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Chapter 36
The Early Earth Changes






Cayce’s comments about the ancient Earth Changes were interesting, even sometimes spectacular in their ability to connect to the records in the rocks and the ancient memories, but his comments left room for considerable doubt in the minds of many people. Even Hutton had difficulty warming up to the notion of the shifting of the poles though he appeared to lend support very early to the notion of Atlantis.

When Cayce made the comments about the ancient Earth Changes and the predictions of another one to come in a following generation, the topics probably seemed remote and far-fetched to the people of his day, making it easy to ignore these weird "kinks" in his material. They rarely asked decent questions about the clues which Cayce’s readings proffered. Even today the topics seem remote and far-fetched, something "unthinkable", something unscientific. Thus most people continue to prefer to ignore this material and the implications of Cayce’s comments.

Accordingly, it may very well be that the most important Earth Change predictions which Cayce made were the ones which he made for his own times, from 1924 to 1944. These provide a clarity and resolution about Cayce’s work which is much sharper. It is much easier to see how Cayce’s accuracy with these predictions is relevant to his millennial prophecies. Inevitably then, these serve as an essential backdrop in the mosaic for the final act of Cayce’s prophecies.

Cayce’s predictions for Earth events of his own time were small in number and most of them were mundane predictions about Earth quakes, the weather, and a few other events. For the most part they are easy to verify, giving us a reasonably objective assessment of Cayce’s clairvoyant accuracy on Earth Changes. The only issue I encountered was the problem of sorting these predictions out from his political predictions. Nearly all of the Earth Change predictions were made within the context of questions about international events and long term political futures of the world. Many previous analysts of these predictions have mistaken political predictions and interpreted them as Earth Change predictions, creating somewhat of a confused muddle about what Cayce really said. Other writers have confused the time frames for the predictions, ignoring the clear and present context created by the readings and the questions. Many one year predictions have been turned into fifty year predictions and these have been endlessly recycled since then by ignorant quoters.

Thus I soon found that I had to ignore nearly all other interpretations and verifications of Cayce’s Earth Change predictions and re-develop every assessment of every prediction from scratch. Only then could I begin to place them as tiles into the mosaic of the World Epic. As the mosaic took form, the predictions began to tell a story which has never been seen before, not even guessed. Accordingly, the mosaic which enfolds in this and the remaining chapters is greatly different than the use to which many people have put Cayce’s comments. Just as plate tectonics will never be the same after my articulation of vortex tectonics, Cayce will never be the same after it is realized that he described the basis of vortex tectonics and foresaw that Phoenix Five would begin to stir in 1936.

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The Early Earth Changes













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