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Chapter 6
Cayce's Personal Chronology





The Cayce Enigma

As I began to go round and around through his biographical and autobiographical material, Cayce seemed for awhile to become more and more of a mystery. The main landscape of Cayce’s life seemed to become an enigma, an amazing portrait of contradictions. He was a man who purportedly did not consciously know what he was doing as a psychic nor understand most of the product of his psychic work. Yet, he consistently delivered far-ranging concepts about history and the future which have become more and more valuable as 20th century science has caught up to and confirmed many of his statements.

He gave thousands of medical diagnoses which saved countless lives and made him justifiably world-famous, yet he was so detached from his work, which he long regarded suspiciously and experimentally, that it did not occur to him to "read" a cure for his own infant son, who died before Cayce realized what was happening. At one point he was so troubled by his talent, he refused to "read", even for his wife’s tuberculosis condition, relenting only when he realized that she was near death and that both she and the doctors had given up.

Though often perceived as (and called) "the freak" as a young man, his personal sincerity and dedication to his egalitarian ideals created the legacy of friendship and family which has endured to this day and has sustained the transmission of what came through him.

He was a socially naive man, often easily manipulated, whose psychic information and predictions made many small fortunes and some large fortunes for several individuals. He was genuinely able to "read" where multi-million dollar fortunes would be made, yet he was so blind to the motivations of others, the people whom he read for could and did leave him with an empty bag for his efforts, and not just once.

He could have easily acquired millions of dollars directly in gambling, but considered that use of his talent a desecration of his deeply held religious beliefs, a taking advantage over others. Indirectly he could also have made millions in the employ of others, but he turned down several offers by powerful, wealthy men who would make him a personal or world guru on condition of exclusive access to his talent. He just wanted to help people realize their connection with God.

The one time in his life he decided to "go for it" with the discovery of oil wells which he intended to use to support his own psychic hospital, he was taken to the cleaners more than once by successful manipulators. While helping others to make millions, he was left penniless trying to create an institution to help people psychically with their health, emotional, and spiritual problems.

Cayce’s work is no less enigmatic. A man with no formal education past the ninth grade, who learned to be highly skeptical of academics and credentialed professionals, Cayce treated his psychic work in a scientific manner, leaving documentation which far surpasses any psychic work which has ever appeared, before or since. When he finally took himself seriously as a clairvoyant, he documented everything and laid it all out for the world to study, warts and all, which his sons have maintained and even published on a CD. But those who would question or deny the validity of his work don’t even bother to examine it.

He developed a specific methodology for creating his psychic material, which flowed directly as a consequence of the framework of the methods and questions which were poised within it. Yet nearly all quoters, analyzers, and critics of Cayce completely ignore the framework and the questions, preferring instead to rummage through a random assortment of phrases in vain attempts to interpret answers which cannot be understood unless the question is understood.

He relentlessly supported the study and sharing of his work and inspired the creation of various materials to help people assimilate some of the principles and teachings which came out through his readings. He even guided his own work and life with several hundred readings focused on advice to himself. But, in supreme irony, he ignored crucial injunctions (perhaps the most important ones), made several wrong turns in his life in opposition to his own readings. He chain-smoked himself into an early death from a stroke brought on by the work and stress his readings had told him reduce.

Many other ironies can be found and not the least is this: scattered throughout his material are the elements of a consistent, highly profound, well articulated paradigm of the history of the world and humanity, containing several important messages with very large fingerprints on them, yet the world, even most of his dedicated students, are largely oblivious to the vision.


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