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Chapter 2
The Journey Begins

Once Upon A Time


This text originated from the first edition in 2000.  Changes and corrections were made to approximately half of all pages. To purchase this 2006 edition book in e-book (Open Document PDF format) or as a paperback or hardbound book, click on Cosmic Catalog.




Psychics rarely bother to create objective realities about themselves. They surround themselves with the aura of some profound ability to see beyond physical consciousness but they fail to establish the objective validity of their use of this sensitivity to unseen dimensions. They seldom undertake the discipline of keeping records and generating hard numbers about the accuracy of their "psychic impressions". Only a handful throughout human history have provided a trace of their existence and a way to do material science with them. Those of the present, they all seem to leave us guessing whether they are genuinely talented or not.

Cayce’s work was radically different. His comments were all systematically recorded and elaborately indexed to make his own work the subject of scientific analysis. He wanted to be objectively rated. He wanted his clairvoyance to somehow became a scientific contribution as well as a spiritual one. I decided to take him up on it, though it was some 50 years after his death. I decided to construct a scoreboard of Cayce's objective historical "hits" (predictions which had come true) and a timeline for the remaining Earth Changes. I decided to scientifically treat Cayce and his statements as a phenomenon, record the results of a serious scientific analysis of my examinations of the phenomenon, and then communicate my conclusions.

As my time with Cayce continued, it was clear that he was in a completely different class than I had thought. Despite the occasional appearance of poor language skills, he consistently delivered a bone-chilling vision which almost always checked out. His clues, often obscurely tucked inside a busy set of tangents, keep leading to profound scientific findings. There was not another source of prophetic or psychic information which I could find which was even remotely in the same degree of cosmic attunement with the predominance of evidence which I kept finding for Cayce’s statements.

What can you do with a man who can specify several months in advance the exact point at which a long trend change in the stock market breaks to precipitate the beginning of a worldwide economic collapse? How do you score a man who then goes on to matter of factly tell you in the early 1930’s that this breaking event marked the end of an entire historical epoch of human civilization and the bloody rise of a fundamentally different world order which would be marked by the destruction of Japan or China as a nation and by the involvement of the U.S. in an "Armageddon" of war in Asia to restore the peace? What do you conclude when you observe that within fifteen years of these comments the world was on fire in the conflagration of World War II, the Atom Bomb was dropped on Japan to end it, and two superpowers emerged to divide the world into two major blocks in a state of perpetual "cold war".

What can one do except keep looking with astonishment? As my study of the Cayce phenomenon unfolded I found myself looking at him and his work in many different ways. I progressively went past counting statements and analyzing events in his life to examining what other people did with their readings and how Cayce’s stories all added up with ancient history, the story of the 20th century, and modern geophysics. The ensuing chapters record the results of these examinations. This chapter tells the personal story of my long Quest in doing the work and the scientific logic behind some of the choices I made to structure the results. In a sense, what follows is my lab journal.

The Transmutations

My quest to examine and score Cayce began as an outgrowth of my involvement with the rediscovery of transmutation. When Pons and Fleischmann made their announcements about the discovery of "cold fusion" I began to communicate regularly with a Canadian high technology engineer. I communicated with him (whom I shall call Wickers to preserve his privacy) through fax, phone, and occasional visits to his Canadian laboratory from my location in Redmond on the eastside of Seattle. We spent a lot of money on phone communication. Through the fax I studied the budding cold fusion field intensely at all levels, encompassing the theory, the technology, and the economics.

My university studies in political economy and regional resource systems had made me acutely aware of the implications of even the slightest variations in the cost of energy. Obviously, if real, "cold fusion" would be the economic coup of the millennium and would cause an economic shift of trillions of dollars within a generation. Everything would change. Everything. Since at the time I was assisting a boutique investment banker by analyzing business plans and various proposals for funding new ventures, I felt it highly appropriate to follow the progress of the research. I wanted to be in a position to be on the leading edge for the finance field.

Unfortunately the cold fusion field rapidly turned into chaos, confusion, and acrimonious debates. Academic scientists, who are primarily found in Universities or in government research and science administration programs, were conducting abrasive or hostile exchanges with a host of inventors and researchers in many countries. Most academic theorists insisted on upholding their old time religion of quantum physics and grandly proclaimed that the ideas of "cold fusion" were delusionary. A large host of noisy inventors and mavericks insisted that the "anomalies" and phenomenon were real, abounded, and could be duplicated in various ways. Many also claimed that the phenomenon confronted intelligent minds with an entirely new plane which transcended all pre-conceived concepts about the atom. A new physics was in the offing for pioneering researchers. Nearly the entire American physics establishment derisively dismissed the idea as bunk. The experimenters proclaimed that the theorists were lost in their own mathematical fantasies and had forgotten how to pay attention to facts.

I took the claims of the experimenters very seriously. I was not particularly impressed with the credentials of the so-called conventional reality of the academics. After three years in graduate school I had learned more about the personal activities of American academics than I wanted to know. And I also knew that American physicists collectively had floated one of history’s largest scams – nuclear power – which turned out to be a monstrously huge mountain of radioactive waste which is so difficult and expensive to handle that nobody knows what to do with it.

From this mountain range of problems I had concluded that institutionally-based scientists had lost touch with the elementary principles of practicality, ethics and "truth". Since the American Physics establishment was so self-interested in a particular way of manipulating energy and matter, especially with huge nuclear power plants, their very claims of what was possible or not seemed less like science truth and much more like the political manipulation of "contrivances". As has been said for millennia, by their fruit you shall know them. I could not think of a better application of this aphorism. I knew that whatever they had to say, even about scientific theory, was not credible unless PROVEN OTHERWISE.

I had learned intimately the depth of this problem with academic scientists during my graduate thesis studies in 1973 at the University of Washington. As a part of my thesis work in PNW regional resource management. The utilities and major corporations in the Pacific Northwest were set to build something like six nuclear power reactors during the 1970's, based on the rosy, dogmatic claims of the world’s top physicists. But a systems theorist in Florida, whose name I have since forgotten and misplaced, conducted a pioneering input/output study of the nuclear power industry. What he found was shocking. The industry would inevitably become bankrupt. Having believed in BIG SCIENCE, it absolutely horrified me as well as a lot of other people far more astute about science than I.

After grossly over-estimating the life of a nuclear power plant, and even after grossly understating the costs for junking the garbage and decommissioning a nuclear power plant which had been used-up, an "absolute energy net loss" was evident. In other words, the entire industry, as operated at that time, consumed more energy than it produced. Nuclear promoters had often cited the fact that one pound of uranium produced as much energy as one million pounds of coal and from this they had advanced their claims. But they had ignored the slight problem that it takes a million times more energy to get a pound of fissionable uranium and deal with its disposal as it does to mine and burn a pound of coal.

The engineers of Seattle City Light, the Pacific Northwest's biggest electrical load outside of the aluminum manufacturers, took a careful look at the input/output calculations. The engineers of Seattle City Light prided themselves about being both independent and very knowledgeable about the practical economics of power generation. They could clearly see from this sort of analysis that the investment in nuclear power was not worth while. Accordingly, they refused to assume any contracts or financial "guarantees" for nuclear energy despite the best efforts of academic scientists to pull the wool over the eyes of an entire generation and the combined exhortations of the corporate and establishment of the wealthy in Seattle to go nuclear. They caused Seattle City Light to make an about face from a mildly aggressive nuclear expansion policy and adopted a radical conservation policy, one which paid off handsomely in the succeeding twenty years.

So it was that Seattle’s real-word engineers were influential in destroying the nuclear momentum. The self-evident facts and the refusal of Seattle’s engineers to continue with a nuclear energy program scared politicians in many locations. Rather than continue down the road to eventual bankruptcy, they all went along with the "WHOOPS" default during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s to default a $5 billion public bond issue. Naturally, a great many public utilities in North America took notice and most of them adopted Seattle City Light's position. This of course made continuance of the nuclear program impossible. After that, very few nuclear power plants were built in North America.

Fortunately there isn't a slight chance anywhere in North America that the nuclear fission industry will ever recover. It is now rightfully seen in retrospect as one of the greatest scams of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the scam is still going on with respect to the nuclear waste issue. The whole program is phony and rigged with incredibly crooked hyperbole. The more you look, the more you find a vast system of Chinese boxes of one cynical ploy within another, an endless game of dodging the consequences. It is difficult to find a single word or behavior in the people who are nominally responsible for these affairs in whom one can vest a single shard of credibility. The stench of the lying, cynical misrepresentation, and politically crooked manipulation will linger long into the 21st century.

At the start of the nuclear age, the issue was broached whether humanity was collectively mature enough to deal with such a technology. As a child I read such material. As a child, I thought humanity had found a magical escape from the limitations of the past. But like everybody else I had been duped by a bunch of self-seeking scam artists who invented their truth out of thin air, full speed ahead and damn the consequences. What is especially galling is that some of these scam artists are still known as eminent physicists (it IS possible to fool some people all of the time).

All in all, the answer truly is, with 50 years of hindsight, that humanity is clearly not mature enough. And it is also clear in the all in all that a large majority of the University-based apostles of "official" textbook academic sciences, who seem so prolific and all knowing in the "conventional wisdom" of the materialistic sciences, are not necessarily any more credible than your average lawyer, politician, media commentator, or ... undocumented psychic.

Accordingly, in the world of 1990 I was well disposed to suppose that the theories of quantum mechanics were grossly incomplete and the claims of the academic theorists just about as credible as the nuclear energy program and the policies of mutually assured destruction from the vast proliferation of nuclear arms which they had so assiduously supported. I listened carefully to the budding cold fusion experimenters.

