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The Hall of Records Prophecy

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Status:  The Hall of Records manuscript is well developed but requires at least another two months of editing and I would prefer another trip to Europe before releasing it as a finished book.  Some chapters will be made available from this webpage during the first few months of 2000.
Currently only Chapter 10 is available.(You may access it from the Table of Contents).






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The Hall of Records

by Michael Wells Mandeville

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by MW Mandeville


(C) …as time draws nigh when changes are to come about… there will be the opening of the temple or hall of records in Egypt...

11/12/33 5750-001  /23     

 This prediction made by Edgar Cayce in 1933 has become world famous. According to predictions made sixty years ago by a famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, we have come to a momentous moment in human history, the "reign of 1998" (referred to in other readings as the "period" of 1998), during which an ancient time vault in Egypt will be opened. Cayce, who made his predictions in the 1930's, called this time vault from 10,500 BC the "Hall Of Records" and told exactly where it was buried in front of Egypt's famous Sphinx. He claimed that the materials, artifacts, and communications in the Hall Of Records would prove that the legend of Atlantis is true and that human civilization is tens of thousands of years older than the 20th century believes.

Cayce made a great many additional statements about this "temple or hall of records". Four years after this one, while giving a life reading for "Mr. 1486", Cayce told him he had been named Axtentna in 10,500 BC and had served the Atlantean royal house of Alta:

(C) Ax-Ten-tna, as would be said in the present, was the first to set the records that are yet to be discovered, or yet to be had of those activities in the Atlantean land, and for the preservation of the data, that as yet to be found from the chambers of the way between the sphinx and the pyramid of records. Hence is it a wonder in the present that the entity is in this experience under the symbol and the sign of both the sphinx and the pyramid, when there is to be given a new awakening in many portions of the earth?

11/26/37 1486-1 /27-30

Cayce rarely gave a complete story in one setting. All of his predictions and stories about the past are scattered among the 14,000 plus readings he gave during the course of his life. In other readings Cayce explained exactly how to find the Hall of Records and provided clues as to when it would be opened, along with a mystery or two:

(C) …This in position lies, as the sun rises from the waters, the line of the shadow (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx, that was later set as the sentinel or guard... entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's paw (right paw) ...Between, then, the Sphinx and the river...which may not be entered…until the TIME has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience.

10/29/33 0378-016 /11

(C) ...there is a chamber or passage from the right forepaw to this entrance of the record chamber, or record tomb. This may not be entered without an understanding, for those that were left as guards may NOT be passed until after a period of their regeneration in the Mount...

07/01/32 5748-6 /17

(C) …to be opened only... when the change was imminent in the earth; which change, we see, begins in '58 and ends with the changes wrought in the upheavals and the shifting of the poles, as begins then the reign in '98 (as time is counted in the present) of those influences that have been given by many in the records that have been kept by those sojourners in this land of the Semitic peoples.

10/29/33 0378-016 /5

Who will open the Hall of Records?   Cayce wisely avoided feeding any egos:

(C) As was set in those records of the law of One in there is found those that have made, in their experience...a balance in their spiritual, their mental, their material...they become those channels...Those, then, that make themselves that channel. For, as He has given, who is to proclaim is not mine to give, but they that have made of themselves such a measure of their experiences as to be worthy of proclaiming.

01/19/34 3976-015 /16

Note: Citations are the dates, file numbers, and paragraphs
of the readings which may be accessed on
the Edgar Cayce CD-ROM

These statements made by Edgar Cayce during the 1930's comprise the essence of his Hall of Records Prophecy. Several hundred other statements add great depth and detail.

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In several hundred readings Cayce provided a great range of details about truly ancient Egypt and the Hall of Records.  When these are added together, they collectively tell a remarkably complete story about the destruction of Atlantis, the founding of Egypt, the creation of the Hall of Records and the contruction and purpose of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.

Much of this story was originally put together as the core of the story of the Phoenix in the Trilogy but it was eventually removed to make way for the scientific work which ended up forming the basis of Book Three.

Thus, the most interesting stories told by Cayce and the full Egyptian story of the Phoenix could not be told in the Trilogy. Thus, this sequel.

An early draft of about half of the material was publically available on the Iway for nearly three years but it has all been withdrawn. All of that material has been extensively revised and reorganized.


