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Chapter 34
Correlations In The Motions






After tracking through a century of geological literature, the Quest found evidence of many pole shifts, evidence of different patterns of irregular movement of the pole, and clear data which defines and dates the last one 12,500 AGO as a sudden movement of some 2000 miles. We also found evidence that the pole shift concept has become "thinkable" within the Earth sciences, that Cayce’s comments are now more "workable" than when they were first offered some 60 years ago. Without doubt, the Quest found that despite the failures of Brown’s and Hapgood’s theories, many geophysicists are evolving a serious discussion about the erratic movement of the pole.

As I began to work with Cayce’s Earth Change prophecies about a pole shift to occur in 2000/2001, the question became, how "workable" is this concept? Can we harness this data from beyond the veil and make it truly useful? It may be that Cayce was accurate about the past, but how could such an event be predicted? Within the observable bounds of science, does this prediction of a future event make sense? Can we relate it to geological knowledge and correlate Cayce’s descriptions about the coming changes in the earth with realistic geological phenomenon? From this knowledge can we anticipate more fully if, when, and what will happen?

Both Brown and Hapgood failed to make the concept work but their work was completed before the science of plate tectonics was fully developed. I wondered if the most modern concepts of plate tectonics and geophysics would provide some answers and help me correlate Cayce’s predictions with tectonic facts.

As I delved through the modern scientific literature in search of new information, it slowly dawned on me that I was uniquely qualified to track the correlations. Not only could I understand the scientific language, and the various nuances of the euphemisms which scientists often use to duck issues, my sensitivity to psychic phenomenon held me to the task while my militant Socratic skepticism enabled me to chew through the propositions to find the tangible bottom lines, if any, in the plate tectonic theories. My immense distaste for solipsistic (circular) reasoning, honed by years of struggling with the philosophers of the ages, impelled me to aggressively discard the unknowable and unworkable in favor of the perfectly obvious.

It was easy for me reduce the language of plate tectonics into my own vistas of the real world and make the principles work within my own experience of countless sites. Many of the happiest times of my life had come while rock-hounding for treasures in the Earth with my parents. I had spent endless hours of travel through western North America foraging for fossil and semi-precious mineral sites. Guidebooks, how-to books, and then geological literature had held an endless fascination for me, teaching me the ways of the Earth, beckoning me up countless valleys and hills far off the roads. I was always amazed at the omnipresent diversity of the Earth, and astounded at the endless changes in the earth which had shaped everything, sometimes suddenly on a titanic scale. Like the catastrophists, I was more impressed by the dramatic records of repeated radical change than I was with the slow creation of piles of sand and gravel.

The more I delved into the modern scientific literature it slowly dawned on me that I could correlate far more than Cayce’s predictions. I made the awesome discovery that I could point squarely to how to rewrite the theoretical basis of plate tectonics and prove, for the first time, directly with the most modern scientific databases, how and why plate tectonics actually works. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what I have done step by step in the remaining chapters while verifying Cayce’s comments.

As will be seen, it is perfectly obvious that plate tectonics describes the effects and material workings of the shifting of the pole. That’s mainly it! Once this mechanism behind the motions in the crust of the Earth are seen, many of the causes and general consequences of a sudden shift in the pole can be easily surmised.

To see it, a quick tour of the tectonic Earth is in order and this chapter provides such a tour. I promise not a word of brain-fogging jargon. First, we take a succinct drive through the main concepts of plate tectonics which describe and explain the main features of the Earth. Then we explore the motions of the Earth which give rise to them. Along the way we discover that geologists are distracted by another crazy aunt, this one in the basement. The droning of this crazy aunt has kept geologists from understanding how and why tectonic motion occurs.

Most importantly, we find the perfectly obvious cause of the motions in the constantly shifting pole. Once these motions and their correlations are seen, everything else Cayce had to say about the Earth fits perfectly into the World Epic. So also do the records in the rocks and the ancient memories of humanity. All data, in all dimensions, parallels.


Closing lines for this chapter:

All in all, it was not a bad tour. Plate tectonics will never be the same after this discussion and the evidence which unfolds in the following chapters ... not even for Hutton.

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