By 1992, some of the issues began to settle out. Something there was real, something there was operating beyond the pale of the current practice, science, and theory of physics. The question was what and how to get control of it. Many approaches and avenues were being explored and I was determined to follow them. By then I had rented a small office beyond Redmond in the horse country. I traded services in business consulting and business planning for the requisites of survival while I attempted to find new directions and a new strategy for my life.

As I struggled to make ends meet and watch the cold fusion industry emerge, it was very clear in 1992 that internet protocols and BBS systems eliminated many barriers of space and time and their use would rapidly grow. It seemed perfectly obvious that they would become ever more serious tools for serious people. I envisioned the Iway as a vast extension of the interactive BBS systems through which one could define problems by sending note files and obtain data files which contained solutions or the means to create them. With the Mosaic web browser it seemed that the Iway was destined to become even better than the BBS systems. It would become a method of marketing, displaying, and accessing information, even for people who could not type. Inevitably it would become a serious source of income for some people.

To get into the field, I wrote up a program plan for a Small Business Innovation Grant Program which I called Xnet. It would attempt to implement a computer search and match system for applying scientific expertise to quickly answer questions and solve problems. During this time I occasionally interacted with Wickers via phone and fax about the potential evolution of the cold fusion industry. My grant request failed to go anywhere but cold fusion kept getting warmer.

In November of 1992 Wickers visited Bari and I in Seattle. Bari and I had evolved the custom of throwing a great, truly a great thanksgiving meal, the kind of meal that takes days to plan, purchase, and prepare, using the sources of several specialty shops for the best quality of hard to find items. It was always our pleasure to cook these up and bring in our friends to feast with us. Wickers accepted our invitation to come down that Thanksgiving and join us.

He also made plans to have me accompany him to meet Dr. Roberto Monti, an Italian astrophysicist whom he had meet at the most recent cold fusion conference in Tokyo. Roberto was in eastern Washington studying the work of an inventor, Jack Keller, who claimed to have invented a method of transmutation which could produce "catalytic" elements from lead and radionucleides. In plainer words, he claimed to be able to use radioactive elements like thorium or radium to create any of the metals which easily conduct electricity, ranging from copper and iron to gold, silver, and platinum,

My friendship with Wickers had begun as an association in the late 1960’s and we could talk very frankly over a wide range of territory. As time flowed through his life, he had developed into an electrical engineer who worked on many state-of-the-art projects and products in the communications field and in other areas related to electronics. If Wickers’ felt that there was something to look at in Monti and Keller, I believed him. And so it was that I gradually became deeply engrossed with the issue of cold fusion which then evolved rather mysteriously but decisively into the alchemy of transmutation.

Monti had evolved a post-quantum model of the atom to explain transmutation and cold fusion. He called his theory the Alpha-Extended Model. It basically postulates that the atom is arranged as a composite of helium "alpha-particles". He described how these alpha-particles could be rearranged, removed, and added to change matter from one element to another. To him, cold fusion was simply a type of this alpha-particle transmutation. He believed that relatively simple electro-chemical techniques could create these effects and he was on the hunt for any data anywhere which would help him understand the dynamics of alpha-particle transmutation. Thus he canvassed the cold fusion conference in Tokyo, hobnobbing with world-class scientists and engineers. He followed that up by spending a month or so in Washington State with a self-professed inventor, Jack Keller.

Keller was touting his "catalytic" coffee can methods, literally, transmutation conducted in a 2 lb. coffee can. It seemed preposterous and still does but the ways of the Weilu Master (the suchness or Tao of the dynamical vortexian movement of the cosmos) are most inscrutable. The day after Thanksgiving 1992, Wickers drove me over to eastern Washington to met Monti and the inventor. I was pretty dubious of what I was seeing but Wickers, who is far more grounded in physics than I, was open-minded. Though he was unsure of any conclusion, pointing out all of the issues, unknowns, and various possible explanations, he suggested possible methods for verifying the work. Monti was completely convinced that he had transmuted radioactive Thorium into lead and trace amounts of catalytic metals (gold, silver, platinum, copper) using Keller’s methods and he had signed papers attesting to that fact.

At Wickers suggestion, and because of his interest, I followed through on the Keller/Monti lead and began to interact with both of them. During the ensuing months of 1993 I gradually learned the process, conducted my own feasibility research, and cast about looking for ways to verify it. Naturally, radioactivity in any form frightened people and nobody was interested in the topic, even if transmutation could be easily proven. My efforts bore little fruit but even so my life had entered into a remarkably fun and stimulating phase so I kept exploring the topic.

I went to the U.W. Engineering library where, to my complete astonishment, I found that a Bay Area physicist by the name of Barker had patented claims to a method of "cold transmutation" of radioactive elements through the use of high voltages. It quickly dawned on me to personally verify Keller's work within the context of the work performed and claimed by Barker. Barker had conveniently laid out an entire process for the transmutation of radioactive elements into neutral ones in one of the longest patent documents on record. It occurred to me that I should cover some bets which Barker had not covered. Once thing led to another and before long I was writing a patent application for the "Keller Catalytic Process" which I submitted in the later part of the year.

It was a cold, bleak January in 1994 when I commenced testing the methods used by Barker and Keller in an unheated garage under a rain cloud. I contrived to use junk parts and materials which I had accumulated during the years. Some of it not even Goodwill would have been happy to receive. I mixed my junk with about $100 in purchased chemicals, my old ceramics kiln, and an elaborate set-up of Tesla Coils on loan from another engineering friend, to which I eagerly added a high voltage power supply which I had built eleven years earlier.

Bingo! I fired heat, chemicals, and high voltages in a variety of combinations on a variety of samples. Like Keller, Monti, and Barker, the tracer for the effect was radioactivity. If the radioactivity disappeared (without migration into the environment or by becoming encapsulated), transmutation had occurred. I diligently sealed up the treated samples which were them measured weekly over a period of several months by a Boeing engineer who had a remarkably superlative scintillator in his basement. By April 1994 I was finished with the radiation experiments and I was able to write up the results of several dozen trial runs which I self-published May 3 1994 as "Experimental Methods For Altering Or Destroying Radioactivity". There was not a question in my mind or my methods. After elaborate pains and complexities to ensure that the radioactivity was not escaping nor was being encapsulated, I could prove that radioactive elements could be transmuted into neutral ones just like Barker, Monti, and Keller claimed.

In early 1993, as I began to explore the internet’s intelligence gathering and communication capabilities and Keller’s Catalytic Process, Wickers allowed as how he thought he had the insights which would make cold fusion work. He told me one day that he had a silent partner, a wealthy patron who owned a lucrative company in the high tech entertainment industry. He asked if I would like to cooperate in his project. Since I was not involved on a regular basis working with anybody, this was not hard to answer.

Over the course of a year and a half I spent a few months, off and on, in Wickers’ lab odd-jobbing various tasks. He provided me a small stipend to enable me to drive up from Seattle for two-week stints. I served as a sort of a sounding board and as a handy step and fetch-it man with a truck while setting up computer monitoring boards and software to serve as the controller and recorder of what promised to be an extraordinary experiment.

Always a skeptic of the conventional wisdom, Wickers’ mind constantly sought broader realities. To help him peer into the nature of the universe he had collected an amazing collection of laboratory apparatus. Collectively his stuff, nearly all of it second hand, was capable of making electrons and atoms dance just about any way you could think of with considerable power and "attitude" at just about any point on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Wickers was leaving nothing to chance. He intended to tame the Weilu Master, the dancing energy patterns in the atomic and subatomic levels which mock the physicists, always just beyond the reach of their instruments or their ability to control their instruments. He was also planning to use a prodigious amount of force to coaxes the Weilu Master into dancing to Wicker's tune. Let us just say that Wickers planned to play his tune so loudly that the Weilu Master would hear naught else but Wicker's pipes.

Contemplating the forces involved, Wickers wisely decided to move very slowly, piece by piece, thinking out several times how everything would work, looking for the weak chinks which would allow the Weilu Master to escape or blow up his lab. He revised his approach several times. To conduct his deadly-serious experiments, Wickers had become a master at finding surplus equipment which had once been state of the art equipment in sophisticated laboratories. More than once he would have me fetch in my pick-up a $50,000 piece of equipment which he had bought for $500. His laboratory eventually looked like the epitome of what a well appointed inventor should have. It could easily have been converted into a set for a Time-Lord Taurus in the epic adventures of Dr. Who.

Walking Between The Worlds

Besides dealing with issues of how to construct his device, set up his laboratory, automate and instrument his test apparatus, devise computer controls, and so forth, we spent much time talking about the greater context of things. I was with him mainly because of a long time friendship and a simpatico approach to understanding and dealing with the world. It was never clear to me just how much actual value I was providing him but we certainly had long and interesting conversation ranging through a vast range of topics, from post-quantum physics to the synchronicities of the Tao and the bro’hood. We both thoroughly agreed that the worldview of secular academic materialism was ludicrously shortsighted and of limited practical value for the future.

Buddhism was the source of intellectual and emotional inspiration which he had found. His concepts harmonized well with the path of meditation and spiritual development which has unfolded in my life. We talked about electromagnetic means to create antigravity, which has been demonstrated in at least three ways, the work of many energy inventors, crop circles, ET, catastrophe, destiny, and millennialism. Early on Wickers showed me several interesting tapes on these topics.

In January or February of 1994 he showed me the 1992 videotape by John Anthony West which had been broadcast by NBC during 1993. And from there the Quest began to take form during 1994. Eventually the conversation swung around to 5/5/2000, Cayce’s pole shift prediction, and the work published by Hapgood, Brown, and a few others. He encouraged me to take a good look at Hapgood’s work. I soon found myself in possession of Noone's book about a possible pole shift on May 5, 2000, which lead in succession to consuming the works of Brown and Hapgood. By June in 1994 I had already made multiple copies of books by Hapgood and Brown, both of which were out of print. By July I had already created my first summary of Cayce's predictions from secondary sources (which to my chagrin turned out to be largely worthless). All this lead to exploring the works of Childress, Bauval, Hancock, White, and many, many others. My trail began to lead not just into modern science but to the archeology and mythology of the ancient past which purported to speak of such disasters in the past.

