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Chapter 1
A Ten Million Year Vision

Cayce’s World Epic


Buried in the several hundred thousand pages of some 15,000 psychic readings given by Edgar Cayce, there is a large legacy of clues, which, like a jigsaw puzzle, fit together to reveal the outline of a vast historical drama, a "World Epic". This drama is the story of humanity's struggle to become civilized despite the destructive swaths of four "flights" of the Earth-Phoenix during the last 120,000 years.



This sample text originated from the first edition in 2000.  Changes and corrections were made to approximately half of all pages. To purchase this book in e-book (Open Document PDF format) or as a paperback or hardbound book, click on Cosmic Catalog.


The Quest Begins

The journey which I have chronicled in this Trilogy began with a fascinating video tape about the 10,000 year plus age of the Sphinx in Egypt by John Anthony West. In a long, highly detailed presentation, which was broadcast on NBC during 1992, West displayed the findings of his extensive on-the-ground explorations of the Sphinx and the Giza Plateau. With Giza’s three Great Pyramids often serving as the backdrop for their presentations, several highly skilled scientific researchers shared their conclusions from their analysis of hard physical evidence in ancient Egypt.

Except for their astounding conclusions, the tape would have been just another brick in the wall of archeological research, of interest mainly to archeological students in college. But the conclusions to which West’s team of material and forensic scientists were pointing went far beyond archeology. If West‘s team was right, the walls of archeological knowledge would tumble over and the entire structure of the origins of human history would have to be rebuilt on entirely new ground.

Even more astonishing, West had just confirmed the extraordinary power and accuracy of a famous American psychic, Edgar Cayce, who had predicted during the 1930’s everything which West had found. Not only would academic history have to stand a substantial correction, with important changes necessary in nearly every reference and general history book, but the long dominant academic belief system of secular materialism would be faced once again with a serious challenge from the psychic/spiritual realm.

Step by step, as with all good science, West and his associates built a strong case. Their hard, practical, real world data demonstrated pristinely and clearly that the Sphinx had been erroneously interpreted by secular academics for the past 200 years. It was far older than previously guessed, at least twice as old, making it at least 9000 years old. Maybe it was even three times older. They progressively went far beyond the arm-chair extrapolations which are typical of archeology. Using hard quantitative analysis and the laboratory principles of the material sciences, their work jointly explored the geological aspects of Giza, the chemical weathering dynamics of the rocks and buildings in the area, the archeological building patterns in early Egypt, and the sonic profiles of the limestone layers which underlie the Sphinx. From this they had some matter-of-fact but decisively important things to say about the various legends, myths, and mis-identities of the Sphinx.

I loved the tape. It was all hard science, engendered by the reasoning of real people working with their hands to generate real facts from the Earth and its artifacts. There was no propaganda, no mythology, no stuffy egyptologists long on big words and Euro-centric extrapolations but short on practical facts, no archeological, historical, or social science theorists attempting to redefine the data to fit it into a preconceived idea of the "conventional wisdom" or "prevailing paradigm" about the ancient past. This was real, inductive science, the methods of secular science doing its best "classical" work, all precisely shared on video tape in way which created a classic document of the type which is rarely equaled. This was a paradigm breaker/maker par excellence.

West’s compilation of data also seemed to make a good case for the likelihood of underground constructions in front of the Sphinx leading down into the Nile Valley. Using high-tech high resolution sonar equipment, Thomas Dobecki, a geological engineer and petroleum seismologist from the Colorado School of Mines produced sonar printouts of the profiles of rectilinear cavities in the ground in front of the Sphinx about five meters (fifteen feet) under the surface. One was at least 9 meters by 12 meters in size.

Astoundingly, West’s work seemed to confirm some unbelievable commentary by Edgar Cayce, an American psychic of the early 20th century, about the ancient past. Cayce had predicted 60 years earlier that a Hall of Records of Atlantean artifacts would be found underground in front of the Sphinx and that the entrance could be found somewhere near (or in) the right front paw of the Sphinx. A passageway would lead towards the Nile River and into the Hall of Records.

West’s video tape seemed to verify at least a part of Cayce’ story (who had claimed that the Sphinx was built in 10,500 BC) and West’s sonic print-outs hinted very strongly that the rectilinear profile of a passageway had been "captured". By mentioning Cayce’s commentary about the age of the Sphinx and the "passageway" to the "Hall of Records", West discretely hinted that his work was at least partly inspired by Cayce’s psychic stories. He also seemed to imply, between the lines, that his work confirmed Cayce’s comments.

But West’s hints about Cayce’s comments were completely unnecessary to my incredulous mind. The sonar profiles and other findings jogged my memory about reading Cayce’s predictions when I was in college during the 1960’s while looking at a great many alternatives to the dry anonymity of secular academic materialism. I had read Hugh Lynn Cayce’s book about his father’s stories of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and the Hall of Records. I had also read Jess Stearn’s provocative write up of Cayce’s catastrophic Earth Change prophecies.

