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Front Cover

Earth Changes 2001

No. 1 FALL 2001 $12.00

A Special Report From The Phoenix Quest

? Destiny’s Dates ?

By what ever name you call it (The Changes In The Earth, The Time of Tribulation, The Great Purification, a Pole Shift, an Avalanche of the Crust, or The End Times) the Prophecies of the Ages and the predictions of the most remarkable psychics, converge on:

October, November, & December 2001

1. The Millennial Prophecies

Edgar Cayce, Cosa Nostra Damus, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, Y’shua (Jesus), & others

predict the Earth’s rendezvous with another major shift in the poles when the Earth’s crust suddenly avalanches in a great circular motion which flings the polar zones towards the Equator and causes widespread earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and huge 300 foot tidal surges which flood inland in many places for up to hundreds of miles.

If there is a Final Millennial Prophecy,
it will be found within these pages.

Vortex Tectonics

A New Science of the Earth has recently emerged to explain how the wobbling motion of the Earth’s rotation drives plate tectonics to create volcanoes, earthquakes, El Nino, Global Warming, and the shifting of the poles.

2. The Trends in the Earth

which prove that Edgar Cayce’s Earth Changes predictions are right on track and  that his psychic predictions about the shifting of the poles in 2001 have odds of 84% to 92% of coming in on time.  An anomalous fourfold increase in Earthquake and volcanic activity since 1958, as predicted by this great Seer, confirms that a sudden shift in the location of the poles is about to commence.

The Pole Shift

When & How

World Outline

Doomed Areas

Safe Lands

Friends & Havens

3. The Avalanche of the Crust

How Chandler’s Wobble will catapult the crust of the Earth into an avalanche up Longitude East 40 and down Longitude West 140 to shift the location of the North Pole into North Russia. How it will begin, how long it will last, what the ride will be like, what areas are doomed, what areas are safe, Map Guides to the Earth Changes, how to prepare to survive the aftermath.


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Earth Changes 2001
is published by
MetaSyn Media

33801 South Old Mud Springs Road, Black Canyon City, AZ, 85324, USA

Issue No. 1: Fall 2001
Pull Date: December 31, 2001

FIRST EDITION: published May 15, 2001; file begun 10:30 PM April 6, 2001; Prime Print Draft file complete: July 8, 2001 at 10:50 PM.

2001 by MW Mandeville;  All rights reserved. Neither the author nor the publisher take any responsibility for the use of any of the materials, methods, or knowledge described in this publication, nor for the products thereof.

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Key Words & Topics

Key topics include: 10,500 BC, 2000, 2001, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Ancient Memory, Archeology, Atlantis, Catastrophism, Chandler’s Wobble, Christianity, Crustal Motion, Earthquakes, Edgar Cayce, End Times, Geology, Geophysics, Giza, Great Pyramid, Hall of Initiation, Hapgood, Hermes and Hermetic Philosophy, History Of The 20th Century, Legends, Location of the Poles, Magnetic Reversals, Metaphysics, Millennium, Mythology, Mythology and Metaphor of the Phoenix, Plate Tectonics and Geophysics thereof, Polar Ice Caps, Polar Motion, Pole Shift, Prophecy, Prophets, Religion, Sphinx, Validation and Verification of Psychic Accuracy, Volcanism, Vortex, Wisconsin Ice Age, & Y’shua

Table Of Contents

1. The Phoenix Quest
2. The Phoenix Paradigm
3. Tectonic Trends In The Earth
4. Vortex Predictions & The Latest Activity
     In The Earth For 2001
5. Finding The Consensus
6. Nostradamus’ "Great Translation"
    Pole Shift Prophecy
7.  Nostradamus In France
8.  Synchronicities In The Prophecies
9. "Cosa" Nostra Damus" Prophecy
10. Cosa Nostra Damus "Mother Shipton"
       Prophecy of 1982
11. Predictions of Elaine Phipps-Earl
12. I Ching
13. Final Omens & Warnings of Phoenix Five
14. The Millennial Prophecy