While still exploring the transmutation field during the Spring of 1994, one of those "defining instances" came into my life. I went to a huge academic reception for a prominently distinguished Physicist Emeritus who was the head of a major national physics program. Eventually I was able to gain access to him and I began to ask him for his help in verifying my transmutation experiments. He abruptly turned away from me in disgust in the middle of this huge University reception in his honor. He haughtily declined to review my lab results. Rather than he should be accosted by an alchemy freak, he rudely turned his back and pompously receded into the crowd to hide after a thirty second conversation about the possibility that transmutation could be demonstrated. I was so astonished, all I could do was laugh hysterically with the final and full realization that it ... the closed mind of the 20th century academic guild clique ... and the pompous arrogance of nuclear physicists ... really was really true.

I did not know whether to weep or to rage about the man’s exceptionally rude condescension. I was tempted to rage and in fact I shouted my challenges to no one in particular about the "conventional realties" of the white welfare queens on University academic payrolls while standing on the boat dock in front of Bari’s apartment. But it was such one of those great instances of truth that I soon realized I was grateful for the great favor of liberation he had given me.

And so it was that standing on the boat dock during the Spring of 1994 I finally abandoned all ideas that academic secular materialism had come to any defining truth about the nature of the world and the conduct of science. I concluded that it was far too corrupted by barbaric mental habits. I finally understood that in pushing anything from beyond the horizons of the conventional reality, the problem is not status, nor credentials, nor method, nor data, nor logic, nor PROOF. The problem is in the mind.

Theoretically, modern academic/educational institutions are set up to help people get at the truth and cooperatively conduct science. But the reality is that, once you are out beyond the fairly narrow bounds of the academic specialties, the modern academic/educational game does not work, indeed, has not worked for a long time. Too many people just fake it. Too many pretend to know. Too many pretend to know better. Too many pretend a "conventional reality" which is exclaimed as more or less the commonly accepted truth. Yet upon examination, everywhere these conventional realities are riddled with errors and omissions which people pretend not to notice. And, it is nearly impossible to find anyone, when you really pin them down personally, who agrees with the conventional reality. They only use it as a masquerade for their own game. In other words, we seem to have a shell game. We continue to sustain these "conventional realities" with no demonstrable proof because we continue to fake not noticing the contradictions.

One of the truly big problems is that we have an enormous load of people in "knowledge" authority positions who have fundamental ego problems delivering basic intellectual honesty. Politicians, lawyers, educators, University Presidents, and American Physics establishments, far too many walk around faking it a great deal of the time with knee jerk reactions which don't relate to much of anything except maximizing their own game and presence at the expense of someone else. Someone once said, "success breeds contempt". It sure does, including the incredible chutzpah of the richest man in the world dissembling through his teeth to everyone in the world about the technical facts of his browsing windows.

All of which made me rather tough minded whenever I undertook to deal with Cayce and the pole shift theories. I did not need to believe Cayce, in fact, a great deal of his story I would prefer not to believe. I had no interest in gamey spaced-out new-age notions propagated mainly to make someone a buck or help them feel important. I was prepared to give no quarter at all and roast his psychic fantasies for lunch. Yet neither was I willing to visit upon him the prejudices and blinders of secular academic materialists, who, after all is said and done, despite great pretense of amazing pedigrees and grave sounding terminology, know very little about value and how to make proper use of the magical tricks with which they play in their laboratories.

The remainder of 1994 continued a pace of ceaseless change in my life. In June a fire destroyed part of the office facility where I was subletting space. It damaged some of my possessions, mostly obsolete computer equipment, books, software, old business directories and related miscellaneous office gear. I was amazed to discover that the value of my loss of obsolescence came to be some $3500. The insurance settlement bought me a ticket to Egypt the following year and thus gave my Quest a considerable starting push.

In the Fall I began to seriously explore the pole shift theories. I copied Hapgood’s books and Brown’s book in September and November 1994 and began to examine in minute detail their theories about how the pole shifts. Their work was a direct outgrowth of continental drift theories, based solidly on Wegner’s geophysical concepts. But, like Wegner’s ideas, their notions and data were drawn up before the more powerful ideas of plate tectonics had emerged. It soon became apparent to me that their speculations about an impending pole shift, and the speculations of others who worked within the framework of their ideas, all suffered one great problem. Though they could offer all sorts of evidence that such events have occurred many times in the past, none of them could explain why or how the event occurs. They could not explain how simple continental drift occurs let alone the drifting or avalanching of the whole crust to change the location of the pole.

They were all in good company. Just as the pole shift theorists could not explain how a fast shift in the poles can occur, none of the continental drift theorists and none of the new breed of plate tectonic theorists could explain why the crust of the Earth moves, wobbles, and gradually shifts its location, though they have easily proven that it is in constant motion and change. With no concept of why and how the event occurs, nothing could be definitely proven and projected on the basis of facts. Thus it seemed that the exact nature of the pole shift phenomenon, in the final analysis, would not become scientific fact until one has occurred and observations about it have been recorded.

This was a clearly decisive intellectual result on which I could have patly stood. But it struck me that this was a lubricous position to be in. Even if a pole shift occurred in our generation and it was diligently recorded, would not scientists 10,000 years in the future be faced with the same uncertainty as we have today about the purported "legendary shift in the pole in 10,500 BC which destroyed Atlantis? They would have to rely on our testimony, stories from a dim and ancient past full of hoary sagas about men fighting racist wars and thinking nothing about willy-nilly devastating millions of square miles of eco systems while conducting religious holocausts over entire continents and ethnic cleansings of entire provinces. Wouldn’t the scientists of 12,000 AD suppose that we were crude, frankly rather stupid, and hence our grasp of scientific principles and facts was most likely primitive? (All true). Couldn’t they argue that the legendary destructions of the mythical pole shift of Century 21 AD was a dastardly act by a warlord, some legendary figure called Nuclear Terrorist? After all, they had found lots of anomalous radioactive sites, some of them still deadly, which proved beyond doubt how primitively barbaric and unreliable the ancient humans of 2000 AD were.

After many moons in many libraries and endless forays down the Iway I eventually realized that in all probability some of our ancestors 12,500 years ago most likely were in a strong parallel to this situation. They did experience a devastating shift in the pole of the Earth, recorded it with great diligence and went to enormous effort to convey the information in many forms through several different cultures on different continents of the Earth. In other words, a pole shift did occur, it was observed and recorded, and the information can still be found in the ancient artifacts and stories of humanity. From this information, the tectonic process of a shifting of the poles can be scientifically modeled and the drama of the Return of the Phoenix can be sketched.

To get out from underneath all speculation, the key issues came to be the credibility of the psychic, the credibility of his Earth Change predictions, and the validity of his commentary about the previous ones. To be highly credible, an highly accurate psychic’s comments had to parallel WELL with the available evidence in the record of the rocks, with the ancient memories of humanity, and with all observed correlations in how the Earth "works" tectonically. In other words, all the evidence had to be credible and all, or at least most of it, had to agree or be complementary with no obvious contradictions.

That was a tall order! In my wildest imagination I did not expect to come up with strong results across the whole ground of validation. But by taking this tact, by looking consistently for the parallels and correlations in the stories and facts, and by letting them lead me to the final result, the points on which they all agreed, I eventually discovered that the driving force behind all tectonic change is the constantly wobbling spin axis, the vortex of the Weilu Master. As its location changes, even if just slightly, various stress patterns, cracking, volcanism, earthquakes, and movements of the tectonic plates are directly induced. Thus all tectonic change, other than the phenomenon of erosion and sedimentation, is a record in the rocks of the changing location of the pole. And so it was that eventually it became overwhelmingly obvious to me that the nature of the pole shift phenomenon is easy to demonstrate with a wide range of consistent facts which parallel through all parts and ages of the Earth and with a staggering load of real facts have been established in geology, geophysics, archeology, anthropology, classics, history, and many other academic specialties.

History Backwards

By the end of Summer 1994, I had already compiled a list of Stearn’s "quotes" of Cayce’s predictions. Cayce looked very very good in this list but I knew that the list was very incomplete. So by the beginning of Fall 1994 I had joined A.R.E. and had rented a copy of the "Earth Changes Circulating File". From the "...File". I discovered to my chagrin that Stearn’s quotes were too contrived to have scientific value and that Stearn had completely misunderstood how some of Cayce’s comments applied to historical events. It also seemed clear that I needed to seriously examine a much larger set of readings to track down what Cayce was really saying about pole shifts.

About the time of this realization my work with Wickers ended. The fortunes of his backer had wilted and his support had dried up. With 90% of his initial setup work done, Wickers had to begin to earn a living again and to this day has not been able to complete the missing 10%. Many other personal, family, and professional issues came up and he had to tread water for the past few years.

Since it was too impractical to go to Virginia Beach to sort the matter out by studying Cayce’s verbatim transcripts, I would have let the entire matter drop at that point, just another intellectual interest which could not be pursued. But I learned to my great pleasure through A.R.E. literature that the entire body of all of Cayce’s transcripts and all of the personal commentary files about the readings were available on a CDROM. I quickly found a lady in Seattle through the A.R.E. regional network who had an old 286 PC computer on which was installed the Edgar Cayce CDROM. In September I managed to rent some time on her computer and my first targets were the so-called "predictions" which I had compiled from Stearn’s book. I also eagerly browsed some of the obvious key words, such as pole shift, Earth Changes, etc. From the results of just one three hour session on her computer it was apparent from the actual transcripts that many of the secondary sources had some confused ideas about what Cayce was saying. I did just enough research on it to know that the resource was huge, the numbers of citations related to my interests were large, and to pursue them I would have to get the entire CDROM.

