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Latest News About The Earth Changes

This section sometimes is updated about once a week but it may be as much as a month behind.  For all breaking news subscribe to the Earth Change Bulletins.  To access back issues of the Bulletin, click on the dated headers below or go to the Earth Changes Bulletin Message Archive Center. From August 6, 2003 to the present, the Bulletins are posted here in Acrobat PDF format.

From this point backwards in time, the Updates are in html form

  • May 5, 2002

Polar Motion

Chandler’s Wobble looks normal and the spiral motion looks quite regular. North America is now headed South while Europe is pivoting to the North. There is nothing to hint of sudden tectonic change of high magnitude.


The roller coaster ride in the number of sunspots continues. Highs of 150 to 220 alternate in two or three days with lows of 110 to 120. Wednesday a low of 110 rose on Thursday to a count of 166. The solar flux was also headed back up. Cycle 23 is a long way from complete on the high point of its cycle. We could easily see a repeat of last week’s high of 250 and this type of high will most likely be seen by May 23, when Mercury flies by in perfect alignment with the Earth and the Sun.

Solar Storms

Magnetic Field In The Earth’s Atmosphere, as measured by the U. of Alaska Fluxgate Magnetomometer shows little distubrance at this past week, which suggests that the solar sea which the Earth is sailing through is fairly calm at the moment. This could change at any moment.

NASA reports that Earth is passing through the outskirts of a solar wind stream flowing from a coronal hole on the Sun. Although it is not a very high speed stream, it is gusty. High-latitude sky watchers should therefore be alert for auroras.

The present Chaos and extremes in Earth’s weather patterns were given a lot of extra energy during the past two weeks. At least three CME’s hit the Earth and poured energy into the atmosphere. It is likely that CME activity will abate for the next three weeks but beware the Mercury fly-by in May 23. CME’s, Flares, Sunspots, and Weather Chaos will all go up dramatically during the last week of May and persist through the first week of June.


To catch the current alignment of the planets

go to

and click on the Link to "Monitoring The Planets During 2002

 El Popo

Volcanic activity on El Popo is steadily diminishing at the moment. It still keeps puffing but the counted daily numbers of puffs have diminished from a high of 39 a couple of weeks to about 19 this last Wednesay.


During most of the week there have been about a half dozen to ten quakes per day in the range above 3.0 mag – locations are widely scattered in all the usual places, almost all below 4.5 mag, but there was another 4.8 mag quake off the central coast of Oregon about 260 miles – a shallow quake of about 5 miles depth. There was also a good sized quake on Iceland and so volcanic activity may pick up there. As of Thursday, Quakes in Cal/Nev daily were running a total for the past seven days at 205 quakes, still higher than average. Two quakes during the past week in the range of 5.0 mag struck, one on Baja Plate Margin and other against the Pacific plate margin at the Mendocino Cape in Northern California. On May 4 (UTC timeframe) some half dozen smallish quakes in the 3.0 mag range struck, bam bam bam, right Cape Medocino in Northern California. Doubtless California continues this year to be some sort of strange bellweather on tectonic activity. Activity is definitely more than "normal". Now, if we could only figure just what….

  • April 17, 2002:  Polar Motion Normal. The pole of the North Spin Axis has reached maximum distance down the Y axis (Long West 90) and is beginning to move in a broad arc down towards England. This of course means that the Atlantic Hemisphere is beginning to move towards the North.

Earthquake Activity Muted as is normal for this period between lunar syzygy windows. Quake patterns last few days is chaotic and random, showing no patterns and very little repetition. Quake levels in California/Nevada have returned to normal, with 165 quakes shown on the USGS charts for the past 7 days. Two quakes in the sole of the "boot" of Italy suggest the advent of more tectonic activity in the mid Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, which could take the form of both volcanic and earthquake action. Expect more news during the coming months from Etna and possibly Vesuvias and some of the other volcanoes in the area.

Volcanic Activity No clear patterns, no clear major activity, situation very similar to that of the past few weeks.

