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Chapter 32
The Ancient Earth Changes

"An Overflow Of The Land"





Cayce’s story about Earth Changes begins some 10.5 million years ago with the genesis of the human species in a world which was radically different than the one we inhabit today. In a handful of readings, Cayce explained that the world has changed radically through a succession of changes in the location of the poles. Every so often, the crust of the Earth would suddenly slip over the core, latitudes would radically change, tropical areas would become cooler, and polar zones would become more tropical.

Cayce claimed that the history and destiny of humanity could not be understood without understanding these changes in the Earth which must come again...and again...and again. Through bits and pieces in some 700 life readings, Cayce described several "worlds", each with a different location for the poles, through which human cultures progressively emerged in various areas of the world. The most advanced culture became known as Atlantis. All of these cultures eventually met their demise through a succession of pole shifts during the past 53,000 years, the last one occurring approximately 10,500 BC.

Cayce uniquely began to predict in the 1920’s that this same change in the earth...must come again...in the next generation at the end of the 20th century and during the early portion of Century 21. Throughout the 1930’s Cayce predicted many specific Earth Changes which would happen in some way related to this change in the earth.

Since that prophecy was the paramount horizon for the future, the paramount goal of my Quest was to determine what credibility should be granted to Cayce’s concepts and comments about the shifting of the pole. What proof existed that any of this had occurred in the past? Could the various events be proven, could the stories be corroborated? From such proof, what kind of baseline do we have for this change which must come again? Does the baseline of evidence, all things considered, suggest that a shift in the poles during Century 21 is probable? The paramount focus of the Quest was to determine as precisely as possible the nature of the pole shift events which Cayce described. What kind of event did Cayce describe? What specifically happens and why does it occur?

To answer these questions, I forced Cayce’s comments to run a gauntlet of 20th century geophysical and geological concepts as well as confront the predominance of evidence in archeological, mythological, and historical studies. Everything Cayce had to say about the various episodes of the shifting pole was gathered and the exact concept was carefully inferred from the mosaic which all of Cayce’s comments formed. Every nuance was then examined in a variety of ways from different points of view, both ancient and modern.

In this chapter, Cayce’s story of the Ancient Earth Changes is summarized. As the story unfolds, commentaries about correlations and parallels which establish proof or disproof are woven into the fabric. The next few chapters provide a more formidable scientific gauntlet for determining the weight of the predominance of evidence about the validity of the pole shift concept and Cayce’s stories of Atlantis and Egypt, which are really quite inseparable from the changes in the earth.

The remainder of this chapter is available as part of an e-book or in a paperback or hardbound book.

This sample text originated from the first edition in 2000.  Changes and corrections were made to approximately half of all pages. To purchase this book in e-book (Open Document PDF format) or as a paperback or hardbound book, click on Cosmic Catalog.



Scoreboard For The Ancient Earth Changes











Ancient Earth Changes












Circa 1935, Cayce, who had no formal education in college, correctly gave us several profound descriptions of the ancient past which are supported by large number of scientific explorations and reports. All of them are unprecedented and unequalled in their far-ranging implications and span of years:.
  1. emergence of human genotype 10.5 million years ago
  2. flow of the Nile River across the Sahara into the Atlantic
  3. a paleoclimate of Egypt
  4. a description of a north pole in the Miocene Diaspora World
  5. the notion of major changes of latitudes (climate zones) throughout the past ten million years caused by other shifts in the pole
  6. a major shift of the pole 120,000 ago
  7. a major shift of the pole 50,000 ago
  8. the ninth planet – Septimus/Pluto
  9. more gold under the sea than has been mined
  10. .All of these have been widely confirmed by a preponderance of hard scientific data which have been generated by a number of researchers during the past 50 years, some of which has been summarized especially well by Charles Hapgood and Cremo & Thompson, as cited in the text.

In addition to the provable statements, Cayce gave us two major concepts which can be demonstrated to be highly consistent with the most current scientific data. These two concepts are taken up in the next chapter:

  1. a major shift of the pole 12,500 AGO
  2. the shifting of the poles by the overflow of the land

Cayce also gave us a mistake in a reading connected with the second destruction of Atlantis, actually he made two errors in the reading, one an error of at least 4000 years in the date of the Exodus, plus a clear contradiction with another reading. In a third reading, he clearly mixed up a sequence of events. These mistakes we can identify readily because they are not internally consistent with his other readings.

