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Chapter 39
Verification of the Omens

As We May Find in 1998


(C) In 1998 we may find a great deal of the activities as have been wrought by the gradual changes that are coming about...

09/22/39 1602-003 /8





When Cayce gave his prediction of a shifting of the pole, he specified seven types of events which would accompany this Change In The Earth. He also specified that these changes would be seen gradually as trends in periods from 1958 onwards. In doing so, he gave us seven omens for which we could watch to verify whether or not the Change In The Earth was on track. He specified that we should be able to see these trends by 1998, and perhaps we would even see an intensification of them. Accordingly, this is an especially appropriate time to make a detailed assessment of the seven omens. Have they, as Cayce predicted, appeared in the 1958-1998 period?

Looking for the fulfillment of the omens took a very long journey though the halls of many libraries, and down many of the byways of the Iway during the past three years. This part of the Quest took three years of progressive study and analysis before I was satisfied that I had come to a reasonable understanding of Cayce’s omens and how they relate to the physical Earth. Cayce’s prose is highly truncated but thick with many profound nuances. Many avenues had to be explored to fully account for the implications of these nuances. To fully answer my questions I had to learn how to understand Cayce’s comments within the context of plate tectonics and the Earth sciences. Before I could finish my Quest I had to do original research work with geological statistics in computer databases to finally settle certain important issues.

I found that once these omens are understood within the context of the basic ideas of plate tectonics, nearly everything Cayce said makes perfect sense and one can correctly read the signs of the advent of the Change In The Earth. Accordingly, the next three chapters, though long and filled with scientific information and terms, provides a detailed analysis and verification of these omens. As I present the data for each of the trends, I also present the correlations which prove the principles of "vortex tectonics". As Cayce’s omens are verified and correlated through time, they are paralleled directly with the motions of the heavenly bodies. The strong parallel patterns demonstrate that it is the orbital and rotational motions of the Earth and the heavenly bodies which induce the motions which drive plate tectonics and shape the structures on the surface of the Earth.

Hopefully, I have leavened in the science without destroying sensibility with jargon and presumed, unexplained concepts. I have tried to make this chapter "stand alone" but I may not have succeeded with all of the technical concepts. Thus, if you are inclined, like I am, to browse a book randomly and have found yourself in this chapter without reading all of the preceding chapters which began with the Ancient Earth Changes, I highly recommend starting there before tackling this one. All of the scientific concepts related to plate tectonics and the motions of the axis of the Earth are presented systematically for non-experts in the preceding chapters. Once those chapters are read, this one and the next two are easily sensible. Without them, I don’t think you will entirely understand the importance of the findings which are made in this and the next chapter.

The over-riding question is, how credible is this prediction about a shifting of the Earth during the early portion of Century 21? The answer boils down to verification of the seven trends, the material changes which began in periods during 1958 to 1998. If there is good evidence of these gradual, non-cataclysmic trends, we have, given Cayce’s overall credibility, a highly credible prediction, a prediction which is probably even more credible than weather forecasts. It is that simple.

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