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Chapter 11
Cayce’s Legacy

A.R.E. & The Masks He Wore.


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My initial impressions of what Cayce said was formed by various writers who had written on the topics of prophecy, Earth Changes, Atlantis, and Egypt. In the beginning they served as my guide for finding the predictions and readings. From the appearance of the quotes and the quantity of material which was cited, I thought, on the wild outside, that the task involved a few hundred paragraphs in a few dozen readings. Easy, crank it out in a few weeks.

Gevalt!...which is Yiddish for oy a thousandfold.

It took two years of cutting and pasting thousands of paragraph tiles, arranging, rearranging, analyzing, reanalyzing and rearranging again. I am no longer collecting the tiles, but I still find myself going back occasionally to a reading to look at the original context of a quote.

As I diligently pasted the readings into the slowly emerging mosaic of the Phoenix Paradigm and my evaluative treatment of the objective contemporary predictions, I found increasing divergence of my understanding of the "tiles" from their use in the books and in the A.R.E. literature. Worse, I found some "quotes" did not exist as such....more as rough paraphrases which did not necessarily accurately reflect what I thought was the intent of the statement.

More than once my elaborately constructed mosaic sagged and partially collapsed in various contradictions. At one point I was totally befuddled over how to interpret several of the Earth Change predictions. I finally realized the main problem was that I was paying too much attention to what other people said they meant.

My difficulties disappeared as soon as I let go of all secondary sources and relied only on Cayce’s readings. I had grown lazy in my practices of writing business plans. I never dealt with anything but secondary sources of various business and industry statistics. Nobody in business does. With Cayce’s work, I rediscovered what I had learned in graduate school. Never use secondary quotes from secondary sources. Never rely upon what other people say someone said, no matter how scholarly the use of the quote appears. The context of a quote is all important, quotes easily can be taken to paint a position or belief on someone which is purely illusionary. I do not recall seeing such use of quotes very often in truly scholarly work, but such practice is common in social, political, and religious debates. A statement meant to convey a certain specific meaning is quite often used in an argument by someone else to support a completely different meaning or intent. I found that this is a major problem with the use of Cayce’s material.

Given the huge volume and diversity of comments in the Cayce/Davis Collection, it should not be surprising that fundamentally different "takes" can be reasonably made on what Cayce said. But I found a systematic "take", a "standard interpretation" of the Cayce readings which I have come to think of as the A.R.E. party line. As A.R.E. slowly evolved its role and its literature, it also evolved a loose but definable collective head space which contains a "standard interpretation" of many key aspects of Cayce’s readings and some of the stories of Egypt, Atlantis, the Earth Changes, and other Century 21 prophecies. This "standard interpretation" has been endlessly quoted in piece meal fashion and it has also influenced the collective mindset of the new age camp.

This posed a substantial problem in my evaluation of the Cayce’s readings. The more I assembled the paragraph "tiles" from Cayce’s readings into the mosaic of the Phoenix Paradigm, the more my "take" deviated. Finally, the deviations formed a fundamentally different "take". It is difficult enough to objectively evaluate many of Cayce’s readings and obscure statements to fit them into a comprehendible vision. It is considerably more difficult when there is fundamental disagreement about what people think he was saying.

At the heart of the divergence is the issue of the Earth Changes. The reason for this difference requires some examination before we seriously explore Cayce’s readings. Thus at this nexus, our quest enters delicately unto A.R.E.’s political turf to examine its party line.

A.R.E. – Association For Research And Enlightenment

Cayce’s legacy has been well served by A.R.E. Cayce’s readings and records have been well preserved and made accessible to the world, making it possible for Cayce’s missionary role of opening xianity into broader vistas to become highly successful. To what extent xian and new age movements in North America have been influenced by Cayce’s readings is arguable, but there is little doubt that there has been a substantial influence. Cayce can be found quoted in thousands of books and there is NO one in the new age camp who has not heard of Cayce. Much of the content of the North American new age movement seems to have originated from Cayce’s readings, or at least was prefigured in them, and some of the metaphysical topics which Cayce’s readings extemporized upon have become acceptable in many xian denominations.