Accordingly, Cayce’s ancient Earth Changes scoreboard stands at:

  • 11 for credibility of clairvoyance
  • 3 errors of consistency identified by other Cayce data

Cayce gave some additional concepts which have been demonstrated and vastly strengthened by empirical research in many ways since his death. Since these concepts had already been well articulated before Cayce’s readings, I have not added them into his tally:

  1. worldwide influence of Atlantean culture
  2. commonality of the Noah myth between Jewish, Chaldean, Mayan, and Hindu stories
  3. mass migrations from the west at 50,000 and 24,000 and 12,500 AGO into Portugal and Spain
  4. mass migrations from the east during the same periods into the Yucatan Peninsula and down Central America to Peru.

Cayce also gave us some interesting clues which remain to be proven or disproven:

  • probable pole shift at 24,600 AGO
  • continent of Atlantis and its breaking up sequences
  • iron or metal implements may be findable in Utah/Nevada strata ~10.5 million years old
  • entry of Rama into India, inferred at 20,000 AGO
  • mounds related to a city built 10 million years ago which can be found at Rostau
  • cave drawings and mounds in northern New Mexico which are 10 million years old can be found (and may already have been found)
  • Earth’s Sun revolves around Arcturus and is somehow connected as well to the Pleides

Finally, Cayce gave us one pending prediction:

  • a pole shift to occur in the era of the 21st century.

None of this will convince skeptics who are waging intellectual war on behalf of the religion of materialism (by definition, psychic phenomenon does not exist) or for the preservation of parochial academic perspectives. They could truthfully point out that Cayce could have "borrowed" many of these notions from diverse speculations which abounded during the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

I will arm these critics with absolute confirmation. Some of these ideas previously existed before Cayce (but not all of them). I am quite certain that the materialist camps will ignore the fact that their objection is easily demolished by the following logic. Within the topical boundaries of this chapter, this is the essence of everything Cayce had to say on these subjects, minus a myriad of irrelevant details about past lives in Atlantis. So you have in front of you the main "nonsense", if it is, of Cayce’s proposition.

Consider carefully now this logic. There exists a huge inventory of speculative notions from the 19th and early 20th centuries about the Earth, human origins, and so forth, way beyond anyone's capacity to count. A great portion of this universe of speculative notions have been proven to be fallacious by the progress of science. Cayce, largely a self-educated man whose grasp of science was rudimentary, picked 15 ideas (within the topical boundaries of this chapter), which in 1999 have accumulated a growing body of evidence in their support. He picked not a single notion which has been proven to be fallacious, though the concept of Atlantis has been arbitrarily defined as fallacious.

If Cayce copied and borrowed his notions from the prolific speculators of his period, how on Earth did a bible-quoting wanna-be literalist (he never made it), pick the 15 ideas which continue to be proven by scientific methods out of the mountains of fantasy and blabberquacky which encrust metaphysical circles? Most of these ideas, I might add, fundamentally and definitively contradicted what he wanted to believe in his "bible". There has not ever been in the entire history of humanity a scientist with as good a track record. There has never been such an astute guesser. It is impossible to contrive such a track record.

There is one major unresolved issue: the location of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis remains an "untouchable" among most scientists and the notion does not have fully convincing physical evidence to prove it as of this writing. Accordingly, I have annotated Cayce’s remarks connected to it as unverified. Even so, there is very good hard evidence which demonstrates conclusively that at least some portions of the Atlantic ocean were once above sea level, and not very long ago. The most recent of this evidence even reveals the smoking gun of Atlantis’s demise. This evidence is demonstrated in the next chapter.

How could Cayce do it? The answer is very simple. Go with the obvious. In Cayce, we have the prima facie evidence of a person getting, experiencing "real data" sufficiently compelling to cause him to over-ride his own ideological predilections. He had a decently accurate clairvoyance which was often verbalized with sketchy, vague, and truncated descriptions leaving us scratching our heads quite often wondering just what he was talking about.

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