On November 11, 1994 at 5:03 p.m. I issued my first file save command on notes which became the Trilogy. The burgeoning file had a preliminary book title, "The Flight of the Phoenix". By December 1994 I left behind a long trail of BBS and failed internet service providers and was finally set up on the Iway at AA.NET. During the last week in December I drove down to Olympia to purchase the Cayce CDROM from A.R.E.’s regional coordinator at a very attractive discount from the nominal $500 price tag. I also decided use my "fire money" to join Bari in Europe at the end of Spring Quarter to conduct some personal field research to explore historical connections with Cayce’s stories. Thus, by the end of 1994, I was ready to fully kick a lot of kilobytes in a lot of directions. I intended to hunker down and begin a serious examination of Cayce’s accuracy. The ideas and plans I set in motion in December 1994 were golden. Everything which I set out to do in that month has been accomplished.

I began in January 1995 to create web pages for myself and a small trickle of clients by day. By night I began to "mine" the Cayce CDROM and I kept this pace up during a large part of 1995. I began to think of the material on the CDROM as the Cayce/Davis Collection in respect for the lifetime of energy which the transcriber had put into the body of the material. She began transcribing the readings in 1923 and kept working with them until they were all skillfully and thoroughly indexed in the 1970’s. What an amazing devotion! This was one of my first datums about the authenticity of the readings.

My construction of the mosaic in the Trilogy was made possible only because of Gladys Davis’ devotion and the efforts of Cayce’s sons and grandsons to preserve and ultimately digitize the transcripts for the world. I found that finding anything of interest in Cayce’s readings is more or less definitively possible because of the elaborate keywording which Davis annotated in an index file for each reading. In a sense, the Trilogy is the first major fruit of A.R.E.’s decision to publish the CDROM. My work in the Trilogy could not be done any other way standing on any other shoulders.

As I began to explore Cayce’s life and comments more seriously, I came to an astonishing realization. The man had fundamentally influenced the entire emergence of what has been called the new age movement, and much more besides, but in nearly every work which mentions him and his work, he is regularly quoted incorrectly, out of proper context, and, often times, his statements have been very badly interpreted and applied. This was most especially true on the subject of the Earth Changes and the shift of the pole. The real Cayce was lost in the cracks somewhere.

Thus I had to reconstruct for myself just exactly what Cayce was saying in his predictions and his archeological clairvoyance. At first, this seemed like a simple proposition. My principal tools would be my PC and the Cayce/Davis CD on which all of his 15,000 readings have been recorded in digital form, along with the personal file which is attached to each reading, including letters, correspondence, reports, newsclippings, etc. I just needed to fish and put stuff together. Elementary, say what?

Unfortunately, the material on the CD was not very compact. Little did I know that I had become rather like the "Fool" of the Tarot deck, the goofy "clown" character who walks blithely over the edge of a chasm. It took immensely longer to reconstruct Cayce than I suspected in my worst nightmare. My chasm turned out to be a long journey through some 50,000 pages of so which I eventually had to consume before completing the Trilogy.

For various reasons, I also began to explore the email discussion groups, which were and still are the heart of the Iway. I subscribed in particular to Vortex-L which was run by a Seattle science buff who was avidly interested in electromagnetic phenomenon, cold fusion research, and various science anomalies which broke the existing paradigms with potential new ways of directly harnessing the intrinsic energies of the space-time continuum. Vortex_L rapidly became habituated by an international set of brilliant minds of all stripes, positions, and conditions, some well known in various circles of physics, from garage inventors to experimenters in top University, government, and corporate Labs. None were interested in the conventional wisdom, the implicit presumption was that a whole new theory of physics and cosmology is in the process of becoming borne.

While I ground away at the CDROM, and occasionally created web pages and a website for my clients and friends, I watched the cold fusion field reach a turning point through the eyes of Vortex-L’s correspondents. Through Roberto and other Italian and French physicists, I was able to see how limited is the world view of American academics. It gradually become perfectly obvious to me and quite a few others that "cold fusion" was transmutation of the catalytic elements. The "cold fusion" cell could not be commercially introduced into the marketplace because the cold fusion cell was transmuting the (expensive) palladium into the lower elements of gold, silver, and copper. Instead of fusion, we had a slow, non-nuclear process (no radioactivity was released) of atomic fission/fusion and rearrangement of Monti’s "alpha-particles", during which heat was released, probably by motions of displacement induced by the motion of the alpha-particles.

By the time I left for Europe at the end of May, all the cats were out of the bag. King Quantum physics was deader than a doornail, though it will take another generation for the academic-style world to catch on. I could now see clearly miles and miles beyond the illusionary world of the books.

It was now clear that physics had degenerated into a "virtual" quantum mechanics which was composed of mathematical fantasies as entirely pointless as the number of angels on the head of a pin. The modern mainstream of physics speculation was rather more like science fiction than scientific exploration in search of data related to an hypothesis. Quarks, black holes, big bang, wormholes, all were just science fiction stories with nothing impelling about them, nothing leading us really to them, not at all necessary ideas, rather more like metaphysical fantasies for the religion of materialism.

The fundamental facts, such as the elementary structure of the universe as revealed by the vistas of the stars, mock every theoretical claim ever made about the universe, including not least the concepts of gravity and the big bang. And so I finally found that I could see the Weilu Master dancing just beyond the understanding of the academicians. If the Physicists were so lost in fantasy, I supposed that it would not be surprising to discover that the geophysicists and geologists were also a bit flaky about the logic and history of Earth processes. Little did I know ... that the morning belongs to the Weilu Master.

In March 1995 the money came from the fire insurance and I promptly bought a ticket for a 45 day adventure in Europe and Egypt during the late Spring and early Summer. I was emotionally incredulous that my obsolete 286 computer technology and software manuals had been magically transformed by the fire into one of the biggest adventures of my life. I worked 20 hours a day through April and May to finalize things and prepare for going to Europe

On May 31 I followed Bari’s footsteps and landed two days later in Rome. To complete her under-graduate education at the age of nearly 54, Bari had enrolled in the University of Washington CHID (Comparative History of Ideas) program. She had spent Spring in Rome studying Italian history in three slices simultaneously, the ancient Roman, Renaissance, and modern phases. By the end of May she had spend innumerable days on the streets of Rome avidly talking notes as she hurried to keep up the rapid pace set by her professors.

By now she knew Rome and she promptly delighted in leading me on a whirlwind tour of the city and the Vatican. Soon we were traipsing through Florence and Venice, tracing the history of the rise of the west, both through the Roman Empire and then through the influences of the Renaissance. It was better than I had hoped but sadly my deluxe camera quit very early in the game and I was far too closely budgeted to consider buying a decent replacement. After a ceaseless two week walk, punctuated by numerous train rides and taxicabs, through all things Roman, Italian, and Egyptian (there is a lot of Egyptian legacy in the Vatican and in various locations throughout Italy) we flew to Egypt to talk as intimately as possible with the ancients of the Nile.

Once upon a time long ago when I was in the Navy, I had eagerly landed at the famous beach of Waikiki in Hawaii. The photos and puffery had made it seem like an huge, fantastic tropical beach which stretched for miles around a huge bay. I was shocked to discover that I could stroll from one end of the miniscule Waikiki beachfront to the other in about 10 minutes. I was determined to see if the entire business of Egypt was the equal to all of the rhetoric I had heard and if the Pyramids were as impressive as they are made out to be. With such a determination I could better gauge the credibility of Cayce’s stories about the ancient past.

I half expected a "Waikiki" experience but Egypt had something else to offer. When one stands in the sands of Rostau and walks through the pyramids, one can finally viscerally understand the raw facts which have motivated so many people for so many millennia to remark upon these huge structures as true anomalies. Doubtless, the three Great Pyramids of Orion’s Belt stand outside of conventional explanations and histories. They are, in the truest and most definitive sense, anomalies which cannot be explained, no matter how hard the egyptologists try, within the frames of reference of the 20th century.

Like physicists imagine wormholes and count the numbers of nothingness, many academics pretend that they can explain how primitive slaves with purely egotistical motivation (tombs for haughty kings) could devise pre-industrial means to build the pyramids. Many do in fact then pretend that their pretense is a fact which explains what and whereof they know absolutely nothing. But when one stands in (Sahu) Orion’s shadows to escape the fierce summer Sun, the idea is easily ludicrous. Doubtless the builders were very bright, highly skilled engineers and craftsmen. They were obviously far more motivated than slaves. They built the largest artifact on Earth devoid of all symbolism to an accuracy which exceeds even the highest quality projects of the 20th century and they did so without leaving even the smallest hint of religious and egotistical claims.

Outside of Giza, there is scarcely another ancient monument or building of humankind, if any, which does not have practically every square inch covered with carvings bragging upon their egos and deeds. The Builders of Giza created a vast mysterious experience, a stone Monolith which they left to silently share with countless generations of humans through vastly long ages. For those with hearts and enough intelligence to see through puffery academic projections, it is fully the equal in its psychological power to the idea of Arthur C. Clark’s Monolith. It IS the Monolith, though the materialists refuse to indulge in receiving this awesome spiritual gift from the founders of Western Civilization.

Eager also to explore the temples of Egypt, Bari and I rode the rails to upper Egypt and spent two weeks walking through as many places as we could. But fiinally the June heat in Luxor devastated me and I had to leave Egypt after just two weeks. By the middle of July I landed back in Seattle virtually broke with a thousand transformative images and thoughts about the real flow of history from the ancient builders of Giza. Though penniless, somehow I managed to spend a couple of months sketching some of my impressions. Gradually the core of the Prophecies and the Hall of Records books began to take shape.