After Cayce’s death in 1945, Cayce’s family and supporters had to deal with the challenge of whether and how Edgar’s work was going to survive. Fortunately, the war soon ended and Edgar’s son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, was quickly discharged from the military. He returned and undertook to keep the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) functional as an on-going membership organization during the late ‘40’s and early ‘50’s. He ended up spending his entire professional life in meeting the challenge, retiring finally in 1982.

Hugh Lynn succeeded in creating an international membership which has sustained A.R.E. and the Edgar Cayce Foundation since that time. With the help of Edgar’s long-term supporters and friends, Hugh Lynn was able to reinstitutionalize A.R.E. in 1956 by establishing a permanent three-story facility in Virginia Beach to house the readings, Edgar’s personal papers and correspondence, and the growing A.R.E. library. Ironically, they were able to repurchase the original Cayce Hospital facility which the Blumenthals had closed in 1931. A.R.E. has expanded and thrived since 1956, achieving a stable membership base of about 40,000 people.

Hugh Lynn continued his father’s strategy of encouraging individuals and small groups to experiment with the application of the content of the readings. He also continued his own strategy of seeking the broadest possible scientific context for understanding the Cayce phenomenon.

During the 1930’s, as the neophyte business manager of A.R.E., Hugh Lynn had begun to struggle with the issues of documenting the proof of his father’s clairvoyance and scientifically validating Cayce’s readings. After graduating in business and psychology from Washington and Lee University, Hugh Lynn had taken a job as a librarian at the Atlantic College. When that was closed by the Blumenthals, he took the job, without salary, as business manager of A.R.E. His first direction was in building the A.R.E. library on psychic phenomenon in order to provide a base for placing Cayce and his work within a scientific framework. He felt that the readings themselves could be the basis of A.R.E., not Edgar Cayce’s trances, and that they might have enough scientific value that people would support A.R.E. just to have access to them.

The material that Hugh Lynn began to collect enabled Edgar to discover that he was not unique. Less than a century before him, there was a man on the eastern seaboard of North America, Andrew Jackson Davis, who gave somnambulistic readings which focused exclusively on providing diagnostic analysis and medicinal cures. Davis eventually became a professional doctor so that he could directly treat those sought help from his readings.

To support scientific inquiry, Hugh Lynn wrote hundreds of articles and many books related to the content of the Cayce readings, encouraged the publication of many other books by other authors. He wrote a booklet "God's Other Door" which contains comments in the Cayce readings about life after death. In 1964, he completed "Venture Inward", which explores the metaphysics in the Cayce readings and their advice about meditation and spiritual practices. He also co-wrote "The Outer Limits of Edgar Cayce's Power" with his brother, Edgar Evans Cayce, to summarize both the successes and limits of Cayce’s readings. Hugh Lynn’s final book, "Faces of Fear", reviewed comments about the causes of fear in the Cayce's readings. Eventually, the A.R.E. Press began to publish these books, which now has a catalog of over 150 titles in print. Amazingly, all of this media has developed mostly through word of mouth, in accordance with Edgar Cayce’s maxim not to sensationalize through advertising. To this day, A.R.E. does not advertise, though A.R.E. Press does circumspectly advertise.

Hugh Lynn became a well known lecturer in his own right, strongly stimulating both the psychic research field and the emergence of the New Age movement, influencing their directions. He lectured throughout the world on such subjects as psychic research, dream analysis, meditation, metaphysics, and personal spiritual development. Bro tells us that Hugh Lynn had some personal clairvoyant ability but never attempted to use it professionally in the same manner as his father. The reading phenomenon were as much a mystery to Hugh Lynn as they are to practically everyone else.

Perhaps the most important contribution Hugh Lynn made was to support Gladys Davis in finishing her work of indexing systematically every statement within every readings. This took Davis another 10 years or work after Edgar’s death. Hugh Lynn also kept the 14,000+ case files "open", encouraging the addition of correspondence and citations to correlations in science and the media. Newspaper clippings, special reports, even booklets can be found in a case file which articulates something related to a particular reading.

The elaborate organization and indexing of the Cayce material culminated in two watershed publishing events. The first was the publication of the Individual Reference File by A.R.E. Press in 1970 and 1976. Thousands of topics and citations to the readings can be found through this index. This effort especially sustained the holistic and preventative health fields, keeping Cayce’s physical health readings active and influential in North America. The second watershed was the publication of all of the readings and case files on a CD (CDROM) under Hugh Lynn’s successor in 1993. The impact of this effort has scarcely been felt, but the Phoenix Trilogy is definitely part of that impact.

