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Chapter 31
The Earth Changes

Prophecy In The Shadows




Before Cayce’s individual Earth Change and millennial prophecies can be taken up, the general topic of "Earth Changes" must be taken up. Though the topic was created by Cayce’s readings, what often passes for the topic bears little resemblance to Cayce’s actual work. Worse, the topic has been badly abused by copy cats and opportunists, leaving considerable confusion about just what the topic is and what Cayce originally said.

Accordingly, the Quest begins in this chapter with a review of the history of the entire topic to sort out several sources of confusion and bring Cayce’s change in the earth prophecy from out of the shadows where it has mostly lain. Much dead wood and strange parasitical infestations are chopped away and the chapter eventually concludes with a discussion of the means and methods by which Cayce’s predictions and comments on the topic can be correctly read and combined into a seamless whole for scientific analysis. From this base, the scientific exploration of Cayce’s change in the earth occupies the greater portion of the remainder of this book.

The confusions and difficulties in the "Earth Changes" topics begins with citations which are made to predictions supposedly made by Cayce. The citations and discussions of Cayce's Earth Change prophecies which I have seen are too numerous for me to give a count. But concerning them, please pay attention:





Jess Stearn is the worst and is probably responsible for a major portion of the problem.

A.R.E. literature has not helped matters and has propagated certain errors for some 50 years.

I hope I make myself reasonably clear.

In The Shadows

To sort things out, we must begin with the beginning and then look over the whole pattern. The "Earth Changes", "Hall of Records", and millennial predictions (often called prophecies by A.R.E.) are a primary reason for Cayce's continuing fame which has survived him by 50 years. In a handful of predictions, some rendered in nearly a biblical style, Cayce painted a picture of catastrophic changes in the earth at some point after the beginning of Century 21, including widespread devastation by earthquakes, and the sinking or uprising of major land areas, such as the sinking of Japan and the rising of the lost continent of Atlantis from the depths. These events are predicted for the period after 1998.  Earth Changes will begin to increase rapidly and then a series of upheavals will eventually culminate in the shifting of the location of the spin-axis or pole of the Earth.

Cayce’s Earth Change predictions began with two about earthquakes in the Pacific during 1926, both of which occurred right on schedule. So his Earth Changes prophecies started out with a decidedly accurate "bang", if you will forgive the pun. Since then, the influence of Cayce's Earth Change predictions has run deep and wide. Millions of people have become aware of one or more of these predictions. Do you remember, surely you have heard Donovan singing Hail Atlantis? It celebrates the rise of Atlantis from the bottom of the ocean in the dawning of the age of Aquarius. This memorable song, which was part of the spark at the onset of the new age movement in the 1960's, was inspired directly by Cayce's Earth Changes predictions.

Since Cayce’s death large amounts of money have been expended as a result of Cayce’s predictions about Earth Changes and Earth history. They have influenced geological research, archeological research, expeditions throughout the Caribbean hunting for the legendary Atlantis, and sponsorship of research projects in Egypt. Doubtless, the current interest in proving the age of the Great Pyramid (Hall of Initiation) and the Sphinx (the Sphinx) and in exploring for ancient records underneath the Sphinx is a direct result of the clairvoyance of Edgar Cayce....

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Table 300: Murals In The Mosaic of the World Epic

10.5 million to 10,500 BC

Ancient Earth Changes

human history formed by a succession of pole shifts

1926 - 1935

Cayce Early Predictions

misc. "track record" predictions


The Upheaval

the equilibrium of the Earth is lost


Beginning Of The Change

some minor changes are clues


The Gradual Trends

long range trends are the omens


Acceleration Of The Trends

acceleration is apparent

2000/2001+ - ????

Beginning of the Pole Shift

trends culminate in upheavals and then a shift in the axis of the Earth



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