Egypt, Giza Plateau, Rostau, Temple of the Sun, Sphinx, Pyramid or Hall of Records, Sealed Room, Edgar Cayce, millenium, millennial prophecy, psychic prediction, records of Atlantis, Thoth's 42 books, Thoth's Prophecy, Horizon of Thoth, Thoth's hidden chamber, Hermetic mysteries, Phoenix myth or legend


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Table of Contents


Under construction

Only Chapter 10 is currently posted on the Iway


Chapter 1 - The Quest Continues A Journey Into The Past

The Treasure Hunt Fiascos

The Latter-Day Treasure Hunt Fiascos


Chapter 2 - The Four Worlds Of Humanity

Table of Pole Shifts Described By Edgar Cayce

According To The Mayans

The Last Three Flights According To Hapgood

The Arcturian System

The Path Of The Pole


Chapter 3 - The Story of Atlantis

new incorporations

10 Million Years Ago

The Bridge To Atlantis

120,000 AGO: The First Phoenix

50,000 AGO: The Second Phoenix

24,000 AGO - The Third Phoenix

12,500 AGO: The Fourth Phoenix

An Aside

Cayce's Phoenix Score

Chapter 4 - In The Sands Of Egypt As Above, So Below

The Golden Line

The trail of research

Rostau (Giza Plateau) - The Astronomical Observatory

Cayce's Egyptian Readings


A Key For Cayce's Egypt

The Plan of Rostau

A Key To Cayce's Egypt

A Key To Cayce's Hall Of Records

Chapter 5 - The First Dynasty: The Triumph Of Seth

The Diaspora Into Egypt

The First Dynasty

Uses of the word Ibex

Ascent Of Ra

The Rebellion

The Banishment

The Fourth Phoenix

Chapter 6 - The Phoenix Project: The Birth Of Horus

The Second Dynasty Of Egypt

Hints Of The Shemsu Hor

An Aside On Dating Bloopers


Chapter 7 - The Sphinx Seshep Ankh Atum

Who Built It

When Was Seshep Ankh Built

Why Seshep Ankh Was Built

Chapter 8 - The Great Pyramid: Hall Of Initiates

Who Built It

How It Was Built

When It Was Built

Why It Was Built

Prophecies In The Great Pyramid

The Initiation

Chapter 9 - The Royal Treasury: The Carpathian Legacy

The mount not YET uncovered…

The Storehouse Of El-Dhli

The Book of the Dead

"Pyramids" Built Prior To Phoenix Four

The Royal Treasury & The Carpathian Pyramid Field

Chapter 10 - The Hall Of Records: Legacy From Atlantis

The Temple of Records

The Heart of the Mystery

The Phoenix Project: The Atlantean Resurrection

Tombs, Temples, & Buried Pyramids

Take A Deep Breath

Somewhere In The Hall Of Records...

The Pyramid Tomb of Records...

Chapter 11 – The Sealed Room: Legacy From Atlantis

Chapter 12 - Opening The Mouth Of The Dead: In Amentet



An Aside On The Politics Of Opening The Mouth Of The Dead

A Ranting Tangent


Chapter 13 - On The Road To Rostau: In Red Sequined Pumps

A Red Sequined Journey To The Temple Of The Phoenix

A Scientific Mission Into The Halls Of Amentet

The Sphinx Entrance

Construction Methods And Technology

The Atlantean Passageway

The Temple of Records

The Sealed Room Of Atlantis

Chapter 14 - Verification Of Cayce's Egypt

Reality Check

The Problem Of Atlantis

Cayce's Consistency

Cacye's Fertility

Some Speculations

Verification Of The Hall Of Records Predictions

Chapter 15 - The Key To Cayce's Story Of Egypt


Author's Key Concepts & Names

Cayce's Pet Phrases

Principal Persons


Atlantean Settlement in Northern Egypt

Book of Immortality, aka The Book of the Dead

The Development Program of the First Dynasty

Import of Altantean Technology

Temple of Sacrifice

Temple Beautiful

Restored Temple Beautiful

Thothermes' Refuge

Phoenix Four

2nd Dynasty's Reconstruction Program

Other Buried "Pyramids"

Chapter 16 - The Key To Cayce's Rostau

Chapter 17 - Key To The Hall of Records: As Time Draws Nigh


Appendix A: Tables & Illustrations

Appendix B: Bibliography of Cayce's Predictions

Bibliography of Sources


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