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Chapter 46
The Avalanche Of The Crust

The Earth-Phoenix



This is a huge chapter and most of the text is not here. The remainder of this chapter is available as part of an e-book or in a paperback or hardbound book.

 Table of  Contents for Chapter 46


In Passage

The Bottom Line On The Earth Changes

Predicting The Unpredictable With The Ley Lines

Composing The Scenario

From The Motions In The Vortex
From The Ancient Memories and Prophecies
The Four Event Horizons –The Record In The Rocks

The Avalanche Of The Crust

Flying On The Wings Of The Earth-Phoenix

Parallels In The Lines of Fall

The Line of Maximum Movement

The New North Pole In Archangel

The New South Pole

Basic Reactions To Sudden Motion In The Crust

Scrying The General Movement
The Inscrutable Great Dragon Line
The Inscrutable Plumage of the Phoenix
The Ellipsoid Changes & The Shaking Of The Earth
Erratic Block Upthrusts
The Surge Wave in the Waters
Latitude Sea Level Gradation
Reflection Tsunami Surges
The Torches of the Anunnaki
The Weather Freakshow

General Rules of Thumb For Survival

Think & Visualize Properly
Watch Carefully
The Water Is The Number One Problem
Stay Off The Coast
Seek High Ground
Gravitate to the Lee Side of the Islands or Continents
Remaining in Volcanic Areas is Crazy
Avoidance of Doomed Areas
These Words May Be Misleading

The Hunt For A New Equilibrium

The Lighting Of The Torches

Along The Line Of Maximum Movement Through Europe & Africa

England & Ireland
Western Coast of Europ
The Mediterranean Coastlines
Northern Africa
Western Coast of Africa
Eastern Coast of Africa
For Africa As A Whole
South Africa

Along The Line Of Maximum Movement Through The Pacific

Melanesia & Polynesia:

The Phoenix Over North America

Central America & Mexico
Western Mexico, Baja California & Arizona
Pacific Northwest
The Pacific Coastline Of North America In General
The Caribbean Gulf
The Continental Interior
Most Dangerous Earthquake Zones In North America
The Eastern Coast of North America
The Arctic Coast of North America

The Pacific Node & Line of Least Movement

The Pacific Node
Australia & New Zealand
Indonesia, Philippines, SE Asia
Northern Asia: Japan, Korea, Vladivostok, Kamchatka

The Atlantic Node & Line of Least Movement

The Atlantic Node
Amazon Coast
Eastern Coast of South America (from the Bulge to Cape Horn)
Western Coast of South America

Most Favored Quadrant – The Indian Subcontinent


In Passage

If you have read this book to reach these words, you will have gained a glimpse of the long tedious ordeal I have gone through to definitively assess Cayce’s clairvoyance and credibility while I elaborately constructed Cayce’s World Epic and Future History from thousands of passages culled out of Cayce’s readings.

The process of delving into the truly ancient past to wrestle meaning out of some of the world's worst grammar was not my initial intent, never was on the agenda. But the gradual emergence of the World Epic ended up becoming central to the full articulation of Cayce's Change In The Earth Prophecy. Not only did the World Epic resolve strange mysteries and unknowns in every culture and epoch by integrating them into an organic continuity, the history of the Earth and the history of humanity finally merged into a seamless whole.

In passage from Cayce and the World Epic, I conclude here with a few brief remarks before undertaking to create a scenario of the coming pole shift using scientific principles to outline the possible effects. The more I looked, the more the paradigm of the World Epic and Cayce’s tersely given keys explained the true dynamics behind plate tectonics and important geological aspects of the history of the Earth. As I worked with the paradigm to validate Cayce’s statements, I found that more and more of the history of humanity fit into Epic and that the archeological mysteries ceased being mysteries and progressively became pointers to widespread connectivity between people and certain events in the ancient past. I also found that the keys in the World Epic squarely point to the nature of what can be expected from the next pole shift.

The World Epic paradigm works so good, it burnt me out several times from information overload and left my hard disk groaning with the load of thousands of data files of phenomenon related to the parallelism and interconnection of the old ruins, cities, dates, megalithic construction, pole shifts, cataclysms, gods, words, the interconnected cloth of religion on the planet, and so on. In fact, I went through three hard disks before reaching enough integration and conclusion to call it a book or three.

After the massive validation work which marches on tirelessly through Book Two and through most of Book Three, the last two chapters complete the integration of Cayce’s World Epic and parallel it with the strongest correlations in the ancient memories and prophecies. The ancient prophetic messages provided a backdrop for a final restatement of Edgar Cayce’s Change In The Earth Prophecy in the form of a complete saga of the past and the future of the people of the Earth.

To fully complete the prophecy in Cayce’s World Epic, I added the plain words of Y’shua. I used Y’shua’s prophecy of the ‘Time of Tribulation" as reported in the straightforward passages in Luke, where there are no Mithraic confusions and associations with Latin, Zoroastrian and Chaldean concepts. With this I set forth a radical transformation of traditional religious prophecy into a series of straightforward propositions which have a real context and a tangible future which can be specifically verified. With this final step, the World Epic now parallels perfectly with all of the ancient memories, ancient prophecies, the findings of geophysics, various geological phenomenon , and the Cayce stories about Egypt and Atlantis. Gone are the isms, schisms, and anities.

