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Chapter 43
The Once & Future Destiny Of Egypt

As Time Draws Nigh




(C)  ...to be opened only...when the change
       was imminent in the earth; which
       change, we see, begins in '58 and ends
       with the changes wrought in the
       upheavals and the shifting of the poles...

10/29/33 378-16 /5





Cayce gave three additional prophecies, each as profoundly unbelievable and unpredictable as the shifting of the pole. When these are combined with the Earth Change predictions,  they collectively detail Cayce’s Change In The Earth Prophecy.

The backdrop for these additional prophecies was the Great Leveling, which began with the collapse of the dynastic age in 1929. The Great Leveling was a planet-wide struggle for the heart and soul of humanity through which a new order of conditions would be gradually created. Cayce predicted that the Great Leveling would erode away the old order of the ages and overturn all of the old elites and dynasties. Many old ideas of the past, especially the idea of a world state imposed by force and the idea of structuring society and the economy to maintain dynastic and elite privileges, must and would ultimately be abandoned, peacefully or violently.

To this backdrop, Cayce added the Catastrophe of 1936 which began the Change In The Earth. As humans worked out their collective karma in the Great Leveling and began to evolve cooperative planetary institutions to make peace, the gradual Earth Changes from 1958 through to 1998 would serve as omens of an even greater change to come: The Change In The Earth. To this basic plot line of the future, Cayce added three more prophetic themes:

  • The Advent Of Christ Consciousness: the final struggle for the soul of humanity
  • The Opening of the Hall Of Records: to reveal the authorship of the Fourth World
  • The Return of the Great Initiate: to kindle the civilization of the Fifth World

Cayce staunchly maintained that the only peaceful way out of the Great Leveling was through the Advent Of Christ Consciousness. Forerunners would begin to teach and show how to play the God Game to create a planetary Christ Consciousness. New teachings were imperative and the old gnostic and metaphysical content of early Christianity would return to play a greater and greater role. Meditation to create channels of communication within the God-self was especially important. Those seeking for the greater truths and practices would find a light breaking from the east, bringing the arts of spiritual and mental regeneration to uplift consciousness and create deeper connections with aspects of God and Christ.

Equally staunchly, Cayce predicted that this was preparation for the return of the master emulator of Christ Consciousness, Y’shua, whom Cayce called the Great Initiate. After the Change In The Earth, which Y’shua reputedly called the "Days of Tribulation", Y’shua would return in the same body with which he walked in Israel 2000 years ago. Using words very similar to those found in the testimonial books of Y’shua’s apostles, Cayce predicted that Y’shua would fulfill his recorded prophecies, as well as the prophecies of many other traditions and religions.

The most detailed Change In The Earth prediction which Cayce gave was about the opening of the Hall of Records. When the Change In The Earth was imminent, in the period from 1998 into the early portion Century 21, an underground Hall of Records would be discovered near the Sphinx in Egypt. The artifacts, tablets, and murals inside the chambers and passageways of the Hall of Records would reveal the true origins of Egypt and the Hall of Initiation at the time of Phoenix Four. And somewhere inside the labyrinth of the Hall of Records, a sealed room would be found which contained a copy of the records of the Temple of Poseidia, stone tablets on which the entire history of Atlantis was written.

The entire plot line of the human past and future in the World Epic, as described by Edgar Cayce, literally pivots on and in the Hall of Records, not just once, but twice. When the last pole shift occurred, human culture for the Fourth World was engineered and propagated by Atlantean refugees and others who worked out of Egypt. At Rostau they built their headquarters which included the Hall of Initiation, temples, monuments, the Sphinx, and a large underground complex. Using these facilities, the survivors "authored" the main lines of human culture which they propagated on all continents. Eventually they buried in a Hall Of Records all of their records of the origins of human civilization, the story of their contacts and relationships with "the gods", their stories of their own activities, and their projections of the dynamics and outcomes of the Fourth World.

If we read between the lines of Cayce’s prophecies, it is easy to infer that the Hall of Records and its sealed room will be opened to enable the Great Initiate to objectively show humanity the origins of the cultures and belief systems of the Fourth World. Cayce claimed that the Great Initiate will spear-head a cooperative program to help humanity recover from the disasters of the fifth Phoenix. He will provide the keys for the creation of a cooperative planetary culture. One of his most important agendas will be to "fold-up" the tents of the various religions, to help humanity walk away from its rather pointless disagreements and confusions about who said what way back when. It seems that the Great Initiate will use the records and materials in the Hall of Records to assist humanity in generating this new planetary culture for the Fifth World.

If not, what is the point of it? I speculate, I go beyond Cayce’s predictions here, but from Thothermes’ prophecy, the Osiris legends of the Egyptians, and Cayce’s story of Egypt, it would seem that the material in the Hall of Records already contains the seeds of the universal symbols and concepts which parallel with many diverse cultures, such as Bharati, the Inca, and the Hopi. To the extent this material is useful in expressing universal concepts, it can be and most likely will be recycled at the behest of the Great Initiate and the hermetic bro’hood in a new meta synthesis. They will use it for the simple reason that it will provide the greatest continuity and parallelism with everything which has gone before. By such means, all of the best of the past can be and will be given new dignity, life, and meaning.

Only a small part of the future can be seen through Cayce’s words. Like all of the others, the Change In The Earth prophecies had to be composed by assembling many tiles into the mosaic of the World Epic. This work was the most difficult task I had to face. The implications in Cayce’s predictions are the most far-reaching and most difficult to accept, and they flow from statements which contain the greatest degree of ambiguity. As with all of his other prophecies, Cayce never provided a completely self-contained statement of his  prophecies. These passages are very nearly the only puzzle pieces in Cayce/Davis collection which cannot be perfectly tiled into the mosaic solely by using the matrix or context of Cayce’s other statements to resolve the ambiguities and unanswered questions.

I could not master the Change In The Earth predictions until I had built the mosaic of Cayce’s life, the metaphysics in the readings, the Christ teachings in the readings versus Cayce’s conscious xianity, the story of Atlantis and Egypt, and all of the predictions which he made about the 20th century. Even then, certain key ambiguities remained. I was content to leave them stand, but as I correlated the ancient memories and found the parallels between the end-time prophecies of other peoples I was amazed to discover that Cayce’s ambiguities began to disappear. The main parallels easily appeared and the final resolution of Cayce’s tiles into the mosaic of the World Epic seemed fairly obvious.

What a very long road it was to bring Cayce’s prophecies to this point of conclusion! And what a conclusion it is! What follows now in this chapter are these final Change In The Earth prophecies about the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the Fifth World.

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