Solar Activity Spectacular Coronal Mass Ejection created large Auroras in the Northern Hemisphere and an M class flare ejected today towards the earth will increase aurora activity for the next several days. Sunspots peaked at 250 a few days ago and are at 175 today with the Solar Flux at 195. Solar Wind speed and density much higher than normal. This Solar activity is most likely a result of the planetary alignments of the inner planets with Jupiter and Saturn at about 120 degrees from the Earth (Heliotropic view). This activity fed a spectacular magnetic disturbance today in the Earth’s atmosphere which was measured in the University of Alaska’s Fluxgate Magnetometer.

Weather You thought it has been strange enough? Hah !!! Increased chaos in weather patterns for the next two weeks from all of the new energy from the sun which will ramp up the distribution of marine air higher and further. Increased chaos as well in human activities as the solar electrical input pushes up "the full moon effect" and drives crazy men to be even crazier and more violent than before.

Outlooks For Solar Activity and Weather See http// and look just below the top links for the link to "Monitoring The Planets During 2002). Mercury is speeding toward the Earth and will quickly pass by the conjunction of planets to align itself with the Earth on May 23. Expect May 23 through to the Summer Solstice to see another large increase in Sunspots and solar storms which hit the Earth. The weather patterns of Earth through to the Solstice should remain chaotic with distinct ups and downs in the dynamics of the weather, keeping everyone guessing and wondering if ANYTHING is normal anymore.

El Nino For This Year Dept.? It is looking more and more like it is possible that I may have to eat crow. El Nino MIGHT appear this year. In about four weeks we should be able to tell for sure.

Conditions In The Arctic and Antarctic This is the most important terrestrial phenomenon under way. The increased warming in the Arctic is pretty obvious. It may be that this will become a decisive proof of the role of underwater heat release in creating the Global Warming phenomenon. This warming is definitely not driven by the atmosphere, which is delivering wetter, colder air than ever to the polar zones. This warming can only be coming from heat rising up through the rifts to warm the arctic water. This same effect may be underway in Antarctica, which is even more volcanically active than the Arctic zone. This warming is especially ominous because of Edgar Cayce’s predictions that upheavals in the arctic zone would increase volcanism in the tropical zones, after which the shifting of the poles would commence.

  • Earth Changes Bulletin Update as of April 10 2002

Polar Motion

The Wobble Track, as painted by the Wobbletrac software, looks reasonably smooth and normal. There does not appear to be anything anomalous in the current motion of the Earth’s crust.

Solar Cycle 23 Keeps Hanging Out In the Twilight Zone

The numbers of Sunspots shot up to a high of 265 last week and they currently number 215 with the Solar Flux at 205. These numbers take us back to the end of January in this Solar Cycle 23. What is Solar Cycle 23 up to? These numbers should be half this size.

The Fluxgate Magnetometer at the U. of Alaska, which measures the Earth’s magnetic field in the atmosphere, is currently showing fairly even, slow shallow fluctuations in the solar sea but extremely stormy solar energy could strike the Earth at any moment. The SOHO images of the Sun seem to show the Sun emitting today much greater flares than during our last report last week. And there is a huge arcing prominence coming out of the Southeastern quadrant of the Sun.

NASA predicted the probability of solar storms during the next 48 hours at 60% for an M class storm and 10% for an X class flare. The coronal hole of the last two weeks has disappeared. But since then a huge solar blast came out of one of the sunspot complexes today at 1230 UT. The explosion sparked an M8-class solar flare and hurled a coronal mass ejection into space which is probably headed toward Earth.

Accordingly, expect the high degree of chaos in the weather to continue as the Sun continues to hurl ionic and magnetic energy into the Earth. Through April now, this problem will continue because of the upcoming planetary alignments (which we will cover in a separate report). Expect the unusual peak in Sunspot Cycle 23 to continue on at this level for the next month. It does not look like anything is going to return to normal seasonal patterns for this Spring.

On the El Nino front, it still does not appear that El Nino must be counted in but frankly the water off Ecuador in the region of the Galapagos Islands is getting pretty warm and the patch has now grown larger than it appeared last year. El Nino might appear. But then again, it might not. By the middle of May the pattern will probably become obvious one way or the other.