On The Yellow Brick Road

By December 1995 I could tell a fair number of stories about Cayce’s stories. But still the paramount issue was just how credible, really, were Cayce’s stranger stories? Even after a full year of my Quest, there were no hard answers to these questions which satisfied me. There were a lot of provocative connections but no bottom line numbers. So the mission of the Quest became ever more focused on going to the core issues of credibility for all issues connected to Cayce’s grim "Earth Changes" proposition and the paradigm behind his stories about the Hall of Records and the Great Initiate.

In the beginning all I wanted was to know exactly what Cayce had predicted about Earth Changes. Did they make sense from a geological and historical point of view? Could these be correlated in a logical manner with other phenomenon? And of course, I wanted to know what his "hard score" credibility was for them. What was his "hit rate" of success and failure? And thus, what confidence could we place on his predictions?

As I abstracted the Earth Change predictions and racked them on my lists I decided I did not have nearly a large enough sample to be fully comfortable with the statistical score. I could only qualify 67 statements about Earth Changes which were specific enough and non-guessable enough to qualify for verification. Given the huge number of Cayce stories and predictions, these seemed like too small of a sample. I concluded that I needed to broaden the scope to develop a harder score from a larger sample.

There was another reason to broaden the scope. I wanted numbers based on strong, divergent topical diversity. Seen in bits and pieces, event by event, without comprehending the broader sweep of history and Cayce's astounding vision and forewarning of its currents, one can suggest that Cayce was merely "tuned into" current events, or certain kinds of phenomenon, and astutely called them with high accuracy. There are non-famous non-psychics who have astutely called many of the turns of history based solely on the intrinsic logic of human affairs. Others, often known as visionaries, such as H.G. Wells or Arthur C. Clarke, have presciently foreseen major aspects of the future without any consciousness of being psychic or having unusual abilities. So, it is easy to suppose that Cayce could be merely well informed and astute, but not necessarily clairvoyant. I reasoned that the greater the scope of the predictions, the less and less likely it is that this sort of "astute" factor would have any play in the result. At some point the only possible explanation is clairvoyance.

So even as I explored the physical side of the Cayce material about Earth Changes and cataclysm, I progressively expanded to establish Cayce's general credibility as a clairvoyant. I began a process of abstracting and verifying any prediction he made which was inherently objective in nature about historical or material events which happened during or after his lifetime. Given the huge volume of "health" remedies, which are all completely beyond my competence to scientifically evaluate, I excluded these and focused entirely on items of general public record: history, politics, economics, earthquakes, etc.

Initially I strove to establish proof of accuracy and credibility in three forms. One proof I wanted was the internal consistency of the information. Do Cayce’s stories consistently add to each other, or do they end up contradicting themselves somewhere? Does he give two different mutually exclusive explanations for something, or do his explanations, 20 years apart, say the same thing? A second proof I wanted, by far the most important, was the correlation of the predictions or descriptive comments with real events in the objective historical world. How many came true? How many (if about the past) were found to be true? And how many of these comments about the past were examples of true clairvoyance, i.e. where about things he could not possibly have guessed or borrowed from another source?

A third proof I wanted was the scientific credibility of the notions in the readings about how the Earth works and the overall flow of human history. I knew that "hard" definitive proof in this area would be a lot tougher than answering the other questions. There are many different ways of interpreting history and various kinds of events. Some scientific theories are somewhat in disagreement with other theories, thus one is not necessarily going to find perfect answers. Accordingly, the question really was: are the basic concepts which are articulated in Cayce’s readings reasonable and supportable by scientific analysis, or are they off the wall?

As I began the process of abstracting his various comments and predictions about Earth Changes and other events for the purpose of establishing Cayce's score, I found that there was much more to Cayce's Hall Of Records story than some stone tablets with Atlantean glyphs on them parked in a hole in the ground somewhere around the Sphinx in Egypt. I began to sense that these various comments and story bits were interrelated. So I began to pull out of the CDROM everything Cayce said about Egypt and the construction of the Great Pyramid, Hall Of Records, the Sphinx, and other sites. The pieces did in fact fit together, as if a vast story was being told one sentence or paragraph at a time, with the paragraphs scattered through several hundred documents. I realized that this Hall Of Records story was directly connected to the Earth Changes both past and future and that the story of Egypt was really the last chapter of Atlantis and the first chapter of our own age.

I could also see that Cayce had set up Egypt to play the same role once again. The timing of its opening was directly related to the timing of the next pole shift in Century 21. The predictions of its opening were designed specifically to initiate the process of the opening and convey the sense of the closing of the age with a sudden catastrophic Change In The Earth. When the poles had shifted, the contents of the sealed room, the old Atlantean records, would be brought out to help humanity "reboot" its cultural software. Thus this story of Egypt is at the very core of Cayce's changes in the earth predictions and they cannot at all be understood without understanding the Hall Of Records.

What could I do but expand the story of the Hall Of Records to encompass the Atlantean plot line? The story behind the prophecy of the Hall of Records had quickly evolved into the story of an entire epoch of time, some 12,700 years to be fairly close to the mark. From a prophecy about the period 1998, I had expanded to encompass a story about the creation of a plan on ancient Atlantis to escape the ravages which a shift in the location of the pole would create.

But the expansion of the story line did not stop there. The Atlantean thread expanded to pursue a definitive account of the Earth Changes which had formed and then destroyed Atlantis and thus I now had a story line which was 120,000 years long. As I explored the Atlantis thread I found many layers and twists among many past events. I was soon dealing with "pole shifts", major "changes in the Earth" as "must come again", "overflows of the land", as Cayce sometimes called them, some of them causing major changes in the Earth’s latitudes as long ago as 10.5 million years. I was amazed at dealing with such long range clairvoyance, how could it be? Surely this would prove to be a waste of time?

As I took up a constantly expanding quest, I quickly became overwhelmed not just by the load of data but by its incredible range. Some of the range simply seemed too weird with which to cope. There were moments when I thought I had landed in the middle of the city of High Queer in the land New Age. At any moment I expected a yellow brick road to appear under foot and catch Toto peeing on my leg. But I was already captivated by an intractable enigma. As I correlated Cayce’s objective predictions of economics and politics, which are scattered in abundance throughout his readings, it was extremely clear that, no matter the queerness of some of the images in the mosaic, the man was remarkable clairvoyant. In fact, through hundreds of such correlations, only rarely does one find him wrong.

As I constructed the mosaics for the topics and sought to correlate and validate Cayce's statements, I could not avoid looking at how well Cayce's stories dovetail with many of the newly emerging paradigms in the work of many modern researchers and scientists in the fields of geology, archeology, anthropology, history, and religion. I was amazed to discover they were all consistent and that they all panned out by correlating where ever I turned for data. To a phenomenal degree, Cayce pointed clearly some 60 years ago to the discoveries and scientific appraisals which have become major topics of interest in the 1990's, including the idea and apparent evidence that the human species is far older than previously theorized.

It was not long before the prehistory which I had constructed, from out of Cayce’s remarks and the correlations which could be found in various research fields, made far more basic sense than the modern myths professionally fabricated by academic archeologists. After I structured an outline for Cayce’s ancient and future Earth Changes, the events described five basic intervals. It began with a long proto-archaic period of 10.4 million years, flowed through three pole shifts which punctuated three long ages during which the culture on Atlantis progressively emerged, adapted, and expanded into a supple civilization. And then finally it culminated in a fourth pole shift which destroyed Atlantis and created the current age of the Earth which the Hopi’s call the Fourth World.

The three pole shifts and eras of time described by Cayce corresponded very closely with hard-core geological data developed by Charles Hapgood in his "Path of the Pole". In an exuberant AHA! experience, my grounding in classical thought, half forgotten, rushed to the fore, and I realized that the major world mythologies describe Four Ages (the Hellenics and the Hindus), or Four or Five Suns (the Mayan/Aztec), or Four Worlds (the Hopi). Here I had discovered that the stories of a 20th century psychic correlated with a massive study of the geological changes in the polar ice cap which in turn correlated with the notions in the legendary "memory" of distinctly different cultures on different continents speaking different languages. Astounding!

Chance? Not a chance. As I wrestled with how to correlate such information with what humans think they know about the physical world, I recalled Plato’s story of Atlantis from my undergraduate school days. SOMEBODY in the remote past had left a similar story carved and painted on the temple columns of ancient Egypt. The story had been left so clearly that even 8000 years later the priests of Egypt could read the ancient hieroglyphs to tell the story to Solon, a Hellenic who is credited with being the first republican law-giver and historian of the western tradition. They told Solon that Atlantis had sunk during a great cataclysm of earthquaking and flooding.

During this time Robert Bauval’s books, "The Orion Mystery" and "The Message of the Sphinx" caught up to me. Together they sealed my fate. I concluded within a few months that the total combined intelligence on the Iway could not find a coherent objection which discredited their work. Accordingly it became clear to me that the work of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock is to be ravingly credited for pointing starkly and obviously to the truth about Egypt.

By paying attention and paralleling together the perfectly obvious relationships in the skies, on the ground, and in the ancient stories told by the Egyptians, along with the supportive findings from many areas of scholarly research, they demonstrated in scientifically hard real terms without a shadow of a doubt that Egypt’s religion was based on the stars and that their legendary stories correlated to the movements of the constellations. Even more radically, they confirmed that the Sphinx and the Three Great Pyramids which form Orion’s Belt are aligned in such a way as to mirror the skies during a period of time around 10,500 BC.

These two facts confirmed important details of Cayce’s stories about ancient Egypt so exactly I was astonished. When taken with West’s video tape it is reasonably clear that the three researchers , have began a process which will radically redefine archeology and ancient history. A completely different story is beginning to emerge about what the Egyptians were saying. The conventional "consensus" of the egyptologists is wrong. West, Bauval, and Hancock are right, not to mention Cayce, and these facts are perfectly obvious. Before Bauval, I would estimate that Egyptologists understood the Egyptian hieroglyphic material at about the 6 year old level of understanding. Now, I think we have the basis for about an 8 year old level of understanding. Add Cayce and we may get up to puberty.

