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Chapter 33
Correlations In The Earth





Cayce’s stories about ancient times told of many profound changes in the earth through a span of 10.5 million years. He asserted that cataclysmic changes had determined the course of human history during the past 120,000 years and would continue to determine its future. He claimed that we would confront this reality at the end of the 20th century.

Underlying the specific details which Cayce offered about the ancient past, five fundamental ideas shape in some way or another many of his stories:

  • the Earth Changes through reoccurring shifts in the location of the poles
  • the poles shift when the outer surface of the Earth flows over the interior of the Earth
  • the islands or archipelago of Atlantis were progressively destroyed by these shifts
  • Atlantean influence can be seen worldwide in common symbolism and stories
  • ancestral memory of the disastrous past is widely shared among cultures

With these five ideas the basic mosaic of the World Epic is easily defined and its vast plot line can be unified. The human species began to emerge on a large landmass in the Atlantic ocean some 10 million years ago. Humans had to adapt to a succession of changing world conditions created by periodic changes in the position of the poles. About 120,000 years ago, human culture slowly began to develop patterns of civilization on the Atlantean landmass. About 50,000 years ago, a succession of three catastrophic pole shifts began which eventually destroyed the Earth’s most advanced culture, which was located on Atlantis. The Atlantean landmass broke up into an island archipelago between 50,000 and 24,000 AGO and then almost completely sank 12,500 AGO, leaving only the Bimini Islands.

Now that we have the story line, as opposed to isolated statements, we can begin to explore scientifically for the overall phenomenon. If all of this had occurred, there must be strong evidence left in two ways. The Earth itself must contain an abundance of many types of evidence which record these shifts in the poles. And the ancient memories of humanity must contain some descriptions and references about them from those who had survived them. Failing to find both a record in the Earth and a record in the memory, Cayce’s story fails, the World Epic it shapes becomes only a flight of fantasy, and Cayce’s prediction of a pole shift during the early portion of Century 21 is a dubious proposition.

I supposed that the least objective, the least decisive record of ancient catastrophe would be in the ancient memory. Thus I began this portion of the Quest by taking what I thought would be a much easier road, exploring for the direct record in the Earth. I started with Hutton’s summary assessment of Cayce’s pole shift concepts. Then I explored in detail the science of Hapgood’s pole shift model, about which Hutton has chosen to say little, like nearly all other geologists.

Hapgood had found and correlated an abundance of evidence which supported Cayce’s statements and descriptions about the shifting of the poles. But that was nearly 30 years ago, years before geology had resolved many fundamental concepts about the dynamics of the Earth. Since Hapgood finished his study, as much geological information has been created as in the preceding century. Even though Cayce and Hapgood correlated in many ways, it was not clear that the two of them would correlate with the findings of the Earth sciences as of the 1990’s. I was also very curious to determine why geologists have almost completely ignored Hapgood’s work. By their silence, they seemingly deny its validity. Was it seriously flawed relative to the available knowledge?

Accordingly, I progressively ploughed through modern geophysics and plate tectonics, looking for the defining instances which would establish the outlines of clear knowledge by which I could proved or disprove Cayce, Hapgood, Hutton, or Geology. The journey was long, the rewards great, and was not finished until I had learned how to redefine all of them, geology as well . Eventually I found the perfectly obvious and it became easy then to see how and why the Phoenix must fly. And purely by accident, while raiding the shelves of the geology books at Arizona State University, I found part of the corpse of Atlantis lying next to the murder weapon.

Hutton’s Correlation Of Cayce With Geology

How well do Cayce’s Earth Change readings correspond in general with geology? In 1958 a geologist with a Ph.D. from a well known eastern university spent weeks delving into Cayce’s Earth Change comments in the previous and following chapters. He systematically surveyed the data about past geologic events to determine if Cayce’s comments had any credibility. A.R.E. published the results of his study in 1959, under the pseudonym of "The Geologist", in the form of a monograph titled "A Psychic Interpretation Of Some Late-Cenozoic Events Compared With Selected Scientific Data".

He studied the relevant passages in some 50 readings and analyzed in detail the 20 which described events of Earth history as early as 10,500,000 AGO. He concluded that the "information given in the readings is internally logical and consistent". He went on to discretely observe that "only a few statements in the twenty readings agree closely with current scientific facts; a number of them stand in contrast to present scientific concepts of Earth history". The few statements which the geologist could confirm with scientific facts were Cayce’s predictions of events during the 1920’s and 1930’s for the period 1926 to 1958. Several events occurred as predicted, such as an earthquake in California on October 22, 1926, violent wind storms on the 15th and 20th of October, 1926, general location of strong earthquakes in California after 1926.

In other words, the Geologist could find events which Cayce predicted if they had occurred in the 20th century, but he could not find the facts to directly confirm most of Cayce’s statements about the ancient past. And by saying, "Standing in contrast", the Geologist politely observed that Cayce’s statements fed the catastrophe theory of the evolution of the Earth, not the gradualist theories which professional geologists preferred. At the time of his study, the concept of radical shifts of the pole was far beyond the thinking of most geologists.

The Geologist also examined passages from some 15 additional readings which contained predictions for current geologic events between 1958 to 2001 AD. About all he could do was discretely observe that "the indicated catastrophism is out of harmony with standard geological concept of gradual change".

Never the less, the Geologist was sufficiently impressed by Cayce’s track record with 20th century events to continue his membership in A.R.E. through to the current time. His work was reprinted several times during the 1960’s titled as the "Earth Changes – Past, Present, & Future". Sometime during the 1960’s, the Geologist appended an "update", which mostly consisted of a report about his personal exploration of the Atlantis descriptions. He found several indications that Cayce’s comments about Atlantis could be supported by some circumstantial evidence, including some which he had developed personally. Accordingly, the Geologist added to his conclusions that the story of Atlantis could not be ruled out.

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