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Appendix B
Citations To Cayce’s Readings



 All quotes of any of Cayce’s reading transcripts, or any text from the reports files which are attached to the reading transcripts are cited in a specific, rigorous manner, as follows:

08/13/41 1152-011 /9

The number of the transcript in this example is 1152-011. The number of the paragraph in the transcript is 9. All paragraphs in the reading transcripts are numbered thus the paragraph number refers to the number which Davis assigned to a paragraph in the reading.

Since Cayce only rarely gave more than two readings per day, the reading date can be used quite effectively to find a Cayce document. But the best method to search the Cayce/Davis CD to look up a citation in the Trilogy is to use the following search method:

.TI 1152-011

This will return the transcript, the index, and the report file related to that reading. In all cases, seven numbers should be used. In the notation of the Trilogy, the first zero was omitted so that many transcript numbers have only six numbers. In those cases, add a zero at the beginning of the number so that 481-022 becomes 0481-022.

For some predictions, Mandeville broke Davis’ paragraphs into phrases and denoted their citations with small letters, such as:


These are only useful for the score-keeping. They can be used to look up the individual predictions on "Cayce’s Scoreboard", which is an excel spreadsheet (available as an electronic document only). The "POLITICAL PREDICTION FULFILLED", or similar notations which can be found under each citation, is relevant only to the Trilogy. This commentary will not be found in Cayce’s readings nor on the Cayce/Davis CD. These annotations represent Mandeville’s bottomline evaluation about any particular Cayce comment.

To determine if the Trilogy discusses any particular Cayce comment or reading, the easiest method is to use an electronic version of the Trilogy and use the appropriate software to search and find any given keywords, reading number, or date. Or, if the number is known or the date is known, one can look through the tables in this appendix which list all citations which are used in the Trilogy.

Another way to look up any citation is to use a combination of keywords. This can have unpredictable results, not the least being that some practices of spelling and punctuation have changed since Davis did her work. Thus, keyword searches are best done by using a variety of approaches to find the same type of data.

Key To Abbreviations

  • Ch = Chapter Number
  • Section = The named subsection of the chapter in which the citation is used
  • N = Order of appearance in the chapter
  • R = number of repeat uses of a citation or number of duplicate statements of a predicted even by Cayce
  • U = prediction not verified, generally because it was too vague
  • A = advice, sermons, advisory discussions, or used for illustration – no verifiable predictions
  • F = Fail, predictions which failed
  • P = Pass, predictions which definitely came true
  • Pend = predictions for events which are pending


The remainder of this huge appendix is available only on the CDROM or for those who purchase the books of the Trilogy as electronic documents which they download from the web.   The CDROM is shipped within 48 hours and access to the electronic documents will be granted within 24 hours via email and through a special website from March 2000 onwards.   Web access to all chapters is in html format.

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