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Chapter 9
David E. Kahn

The Story of a Friend




One of the best ways to assay the credibility of a man and his work is to talk with his friends and clients. David E. Kahn was Cayceís best friend, was his most important client, and had quite a bit to say about Cayce, both personally and professionally. I found my time with Kahnís testimonials and readings very well spent in coming to an understanding of Cayce and the validity of his readings.

It would seem that Kahn was the one person who was helped the most by Cayceís readings. Kahn spent the first 25 years of his professional life systematically obtaining readings and applying them in his personal and business affairs. He actually tried to use them, found success, and kept coming back for more, always bringing additional financial support and clients for Cayce, right up until Cayce died. His family members obtained readings, their friends got readings and so it branched out from Kahnís impulsive assertiveness. He came to know both Cayce and many of his clients intimately and was probably better positioned than any other third person to have an overview of the value of Cayceís work. Eventually he spoke fairly frankly on that score, as well as about himself and Cayce.

Kahn seemed to treat Cayceís readings as a member of his own personal board of directors. Many of the readings for Kahn are quite lengthy with highly detailed questions and answers about how to arrange deals, connect with people, what stock to invest in, the minutiae of stock picks, sales opportunities and tactics, venture deals, partnership arrangements, how to position his own company, what industries or products to be in, how to solve liquidity issues, even occasionally about general trends in the economy and the outcomes of historical events. Occasionally he asked about his health or about politics but he almost never asked about metaphysical subjects.

All told, he had 254 readings on record from 1924 through to the very end of Cayce's career, most of which are related to his business concerns. Prior to Davisí stenography, there were many more readings given to himself and his family between 1912 and 1923. None of these are on the record and they ought to be found and tucked away in the files, if possible. In the meantime, the only source of documentation about Cayceís early predictions for him is in Kahnís testimonials.

A large book could be written about Cayceís readings for Kahn just to document their validity His readings probably contain several hundred identifiable objective predictions. Fortunately, no one has to do so. Kahn took the care the care to set down his own record about his use of Cayceís readings at the close of his own life. This he published as "My Life With Edgar Cayce". He was the only one of Cayceís clients to leave such a lengthy, detailed document.

What Kahn has to say is highly important in any assessment of Cayceís work. Kahnís concern and effort in creating this record about the validity of Cayceís work, with no motive left than to pay last respects to his friendship and to history, speaks volumes. With his own 20/20 historical hindsight, Kahn in 1976 concluded that Cayceís readings to him had never had been wrong and attributed his amazing success in life to the opportunities and guidance which the readings provided him. One might be inclined to view his testimony as simply another pile of anecdotal evidence but Kahnís witness should at least give one pause. In effect, he tells us: I applied what the man told me, I got better at it, and I made millions of dollars, despite having to spend a good part of my life fighting wars and depressions.

Besides the glowing endorsement given to Cayce in his autobiography, Kahnís correspondence was often effusively enthusiastic. For instance, in August of 1927, he wrote Cayce to tell him:

"Your predictions certainly have come true. Business was so-so the first three months. It lagged for three months. You said it would commence to improve in July and August and we are also 85% ahead of last year in Federal and 28% ahead in Rockford Sales, to August 1st., and last week was the biggest week we have had in months."

DAVID E. KAHN: 07/25/27
R2. in  257-019  8/13/27

A skeptical mind might question how big of a blowhard Kahn was. I certainly did. Since Kahn was a consummate salesman, I suspected that Kahn would have the tendency to ignore negatives and emphasize the positives. So I abstracted and verified a sample of Kahnís stock and business predictions, using those which could be objectively verified in commonly available reference books. I did find that Kahn exaggerated, but not by much, confirming what I have already come to appreciate in my walk between the worlds: giving the credit for his success to the work of a pious, bible-thumping xian definitely is not something a religiously observant Jewish blowhard would be inclined to do.

Here is a summary of Kahnís "... Life With Edgar Cayce".

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