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Chapter 45
The Change In The Earth Prophecy

The Return Of The Phoenix


"of this period...of this time...when the changes must come again...as it did in the upheavals which destroyed Atlantis...when the poles shifted...10,500 BC... "



It is finally time to liberate Cayce and his legacy from the ruined morgue of Imperial Rome and the various xianities (nominal followers of Christ) which have lived within its shadows. Cayce’s mission has run its course, the xian movements are as transformed as they can be within their tinder-dry latin framework. With this statement of Cayce’s Prophecy, his work embraces a wider religious world. It can be seen that the content of his readings have less in common with the pages and limited horizons of the Imperial Roman State Document (which the xian movements have mistakenly call the Holy Bible) and has much more in common with the hermetic lore , the Sutras of Bhuddism, the percepts and stories of the Vedas, the eternal quest of the Hopi and the Inca, and many other native peoples.


After an extensive review of the world’s historical, hermetic, and scientific literature, as well as the prophetic traditions of many peoples and the last several generations of psychics, I found no prophecy which provides as complete nor as credible a statement as that proffered through the readings of Edgar Cayce. Cayce's Change In The Earth Prophecy is by far the most detailed prophecy which has ever been given in any time or place.

To conclude this stage of the Quest, I have drawn together Edgar Cayce’s statements and predictions and I have radically synthesized them into one integrated vision as the "Change In The Earth Prophecy". By this I give voice to Cayce’s entire vision of the future and bring the reluctant prophet fully out of the shadows. He felt the need to re-emerge beginning in the period 1998-2001 and I hope that this will help him so to do. If you truly wish to experience Cayce, you have come to the moment. IF there is an "End Times" prophecy, THIS IS IT.

To compose this full vision, I used as many as Cayce’s words and phrases as possible but I have rigorously structured it within my own grammar. I have used the clearest, most typical instances of Cayce's comments and word choices and for the most part I have displayed them in bold (simple bold on the cdrom, bold italic on the printed pages) as they have been displayed throughout the Trilogy.


The resulting composite must necessarily be held at arm’s length as a literary invention. It may be a composite of what Cayce said, but it is not literally what Cayce said. I believe that Cayce did in fact say and did in fact mean to imply what is summarized in this composite summary, thus I do not believe that the substance of the message is illusionary. The preceding 1000 pages or so of the Trilogy is the documentation which brings me to this reasoned conclusion of Cayce’s work.

Outline Of The Change In The Earth Prophecy

Cayce’s predictions and comments about the ancient past and the future can be said to compose eight distinct themes, none of which can be completely understood in isolation from the others. Each theme is interwoven with the others to form the final chapter of the World Epic, the Change In The Earth Prophecy. Here is the anatomy of the eight themes which compose the prophecy:

The remainder of this chapter is available as part of an e-book or in a paperback or hardbound book.

This sample text originated from the first edition in 2000.  Changes and corrections were made to approximately half of all pages. To purchase this book in e-book (Open Document PDF format) or as a paperback or hardbound book, click on Cosmic Catalog.


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