I had found the stories interesting, even amusing, but a little too weird. The Atlantis, messianic, and reincarnation material was difficult to absorb at the time. Not only was it difficult to evaluate, seemingly impossible to verify, it suffered the grave defect of not being intrinsically interesting to a young of man of 25 who was obviously going to live forever. Thus I had filed it away in my black hole of strange stuff.

But two of Cayce’s stories with highly specific predictions had stuck in my mind: the rising of Atlantis off Bimini and the finding of the time capsule between the paws of the Sphinx. Cayce’s prediction about an opening of the Atlantean Hall Of Records buried near the Sphinx some time in the future had certainly been far more interesting than the average article on archeology. So I tucked the prediction away, along with ominous predictions about catastrophic Earth Changes and a "shifting of the poles". I told myself that if there was something to the story it would eventually come to light. I wrote myself a mental note that when the Hall of Records was found, I would know that I should take Cayce’s stories and calamity predictions about the end of the 20th century seriously enough to reread them. In other words, until I understood far more about the credibility and power of this psychic Edgar Cayce, I would pursue more tangible, more knowable things. And so I set forth in the late 1960’s to explore my versions of the Great American Dream.

Nearly twenty five years later, West’s 1992 sonar profile was like the ringing of an alarm clock which I had nonchalantly set. A week after seeing West’s video tape I found myself pulling down from my book shelf an old yellowing paperback book by Jess Stearn called "The Sleeping Prophet". Revisiting that old book to read more about Cayce’s Hall of Records prophecy lead me immediately to an even more incredible prediction, an unbelievable shifting of the location of the axis of the Earth in the year 2000/2001, or perhaps just the beginning stages. It would create catastrophic physical changes in the earth and wide spread destruction of some portions of human civilization during Century 21.

One area Cayce particularly singled out for destruction was the North American West Coast where I had lived happily for some 35 years in the Seattle area. Having an abiding self-interest in the possibility of radical destruction on the West Coast, Cayce’s comments immediately got my attention. I immediately wanted to know what confidence we should place in Cayce's predictions and exactly when such an event might occur.

For awhile my investigation seemed a bit on the absurd side. A seemingly unbelievable story about the ancient past had ignited a concern in me about a seemingly unbelievable prediction about the future. I supposed that at any moment I might discover that my own story in the present about investigating it was completely unbelievable as well.

After watching West’s video tape for the second time and mulling through "The Sleeping Prophet", even more profound questions ignited and I began to read everything about Cayce which I could find locally. There was no lack of material. Smith, in the "Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce" cites some 300 titles about Edgar Cayce in his book, and he noted that he found some 632 titles listed in the 1996 on-line library of congress catalog of 28 million titles.

Despite the ready availability of books on the subject of Edgar Cayce, none of my initial reading really satisfied my hard-nosed approach to information. It seemed reasonably clear that Cayce had made some hits but the real question was not whether Cayce was psychic, the real question in my mind was, just how accurate were his comments? Various writers claimed he was not perfect but no one knew his general rate. Was his track record 50%? 85%? 25%? Or was it the 95-100% some claimed? The exact answer to this question seems to be a prime datum.. The exact answer leads to radically different uses of the pole shift prediction.

If Cayce’s accuracy was 50%, there are even odds of something happening, which is not compelling enough to motivate attention. But if Cayce was 75% accurate, there is a serious threat about which some attention is appropriate. If Cayce was 95%, we have a bankable proposition, enough to completely reorganize one’s affairs and approach to life. I needed to generate such hard numbers about Cayce’s accuracy to convince myself as well as my friends and family.

It occurred to me that the most challenging aspect of Cayce’s prediction was the "feasibility" of a pole shift. Was a "pole shift" a bit like supposing that the Moon is made out of blue cheese or that the tooth fairy comes in the night? Was it reasonably feasible from the reasonable extrapolation of geophysical principles? Or was it simply unknowable, requiring one to play only the odds provided by Cayce’s accuracy rate?

Beyond this there were powerful question about both Cayce’s personal credibility and the general credibility of his stories. Just how credible was he as a person? Were there any "things" lurking in the background from which we can detect the use of inventive arts to lead us to suppose that his statements are clairvoyantly derived when in fact they are literary inventions? Aside from what could be proved with numbers and integrity, was there any obvious well-meaning but half-baked "fruitcake" in any of his stories? Were there any reasons whatsoever from any angle of consideration to discount Cayce’s information? Or, conversely, were there any compelling reasons to decisively use Cayce’s information?

And so it was that some five and a half years ago I began the journey which I have chronicled in the Trilogy to answer these questions. I endeavored to assemble and analyze the "objective" predictions of Edgar Cayce and determine both his personal credibility and his accuracy "score" even as I undertook to explore the "feasibility" of his notions about "Earth Changes" and his strange, intricate stories about the ancient past. During the entire journey I never thought I was more than six months away from completing a final set of answers.