All of this made me feel like I had fallen down a rabbit hole into Wonderland. We now had the set-date of Rostau, 10,500 BC, which was the same date which Cayce had mentioned several times as the era in which a major pole shift destroyed Atlantis and induced the survivors to migrate to Egypt to build the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and the Hall of Records. Did the monuments of Egypt, the hieroglyphic legends, and the stories of Edgar Cayce truly all parallel within the same epic?

By the end of 1995 I had determined that if they are all connected, the one element which correlates them all is Rostau. The pyramids on top of Giza must constitute the Temple of the Sun for the Horizon (star date as defined by star fields) of the Great Phoenix at the time it had landed on the Primeval Mound (Giza) after it emerged from the Great Flood which destroyed the homeland of the Gods, Atlantis, during the last shifting of the pole. Make this simple set of correlations, suddenly all of Cayce’s story of Egypt can be dovetailed to fit and interpret Egypt’s ancient mythology. Suddenly all of Egypt’s ancient mythology about the gods IS the story of the rise and fall of Atlantis and the foundation of Egypt by the survivors. And most remarkably, as one easily finds out, all of this correlates in many ways with what the Mayans and the Vedas of Bharati described.

Well...well...said the spider to the fly, do step into my parlor of ancient legends and myths and take a good look around. So I did, and it has been rather like the song about the infamous California Hotel. Once you’ve found yourself there, you can never leave. I began to examine the roots of as many cultures as I could. In the roots of nearly every cultural mythology I examined I found essentially the same story, only the names and the faces are different to confuse specialists. They all describe a pole shift, occasionally in exacting detail.

Now I was seriously hooked. I was now hooked on both the future and the ancient past and I could not relent. I began a long struggle to sort out many issues of the past and present which now ensnared my thoughts. I was now interested in completing a thorough, systematic, scientific assessment of all of Cayce’s major clues. Luckily, some business consulting and other odd-lot web work came my way requiring only part of my time to pay the bills while I carried on consuming the Cayce/Davis collection.

To reduce the load of dealing with the Cayce material I tried doing unconsciously at first what everyone does in dealing naively with Cayce. I used selective perception to wipe away whatever seemed too far removed from my interests and range of acceptability. I started by chopping out all of what I considered, from secular point of view, to be queer. Stuff like reincarnation, astrology, numerology, and talking with the dead hit the cutting room floor. But the more I worked with the material the more I realized that the ideas were intractably entwined. I couldn’t do justice to the story and the statements without at least mentioning the stuff. So I finally decided to layout the entire story. It was Cayce’s story, after all, and I decided to have him stand or fall on his entire Mosaic.

What do you do when Cayce tells you that the Book of the Dead (hereafter I call it the Book of Immortality) was formulated to set forth a cosmology of the basic concepts of human and human-divine relationships. The ideas, he claimed, were correlated and structured by astronomical relationships and numerological and metaphors. It would be easy to forget about, using the excuse that one has no interest in either topic.

But Bauval et al had clearly demonstrated, on top of the work of Sellers, Lub and other astro-archeologists that Egyptian myth, ritual, and practice was saturated with astronomical metaphors, so much so that the entire corpus of Egyptian myth could be told by simply pointing to stars and constellations in the night sky. As the skies slowly wheeled overhead, the local priest could recount the legends. What could I do but look for the numerological metaphor in the Book of Immortality?

I thought it farfetched and surely difficult. But I found it easy to do. It was so easy to do I nearly fell out of my chair. As I paged through the pictures of Faulkner’s "Book of the Dead" it occurred to me to count the elements in the drawings. I was astounded with the repeating layouts of the numbers, how many symbols were always found in certain sized groups, and how often symbols of stars and starry fields appeared in the vignettes. It is easy to see that these obvious connections will lead to handsome payoffs in learning how to read the pictographic panels of the Book of Immortality with numerological concepts. The correlates are very obvious, completely rigorous, and are astoundingly consistent whether the work is from 2500 BC or 500 BC) Because numerology is hermetic and occult, western secular scholars have ignored the idea and have not even remarked upon the heavy patterns of repetition which define numbers throughout the entire corpus of the Book of Immortality.

In a very early reading about Egypt and Atlantis, Cayce claimed that the builders of the Great Pyramid had conducted educational missions in different parts of the world, including Bharati and Peru. He implied, indirectly, that this had created the parallels between the stories of the ancient peoples. Some time later when I was flying the Iway through Bharati (India) in pursuit of rumors of the Phoenix, I found a traditional pictorial vignette of Vishnu, the Hindu world savior for the preceding age. He was sitting in a canopy being borne by the Garuda (the Hindu form of the Phoenix). The picture is visually and metaphorically highly isomorphic with ancient Egyptian depictions of Osiris on his Throne canopy. Borne by the Garuda, Vishnu came to Bharati to help humanity rebuilt civilization after a great destruction. In the train of the Phoenix, Osiris came to Egypt to help humanity rebuilt civilization after a great destruction.

Between the numbers in the Book of Immortality and these two images and stories of the last World Savior, we have two different "far-out" virtually unbelievable Cayce statements which virtually verify themselves simply by LOOKING!!! I am not certain exactly how to count these parallels so I have not counted these two correlations in any "hard score". But one thing should be obvious. Even in strange waters, Cayce’s comments float very very well. The only requirement for encountering the truth is to make no ass umptions about what will or will not be found.

So I embarked on a journey to abstract every comment Cayce made about Atlantis and the cosmos to determine if I could ferret out any clues which could be correlated with anything at all, most especially the cosmos and these destructions which result "when the Earth must change", as Cayce put it so casually. This final expansion of focus very nearly resulted in falling into a black hole induced by the implosion of too much data into too small a space, my brain. I began to look for additional correlations of Cayce's story and predictions with archeology, geology, history, the classics, physics, astronomy, anything with objective, material, or a credible third-party basis. But I was eventually overwhelmed with thousands of computer data files retrieved from the internet, hundreds of debates from various internet email discussion groups, table-sized piles of great books, the vast portion of which I could only lightly skim. I was buried in a blizzard.

I preceded in the typical linear fashion of an academic reviewer but finally had to give up the process. Each month as a labored to assemble the mosaic, I honesty thought I was working on a five month project. I never properly organized myself for the long haul of handling the information. Consequently I eventually suffered the total burn-out of massive information overload. I became at one point rather depressed about the entire thing. Each correlation required at least a paragraph, some an entire page to discuss. There were thousands of correlations to be made. So how could I write a book about those correlations? And even if I could, most of the correlations were merely showing consistencies. The paradigm worked, it worked very very well and I was learning an enormous amount of new things about history, but none of the details proved the Hall Of Records or Cayce’s stories of Atlantis and ancient Egypt. There were no "smoking guns". It became clear that it was impossible to provide an objective credibility score based on an assessment of such details.

My depression lasted until I realized the perfectly obvious. I was proceeding on the ass umption that I must defensively prove each point to establish the legitimacy of a part of Cayce's story. But my information overload was directly the result of the fact that there was very little that did not correlate, with only two notable exceptions out of thousands of statements. In other words, the issue was no longer whether I could correlate some of Cayce's story with the past, the issue was, what didn't correlate? The simple truth is, damn little. Accordingly I let go the idea of empirically correlating Cayce's statements about the long ago past in any systematic fashion. All I can do is note a few of the major correlations in passing.

I constantly struggled for survival, which I scrounged from small brief consulting gigs for a number of clients. For several months I eked by, day by day, on the least amount of client activity possible. But the five month project became a five year project, embarrassing me immensely, devastating me financially. By March 1996 I was forced to take a year and a half to work for a small company which was attempting to exploit a new oil-water separation technology. By June of 1996 I was able to create a website for the Phoenix. Again by day I worked for a living, by night I worked on the book.

By Spring 1997, though still broke, I was able to work again nearly full time on the project. The company I was assisting went belly up. It had been defrauded by a technology promoters, including Phillip Lau in Houston Texas, who could not deliver on their contracts. There was little to do except lick wounds and turn my devotion back totally into my Quest. It was overwhelmingly obvious that the only thing I could do is finish my work with Cayce. He was too real. My work was too real. My findings were far too valuable not to weave into publishable form.

As I worked with Cayce’s individual comments, which I came to think of as tiles for a mosaic I was composing, themes emerged and then tangible story lines slowly appeared. As I gathered more and more of Cayce’s comments to verify, many basic story lines began to emerge on their own accord into a plot line of such vast proportions that I began to realize Cayce’s comments outlined a "World Epic". It seemed worthwhile at first to outline the World Epic for the credibility which I might learn about Cayce’s stories. The story lines and themes would lead me, I reasoned, to points which could be connected to real history where facts would verify them. And indeed they did. But each time a new panel of the mosaic began to form it caused a major clash with the structure I had set out for A book (one book). Despite the joy of discovery I was faced with the grind of constant revisions, new research, and a constant spiraling around and around many different points, ceaselessly expanding in scope. This all utterly trashed my preconceived schedules, frustrating me hugely as well as some of my supporting subscribers.

At that time I finally decided to take my quest up as Joseph Campbell and follow my passion, period. I finally threw away my outlines and structures, gave up trying to write a book. After that I had no problem just writing about the Return of the Phoenix. I never knew just where it was going and it went on many side trips and tangents. I confidently expected to finish a book by the end of the year though it was now clear to me that I had a Trilogy. I decided to let the chips fall where they may, do the Trilogy and only the Trilogy, starve if necessary. By late Spring I managed to put up a number of draft chapters about Cayce’s stories of Atlantis and Egypt on the web. After that the material would metamorphose every four months and I never could finish the first book until the last two were done.