El Popo is still sputtering along, even a bit more active than last week. The predictions of low level explosive activity for the days or weeks ahead is unchanged. Overall volcanic activity seems to still be at a fairly low ebb but activity may be picking up this week. According to the SW Volcano Laboratory, currently 26 volcanoes are restless and of these 13 are active in some sort of way. Currently we have ash emissions out of half a dozen or so volcanoes, including Etna. And lava flows out of Kilauea are becoming more vigorous.


Currently Quake activity is at a low level and this may be fairly muted during the New Moon Syzygy which is now upon us. There were only about a half dozen quakes of mag 3.0 and larger per day the last couple of days, but curiously enough there were about 12 to 15 per day since the last report through to the last weekend (April 6 & 7). In general, quakes were quite widely dispersed in through all the usual zones but there were a few clear patterns.

Today two quakes off the coast of Northern California near the Oregon border, one 3.7 mag and other 4.0 mag. The California Nevada chart still shows a high average of quakes, now at 299 as of today, and three new ones just struck this afternoon in the space of one hour..

The Baja Plate is still highly reactive. We had two quakes near the mouth of the Colorado River if 3 to 4 mag something or other over this past weekend along with a half dozen quakes in the 4 to 5 mag range at the southern most tip of the Baja Plate fragment near the coast of central Mexico. But all has been seemingly quiet the past few days. It may be as if the seismic energy peak in that area is now dwindling away, but I never said that.

There has been major action however in the Mid- Atlantic Ridge the past 24 hours, which hosted three quakes ranging from 4.4 to 5.2 mag. There was one quake between the bulge of Latin America and the bulge of Africa and two more between the southern most tips of these two continents. As well, during the past 72 hours we had two large quakes on the Southern side of the Australian Tectonic Plate, along the edge which grinds on the Antarctica Plate. These were 5.7 and 6.2 mag quakes very close to the polar zone. These are well worth watching because of the sequence of "upheavals" which Cayce predicted for the onset of the shift in the poles. He predicted that upheavals in the Arctic zones would make for volcanic eruptions in the torrid zones, his phraseology for the tropics.

  • April 3, 2002 - Earth Changes Summary Update For The Week Ending April 3 2002

    The spiral of Polar Motion inside Chandler’s Wobble is showing normal shape and duration at the moment. Nothing anomalous is visible. Very normal. Very boring.

    More interesting is Earth’s Magnetic Field. The U. of Alaska Magnetometer recorded substantial magnetic disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic shields very early this morning.

    And it ought to. The Solar Flux has shot suddenly up to 255 from the 165 level a week ago. This is most likely from the coronal hole in the Sun’s atmosphere which NASA predicted last week. We are seeing a major increase in the solar wind out of this hole and it is flowing into the Earth’s magnetosphere and atmosphere, which disturbs our atmosphere, magnetosphere, and of course it adds a lot more energy into the weather systems. This solar wind is paradoxically extending a 100 year extreme in winter drought in Arizona even while adding to the creation of a late breaking snowstorm in parts of the Great Lakes region this past weekend. NASA predicts that we are now leaving the region of the increased solar wind and they predict that the solar flux will abate. My hunch is that this is wrong, and that the solar flux will increase even a bit more yet and it will be another week before abating. I believe that it will abate only when the coronal hole migrates to the eastern side of the Sun, as it faces the Earth.

    Even more interesting, the number of solar sunspots shot way up to 262 today, which is way beyond normalcy. Without doubt some new solar storms are headed our way and the extremes in the freakish nature of the weather will continue well into April. Despite the rise in Sunspots, NASA is predicting that the likelihood of new explosive flares is very small.

    For the Spring Season, activity should gradually settle down until about the middle of May. On May 25, Mercury will align once again between the Sun and the Earth and pull once again whatever stormy activity is left in Sunspot Cycle 23 directly into the Earth. April’s weather should go out like a lamb but May’s weather should go out like a Lion as the Mercury solar storm fronts batter the Earth from about May 20th through to about June 10th.