Hugh Lynn led A.R.E. in funding professional archeological research in Egypt through numerous projects and A.R.E. continued this support well after his death. A.R.E. support included sponsorship of the early archeological career of a researcher who has made the study of ancient Egypt and Rostau a life-long career. Others have been supported, sponsored, or involved in various ways, including J.A. West’s documentation of the great age of the Sphinx and early efforts by the Schor Foundation to locate and open the Hall of Records. Currently, A.R.E. is not involved in various projects which seek to uncover the "Hall of Records in front of the Sphinx. They reportedly do not want to be seen as "tampering" with the prophecies.

Throughout his life, Hugh Lynn emulated the community activism of his father, involving himself in associations and social work. In 1964 he was named First Citizen of Virginia Beach by the Virginia Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce. He spent 25 years working with the Boy Scout association of Virginia Beach and was a scoutmaster of Virginia Beach Troop 60. He was an elder of the First Presbyterian Church and superintendent of its Sunday School. (I wonder how he dodged the heresy issue?) A summary of Hugh Lynn’s life can be found in an extensive obituary in the Cayce/Davis Collection (Report 341-53/8). Reports which are attached to Hugh Lynn Cayce’s reading files (341) provide a glimpse into the history of the organizations (the Edgar Cayce Foundation and A.R.E.) which possess and maintain Edgar Cayce’s legacy.

Edgar Cayce’s youngest son, Edgar Evans has also remained involved with A.R.E. and is a member of the board of directors alongside other family members. Edgar Evans created a career as a professional electrical engineer and is now retired but he is still active. As recently as early 1998 he was featured on the Art Bell Radio show. His style was extremely understated, stressing the medical and vocational readings while avoiding the metaphysical dimension,. Most tellingly, he avoided answering what the source of the information was, using Edgar’s well worn dodge.

Charles Thomas Cayce, Hugh Lynn’s oldest son, became president of A.R.E. in 1976. He did graduate work in psychology at the University of Mississippi, succeeded in the role of managing director of A.R.E. He assumed active management of the operation and is still President of A.R.E. as of late 1998. The Association looks very much like it did when he assumed management, with the addition of a bi-monthly magazine, Venture Inward and the re-creation of Atlantis University.

A.R.E. Fellow Travelers

Many people contributed to in many ways to the popularization of Cayce’s readings. One of the most influential was Gina Cerminara who wrote "Many Mansions, The Edgar Cayce Story On Reincarnation". It was first published in 1950 and has been an enduring popular title. It is still in print. It provides a systematic exploration and summary of the readings on reincarnation, karma, the soul, and related concepts.

During the past 40 years dozens of other titles have appeared, using the Edgar Cayce name and readings, such as Edgar Cayce on Diet and Health, Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self, ...Religion and Psychic Experience, ...On Esp, ...On Atlantis, ...On The Dead Sea Scrolls, and similar. The principal focus during the past ten years seems to have been topics related to "self development" and "the spirit plane". Most of this work was directly aided and influenced by the Cayce family, including support for the use of the Cayce name and forwards written by Hugh Lynn or Charles Thomas. Sometimes it was directly commissioned by the A.R.E. staff and published by A.R.E. Press or as part of a series of paperbacks by Warner Books or Coronet. Some additional topics which have been published include: dreams and their interpretations, religion and psychic experience, prophecy, reincarnation, healing, and christianity. Since Cayce’s sons are deeply steeped in xianity, the monographs often have a "gospel" flavor but the readings generally are dry of outright religiosity of any identifiable stripe

Many other books have been published by other authors about Edgar Cayce’s readings. Most seem to repeat the meat in Hugh Cayce’s works. Sometimes not correctly.

Inevitably, the Cayce name and the fine work of A.R.E. is becoming a target for rip-off by new age channelers. "Edgar Cayce" is becoming known as a spirit entity who will speak through channelers. An early such "appearance" was in "Edgar Cayce Returns" by Robert Leichtman and now, Cayce’s "channeling" is even beginning to be found on the Internet, which, like almost the entire New Age field, provides exactly ZERO professional documentation on the credibility of the so-called channeler or clairvoyant. If there is no established credibility for the channeler or psychic, there is a reason and I provide a more extended conversation on this point and these channelers in "The Prophecies".