Black Canyon

I geared up to launch a final onslaught into Cayce for during the fall of 1997. I was prepared to give Cayce exactly zero quarter and no sympathy whatsoever. If he was a nut, I was going to find it out. Having proven with simple experiments that the previous generation of nuclear physicists were bullshitters and would by no means give people like me the time of day, I was in no mood to feel kindly to those who expect one to kowtow to their pretense of knowledge. Having now now just recently having been taken to the cleaners by some Texas oilfield technology promoters who had lied through their teeth, leaving me personally penniless with no recourse, I was in no mood to buy into Cayce’s propositions without the hardest and most abrasive questioning possible. But interestingly enough, the hard-edge from my personal experience with the Texas oil fields served to make Cayce even more credible. Eventually I found entirely understandable how Cayce was out-maneuvered by the Texan good-old-boys and went bust despite his psychic abilities to tune into the Earth.

While digesting Cayce’s economic and political predictions, my circumstances shifted once again, this time making my "barely getting by" strategies very difficult to maintain. My landlord decided to sell his property and I had to finally liquidate my small office. Despite my intent and desire to spend full time all the time working on my material, I was still forced to spend a considerable amount of time packing, moving, grubbing for money, and relocating. As I was trying to sort things out, my aging mother, who lives in a small rural town in Arizona, began to express the need to have her knee replaced. She wanted some one to help her through the process, which would probably require some six months of slow healing.

It was not hard to settle on a strategy of moving to Arizona, which became one of the better strategic decisions of my life. In September I borrowed enough money to purchased an old, well-used 18 foot trailer and began the process of wrapping up enough of my research to spend six months in the middle of ranch country, far from a decent research library. Through the graces of a dear friend at a location which is better left unmentioned I camped out in my unconnected trailer for the remainder of the year in a location close to the University of Washington. I attended to its repairs while spending a lot of time at the U.W. Library to finish gathering data related to understanding and verifying Cayce’s Earth Change predictions and all of his economic predictions.

On January 5, 1998 I left on a two week odyssey of driving my pickup and trailer from Seattle straight down the Pacific Ocean coast roads, routes I love most of all, to Arizona’s Black Canyon. I consciously said good-by to them. I immediately spent the first five months working tirelessly on Egyptian correlations. By May 1998 I had flown through Bharatian cyberspace on the Iway and realized that the cosmology of the Veda and the Egyptian legends were linked into the same structure. By May 1998, I realized I had succeeded in becoming as Joseph Campbell. Egyptian made sense to me, I could read the metaphysical symbolism in her pictorial glyphs, understand the myths as cosmological propositions, and I could see the archaic unity in the entire stream of the ancient literatures of India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome

In the pictorial panels of Egypt's Book of Immortality, I found Ra's signature, Thoth’s (Hermes) signature, and what is probably a portion of the sign and the seal of Alta (mentioned by Cayce as the seal on the Hall of Records). I also found the Egyptian Wheel of Karma/Dharma, which provided me with the final keys to turn the legend of Khepera and the Benu into the hermetic legend of the Great Phoenix.

It become obvious to me that I had indeed correctly paralleled the data to find the missing "Temple of the Sun" on the legendary "Primordial Mound" in Egypt. The Primordial Mound was not legendary, it was the Giza Plateau. And the Temple of the Sun wasn’t missing at all. It was perfectly obvious right out in the open, the largest monument on the Earth. It was Rostau, which included the Sphinx, Sahu’s Belt (Orion’s Belt) on top of Giza, the Hall of Records underneath Giza, and many other constructions which were buried by the sand and have not yet been uncovered.

All of this turned my first 1997 web pages about the Hall of Records into trash. It also trashed my structure of the Trilogy. And I could prove none of it. I could lucidly explain the inner metaphysical structure and allegorical concepts of ancient Egypt until I was blue in the face but I could not "prove it in the same manner in which I was proving (and occasionally disproving) Cayce’s commentary. I was making fabulous connections far beyond anything which had been articulated publicly by any researcher or writer, but it did not fit the focus of the Trilogy.

And it seriously compounded my length problems. I had originally intended to present the entire story of Atlantis and Egypt by merely organizing all of Cayce’s passages about them. I had intended to take them directly from the Cayce/Davis Collection and arrange them in suitable outlines, along with the Earth Change predictions and Cayce’s prophecies. But this material turned out to be too abundant. I rapidly became bogged with it. I sadly concluded that most of the story of Atlantis and Egypt could not reasonably be stuffed into the Trilogy. It would take at least 500 pages of just quotes to present the material and another 500 pages to annotate it and correlate it with references which verify or disprove the quotes.

I abstracted and summarized the stories down to about 250 pages by the end of May but this was still too much for the Trilogy. I became massively frustrated for while and after many internal struggles about what to do and how to proceed I reluctantly realized that I was too far out on a tangent with the story of ancient Egypt. That story would have to become a sequel to the Trilogy. I sadly removed all of the Egyptian and Atlantean material from the Trilogy, the better part of a fourth of the results of my Quest. All that remained was one chapter of condensations and a few pages about the Phoenix.

After resorting all of that, I was ready to go into hyper-drive to finish the Trilogy. But then my computer began to die. Progressively, the greater part of what had been a $4500 system died during July 1998 and it was nearly two months before I could get any serious work completed. Two months down the tubes for a $20 power supply which was just slightly past tolerance on one of its voltages. The problem was so innocuous that two different technical houses failed to find the problem. It progressively trashed the motherboard, CPU, and two different hard disks.

It was, literally I believe, a miracle that I saved the Trilogy as one hard disk after another died. I had long been in the practice of keeping multiple copies in multiple locations in multiple media and that practice saved several years worth of work. But even so, after losing two hard disks and a zip drive in one week, I nearly lost a year’s worth of work. In fact, I had. The back up final drive failed and would not read. I prayed like I have never prayed. After rebuilding my computer from scratch with a new board, CPU, hard-disks, and power supply, the failed back-up hard-disk booted a few more times but all I needed was the first time. I promptly copied all of my latest versions onto another hard disk, onto zip disks, and onto a brand new CDR drive. Then the backup drive folded for good. I dusted off the lyrics to Amazing Grace.

Once again, I had been saved by the skin of my teeth. But I had to endure a complete rebuild of software setups and new ways of organizing my material in my new digital environment. As my computing system restructured and I healed psychologically, I began to become confident of my new CD writer system which I had acquired as my main back-up strategy. Desperation had driven me to borrow more money to create a fail-safe system of preserving my work, But I was now greatly emboldened by the thought that I could directly publish the Trilogy on a CDROM.

As I had became confident of the readings I had concluded that it was important to present Cayce’s life and career as the context for the readings. Some of the quality, style, and application of the readings are inexplicable unless one understands something about Cayce conducted his life and practice. Now at last I began finally to finish my exploration of Cayce’s life and my attention finally turned to the dynamics of his career.

Originally I did not want to evaluate the man’s life. I did not care about the personal details of the man’s life because they would not yield any data about his accuracy. I wanted a scientific score for a man’s record, and so initially I set out on the quest simply to explore and ultimately in some sense define the record. But in the end I could not avoid looking for really good answers to questions such as "if this man was to clairvoyant, why was he so poor and had such a checkered business record punctuated by several failures?". This enigma seemed fundamental to the issue of his credibility. Why was there no observable fruit from this purported clairvoyance in his own life?

The answer, as the next few chapters of the Quest will unveil, is depressingly simple. Cayce was not much better in applying his own readings for himself than the average man in the street is in being clairvoyant. In fact, this misplaced visionary priest personally had the business sense of a turnip and was awful at applying his own readings to his own material needs.

Though a devout and loyal xian in many ways, he had been insulted, tried for heresy, and disenfranchised by xian churches (which he NEVER discussed publicly). But at the same time, his sense of identity with fundamentalist attitudes and the "biblical story" influenced him sufficiently to reject any conscious identity of his work with the occult and spiritualist movements.

So he kept his practice and readings out of the institutional religious context, side-stepped the occult movements of his time, and wrapped his work in a professional manner as a scientific undertaking. Ironically, he maintained a deep sense of skepticism about the use of his clairvoyance and the value of the content of his readings for far longer than his contemporaries and peers. They began making money with his ability almost immediately but it was nearly twenty years until Cayce personally "caught" the same idea. He was more comfortable with a scientific, secular understanding and use of his talent to accomplish specific tasks which created tangible benefits for people. In this manner, he could maintain his own deep-seated sense of humility, duck all liability issues, and avoid placing himself on a stage of any kind.

Only now did I finally begin to empathize with his situation and the problems he had to overcome. Once this story of the man is understood, the readings and their content take on an entirely different slant and I was thusly determined to convey it in some way. By September 1998 I had made enough progress on Cayce’s life to think that I might be able to finish one of the three books in a couple of months. So I allowed myself a trip with my mom who had by now completely recovered from her knee surgery. She had cabin fever and proposed a tour of the Four Corners area to show me the places of the Anasazi (ancient ones) which she had impressed her the most. In many ways this experience was as exhilarating as discovering how to decipher the hermetic signatures and allegories of ancient Egypt. I began to see a great many correlations between the Hopi, Anasazi, Egyptian, and Mayan allegories, far too many to suppose that they were isolated cultures, too many to even mention another word on these pages.

After returning from Hopiland in October 1998, I worked non-stop, very nearly seven days a week, almost always 10 hours a day, sometimes 12 and 14 hours, composing, editing, and occasionally researching various points. During the last months of 1998 I dealt quickly with the remainder of the Cayce literature which detailed his life or presented some aspect of it. By the end of the year, Book One about Cayce’s life and beliefs was complete except for the beginning Chapters, including this one. Naturally the first chapter could not be finished until the entire Trilogy was finished. In fact, though it is the first chapter in the Trilogy, it is my last chapter, my final retrospective on the entire Quest as of the first week of January 2000.