Here in the remainder of this first chapter is an outline of the results of my long search for the answers. The following sections in this chapter sketch out Cayce’s capabilities, the dimensions of his readings, and a composite of the story of the past and the future which Cayce’s readings tell. Since Cayce’s story ranged so vastly in time and dimension, I think of this story as "The World Epic". It is outlined here for future reference along some of the major correlations with known history.

The Edgar Cayce Enigma

The predictions Edgar Cayce gave to thousands of people in the 1920's, 30's, and 40's made him the world's most documented and most accurate clairvoyant of all time. By simply answering questions which were posed, and sometimes by volunteering unbidden information and perspectives, Cayce gave tens of thousands of people a personal experience with unseen realities. The results of these personal experiences were often so powerful that the grateful recipients made Cayce world famous and engendered an interest in Cayce’s readings which has endured some seventy years to span into the twenty-first century.

During his own lifetime Cayce was most well known for his accurate medical diagnoses and his sometimes strange but usually effective treatments which sometimes produced incredible cures for "hopeless conditions". Some two thirds of his 15,000 readings (on record) were about every imaginable physical condition and these have been studied and applied ever since. The results spawned and have sustained a virtual cottage industry.

In addition to medical emergencies, Cayce dealt with tens of thousands of topics and questions on practically every subject of importance to people during his era. The bulk of the readings were highly personal to the people for whom the readings were given but there is scarcely a subject in religion, the occult, metaphysics, Christianity, the past, health, diet, spiritual practices, his current era, politics, business, science, and the future on which Cayce did not offer a remark. In bits and pieces, line by line, paragraph by paragraph, reading by reading, these comments reveal an underlying paradigm about the nature of the world, its past, and its future.

Cayce’s readings also provided many provocative demonstrations of a stunningly accurate clairvoyance which could peer far beyond health concerns and metaphysical philosophy into any dimension of space and time. He could readily describe the contents of a room several hundred miles away and specify the relative placement of the objects and the names of the manufacturers. He could minutely examine the interior of the human body and assess the condition of tissues, bones, and organs. He could confirm the existence of a ninth planet (which he named Septimus) nearly 10 years in advance of Pluto’s discovery. He could also nonchalantly tell us as an aside that there was more gold under the oceans than had ever been found by humans (which oceanographers eventually found in the 1970’s, partly in fumerols and vents in the great rifts on the bottoms of the oceans, and partly in the "manganese" nodules which litter the ocean floors with metallic alloys composed partially of precious metals.

With equal ease, Cayce could accurately describe planetary conditions a million years ago, such as the fertile climate of North Africa and the east-west direction of the flow of the Nile river (which scientists eventually confirmed in the 1980’s from satellite ground penetrating radars and climatological surveys). Or, when radio was still a toy, he could view the terrain of the future and tell young opportunity seekers in the 1930’s that the aviation, radio, broadcasting, and telecommunications industries (anything of the arial conditions, as he quaintly put it) were the wave of the future and would reshape the fundamentals of both business and politics. He could also accurately predict the outcome of Presidential elections, point to the exact indicators of when the stock market would break, or foresee in 1932 that a sudden wiggle in Chandler’s Wobble in 1936 would cause a sudden jump in the motion and orientation of the Earth’s spin axis.

With great personal trepidation, he sometimes chillingly outlined an ominous future seven years or more in advance, including the great depression, the beginning and ending of World War II, and a 10 year advance warning about the eventual destruction of both China and Japan as nations (during World War II). With an even greater long-range vision he predicted an intense, violent, and possibly revolutionary struggle between "labor" and "capital" in all lands (which became the basis of the cold war between the capitalist democracies and the communist bloc). While Roosevelt still occupied the oval office, Cayce discretely described Kennedy’s assassination as the assassination of the "second of the presidents to die in office" as a part of this confrontation between "labor" and "capital" after a period of racial and economic turmoils. In perhaps his most stunning long-term political prediction, Cayce predicted the eventual collapse of communism in Russia. He claimed that from out of this collapse a religious movement will come which will profoundly reshape the world.

None of this is remotely contrived nor exaggerated. Cayce did do these things and clearly proved the reality of clairvoyance by predicting the future (impersonal historical events) with an accuracy rate of 92%. Through these predictions, we know that Cayce was indeed remarkably psychic and could peer into an unseen realm to see both the past and the future. Everyone who has diligently examined the Cayce data with a skeptical but scientific mind has come to this same general conclusion. The only questioning of Cayce’s record which is in print was made by people who have not scientifically examined his readings.

All in all, Cayce’s work is inspiring and it is still as valuable as when it was given 80 to 60 years ago. Many of the readings are intrinsically interesting and scattered throughout the collection of readings are a large variety of astounding clues which can help solve scientific, archeological, and historical questions and problems. Without question, it was and is worth while listening to what Cayce had to say.

Beyond this academic value, there is something in Cayce’s readings which is of much greater topical interest in the year 2000: his grim proposition about the Millennium. Cayce left us mind-numbing predictions about the millenium, or more accurately for the "period" 1998-2001. Perhaps prophecy is a better word to describe his vision about the coming Earth Changes when the axis of the Earth "must change again" and create widespread cataclysmic destruction during or shortly after the "millennium". His long-range warning about changes which "must change again" , Cayce advised, is merely a wake-up call for a vast cosmic schedule which has long been prophesied in the ancient prophecies. He provided highly specific information which could help to save the lives of hundreds of millions of people, if they pay attention.