Cayce’s information is now in a form which forever alters science, history, and religion for those who attune their consciousness to the central parallels in the World Epic. Because its empirical truth value is stronger than all other paradigms, scholars who work to prove or disprove aspects of the World Epic will end up extending its scope and detail. From such work, humanity’s comprehension of itself and its past will gradually change. Possibly this can provide a bridge, both for those who are still caught within the confines of the Latin Bible (Imperial Roman State Document) and those who are still caught in the materialistic reactionary movement against Latin Fascism. The survivors of both world views need to bridge into a wider context such as the World Epic if they hope to survive the change in the earth. With this, I have completed the mosaic of the World Epic as articulated by Edgar Cayce and his Source(s).

The Bottom Line On The Earth Changes

After all of this, the Quest now comes to the bottom line related to the change in the earth. The Quest began with the shifting in the poles and now ends with the shifting in the poles. After 4 years of assiduously tracking, analyzing, and computing all aspects related to the prediction, the predictor, the sources of the information, and all known potential empirical correlations with science, religion, and history, the Quest concludes with these findings:

  • that a pole shift of 25-27 degrees is technically simple and is likely a recurrent phenomenon;
  • a shift in the Earth’s crust is probably in progress at the current time; and
  • based on exhaustive assessments of the credibility of Edgar Cayce, there is at least an 85% probability that, as he predicted, the pole will suddenly shift location far enough to create catastrophic effects sometime in Century 21.

With these findings, after all of this work, what have we found? What do these statements tell us about the future? Has our future become more knowable or is it now more dark than ever? We have an 85% probability of ... of .... say what? A pole shift? Doesn’t this proposition, despite our relative certainty about it, create a vaster uncertainty? How is such a prediction possible? And if it is, what impact will such an event have on the lives of the 6 billion human beings? How are we personally to live through such an event? What will we experience and how will our world change? Don’t we have more questions than ever?

In the plain and simple bottom line there are few solid answers to these questions. Our main clues from Cayce only point towards a few effects of the shifting of the pole, such as the destruction of Los Angeles. The clues sound spectacular but they tell most of us not much. Nowhere does Cayce paint "the large picture" in which we can see the future for most other areas and most of humanity. Nowhere do we find in Cayce enough information to determine the criteria for choosing a safe area and the criteria for areas which are likely to be dangerous. Since no one had the presence of mind during the 1930’s to inquire about what the pole shift event would be like, nowhere can we find clues about what to expect and how to survive it in most areas of the world. To get any of this, we need to paint our own picture.

But can we? We have nearly gone as far as history, psychics, Cayce, prophecy, and science can take us on this subject. Uncertainty multiples from this point leaving everything in the fuzziest of outlines. There is no human empirical science on the physical plane at the current time which can predict the timing of a pole shift. And even if someone could tell us the moment of the flight we would still be dumbfounded. We cannot predict with any certainty, using purely material geophysics, how far, how fast, and in what direction the pole might shift. Hence, we have no definite, objectively certain way to determine the future "New Heaven and a New Earth" which an avalanche of the crust will create nor the extent of the catastrophic damage which will result.

Nevertheless, there are a great many clues from the ancient memories and prophecies, history and science, Cayce, and the principles of vortexian tectonics which the Quest has uncovered. We do not have to remain oblivious to the potential consequences of a shift in the poles. From these clues we can speculatively paint a scenario of the coming change in the earth. When drawn together, the many clues point to the general nature and magnitude of the shift even if many of the specific details must remain somewhat fuzzy. From this I believe that we can discern in advance the signs of its coming, the main timing factors, the catastrophes which may be experienced on the ground, even the literal "path" of the flight of the Earth-Phoenix and the ultimate location of the next pole.

Thus, in conclusion of the Trilogy in this nearly final chapter, I have speculatively outlined in general terms some of the major aspects of what may happen to the Earth in the years ahead. After speculatively painting a general scenario of the possible shift of the location of the pole to the area of Archangel in northern Russia, this final chapter of the Trilogy ends with an extensive outline of some of the likely consequences of this flight for various regions and coastlines around the world. The outline ranges through all of the continents and gives the greatest detail for North America, Europe, and Asia, which will be hit the hardest. Also provided are thumbnail sketches for Africa, Latin America, Australia, the Pacific, and the vast underbelly of Asia above the Indian Ocean.

As I proceed to outline the framework for the scenario I also in effect outline and summarize all of the major and minor themes of the Trilogy. The principles of vortex tectonics are completely but compactly laid out, along with the findings of my quest through the ancient memories and psychic (prophecy) data. The logic of their combination to draw this scenario of the future becomes clear and thus perhaps the thesis of the Trilogy finally becomes perfectly clear, even to me. Earth scientists who wish to model the vortex principles will find that this chapter provides enough specification to begin. Some of the summary of the tectonic principles may be too compact and obscure for a general audience even though I have striven mightily to avoid jargonistic and academic styles of talking about them. If you find it impossible to fully connect with all of the technical summary, keep going past the rough areas. There are many areas of the scenario which will be perfectly understandable to anyone.

There is only one thing which is certain about this scenario. It comes with no guarantees. As of old, the Phoenix flies when it flies, once in a great age beyond the ken of humans. As it flies, the Earth and the heavens are transformed. Little else is given to mortals to know for certain. This the Egyptians told us thousands of years ago and all of modern science has just barely gotten to the point of cataloguing the evidence. As these pages of speculation unfold, realize we have left them behind, the Egyptians, Cayce and science, and we proceed now with only a series of hedged guesses, as blind men striving to describe an elephant.

The remainder of this chapter is available as part of an e-book or in a paperback or hardbound book.

This sample text originated from the first edition in 2000.  Changes and corrections were made to approximately half of all pages. To purchase this book in e-book (Open Document PDF format) or as a paperback or hardbound book, click on Cosmic Catalog.

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