    We have settled now into the low period between syzygy windows, the time between the Full and the New Moon when much less seismic activity occurs.. During the past two days, there were only about half a dozen quakes a day of size 3.0 and above. April First was still pretty active, part of the Full Moon syzygy, and it gave us a 4.5 mag quake once again off the coast of Coos Bay, Oregon. This was followed by a 3.6 quake about 55 miles out to sea from Eureka Cal, which is right on the California/Oregon border, maybe a 100 miles of so South of Coos Bay. So, I continue to watch this area for any fulfillment of the Costra Nostra Damus prophecy. The odds are pretty good that a sizable quake will be felt during any syzygy window in Coos Bay, Oregon.

    The USGS count of quakes in California/Nevada is at 297 today for the past seven days. Almost all of these were below magnitude 3.0 and could not be felt. The number of quakes is substantially higher than average and most likely reflects the large increase during the Full Moon Syzygy. Even so, a lot of new quakes showed up yesterday on the Charts but there is no seeming correlation which will explain this.

    Naturally these West Coast quakes got no news, the news was swamped by the 7.3 killer in Taiwan and the 6.4 yesterday in Chile. Both quakes injured only a few people, surprisingly, but minor damage was widespread in both areas. There were many sizable aftershocks in the range of 4 to 5 magnitude in both areas.

    The Quake pattern for the past few days is pretty simple and clear. On Monday there were two quakes in the Mid Atlantic Ridge in the range of 4-5 magnitude and the most active zone was the South Pacific with a few in the range of magnitude 4-5. Yesterday and today the most active areas are clearly Taiwan and along the coasts of the Andes mountains, from Peru through to Chile.’

    The USG charts for the Pacific Northwest show quite a large number of microtremors in the Puget Sound Basin during the past two weeks. I do not know what this means.


    Etna is giving out occasional ash emissions but overall volcanic activity here and worldwide is quite muted at the moment. El Popo is doing about what it was last week and the prediction of a low level explosive round of eruptions is still the same for sometime during the next few weeks.

    El Nino/Global Warming Front

    The temperature of the surface of the Pacific water along the Equator is looking pretty much like it did last year this time. If anything, overall Pacific ocean water temperature on the surface for the Northern Hemisphere is slightly cooler than last year.

    Now here is a correlation and a major vortex prediction for the year. I am going out on the limb here with what I can see in the pattern of the dynamics of the Earth Moon Sun system. The slightly cooler Pacific ocean water temperature overall, compared to this time last year, correlates exactly with the overall diminishment of volcanic activity which can be monitored. I predict that underwater volcanism is also down and that that there will be NO El Nino this year. I predict that overall the weather will be similar to last year’s quixotic and chaotic, tending to extremes, but I fail to see how any more records can be broken after the extremes of the past few years.

    For the month ahead, no major surprises are likely in the Earth Systems accept for the continuation of chaotic weather caused by this nearly record-breaking sunspot cycle.

    Geo-Political Earth Changes

    The REAL major storm fronts during the next three months are on the Geo-Political Front. U.S. policy and leadership against terrorism is now in the docket and is being judged worldwide in regard to the Palestinian Issue. While U.S. pundits telegraphed loudly ( and most stupidly in my estimation) American maneuvering to begin a campaign against Sodamned Insane, all the targets, namely Iraq, Iran, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban, have rediscovered the time-honored arts of "the enemy of my enemy is my ally". It is clear from many sources and hints that a consolidation of covert cooperation has begun between what should be bitter enemies This obviously is an major foreign policy strategic blunder on the part of the U.S. establishment.

    American mass media and political pundit commentary in public in front of the entire world about going after Sodamned Insane is impeccably juvenile. Hell will be paid for it.

    Obviously, it is in the Extremely Vital Self-Interests of Sodamned Insane to do anything within his power to use the Palestinians and Al Qaeda plots as "red flags" to preoccupy the American Texas Bull. I believe he understands this very well and is in fact using all of his power to support as much extreme activity as possible. Unfortunately, he has a lot of assets. As with Sodamned Insane, so also the Mullahs of Iran.

