Elk Mountain
lies along the highest Mesas which form the backbone of the Rocky Mountains which divide North America through New Mexico.  On the top of one of these Mesas in a forest of tall Ponderosa Pine, Juniper, Pinon, and Oak trees near our Spiritual Healing Refuge, icshardband.gif (6855 bytes)we found this shard, along with many others, from a broken pot which had been made by the Anasazi hundreds of years ago.

It was so
to be in the mountains with no unnatural noises and sights.


To feel the wind in my hair.

To actually hear it whispering to me.

To feel the warm sun on my face.

To smell the wild grasses, such perfume I will never forget.

The tears of gratitude for just being able to be there.

To walk like a child in wonder at the flowers blooming.

God Is so Good!

To be with others that are of ONE MIND.

These are the Miracles of LIFE to me. That was Heaven.......

Coming back to the so called real world?......I SHOULD GET OUT MORE OFTEN.

by Annette Hardman
April, 2001, afer first contact with the wilderness lands
of the Ek Mountain Spiritual Healing Center.

Elk Mountain
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From the abode morter with which the Ancient Ones of this sacred land fashioned their home in the cliffs of the mesas,
we form the image for the pages of this sacred nexus in the digital sea.  Behold therefore all you who visit, the web  pages of the

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