Outline Of The Millennial Prophecy
The Source
The God Game
The Great Emulator
The World Epic
The God Game For the 20th century & The Millennium
Future Shock
The Advent of Christ Consciousness
The Change In The Earth
The Hall of Records
The Great Initiate
The Fifth World

15. How The Ancient Prophecies Parallel
      Cayce’s Millennial Prophecy
16. The Avalanche of the Earth’s Crust
17. The Return of the Phoenix
18. Reviews Of The Trilogy
19. Concerning The Last Days Of A.R.E.
      Just Prior To The Earth Changes Of 2001
20. Spirit Initiations
21. The Cosmic Catalog


Quest Calendar On The Road

Book Signings In Pacific Northwest: July, 2001


Quest Calendar at Elk Mountain

Camp-Outs at La Querencia

Sept. 8-15

Raising Spirit Celebrations

Sept 15-22


Page Three

Final Visions and Augeries of the
"Change In The Earth"

As reported in The Internet Earth Change Bulletins and the Phoenix Quest Email Letters, this Bulletin provides Advance Warnings about the Avalanche of the Crust from the Psychic and Spiritual Realms. A powerful millennial warning can be obtained through the Synchronicity of Prophecies from Ancient Prophets and Sources, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and Modern Seers. Major prophecies include:

  • Nostradamus’ "Pole Shift" Prophecy"
  • The "Cosa Nostra" Damus Prophecy
  • "Cosa Nostra" Mother Shipton
  • Final Omen Warnings

Edgar Cayce’s Millennial Prophecy

As Condensed From The Readings Of Edgar Cayce and as Published in the Three Volume Anthology of the "Return of the Phoenix"

A final compilation of Cayce’s millennial prophecies about the opening of an ancient time vault in Egypt and a shift in the location of the poles which will create many catastrophic changes in the Earth during 2001 and in the following years. Cayce’s predictions and stories are fully presented, for the first time ever. If there is a millennial prophecy, this is it.

The Ancient Prophecies

How do the millennial predictions of Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and others relate to the millennial "end times" prophecies of the ancient religions? Are there major parallels between Cayce’s stories and the ancient memories of humanity as found in the old records, legends, and prophecies of various religions and cultures?

A Letter From The Publisher

This Special Report provides a major update for the work began some seven years ago when I undertook the Quest to learn about Edgar Cayce’s predictions and his strange prophecy about a shifting of the crust of the Earth.

During the early part of 2000, I completed the three volume set of the Return of the Phoenix and turned my attention to the next phase of my Quest, which quickly became focused on learning how to monitor the activity of the Sun, Moon, and Earth for signs of an impending shift in the location of the Earth’s poles.

This monitoring is accomplished through the Earth Systems Monitor on the web and is reported through the Earth Changes Bulletin (internet email news). We link together a great many sources of near real-time information about the dynamic motions and phenomena in the Earth. The latest findings from these efforts is provided in this first printed "Earth Changes 2001".

In addition to the geophysical monitoring we undertook as part our Phoenix Quest, we began to seek additional counsel and advance warning through psychic agencies from the spiritual realm. We set up a special psychic monitor website to draw together as much consensus as possible from the multitude of impressions, visions, dreams, and precognitive experiences which large numbers of people are having about the impending "Avalanche Of The Crust" (which some people call a "pole shift").

This part of our Quest drew some new information about the potential timing of the Avalanche. A majority of those who are psychically attuned seem to expect some major destructive tectonic events related to earthquakes and volcanism in North America during June 2001 which will be followed later in the year, sometime between October and December, with the beginning of the shifting of the poles.

This consensus appears to bring both ancient and modern prophecy sources into synchronicity to such an extent that we can outline a prophecy for the year 2001 which has high credibility by virtue of the broad agreement between various highly reputed clairvoyant sources. Accordingly, the primary focus of this first Bulletin is to share this prophetic information as widely as possible with all peoples and religious traditions.

We will have one final addition to make to our treatment of the prophecies of the Fourth World. When we can clearly confirm the most likely line offall for the crustal avalanche, we will print a final version of the "Avalanche Scenario" in Bulletin No. 2.

Best wishes, Michael Wells Mandeville