    Israel has done what it can only do, which is implement the "Bush Doctrine" on terrorism. In this Doctrine, Organizations and people who harbor terrorists, or maintain a studied blind eye to them, are terrorists. Consequently, Israel is radically destroying nearly the entire Palestinian Authority, brick by brick, building by building, official by official, gun by gun. It is, literally, war, and the American Media as of this moment still does not get it. The media reveal their lack of comprehension by continuing to ask the wrong questions of the wrong people. Given the questions they ask, it is difficult to believe that anyone believes that U.S. New anchors and network star reporters are somehow worth salaries of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year. What a bizarre strange reality.

    Meanwhile the U.S. Government is making completely inappropriate remarks related to completely moot points in their attempts to pretend that American foreign policy vis a vis the Palestinian issue has totally failed. The American positions are entirely mooted by both the Jews and the terrorist cliques who have stalemated everything. Poor Colin Powell, who deserves better, has been left out hanging in the breeze mouthing completely inane thoughts. He has enough of a track record and distinguished career that he will recoup but I suspect that the star of Condaleza Rice will begin to wane. It cannot happen fast enough. She is an academic too full of ideological head trips which do not relate to the real world. She needs to go somewhere else in the minor leagues to do her learning. She is not by any means ready to advise on real policy leadership. The decisive consolidation of Arab enemies against Israel and U.S. efforts is the first self-evident proof of her inability to connect to the real world.

  • January 21, 2002


This Special Report provides an update to the first report which was published in June 2001 as

Earth Changes 2001 No. 1

Earth Changes 2002 may be ordered from

The front cover may be viewed at



If you have subscribed to receive the second Special Report, please check this out and if you want this edition, please respond as per below if you want the Ebook version or the printed version. The printed version is locally produced so there will be no wait.


1. The Solar Vortex 2002 - Weather Predictions For The Year 2002 based on Planetary Alignments, Sunspots, & Solar Storms Sunspots and storms are currently tracking exactly as predicted for January, and so is the weather.

2. Trends in Polar Motion - Update On The Shifting Of The Poles as of January 2, 2002 - Steady As She Goes, even if ever faster than during the previous century Four new charts of polar motion show that the 1999/2000 anomaly in Chandler’s Wobble is over and that its regular spiral motion has resumed. The charts also demonstrate that the drift in the average location of the poles may have accelerated to produce a 39 inch "pole shift" since 1999 and that this accelerated shifting may be continuing.

3. What Happened To The Predicted Pole Shift of 2000/2001? - Here is the latest Information which indicates that Edgar Cayce’s famous Earth Changes predictions may still be right on track. Given the widely observed facts of a rather dramatic increase in the tempo of change on Earth during the last 10 years, and given as well that the shifting of the poles may have already begun, very slowly, Cayce’s predictions may be correct. We may also have learned in retrospect that we have no idea of when the shifting of the poles will produce the cataclysmic effects which Cayce predicted (but did not pin down to a specific year).


This Special Report No. 2 summarizes our efforts during the past seven months to monitor the activity of the Sun, Moon, and Earth for signs of an impending shift in the location of the Earth’s poles. This monitoring is accomplished through the Earth Systems Monitor on the web and is reported through the Earthchanges-Bulletin (internet email news). We link together a great many sources of near real-time information about the dynamic motions and phenomena in the Earth.

The latest findings from these efforts is provided in this second printed "Earth Changes" Special Report. Email subscribers to the Earthchanges-Bulletins on the Internet have seen most of thc copy which is in this special report. In this version, however, the material has been edited into professional form, the special color charts have been included (printed in color), and the whole constitutes a complete dossier which is easier to read and share. (22 pages, staple bound)

Ebook version ($4.00) may be downloaded in PDF format directly from

Printed version ($8.00) is available now.