A.R.E.'s Cayce

Members of Cayce’s family and those who have written about the Cayce material, have evolved a presentation and discussion of the Cayce material which has stabilized into a "standard interpretation", which I have come to think of as the "party line". By observing the central role of Hugh Lynn Cayce and his son in the creation of the A.R.E. literature and organizations, it is obvious that it is their "take" which forms the essential core of A.R.E.’s Cayce.

The "party line" portrays Cayce’s work as non-threatening and non-controversial as possible, ostensibly geared to scientific inquiry and non-sectarian discussion for examination by all religious creeds. The focus is generally either on the health, healing, and personal development material or on the more abstract realms of metaphysics.

The collective mindset of A.R.E. is oriented towards a fairly conservative xianity, but one which admits that the psychic realm exists and that spiritual activity benefits from the conscious use of methodologies from the older, so-called pagan world, especially the practices which were pioneered by the yogins of Hinduism and Buddhism and by the teachers of the hermetic doctrines.

The stories of Atlantis and Egypt, as well as the Change In The Earth Prophecy, for the most part are left in the background as curiosities...conversation about them is seriously understated.

For the most part, the party line has served A.R.E. well and it comfortably sustains the maintenance of the Cayce legacy. The problem, however, after three years of porpoising through the Cayce/Davis CD, is that some of A.R.E.’s Cayce is not very recognizable to me.

Part of the difficulty is that the A.R.E. mindset is reflexively xian and mine is reflexively hermetic. The A.R.E. mindset is liberated from fixation on the blinding dogma imposed by Imperial Rome but a great many of those who share the A.R.E. mindset are still filtering their understanding of Cayce’s comments through a framework of metaphors and notions drawn primarily from the Latin bible. My filters are hermetic, akin to an eastern world view. Inevitably, I am going to see a somewhat different Cayce than an xian will.

But this does not completely account for the A.R.E. Cayce which I do not recognize. I see some erroneous information and discussions about Cayce and his predictions, especially his Earth Change and Pole Shift predictions, as well as a profound misunderstanding of most of Cayce’s most important, far-ranging predictions. Frankly, on certain critical issues, I see a willful refusal to mature past the gangling Edgar Cayce’s dodges – nothing but us perfectly normal perfectly obscure phenomenon around here – no, no spooks at all, must be god’s will. And I see a persistence of patterns of selective perception, denial and masking, especially of the catastrophism which is inherent in Cayce’s pole shift paradigm. I see exactly the same sort of selective perception and denial in Cayce’s descendents about the Change In The Earth era as I see in the selective perception and denial which attended Cayce’s predictions about the catastrophic crash of the dynastic age.

All Edgar Cayce had to do to avoid the problems of the depression was to read his own damn readings and act accordingly. Quite evidently he did not. Quite evidently he has riding a big ego jag at the time and left everything in everyone else’s hands.

In the current era I find a certain aw-shucks sort of willful ignorance and refusal to clearly connect with many of the very clearly stated predictions, as well as with their clear, perfectly obvious connections and implications. So in the current era we have a sort of dodge along the lines of: nothing and nobody here but us perfectly modifiable, we don’t really know aw-shucks what is going to happen in the way of pole shifts.

Here are some examples which are drawn from various brochures used by A.R.E. to present its work:

"For most of his adult life, Edgar Cayce was able to provide intuitive insights into nearly any question imaginable."

Intuitive? Where did THAT come from?

When individuals came to Edgar Cayce with a question, he would place himself into a self-induced sleep state.

Well, I hate to be picky but this creates a false impression. He always placed himself into a sleep in the presence of a guide or session conductor who would provide the question-suggestions, including the crucial one to "wake up", without which Cayce was totally lost.

While in that state he could respond to virtually any question asked. His responses have come to be called "readings". Today his psychic readings constitute one of the largest and most impressive records...

True enough, but the end of this statement is:

...of intuitive information to emanate from a single individual.

Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm, sort of ducking the issue, aren’t we? Throughout his life and in all discussions of his work, the discussion has been about psychic and clairvoyant capabilities. I detect a decided manipulation of image here, one which masks and veils, which one all too typically finds in organizations. What Cayce did had NO RELATIONSHIP whatsoever to what the average person considers to be "intuition" and this is a genuinely intuitive statement. What Cayce did included telepathic involvement between minds and the readings clearly tell us that. Most of the product produced by Cayce’s trances are classic demonstrations of clairvoyance, the ability to see remote places, times, and things. Occasionally, a reading demonstrates mind-boggling precognition. None of this is "intuitive" information.

The Edgar Cayce material provides a number of fascinating glimpses into epochs of human history. For many individuals, perhaps two of the most notable periods discussed by the Cayce readings are those which deal with the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt.


Hundreds of readings discuss the lost continent of Atlantis -- a civilization which was one of the most advanced that the world would ever know.


From Cayce's perspective, much of modern-day technology is simply the rediscovering of knowledge and information possessed by the Atlantean culture.


Yet, although the Atlanteans were advanced technologically, many of the people lost their sense of purpose by becoming too attached to power and the material world. In time, this once spiritual populace became fractured into two distinct groups: the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. Those of the Law of One carried on the spiritual tradition of their forefathers, while the Sons of Belial became engrossed with satisfying their physical appetites and desires. This split would eventually lead to the continent's downfall and eventual destruction.

Fundamentally incorrect. In the first place, Cayce had no perspective on Atlantis save what the readings provided him. Cayce’s readings provided information about Atlantis, not Cayce. Secondly, it resonates far better with Cayce’s readings to say: by focusing upon materiality and ignoring their own spiritual nature, Atlanteans were oblivious to their physical and social environments and thus were caught by a series of three cataclysms. The first, about 50,000 BC, destroyed their major power sources. The second, about 28,500 BC, caused the continent to break into three smaller islands: Poseidia, Og, and Aryan. The third and final destruction -- which is the one mentioned by Plato -- occurred about 10,500 BC It caused the three remaining islands to sink. Those who were more spiritually and scientifically aware, whom Cayce’s readings called the "Children of the Law of One", knew 200 years in advance that the final destruction was coming. They survived by migrating to other parts of the world.

In fact, prior to the final destruction of Atlantis, many of the Atlanteans migrated to Egypt and were absorbed into a culture that reached the height of its glory at about the same time as the third Atlantean cataclysm.

Strange use of the phrase "in fact" and, in accordance with what Cayce said, not really. In essence, the emigrant Atlanteans, according to Cayce, jointly created a new culture in Egypt in partnership with Carpathian refugees, one of whom was Ra. Ancient Egyptian civilization originated as an Atlantean-Carpathian hybrid culture. And there was certainly no heights of glory, the successors in Egypt were carpet-baggers on the lam from disasters.

Eventually, the Egyptian civilization would be considered unsurpassed in the scientific history of the world and be given credit for introducing the world to writing, medical science, irrigation, architecture, and nationalism.

This is true enough in historical fact, at one time Egypt was so considered. But Cayce never said that.

In addition, the readings suggest that between 1958 and 1998 the world would again be presented with many of the same opportunities and challenges that faced the Atlanteans, eventually requiring humankind to remember its true spiritual nature

True enough. He forecast a dismal period of conflict, strife, violence, and the cold war between capitalism and communism (which he described as a conflict between labor and capital).

as we head toward a new millennium of peace and hope.

This is the A.R.E. mindset projection I object to the most. It is completely unfounded and uncalled for. Cayce definitely did not forecast a new millennium of peace and hope. He specifically warned of cataclysmic "earth changes" which would devastate major portions of the U.S., including destruction and loss of the U.S. West Coast, and culminate in a shift in the axis of the Earth which would wreak havoc throughout the planet, destroy Japan, fundamentally alter Europe, and cause major upwarping and downwarping of the earth’s crust, resulting in new lands, new coastlines, and so on. CAYCE STATED MORE THAN ONCE THAT THIS WOULD OCCUR.

None of this can be said to engender either peace or hope. What Cayce specifically suggested is that people place their hope of personal peace and survival in Christ and Christ’s greater, more focused manifestation via the return of Y’shua, which Cayce specifically predicted would also occur, although he left the exact timing a tad ambiguous.