A proposition like that is not one any one wants to consider. There certainly is no future in having no future. One generally ignores such material as someone else’s bad dream. Certainly there is no profit in it, which immediately loses about 30% of humanity. Certainly there is no hope in it for our desires, ambitions, and the consumption tastes we have acquired during the late industrial age. This loses about another 30% of humanity. Certainly we have trashed the idea of some sort of inevitable "progress" on which to pin our "retirement", which loses about another 30% of humanity. In short, doomsday is a losing, unthinkable proposition with no compelling interest to anyone except religious fanatics who long for "Big Daddy" to come and punish his naughty children and give control of the world to his grim-faced Saints.

But Cayce’s apparent record leads us to think about the "unthinkable". Cayce’s psychic prowess was so great, so objectively clear, it seems recklessly foolhardy to ignore Cayce’s comments simply because they are not welcome. If we find Cayce credible, must we not undertake to think about the unimaginable? Must we not hear the possibility of an unthinkable doomsday and reflect upon the evidence of its coming?

As one listens, one tends to become more and more incredulous. Cayce never failed to make listening to him a major challenge. Cayce tells us that the period 1998-2001 will be one of the pivotal points of human cultural evolution. Events which were set in motion over 12,500 years ago with the destruction of Atlantis will come to a final fruition in about 2001 with the re-opening of a "Hall of Records" and the appearance of a Great Initiate. The opening of the mouth of the long dead in the Hall of Records will prove Cayce's chronology.

Cayce predicted that a pivotal role is to be played by Atlantean records in the "Hall Of Records" for fulfilling his Change In The Earth prophecies and for creating the future of human civilization. It will, Cayce claimed, demonstrate the nature of the "gods in the high heavens" and humanity's long historical relationship with them. A "Great Initiate" will help humanity recover from the destructions wrought by the shifting of the pole and provide a focal point of leadership in creating an ideal system of planetary governance. The "Great Initiate" is Y’shua (Jesus if you are Latin) who really is physically immortal and who really will step out of the shadows of obscurity to fulfill the predictions he made nearly 2000 years ago.

All of this, Cayce also claimed, is merely the repeat of a cycle which has governed human destiny for hundreds of thousands of years. The story of Atlantis is a story about how a succession of pole shifts, which Cayce referred to as "the change in the earth", have affected and shaped the course of human history. This story about Atlantis is merely the backdrop for the story of the foundation of Egypt and the Hall of Records, and it in turn is merely the introduction for the story of the change in the earth at the end of the 20th century. It finally emerges that Cayce did not just give predictions about Earth Changes and other exotic topics, it finally becomes clear that the only reason Cayce gave predictions at all in the 20th century was to warn of the change in the earth. Most of the rest of his efforts were simply to provide personal inspiration and credibility for the validity of his prophecies.

All in all it is not an easy story to accept on first reading. There is no easy ideological, or metaphysical way to peg Cayce’s comments. No traditional group or way of thinking is comfortable with it. It is a little like waking up on a different planet in the midst of an alien civilization. All of a sudden your assumptions are invalid and you must re-orient to a different way of seeing...everything.

The Findings, Layers & Structures In The Trilogy

If one attempts to pay serious attention to what Cayce said, one obviously collides broadside with a paradigm which is completely at odds with most conventional world views, both religious and secular, including major portions of one’s own concepts. If Cayce’s comments and prophecies are true, the prevailing ideas in the "conventional reality" are wrong and most western thinkers, scientists, academics, and religionists have been and are fundamentally mistaken. They have written and teach a history and archeology of humanity which is illusionary in its main outline, they have utterly failed to understand even the most basic dynamics of geology, and many of the main currents of religious belief are illusionary, or delusionary, or both.

Such a sweepingly radical proposition is emotionally impossible for anyone to entertain. The only way it can be handled is scientifically, in manageable chunks. If Cayce is right, as can be proven by facts and events, you have to kiss good bye what you think of as the conventional world of Western Civilization and the 20th Century. The key question was and is "IF". IF Cayce is credible. IF Cayce’s predictions came true. IF Cayce’s predictions will come true.

So the primary question is just how credible Cayce was, really, in hard specific terms in specific ways with specific types of material. There is no answer to this question without an extensive survey of Cayce’s readings and his life. With a patient and "long-suffering" review of his comments in about 5000 readings, which is nearly a third of his readings, one can define a broad profile of comments, predictions, and stories which can be analyzed for proof or disproof. From this one can make one’s assessments. One can do it if one is determined to do it and can spend the three of four years of time it takes. Few have been sufficiently determined. I was, I did, and the Trilogy is the report.

