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This line art is well over 2000 years old.  The ancient Egyptians often drew their hieroglyphs with a great pinch of humor.


Here is a  Personal Collection of some odds and ends of various issues and topics. Some of the icons and links no longer work. You will have to rely on your web browser's back arrow key to navigate. 

A List of Articles Written By Mandeville:  free downloads - sorry that the list is not complete

Leonardo daVinci's Self Portrait: free download courtesy of MetaSyn Media; this contains a big jpg file of nearly 100kb.

San Bruno Memorial Commentaries about our affairs.

Neutralization Of Radioactivity, by MW Mandeville: This document was prepared to assist principals evaluate the logic of undertaking the commercial development of technology which will transmute radioactivity into harmless elements. - free as web document

An Open Letter To A.R.E. Members and Potential Members April 30, 2001 by MW Mandeville

The Legend of the Phoenix

The Book of Immortality:  Budge's version, mistakenly called the Book of the Dead, is online.

Thoth's Prophecy Of Egypt: a fragment from Asclepius III published in the book "Hermetica", edited and translated by Walter Scott in 1924; reprinted by Shambhala Publications, 1993.

Atlantic Ocean Bottom: Tectonic Age Map - Where does Atlantis fit in?

Inside The Sphinx by Trudy Weddington; Edgar Cayce had a lot to say about what would be found in the Hall Of Records, but he didn't say much about how to get into the Hall Of Records. Here is a psychic impression which may provide an important clue.

Motion Of The Pole 1900-1996: a chart from IERS (international association of geophysicists) demonstrates a distinctive change in the motion of the axis of the earth in 1936, as originally predicted by Edgar Cayce in 1932 but not realized by geophysicists until 1960.

TET or DJED Pillars of Ancient Egypt: What are these strange symbols? Mandeville believes they are symbolical of the Four Worlds of Humanity created by the passage of four phoenixes. But that cannot be the end of the story, given the different "guises" they assume in various Egyptian stories and papyrus.

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