To turn this into "a new millennium of peace and hope" as if it were a part of Edgar Cayce’s Change In The Earth Prophecy is in my opinion intellectually dishonest. Frankly, is a pattern of hype which I find to be all too typical of the various xian mindsets. Forget the realities, play up the wish fulfillment.

In an interview February 19, 1998 on the Art Bell Show, Edgar Evans Cayce, the youngest son of Edgar Cayce who eventually succeeded his elder brother Hugh Lynn Cayce an A.R.E. "elder", was asked pointedly about the Earth Changes Predictions. Edgar Evans told Bell’s nation-wide audience that:

"the future is not fixed, we can change it, I really don't know what is going to happen"

Edgar Evans reiterated the point by telling Art Bell that there was no reference in the Cayce/Davis Collection to a specific pole date and that in regards to an axis shift happening:

"we can change that"

Now read these quotations directly from an Edgar Cayce reading:

(C) These changes in the earth will come to pass...

06/30/36 294-185 DREAM /19

(Q) What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the Earth in the year 2,000 to 2,001 A.D.?

(C) When there is a shifting of the poles...

08/11/36 826-008 LIFE M35 Lawyer, Protestant /11

i.e., there will be a great change when there is a shifting of the poles in the year 2000.

It takes mighty selective reasoning to conclude that there is no reference to a date for a shift in the axis of the Earth and, regardless, "we can change that", i.e., prevent it from happening. Edgar Evans, in an extremely understated style, avoided mentioning the metaphysical dimension almost entirely, stressing the medical and vocational readings given by Edgar Cayce. When asked point blank about the source of the Cayce readings, he avoided answering where the information came from. Actually, Cayce had a lot to say about that, he himself believed (or hoped) that it was from communication with God or Christ. Throughout the Cayce/Davis Collection, there are innumerable indications, clues, and statements. Minimally, there is a lot to discuss, even if a definitive conclusion cannot be reached. We can see, beyond the selective amnesia of the content, Cayce’s standard dodge, "I really don’t know", is still being used on the road some 55 years after his death.

Here are some more brave words from A.R.E.:

Cayce suggested that the years between 1958 and 1998 would indeed be a period of great global transformation. However, these changes would not lead to the "end of the world" but, in time, to the dawning of a New Age of hope and community for all humankind.

True, the world will not end, but let’s review again how the New Age will begin. He specifically warned of cataclysmic "earth changes" which would devastate major portions of the U.S., including destruction and loss of the U.S. West Coast, and culminate in a shift in the axis of the Earth which would wreak havoc throughout the planet, destroy Japan, fundamentally alter Europe, and cause major upwarping and downwarping of the earth’s crust, resulting in new lands, new coastlines, and so on. CAYCE STATED MORE THAN ONCE THAT THIS WOULD OCCUR.

None of this can be said to engender either peace or hope. What Cayce specifically suggested is that people place their hope of personal peace and survival in Christ and Christ’s greater, more focused manifestation via the return of Y’shua, which Cayce specifically predicted would also occur, although he left the exact timing a tad ambiguous.

How would you describe the dawning of the "New Age"? Here are some of A.R.E.’s bravespeak which I pulled directly off the A.R.E. website:

Cayce's predictions for the future are not really about earthquakes; instead, they are about the fact that a new world is being born.

This statement is ingeniously both true and false. Cayce’s predictions are definitely about earthquakes. Connected with them, a new world will be born on the ashes of the old Phoenix. The old Phoenix is our world, which the Hopi call the Fourth World.

The purpose of the changes we are experiencing is not for the changes themselves; rather, it is so that we will undergo personal and global transformation. Only in this way may we usher in the dawn of a New Age.

This is the cant and creed of new age millennialism – phraseology designed to be read in a positive, even hopeful light. I call it positive stinking – and it bears little or no relationship to anything ever said by Cayce. We are going to have a new age where we get to undergo personal and global transformation? If we think and emote positively, the world will reward us by being kind and benevolent. We should be thankful for the opportunity to have a New Age. Right?