To make a long story very short, the next 1000 pages of the Quest as a matter of fact, I have, for the first time in a thorough manner, demonstrated the consistency and accuracy of the historical vision in the Cayce readings, both past and future. For the first time, I have outlined together the past, present, and future of the world as described in the readings. From thousands of pages of Cayce’s reading transcripts, I pasted his best material into the pages of the Trilogy. One by one I analyzed and correlated them and mounted them like prize butterfly specimens, even the ones I didn’t like. I told their historical stories, how they fit into the real scheme of things, rated them, and occasionally summarized portions of the mosaic they formed.

As I began to deal with some of the major correlations of the various comments and stories in the readings, I began to think of Cayce’s capsule comments as tiles from which I could compose mosaic panels. They readily organized themselves into topical mosaics and as I assessed and verified them they merged into plot lines and began to form stories. Eventually I composed thousands of comments into these story mosaics.

And so my Quest evolved through long months to over four years of continual recasting of many different story lines for troweling into the mosaic. My efforts in digging up obscure historical facts and worrying their "fit" into the mosaic in various ways rewarded me with an integrated story, which eventually I began to call the World Epic. Each Cayce story builds upon the other, forming up into a remarkable vision which began some 10.5 million years ago, leads us to the age of Atlantis some 200,000 years ago, marches through its rise and fall during the last pole shift some 12,500 years ago, and continues with the foundation of ancient Egypt and the building of the Sphinx and the three great Orion Pyramids at Rostau.

Cayce provides great detail about this construction era in ancient Egypt but thereafter the story almost completely disappears, until the life of Y’shua, which Cayce outlines in great detail. The story picks up again with the roaring 20's and the long march to the Great Break-Up of Dynastic Imperialism in World War II, the Great Leveling during the cold war, and the destinies of Russia, the U.S., China, Japan, and Europe. The Epic reaches is climax with Cayce’s changes in the earth predictions about the opening of the Hall Of Records, the Change In The Earth, and the return of the Great Initiate.

I found that Cayce’s readings demonstrate consistency to a remarkable degree, with only a few minor discrepancies related to dates. I also found that hard scores greater than 92% were easy to establish for most of Cayce’s long range impersonal predications. Related to the Earth Changes, his accuracy was at least 84%. This is set out in considerable detail in Chapter Four in this book and in even greater detail in Chapter 18 in "Book Two: The Great Break-Up".

Until this work, the unity of the mosaic of Cayce’s readings has been mostly clearly and carefully articulated in the health field, especially by Harman Bro and William McGarey. They virtually invented the fields of holistic health and medicine on the basis of the consistency and unity of Cayce’s readings. In smaller areas, portions of the unity have been demonstrated in many topical areas by various people, primarily in the metaphysical fields related to past life regression, meditation, and psycho-analytic counseling. Hutton demonstrated some aspects of the unity in the field of geology and Cayce’s children and grandchildren have articulated many aspects of the unity in the fields of archeology and metaphysics.

The scientific compatibility of Cayce’s explanations was not so easy to objectively determine and describe, but I eventually concluded that Cayce’s overall "suchness" with science and historical facts is quite high where ever science and history are well enough developed to offer truly "hard" facts. Interestingly enough, I believe Cayce mainly collides with the "interpreted" and "extrapolated" suppositions of well-meaning but ignorant academics who have attempted to guess ancient histories and the nature of the world from too limited a perspective. Soft scientists and speculators, those who tend to deal with a heavy load of subjective and intangible notions, such as archeologists and historians, are likely to find that Cayce clashes with many of their pet notions. But hard scientists, those who deal with physical facts, such as geophysicists, geologists, and economists, will find that Cayce’s "data" is amazingly compelling.

Peeling The Onion

To find all of this out, one must encounter Cayce slowly. You cannot read Cayce you can only slowly experience him as you peel the layers of thought back as if you were peeling an onion. Just as you think you have got Cayce all figured out, another level appears. The more you attempt to peel the layers to get to the real Cayce, the more the layers never seem to end. On the first layer one finds, item by item, the provocative predictions and commentary of an itinerant psychic. On the second layer one encounters more and more bible-speak and various notions related to bible Christianity. On the third layer, one finds a heavy dose of reincarnation and metaphysical notions. On the fourth layer various composite stories, histories, and explanations of how the world works begin to emerge, all of which merge on a fifth layer to become a vast epic, The World Epic. Eventually a sixth layer becomes evident as the cosmic drama of the Earth-Phoenix and the story of the ongoing Phoenix Project.

The predictions and the prophecies are inextricable interlinked through these six layers of the onion. Ultimately, the metaphysic cannot be isolated from the prophecy of the pole shift, the clairvoyant from the Hall of Records, nor the Great Pyramid from the 20th century. In Cayce, they are all a part of a vast, seamless unity, the same archaic unity found and articulated so well by Joseph Campbell from his lifelong study of the ancient myths and symbols of humankind. Eventually, somewhere between the layers, in the spaces BETWEEN the readings which encompass all them, one may eventually glimpse the real Cayce.

