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Chapter 38
The Earth Change Omens

When The Change Is Imminent





In the Ancient Earth Changes, Cayce described human history as a long epic which was punctuated with MANY changes in the surface of what is now called the earth. Human history, he claimed, could not be understood unless these changes in the position of the land were understood. Through dozens of readings and passages, he told the story of the human genesis and when the first change had come in the position of the land. In hundreds of other readings, Cayce detailed a succession of three major changes during the last 120,000 years which destroyed Atlantis.

By examining the mosaic of Cayce’s statements, it became clear that changes in the surface of the Earth were Cayce’s non-technical way of describing periodic shifts in the location of the pole. This shifting of the poles reoccurred in an irregular cycle of 12,000 to 45,000 years, accompanied by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and a radical shift in the latitudes of the Earth.

While discussing one of these changes in the earth, Cayce described the event as an overflow of the land. This remark was a profoundly important clue and it probably lead Charles Hapgood to develop his theory of the shifting pole. Hapgood visualized that the ice ages were illusions which were created by the crust periodically slipping over the core of the Earth until it came to rest after moving about 27 degrees, at which spot a new polar ice cap would form. After years of research, Hapgood was able to demonstrate that the three so-called ice ages were better described as a succession of polar shifts from the Yukon to Norway, from Norway to Hudson Bay, and from Hudson Bay to the Central Arctic, where the pole currently sits, somewhat shakily. Even Einstein thought the theory might be plausible and could solve many of the mysteries of geophysics and geology.

A review of the evidence from the Earth sciences, archeology, and history demonstrates that the predominance of evidence supports Cayce’s statements about the Ancient Earth Changes and the overflow of the land, with the single exception of his description of the continent of Atlantis. This notion is neither proven nor disproven. The predominance of evidence which has become available during the past 40 years also supports part of Hapgood’s theory about the "Path of the Pole". But ironically, the evidence has become more supportive of Cayce’s sudden, quick pole shifts than Hapgood’s slow-moving pole shifts, which Hapgood thought might take 1,000 to 2,000 years to occur.

Since Cayce made his statements and Hapgood explored their implications, many geologists and geophysicists have taken up this idea of the overflow of the land and have examined it in many ways, generally finding that the idea fits many facts even if it cannot be directly proven nor its causes fully understood. What seemed in the 1930’s like a very weird, implausible idea has become an important subject of scientific inquiry.

In essence, all of plate tectonics of modern geology is exactly based on the key idea of an overflow of the land, though most geologists think of the process as extremely slow, moving only a few inches a year. Recently some scientists have begun to postulate the idea that not only is the core of the Earth detached from the crust, it also revolves at a slightly different rate of speed than the crust. This notion is currently under intense study by some professional Earth scientists. If the crust of the Earth is detached from the core and moving at a different rate of speed, there are no theoretical reasons which make impossible a sudden overflow of the land. To the contrary, under the right circumstances, it is inevitable. The main issue is, what are those circumstances?

The mosaic of Cayce’s Ancient Earth Changes ended with a 1928 reading in which Cayce told Isshuta that she was again on the Earth when another such change would come to the Earth's sphere. With this, Cayce gave his first prediction that the shifting of the poles, the overflow of the land, the same sort of activity which destroyed Atlantis in 10,500 BC, would happen again, but he left the timing unstated.

Cayce expanded on the theme in the mosaic of the Early Earth Changes. In 1932 and 1933 Cayce gave his Catastrophe In The Earth prophecy in which he told us that "forces outside of the earth" would produce "the shifting of equilibrium of the Earth itself in space" in 1936. Within the mosaic, it eventually became clear that Cayce predicted that external cosmic forces by 1936 would produce changes in the interior of the Earth which would cause some Earth mass to move out of balance (equilibrium) with the location of the spin axis of the Earth (the pole of rotation). This shift, Cayce claimed, would create the beginning of long term changes which would culminate at the end of the 20th century with a major, sudden, highly destructive, shift in the location of the poles.

Mysteriously, Cayce also explained that long-range predictions were built into the Hall of Initiation by Atlantean engineers. One prediction included that period when there is to be the change in the earth's positionan upheaval in '36...and the shifting of... the axis as respecting ...the Polaris center. Cayce told us that this change in the earth's activity would be apparent when (1) there was a breaking up of some conditions in the South Pacific and (2) when there was subsidence and/or uprising of land in the Mediterranean and/or in the Mt. Etna area (Italy).

After a deep dive into geophysics and geological records, I found that these events, as well as several other earthquake and weather predictions which Cayce made for the 1920’s and 1930’s, occurred right on schedule. Amazingly, the evidence unmistakably demonstrates that Cayce correctly predicted an actual shift in the equilibrium of the Earth, a definite anomalous jiggle in the location of the axis, which in fact occurred sometime in 1936-1938. Through to this point the Quest calculated some 23 Earth event "hits" out of 28 predictions or statements.

The earth's activity in 1936 was but a beginning of long term changes, Cayce predicted, and the greater, destructive portion would happen at some later time. During 1933 and 1934, Cayce went on to expand the mosaic by filling in the details of the timing and nature of the changes. He expanded the World Epic to the millenium and beyond by predicting the pole shift. He predicted that this imminent change in the earth would become gradually apparent after 1958 from the manifestation of seven trends. He also outlined several major catastrophic changes which would attend the shifting of the poles during Century 21, which would include a radical change of latitudes for many areas. During subsequent years, up until nearly his death, Cayce detailed some additional changes which would occur during the shifting of the pole.

Cayce’s predictions left little to the imagination nor did it leave much ambiguity, though the prediction was stated, as most of Cayce’s material, in words so simple or generic that it is easy to overlook their implications. The core of Cayce’s Change In The Earth prophecy was given in just a few lines in such a way that it both defined the essence of the shifting of the pole and the warnings or omens by which people could see that the shifting of the pole was imminent. By watching for the omens, people could determine whether the prophecy was accurate and the event on schedule. Thus, the most important aspect of Cayce’s outstanding prophecies are the omens and their appearance during the past 40 years. What follows in this chapter is Cayce’s prophecy of the omens for the Change In The Earth.

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