The global Earth Changes have nothing to do with human beings or spiritual realities. The global Earth Changes are the manifestation of the iron laws of the cosmos grinding out the inevitable balances of gravity and the cause and effect of plate tectonics. We can decide to use these changes as opportunities, we can positively transform ourselves through these changes, if we are wise enough, but these changes have no other point, in and of themselves, than maintaining the balance of material, and only material, cause and effect in material universe.

In this way, and only in this way, the global Earth Changes are inevitable, regardless of what we say and do, which is EXACTLY what Cayce said. Thank God human beings have not the slightest capacity to alter these vast forces with their minds, they would have blown our planet into oblivion a long time ago.

Because of the amazing persistence of the idea that human will and behavior has something to do with the Earth Changes which accompany a shifting of the axis of the earth, and the absolute necessity to discard such illusions, if you want to survive them, I prove these assertions about Cayce’s predictions in exhausting detail in "The Prophecies".

From Cayce's perspective, the future offers not destruction and hopelessness, but the chance to transform the world as we work together, building hope and community for all of humankind. Today, wherever we find ourselves, there is a great need to come together as one global family. That is our collective destiny. That is the potential heritage we share as spiritual beings manifesting in the earth.

Great rhetoric, but again, we find one of those statements which are both true and false. If Cayce’s clairvoyance is correct, the profound, awesome dilemma of the future, now the near future, is precisely that it DOES OFFER the full range of destruction, hopelessness, and unprecedented tragedy, as well the challenge to transform the world as we work together to survive into one global family. Only those who do work together cooperatively will gain the opportunity to survive the global changes with some semblance of dignity of life and spirit.

I could go on and on and fill the remainder of this book and the next one with examples of bad quotation, selective amnesia, and just plain bad thinking about Cayce’s material which has appeared through the years, yes even in some of the books published by A.R.E. Press. It gets worse and worse as you get into the more remote subjects, such as Atlantis. But it is not my purpose with the Trilogy to continue to criticize the enormous load of error which accompanies the Cayce phenomenon. There is far too much of it in the bookstores and in the internet circles and rumor mills. The only practical thing I can do is ignore it.

I have singled out these examples from A.R.E. and its leaders simply to demonstrate my thesis: that Cayce is not properly understood, all secondary sources which generalize about Cayce’s work contain error and selective perception, even the so-called authoritative publications, probably even this book. I think these examples suffice to demonstrate that there is a profound misunderstanding of Cayce’s most important, far-ranging predictions and it should be obvious that many generalizations about Cayce’s work fall short of the mark.

It is not my intention to castigate A.R.E though I appear in these pages to pound it fairly soundly. That is solely an illusion. My real attitude is: Thank God for A.R.E.! All and all, A.R.E. has done a remarkably sound job in handling and summarizing the material, has steered clear of cultism, contributed mightily to breaking the back of xian dogmatism, and continues to offer much sanity to the world.

Releasing the entire Cayce/Davis Collection on the CD was just one of A.R.E.’s many inspired acts. The CD gave me a severely huge advantage over Hugh Lynn and directly made it possible for me to gain the perspective to offer this kind of criticism about his "first generation" of "take" on the Cayce material. My computer can instantly call up every relevant paragraph on any idea, thought, word, or datum and allow me to place them side by side.

I can distill the essence of meaning which is perfectly consistent with all readings. It is doubtful that Hugh Lynn ever had the opportunity to see all of Cayce’s comments on a given word or idea side by side. Hugh Lynn died before the personal computer came into widespread use. Thus, it should not be surprising to find that a completely new "take" on some aspects of Cayce’s material has emerged directly as a result of the intensive study which the CD and a personal computer make possible.

Chronology of the Cayce Legacy (1945-1998)