After radically stripping away the layers of the onion, all that remains of the onion is its center, the seventh level, the source of this information. This level is still veiled, it remains a true mystery just beyond the objective vision of secular science. Occasionally some half-formed outlines can be vaguely glimpsed in the mosaic through the veil. But the veil really cannot yet be penetrated in any objective frame of reference, human vision cannot pass it while standing on the material platform of the facts as they are currently known. Thus I leave this as a mystery beyond the scope of this work. This work is designed to deal naively and empirically with just the facts to produce a straight forward linear scientific conclusion. If Cayce is correct, the "creative forces" will begin to lift the veil within the next few years and expose many secrets to those eyes which are looking in that direction. I gladly leave the final lifting of this veil to these "creative forces".

To tell the story and ease the descent through the layers of the onion, the Trilogy presents the Cayce onion one layer at a time. As I descend through these levels, chapter by chapter, I assay the quality and integrity of Cayce’s work, asking hard nosed questions like whether or not there is intelligence or a crank behind them, a clairvoyant or a deluded fool. For whatever it is worth, when I am through with the six levels we will have assayed not only Cayce, but his sources as well...

"Book One: The Veil" begins with on the first level with a review of the life of Edgar Cayce, who it turns out to have been a very reluctant prophet for mostly reluctant clients. After Cayce’s life is presented within its historical context, I take up the nature of Cayce’s readings, which begins to make perfect sense against the historical backdrop of Cayce’s life.

The Veil goes on to the second and third layers to outline the main features of Cayce’s metaphysical system which framed nearly everything he said. Many of Cayce’s predictions simply cannot be properly understood without grasping the basic elements of his metaphysics.

I really did not want to even mention numerology, reincarnation, spiritualism, Semitic prophecies, xian millennialism, and Cayce’s endless xian-sounding biblespeak moralizing about the golden rule, but...but...but... they are all part of the seamless unity and I found my ability to summarize Cayce much improved after I decided to stop ignoring the stuff and deal with it straight up. I stay long enough at the third level (reincarnation and metaphysical) level to compose what I call the God Game from Cayce’s metaphysical principles. Since the changes in the earth predictions are composed almost entirely with the simple principles of the "God Game" in mind, understanding the God Game will make the predictions far easier to grasp.

The more I pieced together the mosaic of his thoughts, the more clearly the picture emerged looking more like the occult mystery schools and the hermetic doctrine. And this, I finally discovered, was no accident. As I continued to peel the onion to the third level, I found that Cayce, despite language that often sounded, well, rather old testament, had very little conceptually in common with traditional Christianity, or at least not the bible literalism variety, nor even the Catholic and Protestant mainstream varieties. Though Cayce was outwardly in his normal waking conscious ego-self a conservative Christian, what was channeled through him on the third level had no identity and was as far beyond bible churchianity as Einstein was beyond campfires.

In "The Great Break-Up" and "The Prophecies", I peel deeply into the fourth layer to explore the historical depths of the predictions inside the readings and the rich tapestry of connections between them. In "The Great Break-Up" I complete the task of verifying Cayce’s objective predictions about human history and demonstrate exactly how I have established a phenomenally high and hard score of confidence for Edgar Cayce of 92%.

The verification of Cayce’s historical predictions creates an amazing retrospective on both the 20th century and the human condition. In the retrospective one can read between the lines and the passages of the predictions to explore the tumultuous upheavals of the 20th century which prefaced the millennium and see whether Cayce, or his sources, understood the heart, soul, deeds, and destiny of humanity during the 20th century. If you conclude that they did, is there any reason to suppose that the pole shift prediction is just another prediction? Or do you then have compelling evidence to see that the pole shift prophecy is really the entire focus of the 20th century life of Edgar Cayce?

The fifth level is finally reached in "The Prophecies" when the mosaic of Cayce’s World Epic is connected to the ancient memories of humanity and the geological record in the rocks. I tarry at this fifth level for some time, long enough to understand the correlations and parallels, keep score, and complain occasionally about some of Cayce's miserable grammar and obscure references. From this level I begin to articulate the theme of the Phoenix and set forth the principles of Vortex Tectonics.

It takes everything which has been learned on the first five levels to move onto the sixth level to understand the Change In The Earth Prophecy. Here I leave the past behind and enter uncharted waters. On this level one can only struggle to see through the mists of words to catch a vision of what Cayce predicted. From the merging of clues from all possible sources, including the records in the rocks and the most ancient memories of humanity, I have set forth the structure of Cayce’s Change In The Earth Prophecy and drawn up a timeline for Cayce’s predictions during Centuries 20 and 21..

Cayce's Earth Changes and pole shift predictions, including his "safety-areas, are extensively analyzed by using the most advanced concepts of geophysical processes within the framework of vortex plate tectonics. These geophysical principles model the vortexian dance of the Great Phoenix and, when combined with data from the ancient memories, show how it is most likely to fly. This scenario tracks the flying Earth-Phoenix around the Earth and outlines the likely effects in most major regions and how the inhabitants of different areas can safely ride the flight.

