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Chapter 10
Cayce’s Career

The Contentious Elephant




(C) "You ask, I am sure, "Have there been failures?" If there were not failures, friends, I would be afraid that there was something super-natural about me. I am only human, Humanity is doomed to failure when it trusts its own weak self, and most of us have that failing. "

Edgar Cayce:  "Edgar Cayce, His Life and Work"; A.R.E., 1943,
a 3/10/26 draft version exists in the Cayce/Davis CD





This blind man sees the elephant only through the words of the six other blind men. I did not know Cayce, I don’t even know if I would have liked him as a person. I hope I have the front of the beast and have properly deduced, from the reports of the other blind men about the trunk, the ears, and the toenails, that this is an elephant. I have no other experience of Cayce but these biographies...and his readings. From these, this blind man spins his deductions in this and the following chapters.

As I explored the biographies and composed the composite sketch of Cayce’s life, I kept looking for the bottom line about Cayce’s personal and professional credibility, the nature of his clairvoyant gift, and any patterns which I could detect in the evolution of the readings. The examination was highly illumining. I certainly found many patterns and I have highlighted in this chapter those which seem most apparent.

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