  Table 115:  The Cayce Legacy (1945-1998)
1945-1955 Gladys Davis cataloged and indexed all of Cayce’s known readings: 14,246
1946-1976 Hugh Lynn Cayce assumed presidency of A.R.E. and worked building up a volunteer organization of some 40,000 members by the time he died in 1982.
1948 The Edgar Cayce Foundation chartered; took possession of Cayce readings.
1967 The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn was published, became a bestseller; A.R.E. membership doubled.
1976 David E. Kahn published his autobiographical "My Life With Edgar Cayce". He attributes his entire rise from a rural, small-town merchant family background to a multimillionaire, who brokered $10 million dollar plus deals, and ended up with ownership of the Brunswick Radio Corporation, entirely and specifically from information provided to him by Cayce’s readings.
1976 Charles Thomas Cayce succeeds Hugh Lynn as president of the A.R.E.; Hugh Lynn becomes chairman of board.
1982 Hugh Lynn Cayce dies.
1984 A.R.E. launches Venture Inward Magazine.
1985 Atlantic University reactivated as graduate school in transpersonal studies.
1986 Gladys Davis dies in her 80’s.
1988 "Hugh Lynn Cayce: About My Fathers' Business", a biography by A. Robert Smith, published six years after HL Cayce’s death.
1989 Bro’s "A Seer Out of Season, the life of Edgar Cayce", is published.
1945-1998 Archeological and historical research consistently finds new correlations which demonstrate corroboration of Cayce’s story of Egypt of 10,500 BC as the center of the transmission of the Atlantean legacy. Cayce correctly described the climate of North Africa, the East-West flow of the Nile River a million years ago; the correlation of the myth of Amen-Ra-Osiris with the myth of Bhrama- Vishnu; the correlation of numerous myths, including the Hopi and the Mayan, with Egyptian mythology and words; the nature and location of the Essene Community; and others.. Evidence in ancient stories and artifacts builds up, demonstrating the ancient use of electricity; ancient aviation on several continents; use of sonic drilling devices; and many other mysterious uses of technology which were described by Cayce as products of Atlantis.
1960 - 1997 Geological verification of Cayce’s geological statements & predictions is undertaken by a professional "Geologist" who publishes periodic reports which culminate with his final summary "Coming Earth Changes" under the name of William Hutton. Hutton argues that many of Cayce’s predictions came true and that most of his paleohistory descriptions are amazingly well supported by all data.
1970 "Individual Reference File" finished by Gladys Davis is published by A.R.E.
1960 A.R.E. Press commences publishing, creating over 150 titles by 1999.
1960–1998 Sellers, Bauval and others in the budding science of archeo-astronomy demonstrate that the religion mythic stories, and central metaphors of ancient Egypt are correlated to astronomical relationships and events, as claimed by Cayce.
1955- 1998 Several studies and indications suggest strongly that there are constructions carved into the Giza Plateau adjacent to the Sphinx and underneath the Great Pyramids; and that the entire complex is not what it has seemed to archeologists.
1968-1998 Evidence becomes clear that one of Cayce’s Earth Change predictions, the rise of Atlantean land in 68/69, has failed.
1992 J.A. West et al verify, with depth sounding technology, the probable existence of a chamber or passageway in front of the Sphinx and very strong hard geological evidence that the Sphinx is at least 8,000 years old, if not older; J.A. West also demonstrates that there are two distinct building styles in Egypt, the temple style which is ornate, and an older style which is unadorned and which uses massive blocks, similar to the Great Pyramid. This data tantalizingly suggests that Cayce’s story of Egypt may be true and stimulates a strong growing interest in finding the Hall of Records.
1993 The Cayce/Davis Collection is published on CD: all Cayce readings indexed by Gladys Davis and the A.R.E. correspondence/report files related to the clients and their readings.
1995-1997 Bauval et al verify the "set-date" of Rostau; the orientation and construction of the Sphinx was intentionally designed to point precisely to 10,500 BC, as were the three great pyramids (the Orion Three), which was the construction era mentioned by Cayce numerous times.
1998 Cayce et al publish "Atlantis Revisited" which summarizes the extensive scientific data which parallels and supports Cayce’s comments about Atlantis.
1997 Intensification of plate tectonic movement spreading the rifts under the Pacific Ocean increase the rate of Volcanism in the tropical zone of the Pacific and increase the release of heat into the ocean, causing history’s worst El Nino. Erroneously attributed to confirming the "Global Warming" paradigm. The El Nino, along with other evidence, clearly verifies Cayce’s prediction that in 1998 an intensification of Earth Change trends will be noticed, which Cayce says are as omens indicating global catastrophe during Century 21.
1999-2005 Mandeville’s "The Return of the Phoenix" is published to objectify Cayce’s prophecies and document his long-term accuracy.

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