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Chapter 44
Prophecies Of The Phoenix

Whispers In The Wind




Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Who Has

The Fairest Prophecy Of Them All?





I became so intrigued by the powerful parallels in the ancient memories that I could not finish an account of Cayce’s prophecy of the Change In The Earth until I looked for correlations among the various end-time prophecies of various peoples. I wondered if I could find the same strong parallelism in the ancient and no-so ancient prophecies of the end of the Fourth World.

As I chipped away the barnacles from around the ancient memories, it became readily apparent that multitudes of blind people had described the same elephant, though they had often focused on different parts or described them with different words. It was obvious that a great many cultures began their account of time with the same set of facts which point directly to the phenomenon of a pole shift. A shift in the location of the pole easily accounted for each of their descriptions but even more importantly only a common experience, a planet-wide event like a pole shift, could account for the universality of the elements which were used in the core descriptions of cultures on every continent.

From this it became clear that a part of the ancient myths are not just gibberish from over-worked tavern tales or ritualistic drama. They contain real information which can help us to understand both history and our future. As I looked further through the old stories, the ancient Egyptians suggested to me that the Earth As Phoenix was the master key for unlocking the synchronous parallelism which imbues the major literate cultures of antiquity. I found that not only do their ancient memories parallel and contain real information about a profound change in the earth, many of their core concepts, images, and symbolism about the nature of the cosmos all parallel. This strongly suggests a common source of mutual experience and inspiration.

Many who do soft science in the field of history and archeology may not fully understand this argument, but information scientists surely will. As I outlined in Chapter 35, "The Ancient Memories", it finally becomes perfectly obvious that the research of the past 50 years is rich with correlations which connect the ancients in countless and diverse ways. To make sense of this the old intellectual mental habits of the 20th century must be turned upside down. Accordingly, it seems at this juncture in the study of history that the predominance of experience and evidence highly recommends treating the apparent synchronicity and the parallelism of any of the elements from the ancient cultures as real information which demonstrates their interconnectedness. This is no longer an issue to wonder about or prove. Suddenly, any parallel element is a valid lead for historical sleuthing, as if it were probably real. They are realities which can be simply explored and articulated and they gain credibility in direct proportion to their quantity and universality.

There are still many who continue to argue that cultural histories demonstrate only ad-hoc development of people in isolated circumstances. Such scholars perpetually deny carte-blanche the parallels which demonstrate the antediluvian connections between the ancient peoples. But such mentalities are ignoring the long shelves in their research libraries which are stuffed to the rafters with evidence which connects the ancient peoples. Accordingly, such mentalities can simply be ignored. They are, pure and simple, lost in the bush.

I wondered if the same Phoenix key could be used to find parallels and thus obtain real information from the ancient and not-so ancient prophecies. I wondered if I could find the same underlying unity. I wondered what clues to ancient and not-so-ancient synchronicity would be revealed. Would these clues point to underlying, or perhaps that should be, overlying realities? Accordingly, it occurred to me to attempt to finish the correlation of Cayce’s prophecies by looking for parallels with the end-time prophecies of others.

The major religious prophecies come down to us through history as the work of clairvoyants or shamans who purportedly could speak with God, or gods, or could tap a well of information beyond materiality. Accordingly then, most of the religious material is is the product of psychics or clairvoyants like Cayce and there is no reason, in principle, to treat the material any differently than Cayce’s material. The over-riding questions are validity and accuracy. Did the source evidence an ability to accurately describe the present and the future? Are the quotations and record of the clairvoyant’s comments accurate? From this, what is the probability of prophecy coming true?

Some of the ancient psychics have come to be known as prophets, i.e. as those who profess testimony about the nature of the cosmos, God, and the future. All of the major religious prophets claimed their legitimacy on the basis of the will and doings of the Deus Ex-Machina, the Lord of the Machine who stands outside of normal human time and causality. Sometimes the ancient psychics claimed even greater authority. Sometimes the prophecies were given directly under the signatures of this mysterious divine creature or self-proclaimed god, as among some of the Hebrew prophets, who purported to directly speak the words of this Deus Ex-Machina, this I AM THAT I AM which burns in the bush without consuming it.

