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In the Earth Changes Gallery you can easily see that a long term acceleration of tectonic trends and changes have begun and these trends explain the acceleration of Global Warming. Where these trends are going no one can predict but by looking into the far distant past we can see that radical Earth Changes occur fairly often.  Seeing these truths, it is obvious that carbon dioxide does not cause Global Warming. Global Warming causes the increase in carbon dioxide.  The best human response is to learn how to survive in a rapidly changing Earth.  For this process, Carbon Taxes are a deluded waste of time, they simply will NOT create any control over Global Warming.

Phoenix Quest Fellowship  This is the Home Page for the Phoenix Quest Fellowship, sponsored by MetaSyn Media.  Who are we?  What are we doing here?  How do we participate in the planetary transformations which are underway?  Anybody care for Tea?


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Cosmic Catalog Go here to order any of the Return of the Phoenix Books, Earth Changes Bulletins, Sacred Initiations and meditation tapes, Vortex Tectonics, Music, and the Kitchen Sink.

Earth Changes This is the site of site for the latest information about major Earth events,  the long term trends, and how to understand what is happening.

Earth Changes Bulletin
No subject too big to cover.  For Special Alerts and the latest information about major Earth events, 
latest status reports on the shifting of the poles, and the other dimensions which define our realities on Earth,  go here to subscribe to the weekly Earth Changes Bulletin and access the archives.

Earth Changes Almanac
For background  information about the topics covered in the Bulletins, go here for this year's edition.  The Almanac puts daily and weekly events within an annual and long-range framework of understanding.  It is a "Farmer's Almanac" on steroids and is being constructed in a manner which is suitable for printing.

Earth Changes Gallery This is a large collections of charts, images, papers, and various documents which portray the dynamic geophysical and tectonic flux and long range trends of the Earth.  It is being assembled to outline the basic findings and correlations which demonstrate the principles of Vortex Tectonics (a new foundation for the Earth Sciences). The Cosmic, Orbital, Tectonic, and Geophysical frames are presented to show how the shape-shifting of the Earth, which is caused by the Sun and the Moon interacting with Chandler's Wobble, creates earthquakes, volcanoes, El Nino/La Nina/ and the current trends of Global Warming.

Earth Systems Monitor Go here to find a portal for links which monitor the major flux of change in the Cosmos, the Sun & Planets, the Earth, & Humanity.  The Monitor provides the master linkage mechanism to the primary sources from  which the Earth Changes Bulletin, Almanac, and Gallery are composed.   Use this portal as your own home page for tuning directly into many of the best sources of data which reveal what is happening in the Cosmos, on Earth, and in the hearts and minds of humanity.  Since iway sources about the Earth now comprise tens of thousands of sources, millions of pages and pix, and the numbers are expanding exponentially, it is of course impossible to ever be complete, but this is a good starting point.

Edgar Cayce Gateway  What are his millennial prophecies and are they occurring? What are the best sources about Cayce?


Michael Wells Mandeville This is Michael's original personal webspace, which includes his resume and some other odds and ends.  This server also dishes out Mandeville's ebooks and some articles, especially the following:

Return of the Phoenix Go here to see sample chapters and reviews of the trilogy of the Return of the Phoenix.  This is a massive site with many chapters provided free. This is the one site on the internet which you should visit to examine the prophecies and predictions of the ages, the prehistory of Humanity, and the likely nature of the coming shift in the location of the Earth's poles.

Sacred Initiations This is the Home Page for the Sacred Initiations website.  Go here to see some of the Guidebook for the Sacred Initiations and make connections with Quest Fellowship Matrix Focus Circles for meditation and healing. 



Vortex Tectonics This is a large collection of charts, papers, and various documents which summarize the beginning of a new foundation for the Earth Sciences, Vortex Tectonics, which explains the dynamics of plate dynamics and shows how the shape-shifting of the Earth, which is caused by the Sun and the Moon interacting with Chandler's Wobble, creates earthquakes, volcanoes, El Nino/La Nina/, the ocean climate regimes, and the current trends of Global Warming.


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