And that, as will be seen, will be only the beginning of the changes in the earth.

The Parallels

As I abstracted the predictions and clairvoyant statements about the ancient past to compose the World Epic, I dealt with all of them as "predictions" about what would be found to be true. Since relatively few of the comments can be directly verified as true or false, as with Cayce’s statements about the 20th century, I began to look at the "whole proposition" of the World Epic. I began to look for general parallels with what is known about the past, I began to look for correlations between the stories of various peoples and "parallels" in the words and symbols they use, the way they expressed themselves, the ideas they communicated, the information they conveyed, and so on. I was looking for any elements which "echoed" through the vast ocean of time.

I knew that most of these parallels would not prove anything in and of themselves. But I reasoned that the predominant weight of the parallels would clearly demonstrate real "echoes" and hence a real connection of some kind. The quantity of the parallels should demonstrate whether the Cayce’s material was out to lunch or whether or not it reasonably matches at least some of the evidence from the ancient past.

To find the parallels, I gave the main notions in the World Epic the role of guiding a systematic process of collecting and integrating whatever archeological, geological, and historical evidence corroborated them. I then also looked for key ideas and information which would contradict both Cayce main notions and whatever evidence could be found to support them. I doing this I did not fail to use the exciting paradigm-busting work in archeology, egyptology, and history by John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Cremo & Thompson, Allan & Delair, Richard Noone, Lewis Spence, and many others. I also used a large number of University library shelves and the informal commentary of a lot of people on the Iway.

I found without a doubt that the World Epic parallels the ancient memories of humanity, parallels the story lines of all of the ancient literary cultures of the world, parallels Egyptian History and the hermetic traditions, parallels the work of Charles Hapgood and the history of pole shifts, parallels the key findings in various fields of science, parallels geophysics, and correlates major aspects of history through all continents and cultures.

Book Three demonstrates some of the parallels and concludes that there is little point in attempting to prove it. The problem in not in the data. The problem is in the mind. The evidence is in every library and echoes through language, mythology, symbolism, religious and metaphysical notions, and the ruins, remains, and artifacts which are found everywhere. Frankly, many of the truths which one grows up with in school and from the media are often wide of the mark, embarrassingly ignorant scraps of rumors which sustain themselves only because one hardly ever looks at the whole fabric of the human drama. Those who can see the whole fabric, see it, and those who don’t, don’t read.

In the World Epic, one sees the whole fabric. Suddenly, the broken shards of ancient clay or stone tablets, the various artifacts and symbols, the partial memories and broken reports, and the ruined constructions of the ancient past from many diverse cultures began to fit seamlessly into one flow of history. They began to explain each other. Data from one culture began to fill in some of the missing gaps in another culture. From a variety of evidences one can glimpse the vast archaic unity which Manley T. Hall partially demonstrated at the beginning of the 20th century and which has been articulated by the work of modern myth decoders such as Joseph P. Campbell.

I found that tht World Epic has remarkable power for sorting through the maze of speculations which are being generated by a multitude of "Indiana Jones" writers and researchers who are sleuthing the ancient past. Many of them have generated very good data, but many of them have fallen into dark quagmires of sheer fantasy with no way home. The speculative "history sleuths" generally focus on a single issue or a single phenomenon and approached it within "one dimension" where they randomly rake the shards of evidence. Sometimes they hit paydirt, sometimes they fall off a cliff. If they used the World Epic as a key, I believe that they would find it very easy to find corroborating evidence which truly parallels the predominant weight of the evidence.

For instance, Rand and Rose Flemeth wrote a marvelous exploration searching for the location of Atlantis but failed to find it. Their 1995 book, "When The Sky Fell", is nicely done by superb writers and researchers in a quality demonstration of an interesting and perfectly valid speculation. It succeeds in the sense that it clearly demonstrates the ultimate weakness of the hypothesis that Atlantis is just a minor league myth which can be studied within the existing framework of history or that Thera is the location of Atlantis. Rand and Rose Flemeth demonstrate that both of these notions are clearly uninformed. They succeed in demonstrating that there is plenty of anomalous evidence which fits a larger vision of the world than late 20th century academic materialists have contrived. But the Flemeths’ speculations fail to nail Atlantis on the wall because they do not broadly enough fit enough diverse evidence together to compose a mosaic of the entire drama. They remain too self-contained, too isolated from the diversity of evidence. In other words, they are too unconnected from the broad dimensions of the World Epic. The same can be said with many other speculative works which attempt to fit data together to make new findings.

Cayce’s World Epic outline provides a master plot line on which, frankly as a core, everything which REALLY has been well demonstrated, does in fact fit well ... VERY WELL. Hence it is likely that it can be used for guidance in finding large dollops of parallelism between any set of facts from the hard sciences, the historical sciences, or from other sources, such as the prophetic traditions and other psychics.

