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Chapter 17

Cayce’s Sermon

On The New Order Of Conditions





One way to determine the quality of information is to examine the astuteness of the source's advice. Astute advice testifies loudly to a consciousness which is in objectively in tune with the facts and thus has the capacity to provide accurate information. Accordingly I examined the Cayce/Davis Collection very carefully to answer some very basic questions about the soundness of the mentality in the readings. Like, was Cayce a nut? An impractical dreamer? Just another pusher of half-baked woo-woo? Or did the advice suit the times and the places?

The greater portion of Cayce’s "collective advice" about objective human affairs was specifically focused to dealing with the terrible conflagrations of the 20th century which began with World War I and ended approximately with the collapse of communism. We now have some 50 years of hindsight to look at Cayce's advice to form a detached judgment about its quality.

In this chapter I have presented a selection of passages from Cayce's readings which most succinctly conveys Cayce's collective advice, all of which directly flowed from the premises of the God Game. This advice is repeated in a large number of variations in many readings but it is doubtful that there is any significant inconsistency anywhere in Cayce’s readings with that is presented in this chapter. My examination of this advice failed to distinguish him as a nut. His advice, like his predictions, was nearly always "right on" in outlining the main issues and pointing towards the main solutions.

As the previous chapters reveal, Cayce did not simply preach salvation through belief in God, as if "belief" was a magic cure all. The issue was to use and apply consciousness of God to change both the individual and the world. As THIS chapter reveals, the point was to bring a shared consciousness which could begin to work at a radical restructuring of the international and national economic and political structures. Cayce's catch-all phrase for this was the "leveling" which must come.

In this area of Cayce's sermonizing, we find more than just preaching. Cayce told us, emphatically, that a great leveling between nations and people will come. It would be either a bloody and chaotic revolution, or it would bring a reconciliation of needs which allows great diversity. The main moral issue was, always, which side were you on? Would you create the revolution by adding fuel to the disparities, or would you dissolve its energy through the creation of unity and reconciliation?

One must keep in mind that Cayce's militant comments on this issue were framed with a global perspective in mind. Unlike most of the readings, which were provided privately for individuals, the World Affairs readings talked to the world about what the Source considered were truly world issues. Europe was poised at the brink of war, in fact, World War II would break out within a few weeks after the selection of comments which are presented below. Japan was systematically raping every aspect of China which it could find, Hitler and Stalin were about to do the same thing to Poland, and the idealistic revolution in the Soviet Union had collapsed into the hands of the brutal autocracy of a two bit thug, Joseph Stalin, whose primary professional attainment before the communist revolution was robbing trains.

Internally, the U.S. was fitfully recovering from the Great Depression, but its economic house was still in disarray, riven by nationwide conflicts between capital and labor. This conflict was fueled on the one hand by the arrogance of self-styled capitalists who demanded the right to visit any kind of terms and conditions they wanted on anyone as they built their private dynasties, supposing that somehow they could return to live in the golden days of the roaring '20's. The fire was combusted from the other hand at every turn by labor organizers who were determined to trim the sails of the capitalists and exact a greater share and a greater security for workers. In all but a handful of nations, this conflict between the holders of vast wealth and the untenured urban masses had created chaos, civil collapse, and political anarchy. Order was generally restored under the fists and clubs of fascist dictators. Against this world backdrop, Cayce's comments can be seen for what they truly are.

The God Game Hits The Road


~ continued in Book Two ~

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