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Chapter 15
The Source

Reading Between The Lines





Naturally, Cayce was asked often about the source of his data and the nature of his power. Many questions were asked by individuals in their guidance readings and the answers generated a large range of data. Many questions were also asked in some of the topical series, especially those of the Glad Hands group. These topical series generated an even large range of data across dozens of readings about the sources of psychic information. All in all, many answers were given with a great variation in detail.

This diversity in these answers have generated somewhat different "takes" on the nature of the spiritual realm and the source of Cayce’s data. The divesity also, in the final analyis, leaves the strong impression that more than one explanation is truly indicated and that the most intimate details about the most important sources of Cayce’s information was and still is veiled in a mystery.

Cayce’s personal take was based on the nature of the trance from which the readings came. Like the other somnambulists who had appeared in the prior few hundred years, he had no conscious experience or memory of the experience. Speaking personally about the 30 years of his readings in his "The Lost Memoirs", Cayce explained that his material consciousness still had no specific knowledge about the workings of the readings:

"I don't how it works - I just know what has been my experience as a reader for that number of years" (30-odd years)

Smith: "The Lost Memoirs" (xviii)

Cayce’s own readings for himself were far more helpful. They told him that in his previous lifetimes, especially during his Egyptian lifetime as Ra, he had developed a mental ability which enabled him to disconnect from most physical perception. He could almost completely suppress his conscious mind in a trance. His superconscious or soul mind could then use his body as a switchboard to receive suggestions during the trance and relay the questions to sources on a spiritual or non-physical astral plane which had answers. The answers would then flow back through his superconscious mind and down into his vocal cords.

Though Cayce never had conscious recall of a real trance experience, and thus never actually described an actual experience of giving a reading, Bro reported that Cayce once encountered a murder in process while he was giving a reading. On this occasion he woke with full recall of the murder scene and was greatly disturbed for many days.

To keep their affairs simple, Cayce and A.R.E. staff tended to attribute the information generically to Cayce’s ability to contact "a higher force", which they personally thought of as God. Some writers, to avoid talking about God, popularly claimed that the source of this data was Universal Mind which somehow came out through Cayce when he had gone into a sleeping trance. Some people made this even simpler by calling it the "collective unconscious" The very simplicity of the idea was part of its considerable power: a vast collectivity of all unconscious minds comprise a universal mind through which information can be shared. Some how the conscious mind becomes subjugated by an unconscious soul mind. The soul mind responds to the "suggestion" to seek certain information, and somehow communicates with like unconscious minds to gather the information.

This idea gets radically more powerful by supposing that information can also be obtained from the minds of all those who have gone on before. Somehow "a reflection" of all consciousness is left in the skein of time forever. If we can tune into it somehow, we can see an image, the reflection of all that which is currently happening and all that which has gone before. Partly from inspiration found in Cayce’s readings, this "reflection" of consciousness in space/time has become popularly known as the "Akashic Records".

This idea provides a powerful way to think about what Cayce did and what all psychics do. Thus it is now well accepted among new-age circles that the source of Cayce’s data is the Akashic Records. It is often conceived and explained metaphorically as a book or as a place where one goes to read such books. As give by A.R.E. publications, as Cayce began to go into his trance, the conductor's "suggestion" would send Cayce’s soul out to find the information in the so-called Akashic Records, which a few of the Cayce readings also referred to as "the throne of universal information" . When he found the Akashic Records, or some place where he could perceive them, he could read portions of the past and the present with his "soul mind" and speak it out loud with his physical mind so the stenographer could write it down.

This answer was tidy, but was not nearly good enough to account for many of the obvious phenomenon, certain "artifacts", which appear in many of Cayce’s readings. Thus people asked a lot more questions and eventually both the physically conscious Cayce and his unconscious sources in the readings became a lot more revealing.


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