Many speculative sleuthing efforts of the last twenty years are now converging, whether the writers are aware of it or not, to articulate the outline of Cayce’s World Epic. By using Cayce's clues and outlines, much of their work fits into this grand synthesis. The result is a unique paradigm about the past and the future which has more power and command over the prevailing empirical evidence than any historical, archeological, or geological paradigm which has ever been presented. This becomes more and more obvious, more widely embracing, as one continues to look.

The Structure of the World Epic

This sketch of the World Epic provides a brief outline of an epic which reaches from the truly ancient past into our future. It states nearly the whole of Cayce’s main "proposition" such as I have come to understand and verify it during these past 5 years of my Quest. It sets into comprehensive order the main outline of Cayce's comments about the ancient past, especially his clairvoyant stories of Atlantis and ancient Egypt which describe the past 120,000 years. To this I have added his major impersonal psychic predictions, including of course his famous "Earth Change" predictions, his nearly-as-famous "Hall Of Records", and some of his social and religious predictions which in total can be said to comprise his "Change In The Earth Prophecy". In typical Cayce phraseology, I have created a "record" in outline form of that which was, is, and is yet to be.

There are many missing areas which could be added. Generally I omitted all material which failed to provide an important point on the overall plot line of the World Epic or which could not be objectively verified. Thus, I had to omit much of the rich detail about Atlantis and Egypt, the entire story of Zend was omitted, the story of Y’shua was not included, the same with stories about Lemuria, Gobi, Peru, and a handful of others. My main focus was the integration of real data about the past which could be verified and the presentation of Cayce’s commentary about the future. I only had room for material which clearly and unmistakable portrays what Cayce actually said about major aspects of the past and every minute detail which has the slightest relevance to the future of humanity.

For scientific reasons I have tried faithfully to reconstruct Cayce's story, not mine, in order to rigorously determine the value we should place upon it and to provide a database from which Cayce's stories can be verified or rejected by demonstration of hard evidence. Though I would have preferred to use only Cayce’s statements, I found it impossible to use or quote Cayce directly in this summary of the World Epic. The volume of material makes it impossible to directly demonstrate most of Cayce's comments which comprise his vision of the world. As well, his use of words was sometimes maladroit and his grammar was often terrible while being excessively wordy and full of endless tangents, asides, and sermons. This problem is especially acute on certain fundamental points where the entire paradigm turns, so to speak. So I have taken a radically different course and have summarized the entire paradigm as a unitary statement.

As much as possible I have summarized the entire paradigm by using Cayce's actual word choices, occasionally in a close approximation of his typical phraseology. This provides, I hope, a reasonable estimate of his basic story line and it should permit an easy time of conducting key word choices about the ideas in the actual Cayce documents. The key words can also be used on the Word doc files of the Trilogy to locate the quotes, citations, and analysis related to that "tile" in the mosaic of the epic. The Trilogy was contructed with great effort to provide a first class scholarly tool for researching these key words and key ideas.

Cayce’s World Epic can be said to be composed of three principal parts, each of which is composed of one or more primary stories or mosaics of comments:

The Struggle For The Soul Of Humanity - The God Game

The Story of the World

  • Prehistory: 3200 BC to 10.5 million AGO
  • The story of Atlantis (Three Worlds of Atlantean Memory)
  • The story of Egypt & the Hall of Records (The Beginning of the Fourth World)
  • The Historical Past 3200 BC to 1913 AD
  • The Future History of 20th Century Affairs: 1929 – 2000
  • The Great Break-Up
  • The Great Leveling

The Change In The Earth Prophecy – The End of the Fourth World 1936 - early portion of Century 21

  • The Change In The Earth (the shifting of the poles)
  • Opening of the Hall of Records
  • Return of the Great Initiate

Cayce began the Story of the World as far back as 10.5 million years ago but the story really begins with the Story of Atlantis. This story is about the ancient ante-deluvian past of human civilization which began about 120,000 years ago and ended in approximately 10,500 BC. The Hall of Records is a complex story about the ancient past of Egypt which is primarily centered around the last pole shift in 10,500 BC.

The Change In The Earth Prophecy is composed of elements from all of the other panels and tells the story of the beginning and end of the Fourth World of Humanity, which is our current age. The Change In The Earth includes all of Cayce’s statements and predictions about Earth Changes, both in the ancient past and in the 20th century. The Hall of Records is a vastly complicated and highly detailed prophecy in its own right about the opening of a labyrinthine complex under the sands and limestone layers of Giza and some of the legacy from Atlantis which was left for us to eventually find. The third prophecy is the return of a "Great Initiate", a teacher and guide who will "fold-up" the prophetic traditions of the Semitic peoples and others.

Each of these three prophecies can be studied independently but they are inescapably linked in Cayce's statements. Each of them are a part of the same drama, this Return of the Phoenix. Collectively, they are THE "End Times" , the original and only "End Times" prophecy, the same one which has been quoted and restated in various select ways by various teachers and leaders in various cultures and languages and religious traditions since the dawn of the Fourth World, this current age, which began approximately in 10,490 BC with the construction of the Temple of the Phoenix at Rostau in Egypt.

The remainder of this chapter is available as part of an e-book or in a paperback or hardbound book.

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