Some people subscribed to Earth Changes No. 2 when they purchased Issue No. 1. At the time it was stated that No. 2 would be the last version and it would lay out the best guess at that time as to likely path of the shifting of the poles. Since this is an interim report, Issue No. 2 will not be sent to you nor billed to you unless you specifically request it. If you wish to acquire it, just send an email message with your name and whether you want just the ebook version (4.00) or both it and the print version (8.00). We have all the rest of the info we need to send you your copy and process charging, unless any of the info has changed in the last six months. If so, please fill out the catalog order form again at

The ebook version is provided frankly so that you have a convenient way to copy and paste selections from it to share in email with your friends, family, etc.

If you have never purchased the books in the Phoenix Trilogy or Special Report No. 1 but you are members of the Phoenix Quest or Earthchanges-Bulletin email groups and would like to see this effort continue, I hope you will consider making a purchase now to enable us to keep paying the Internet and phone bills.


Best wishes to one and all as this year unfolds. I believe that it is going to be a dramatic one in many ways but I think that we have some time yet even beyond this year, to prepare for the worst effects of the coming avalanche of the crust.

  • November 17. 2001 - Safe Havens Program

    Annette Hardman has take up the role as Chairperson of the Phoenix Quest Land Search Committee. She and several other members of the Phoenix Quest are evolving a Co-op Land Resource program for spiritually minded people. They have begun to search for property which will be suitable for surviving either World War III, a shifting of the poles, or retirement or old age, which ever comes first. Click here to see the Phoenix Five Havens Program

  • November  16, 2001   Phoenix Quest Underground

    Ley Willey is producing weekly "underground news" which is created from news of "weird" or unreported earth changes news (or war on terror news) posted by volunteers in various parts of the world. She is also working to develop a network of Area Contacts for people trying to cope with the Change In The Earth. Click here to see the Phoenix Quest Underground.

  • November 15, 2001 Polar Motion Graphs

    The graphs on this website which display polar motion are now about three months out of date. They have been allowed to remain static because there is really no news to report. The motion of the pole has returned to normal after a two year anomaly and is currently looking very normal. All graphs will be updated during December.

  • November 14, 2001
    by MW Mandeville


This is an important update to the Phoenix Trilogy and the EC 2001 Special Report.  Please repost this far and wide.

Quake Pattern
Solar Activity
Polar Motion Behavior
The Cayce Prediction About The Shifting of the Poles In 2000/2001
Psychic Alarm Sirens Over California, esp in the South
Astounding correlations of Phoenix Quest Clairvoyants

High Alert Earthquake Warning for Southern California & Japan Still In Effect

Recent Earthquake Activity

Just prior to the last Full Moon, some two weeks ago on All Saint’s Eve of October 31, I issued a general warning for the Full Moon Syzygy for the possibility of exceptionally damaging earthquakes to occur in higher frequency for the areas of:

U.S. West Coast, especially California Japan the belt from the central Mediterranean through to the Himalayas.

Almost immediately upon releasing the general warning, California zipped up tighter than a drum and nothing of significance above 3.0 occurred. Little occurred in Japan. The belt from Sardinia in the central Mediterranean through to the eastern end of the Himalayas was exceptionally active, although no damaging quakes above 6.0 occurred in locations close to humans. Quakes struck in Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Afghanistan, Tibet, and in Mayamar.

Then activity fell off as expected and even the plate margins around the Pacific Rim of Fire fell almost completely silent (I always speak only of quakes above 3.0 quakes below 2.0, there are huge numbers of them, are almost daily occurrences deep in the Earth along a large portion of the plate margins of the Earth. This deep activity is probably mainly the vibrations of the edges of the tectonic plates as they ceaselessly grind against each other)

So once more I was glad that we have some principles which can partially see the flow of events in the Earth before they happen I was also delighted to discover that the best way to prevent quakes in California is to predict them.

Several days after the "syzygy window", which lasted until Nov. 4, quakes in California picked up again substantially. I guess no one was predicting them. The largest quakes were all along the eastern edge of the Baja California Plate Fragment. Several 5.0 plus and many minor quakes struck from the bottommost tip of Baja up through to Indio and Palm Springs area, continuing through to the last 48 hours.

So once again we are predicting a major danger zone during this New Moon Syzygy for Southern California. The next three days are exceptionally more likely to occasion large damaging quakes and the odds on favorite is along the Baja California Plate, most likely in the area of the Indio and Salton Sea depression.

