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Chapter 37
The Earth Change Muddles




Dipping Into The Muddle

By 1932 Cayce had already set a powerful context for his Earth Change predictions and comments. In his commentaries about ancient Atlantis, Cayce had described the history of humanity as epochs which were shaped by a succession of catastrophic destructions created by a recurring but irregular sudden shifting of the pole. He ominously predicted that this change in the earth must come again in the generation following the people to whom he was giving readings.

Thanks to Mr. 311's questions in April 1932, Cayce predicted that the upheavals would shift the very equilibrium of the Earth, that the position of the spin axis of the Earth would actually shift during 1936. He predicted that this upheaval in the Earth during 1936 would begin a process of gradual change which would become apparent in the area of Etna and the South Pacific, with even greater changes to occur sometime later.

But Mr. 311 was only interested in "physical changes in the earth's surface" which would occur in his immediate future. Thus he continued to ask questions which Cayce continued answering. Unfortunately, the answers have been badly misunderstood and misapplied. This next one is a classic in the confusion marathon:

(Q) Will there be any physical changes in the earth's surface in North America? If so, what sections will be affected, and how? (C) All over the country we will find many physical changes of a minor or greater degree. The greater change, as we will find, in America, will be the North Atlantic Seaboard. Watch New York! Connecticut, and the like.

04/09/32 311-008 /21

This statement has been used extensively to "predict" major Earth changes which are due to come during the millennial period before us. Such use has been permitted by the following answer which was left incomplete by a most impolitic interruption:

(Q) When will this be? (C) In this period. As to just when -

04/09/32 311-008 /22

Ooops, interrupted by the following question:

(Q) What, if any, changes will take place around Norfolk area, Va? (C) No MATERIAL, that would be effective to the area, other than would eventually become more beneficial - in a port, and the like.

04/09/32 311-008 /23

We began within a context which is talking about a short period, referring to Earth activities in 1936 (the period 1932 to 1938). We are going to have the catastrophes of outside forces changing the "position of the earth", which will begin a period of "greater changes". We will know this has begun when we see activity in the South Pacific and the Mediterranean. Within this context, what does Cayce mean by "in this period". From the context, one would think that the three answers above relate to this period 1932 to 1938. If so, Cayce predicted, correctly, that there would be no material changes in Norfolk "in this period" 1932-1938 but that eventually beneficial material conditions related to the port would occur.

Mr. 311 was obviously very interested in the real estate around Norfolk. A few months later he asked his second question about physical changes in the Norfolk area, to which Cayce added more information about when to expect these physical changes. Here is what Cayce specifically told Mr. 311 a few months later:

(Q) When will the physical changes start in Norfolk and vicinity? (C) This would be nearer to '58 than to '38 or '36, as we find.

11/19/32 311-010 /19

Cayce suggests that these physical changes will begin to accumulate around 1958, but not in (this period) ’38 or ’36. Cayce made predictions in other readings which foretold that eventually Norfolk would undergo major changes by becoming one of the principal ports on the East Coast. This it eventually did after World War II.

In these questions and answers we find an important usage of "physical changes" which has nothing to do with Earth Changes. In this context we can be certain Cayce is specifically talking about human activities. He is primarily referring to the real estate market, as in the "physical changes" associated with becoming a major port with a major increase in population.

The final clue for correctly reading the predictions for Mr. 311 is provided by the shift in the key terms. The first passage in Mr. 311's reading began with the key term "earth's activity", about which Cayce described for Mr. 311 the shifting of the Earth’s pole. The question on North America began with a question asking about "physical changes", which could refer practically to anything, including humans building roads and Norfolk becoming a port. This seems to take the North American prediction completely out of the context of the Earth's activity.

So, apparently, we are supposed to watch New York and the eastern seaboard in 1932-1938. Watch for what? In Norfolk, sometime later, we eventually watch for port development. No problem. But what do we watch for in Connecticut? Physical Change? Change is inevitable. Physical change adds nothing specific. We have nothing at all to look for. This is simply too vague to qualify as a prediction. But precisely because it is so vague, it lends itself to misuse and indeed it has been misused. Many people think this is a Change In The Earth prediction.

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