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I have just barely started to put this together.  I am mainly searching for graphs and pix in image formats which can be directly imbedded into this page with simple links.  Javajive images will not work.

Nominatons earnestly sought for inclusion. Criteria in making selection include relevency to vortex tectonics, the crustal avalanche or pole shift predictions, connections to specific prophecies, etc.

Images must refresh on a daily basis.  For instance, I cannot find a solar image which has a generic name which is constantly being updated.   All the solar disks have names which reflect the moment of the taking of the image.


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Earth Systems Monitor

The Top Ten Live Feed Monitors
From Around The World
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Sunspot & Solar Flux
solar.gif (21178 bytes)

Fluxgate Magnetometer

plotstations.cgi?latest+36H+500+GAK+HDZ (4640 bytes)

Space Weather Dot Com
Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment
Use this to get the headlines quickly.

Quick View of NASA's latest solar images from the Satellite Solar Observatory (SOHO)

North America  Radar Weather Map
INMAREUS_.gif (50181 bytes)

Pacific Southwest Weather Map

INMAREaz_.gif (58219 bytes)



  Polar Coordinates
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X Wave:

xplot2.gif (5061 bytes)

Y Wave:

yplot2.gif (5042 bytes)




World Earthquake Map

world.gif (117523 bytes)





El Popo

Live Cam

You must manually refresh this image about once a minute.  For automatic refresh, go to
El Popo Direct

El Popo Latest Report (in English)

Volcanoes Live Cams
Volcanoes Live also has viewing portals for quickly
seeing live action at the sites of the most active volcanoes.

popo.jpg (54550 bytes)



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