To this should be added that Jim Berkland, the professional geologist who happens to have the world’s highest success rate in predicting earthquakes, shared a very rare dream which he had over the weekend:

a 7.5 quake strikes in California during the next two weeks

Berkland almost never predicts from his own "sensitivity". He uses geo-statistics, vortex orbital relationships, and various other "sensitives", including other psychics, cats, dogs, and many other types of animals.

I should add to this roster that Pam Wiseman (an exceptionally talented musician poet and dream "sensitive" who definitely is establishing a track record in getting important information) shared a very important dream segment this morning with me:

"Just before waking up this morning, I was shown an aerial view of downtown LA, the city blocks, narrowing into a specific block right next to the LA library. And an X there, don't know what this may be symbol of- next epicenter of a quake or something else. . . .?"


Currently, after a low of almost no quakes yesterday, overall quake activity picked up sharply this New Moon. Today, A day or so after Berkland had his dream, a phenomenal 7.9 quake struck in the middle of nowhere in Central Asia the border between Tibet and the Gobi Desert.

Thus again from the central Medit. area through the Himalayas. HIGH DANGER MADE ESPECIALLY POIGNANT BY THE CENTRAL ASIAN QUAKE IN THE GOBI.

As California, there is high quake danger for Japan

Sunspot Solar Storm Activity

Sunspot activity remains exceptionally high at 240 as of today. Several X-class storm flares have rocked the Earth this past few weeks, creating spectacular auras and impacting the weather around the world quite powerfully. At the moment no storm fronts are on the way and the Earth’s magnetic field is placid calm, showing that we are in calm orbital space at the moment. Additional X class flares could arise at any time and propel the Earth into more choppy solar magnetic seas. The long Indian summer of latitudes below the San Francisco Denver line in North America will continue for another week at least but by the end of November a quick slide into winter should finally begin. Above the Denver San Francisco line, the weather should continue its slide into Winter but conditions should be less freakish and sudden than during the past three weeks.

Chandler’s Wobble and Crustal Motion (Changing Location of the Poles)

The track of Chandler’s Wobble looks more and more normal as we approach Winter. Rather than show signs of instability in the over all motion of the crust, the spiral motion of the wobble track shows increasing "normality". For all intents and purposes, Chandler’s Wobble has recovered from the bump in the night in December 1998. The anomaly in the wave forms of the x and y plots of polar motion, which became long, truncated waves during 1999 and 2000, has disappeared completely. A new regime of a fairly even, round spiral track in the wobble of the poles seems to have begun and the spiral motion is expanding outwards towards its X Max position (which is a circle of about 50 feet every 6.5 years).

The X Max should be achieved in 2003 or 2004. The exact timing is now uncertain because of the strange anomaly during 1999/2000 which made the wave form three months longer than usual. This anomaly probably created a shift in the phase of the 6.5 year X Wave Cycle and at this point we are not certain just where we are in the 6.5 year cycle.

Drift In The Average Location of the Pole

The spiral track of Chandler’s wobble flows around a center point which has been highly stable through time. This center point is the "average" location of the pole and prior to 1916 it appears not to have moved. Through most of the 20th century the average rate of drift has been about a few centimeters per year (varying between 3 and 6 centimeters) but during the past 20 years the rate of drift has accelerated at times to a rate about three times as fast. This acceleration is most likely the cause of an increase in "shape shifting" of the Earth’s crust and the 4 fold increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity during the past 50 years. This increase in shape-shifting, and the volcanic activity it generates, is most likely the cause of global warming (from the increase of heat released through the huge numbers of hot vents which line the ocean bottom rifts).

