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Chapter 47
Timing & The Five Whammies

The Breath of Brahma




Do you not know, you who seek, that everything in the Earth reflects and corresponds to that which is in the heavens, such that in the perfection of all things, as it is above so must it become below? This doctrine, oh seeker, the Gods spread into many lands as they taught the arts of civilization.

Paraphrased From Thothermes in the Hermetica

This chapter was completely rewritten for the Revised Edition 2006 using the experience of the past five years with monitoring the "changes in the Earth". The text below is from the original edition.

Can we predict the exact timing of a pole shift? Not at all and in this ignorance we are in good company. Both Y’shua and Cayce made a specific point about the inscrutability of the exact timing of the flight of Phoenix Five. Y’shua told us only that he would return just after the flight of the Earth-Phoenix but that he did not know just when that would be. He exclaimed that only God knew the answer. Cayce was a bit more forthcoming, he suggested that those who are attuned to the Creative Forces would be able to learn of the timing through psychic channels. Did he suggest "tuning in" to get the latest forecast from the "celestial observers"?

In the final analysis, no matter how advanced your science, or your ability to tune into the "celestial observers", Y’shua’s answer is probably the definitive answer. The exact equilibrium of the Earth is a vastly complicated equation. It can and does change its shape as it moves, in fact it continually does so. It is like a partly under-inflated beachball which sags unevenly, churning with liquids which are constantly moving in chaotic reactions to the shape-shifting which they create in response to the endless variations in gravitational and rotational cycles which are never exactly the same. The mass is constantly shifting while the ocean tides, the lunar-induced crustal tides are constantly varying in response to lunar perigee and syzygy with the Sun, and the speed of rotation is constantly varying in response, and all of this are buffeted by the reactions of the Earth’s atmosphere which is profoundly affected in several ways by the solar wind of ions and electrons which come streaming in and speed up or slow down the exact speed of rotation. All this probably makes the exact balancing act of the ballerina of the Earth an entirely inscrutable equation. Anyone who claims to know otherwise is probably either God or a liar.

There are, however, certain moments in the primary cycles of the Earth and the solar system during which the cosmic forces and stress are greater than normal, hence, certain times in the cycles when a major pirouette as part of a "rebalancing act" is more possible than normal. It is during this moments or periods when a flight of the Earth-Phoenix is far more likely.

I think of these moments as the Five Whammies and they are easy to discern and track....

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