fly again. Who created the message? How was the message transmitted through the ages? Why did the message fail? Or did it? Has the message been received, after all these years, by those for whom it is intended?

With these questions ever present in my mind during most of the Quest, circumstances have conspired to sustain and advance my efforts, even despite being personally mired in poverty. I have been able to gather and bound into the Trilogy the connections to the legend of the Earth-Phoenix which demonstrate that it is a master key. This master key unlocks the central riddles of many mysteries of the ancient past, including the origin and meaning of the "genesis" mythology which appears throughout the world in many forms. More significantly, it unlocks the end-of-the-age prophecies which are echoed among the traditions of many peoples.

Since the beginning of Egyptian civilization, the Phoenix has been used by the mystery schools on many levels of meaning to convey ideas of individual and cosmic transcendentalism. At the level of an individual life, the Phoenix symbolizes the regeneration of life in the cycle of death and rebirth. On another level, unsuspected by most, the Phoenix is an ancient symbol for the Earth itself when it undergoes a profound change to create a "New Earth and a New Heaven". As such, the Earth-Phoenix is neither legend nor myth, but an allegory for a sliding (flying) (avalanche) of the crust of the Earth over its molten interior every 10,000 to 50,000 years or so when it "flies".

As one looks for the tracks of this Earth-Phoenix in the rocks of the Earth, one finds that the Phoenix allegory unlocks many geological riddles as well and explains the findings of science about the last million years of the Earth’s history with great precision. The bones lying in the Earth clearly and undeniably reveal that when the Earth-Phoenix flies, the Earth's crust may rotate over its molten interior by as much as 30 degrees of latitude, placing the polar regions in a new location. This Earth-Phoenix phenomenon must be understood if human history is to be understood, indeed, there is no epochal history of humanity except this history, ultimately the end of all human ages is humanity fleeing the floods, running against the wind of time.

When we use this key to unlock the meaning of the "End Time" "prophecies" about our future, we see this memory of the past. Finally we understand the dire words of the "time of trouble" and the "day of Jehovah" spoken of by the Hebrew prophets. We see that their source for such information must have been ancient knowledge from the legacy of Atlantis which had been left in Egypt and Sumeria. It may have been brought out of Egypt by Moses, who was a high priest in the Egyptian traditions.

As may be found then in the records of the rocks, the boneyards of the Earth, the ancient memories of humanity, the visions of clairvoyants, and the jiggling correspondences between the motions of the Earth, Sun, Moon, Axis, and great plates of the continents, if there is a summary possible for the Phoenix Paradigm, it consists of this:

Some 70 paragraphs follow which summary the Phoenix Paradigm.

The remainder of this chapter is available as part of an e-book or in a paperback or hardbound book.

This sample text originated from the first edition in 2000.  Changes and corrections were made to approximately half of all pages. To purchase this book in e-book (Open Document PDF format) or as a paperback or hardbound book, click on Cosmic Catalog.


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