By December 1998 I was finally ready to pick up Cayce’s commentary about the economics, politics, and business of the 20th century. I had left off these topics a year earlier to make my way from Seattle and only now was I finally coming to the point where I could finish it. I supposed that it would take me two months from my various computer file notes and chapter drafts. But, as always, there were many layers of the Cayce onion to peel. I soon found myself hauling in large numbers of books from Arizona State Library. I spent 12 hour stints at the library devouring whole topics and shelves in one setting, looking ceaselessly for data and connections to finish the verification of items which had seemed at first blush to be entirely trivial. I finally became used to trivial points becoming doorways into unimagined vistas.

I completed Book Two in May 1999 and now finally I had a hard-nosed score for Cayce. I could put to rest forever some 500 specific comments Cayce made.

It was not until the last few rounds of working with the Cayce material during 1999 that I finally fully realized why Cayce had been so poorly quoted and presented to the world. The first few times through the material is hardly enough. At first the mind bulks at much of it. Many of the statements contain so many divergent ideas packed so tersely in a few words and lines that it seems clumsily stated and difficult to comprehend. And it indeed it is. One simply does not get the "forest" for the trees and most of the trees individually can be dismissed as irrelevant to the questions which may have been in the reader’s mind at the time. The problem with this approach is that when most of the trees are dismissed, most of the forest magically disappears and the vision is impossible to find. And so it is that the greater part of Cayce's work has been lost.

This is not the only problem. There is a real challenge to grin and bear the acute intellectual pain and distress which some of Cayce’s comments inevitably create. On practically any point, one can easily find Cayce material which generally is abrasive to one or more of one's pet concepts of reality. There is very little doubt that taking all of Cayce seriously requires a major personal paradigm shift for most people. Thus Cayce is usually taken in small bits and pieces and presented in highly edited ways. And so it is that the greater part of Cayce's work has been lost.

Nor is that the end of the problem. Even in the edited bits and pieces, Cayce often seems hard to take. Cayce is generally presented within a vestigial bible-sounding "speak" for which I and no doubt many others have very little taste. Many of the things which Cayce's propagandists say he said sound, well, very crankish. The stories about Cayce's Atlantis, for instance, seem to some people to describe an antediluvian world of half-human, half-animal hybrids, bi-pedal beings with cloven feet, or with wings and tails.

It was not until I began to explore the readings on the CDROM that I discovered that such stories ABOUT Cayce's stories were composed by people who were extrapolating about what they thought Cayce might be saying from text which is often so vague with grammar so bad it is virtually impossible to determine just what was said. The simple truth is that the stories which have been published are not particularly accurate about the "weirder" details and so, even in the edited bits and pieces, Cayce’s paradigm is often made to appear to be more difficult to accept than it really is.

During June 1999 my thoughts finally turned to finishing the Earth Changes predictions. My copy on these topics had already been well developed during 1996 and 1997 and I supposed that it was nearly complete. This was the original core of the first book, now it was the core of the third book of a trilogy. I thought that it was just a matter of a couple of months worth of editing and refinement to polish it into a complete manuscript. But now new dimensions beckoned me, each with many levels. To my utter amazement and re-occurring panic, what had been just one onion to peel suddenly became a basket of them. Subsidiary material which I was supposed to quickly edit into minor chapters to verify some of Cayce’s minor comments now loomed as completely separate scientific paradigms of profound implication and intellectual power.

The most important new onion was the catastrophe of 1936. Originally I had classified it as an extremely clumsy statement (it is) which was either screwy or too vague to quantify with a pass or fail (it was neither). By analyzing the language which he had used in describing this "catastrophe" in the equilibrium of the Earth, it suddenly appeared that he was talking about the beginning of tectonic changes which would culminate in the shifting of the pole during Century 21. As I really bit into it, I gradually realized he was talking about some sort of movement in the actual location of the pole in 1936, a small, non-catastrophic pole shift which was merely the beginning step of a much greater change in the earth which must come again.

Surely, I concluded, Cayce was wrong and here he would take a rather decisive hit for the accuracy of his Earth Change comments. And since he was wrong here about the behavior of the pole, his whole pole shift prediction must be viewed with considerable skepticism. After all of this time, I had finally reduced Cayce’s reliability. The pole shift might not be the threat which seems to be implied by his other scores.

But my optimistic skepticism did not last long. I had found some interesting charts and graphs in the U.W. Library’s Science stacks the year before about polar motion. As I mentally poked and probed in understanding the implications of what I saw on the charts, I was amazed to find that they demonstrated that there had in fact been a mysterious jiggle in the motion of the wobbling pole sometime between 1935 and 1940. As I began to write that item into my verification of the Earth Changes, I suddenly, for the first time realized that Cayce’s discussion of it defined the whole logic of Cayce’s prophecies of the change in the earth which must come again. Cayce’s descriptions of it was so strange precisely because he was pointing to it as the beginning of a major shift in the location of the pole and nearly all of his Earth Change comments and predictions were directly connected to this long process which began in 1936 and would end sometime in 2001.

As I unpeeled this unsuspected onion, I found myself completely revamping the Earth Changes chapters. As these correlations merged with the tectonic facts I suddenly realized that Cayce’s comments had directly led me to a remarkable scientific breakthrough. Suddenly the whole proposition was simple and elementary. Other than the erosion processes, all tectonic change was directly induced by the motion of the pole. My graphs and trend lines clearly connected both tectonic activity and the El Nino years together with the plot line of the motion of the pole in a 6.5 year cycle (The X Wave) inside of Chandler’s Wobble.

Suddenly, the whole perspective radically shifted into a completely new paradigm about the nature of the Earth and the history of humanity. The main action, the main engine of change which has created the surface of the Earth and framed the history of humanity is the shifting location of the pole. Rather than an anomalous event, it is, as it were, part of the landscape and part as well of the reason why humans, despite a long genetic past, have advanced very little. Geologic catastrophe keeps wiping them out. With one fell swoop the paradigm explains exactly why geologic evidence points to several million years of humans on the Earth while the genetic evidence seems to suggest that nearly everyone is related to remote ancestors just a few hundred thousand years ago.

Telling this story had to become part of the main accomplishment of Book Three. After all is said and done, it is the main story line of the Phoenix. And it is also the pure essence of the prophecies of all the ages, the time of tribulation which changes even the heavens. Naturally, another major structural revamp was necessary. Accordingly, a minor chapter about Cayce’s 1936 Earth Change predictions, which were seemingly minor or obscure at best, became the beginning of a systematic restatement of the dynamics of plate tectonics. It became so radically restated it finally deserved a new name and I finally fastened on Vortex Tectonics.

While composing it I panicked every week as the weeks rolled by drawing closer to the millennium. But I was irresistibly drawn to complete a thorough statement of it and how to prove it. How could I do otherwise? It not only directly proved Cayce’s Earth Change comments and predictions about the period 1958-1998, it provided an entirely new foundation for geology and the Earth sciences. It made it technically possible to apply simple principles to paint a scientific scenario of what the shift in the pole was likely to be. In the final chapters of the Trilogy, the original quest to determine the nature and consequences of a shifting of the poles and how to survive it could be fulfilled in astounding detail.

Thus in July 1999 I began another radical restructuring of the Trilogy. I set out in earnest to deal with only truncated summaries of the World Epic (story of Atlantis) and the Hall of Records story while I expanded the verification of the Earth trends and the correlations of Vortex Tectonics which tie them all together and prove them.

Even while cutting back on Cayce’s stories about Egypt, I ended up expanding with new material about the ancient past to develop another entirely new paradigm. What was supposed to be a chapter about how ancient legends correlate with Cayce’s stories became a structural outline for the main lines of correlation in the ancient records and memories of humanity, really an entirely new paradigm for defining a portion of the ancient history of humanity. By finding and correlating the ancient memory components in the oldest stories and so-called myths, I was able to compile a consensus profile of the last pole shift. Profoundly, its power rests not at all on Cayce’s statements, which provides amazing credibility for both the paradigm and Cayce’s commentary.

After I had indexed and paralleled the themes it became reasonably obvious that the information in Y’shua’s prophecy was in part the same as the information in Utnapishtim’s story of the flood, and that both were telling of an event of the same class which had destroyed the Mammoths of Siberia. At this point I felt that I had a sense of the archaic unity of humanity and the workings of the hermetic orders. Everywhere I looked I could see the vast interlocking dance of the Weilu Master and the tracks of Phoenix. I finally came to a sense then that I had fleshed out the meaning of the title of book three by literally telling the story of "The Prophecies", to encompass all of the prophets, far beyond just Edgar Cayce, and the story which all prophecy tells ... which is about ... the Change In The Earth which must come when the Phoenix flies ... to land on a new Primeval Mound ... after the floods abate ... and the gods return to help recover.

With that I realized that I had completed the Trilogy. I could only hope that the Trilogy was well enough written to convey that unity in an interesting and understandable form and provide an authentic expression of that archaic unity. I intend that the power of the Trilogy lies in neither beliefs nor disbeliefs about various points, nor the merits of any particular argument. Both belief and disbelief arises from the same limitations of the past and I try to avoid both flavors of gnosis. Rather the power of the Trilogy consists of the harmony of relationships, the correlation of experience which reveal the universal forms through which the light consistently casts, from any angle, the same flickering shadows upon the walls of observation. Whether seen in the rocks, or on the walls of ancient Egypt, or heard in her legends, or in the stories of the Vedas, or seen and heard through the prolific talents of an highly accurate clairvoyant, the light casts the same shadows of a Phoenix with many names. In the synthesis of theses parallels, one finds the master keys for decoding the myths, legends, prophecies, and mysteries of the ages.

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