Though these claims and pronouncements of the major religious prophets have influenced tens of millions and the course of human history, none of these prophecies and none of these claims have value in and of themselves for those of us in the 21st century. The actual historical validity of many of them is very difficult to prove and even if the validity of the source can be established, the material still faces the issues of validation which faced Cayce. As with Cayce, the issue with all of the material is, what is the legitimacy, what is the validation of the source, what is the demonstrated credibility and accuracy of the originating source? Can the statements be applied and tested against reality? When Ezekiel, Isaiah and the other Hebrew prophets say, "Behold, thus saith Jehovah", the only issue is, what objective evidence is provided which would allow us to suppose that any of them had a clue?

This long after the fact no one can provide clear evidence to establish the legitimacy of the so-called prophetic revelations from the ancients. I did not suppose that any of it has any particular legitimacy which is greater than any other. My intent was to examine the parallelism and establish the resonance between the elements in the material. From this I could determine, maybe, if the prophecies are describing parts of the same elephant. In other words, are all of the end-time prophecies really just the same prophecy, different ways of saying the same thing. Are they really more like memories of the last avalanche of the crust? Is Cayce, when all is said and done, simply redefining the one and same "End Times" elephant, the memory of Phoenix Four?

As with the myths, I subjected the prophecies to a radical deconstruction to eliminate as much as possible the ethnic schtick, the metaphysical barnacles with all of their strange metaphysical arm-waving, along with as many of the cosmological claims as possible. I was only interested in the physical descriptions of what specifically would happen to the Earth.

The problem with deconstruction is that you actually have to read the material. The myths and tall-tales of the ancient memories were fun to read but the prophecies were not easy to get through. They are so morbid they constitute the defining class of what is morbid. The myths and tall-tales are cast as entertainment, from which the reader is far removed. But examination of some of the prophetic material, especially from the Semitic peoples, is damaging to one’s mental health. They purport to be about the future and they claim to involve you.

Some of them are very strongly projected with strong emotionality arising from vividly-expressed moral outrage. Some are focused on extreme violence, high-stakes revenge-seeking, and vistas of gore and destruction such as only juveniles can stomach in video games. I virtually puked more than once in the process of deconstructing some of this material. Isaiah was probably the worst, he is impossible to deconstruct without becoming massively depressed. That ancient Jewish Ayatollah was not a happy camper and he ranted on interminably. I read every line, detesting it to the very end.

A great deal of this material makes me suspect that most of the blood and gore are projections of the childish poutings and tantrums of sore losers in the dance of history, focused more on desire for revenge or vengeance than any real positive result.

For the most part, the prophecies are focused on the dramatic end of an age of the physical Earth, a doomsday which the Norse named the "Ragnarok". There are many variations of the Ragnarok but the most prevelent theme is focused on a titanic clash of good and evil during the end-time, an Apocalypse of Divine and Satanic Armies in total warfare. Many of these prophecies are so grandiosely stated that lunatics are more likely to find useful information in them than scientists. Yet, if the Gods of the Ragnarok, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Zoroastrian-Persian metaphors of "the beast" and other strange characters are seen for what they are, as the embroideries of over-active imaginations with too many sub-rosa agendas, they are easy to strip away.

Once several layers of ethnic shtick and metaphorical lacework is burned off, what is left is both more abstract and more real. Once stripped, in the main there is only one prophecy. Only the names and some of the details vary among the various peoples.

What emerges is the story of the dance of Shiva, an endless play between the themes of immolation and rebirth of the Phoenix. Some of the prophets focus on the flight of the Earth-Phoenix and its final consummation in the fire of the pyre. Some focus on the hatching of the new Phoenix amid the restoration of order. Some of the prophecies provide details about the entire cycle of the Phoenix and its coming to rest amid the pyre. Most likely, almost certainly, all are far less precognitive than they are ancient memories of a terrible catastrophe, a change in the earth which must come again.

Here now follows in this chapter is a summary of some of the major prophecies. The selection I offer has been chosen for many different reasons. Some were commonplace and dominant in literature which makes them obvious touch-stones. Some are simply interesting. And some are accurate renditions of a shifting of the pole or are possessed of a certain "suchness" in illuminating parallels of the Seven.

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