THIS CURRENT 6.5 YEAR (X WAVE) CYCLE OF THE WOBBLE SPIRAL "APPEARS" TO SHOW THAT THIS DRIFT IN THE AVERAGE LOCATION OF THE POLES IS STILL ACCELERATING AT AN EVEN GREATER RATE OF SPEED. There currently appears this month to be firming up a fairly sharp shift of the average location down towards England. However, this drift is still slow enough that it will be difficult to define the exact rate of drift until the current cycle is complete in 2003 or 2004. Since the average point can only be determined by averaging out all daily measurements in the 6.5 year cycle, we just have to wait for definitive results. No linear projection or estimates based on the numbers of the past three years will work because there is too much variation in the daily numbers. Even today, the supercomputer models used by the U.S. Military fail to predict the track of the location of the pole in as little as 90 days into the future. Consequently we cannot get close to exactly computing the average rate of drift until the current cycle is finished.

Nonetheless, at the moment, subjectively, the track "appears" consistent with an accelerating rate of drift. This "appearance" may firm up into clearer view during December when the turn in the waveform becomes definite. If the appearance firms up into reality, there may be quite a large acceleration apparent, from 18 centimeters per year to possibly two or three times that.

If the rate of drift is accelerating, increasing numbers of earthquakes and active volcanoes should continue to show up on the graphs, as they have during the past decade. Since these are caused by the increase in shape-shifting of the Earth’s crust, they must increase along with the increase in the rate of drift of the average location of the pole. As the ancient Sumerians put it at least 5000 years ago, the mooring pole gets loose, the earth shatters like a pot, and the Annunaki (volcanoes) light their torches.

Cayce’s "Pole Shift" Prediction:

There is currently no real indication in the behavior of the motion of the Earth’s crust in Chandler’s Wobble that a major shift in the location of the poles will occur in a fashion catastrophic enough to cause the destructive earth changes he predicted. It certainly does not appear that a sudden shift will occur during 2001. There are no signals showing such instability.

It is true that the apparent accelerating rate of drift (by centimeters per year) in the location of the poles is consistent with the notion that a more profound shifting in the location of the poles is underway. The current behavior does point towards the same scenario which was outlined in the "Return of the Phoenix Book Three: The Prophecies". Under this scenario the rate of drift should just continue to accelerate until at some point the wobble spiral becomes chaotic and moves too far in a particular direction, from which the Earth cannot pivot back to sustain the circular track of the wobble. At this point, the crust at the North Pole begins to fall towards the equator in a linear path (pushing and pulling the entire crust to "avalanche") until the spinning force of the daily rotation finds equilibrium with the distribution of mass and the vectors of force on the surface of the Earth. At this point the crust will glide to a halt and once again the location of the average pole will be stable. Of course, half or more of the global environment will profoundly change.

However, we have no idea of timing and how long it would take. From the geological record, we know we should expect at some time a sudden shift of at least several degrees, perhaps as many as 30 or so. But how long does the acceleration of drift take before the sudden shift begins? We have been accelerating in fits and starts now since 1916. Will it continue gradually like this for another 80 years or so? Or even more?

It could. And Cayce’s prediction would still be correct. He was asked what would happen in the year 2000 or 2001 which would affect the welfare of the human species. His famous prediction was "a shifting of the poles, or a new cycle begins". Well, an acceleration of the shifting seems to be apparent since 1996, we may have some firmer indication of this by December, but we won’t be certain until 2003 on this point. If it is so, it may be that this is the beginning of a cycle of the shifting which will not be complete with a more sudden catastrophic breaking until some later, unknown date. Problem is, it may be some years yet before we know.

In the Earth Changes Bulletins and through the Earth Systems Monitor on the web we have been monitoring all of the relevant variables looking for the signs, assuming along with everyone else that the sudden shifting would occur fairly quickly during 2001 or slightly thereafter as it ramps up to speed. But others have posted dates of 2003, 2005, 2007, and even 2011/2012. Ruth Montgomery seems to have suggested something in the range of 2007-2009. William Hutton, a professional geologist and long time student of Cayce, believes that it could take a 1000 years.

What are we to think? I think that we have to turn to all of the parallels between prophetic sources which are discussed in "The Prophecies". I think that 2000 years of "millennial" prophecy point towards a period of time very close to the start of the new millennium, which of course is 2001. So, no more than a few years. By other readings in the Cayce corpus, which seemed to indicate that long range prophecy of the Earth requires "correction factors of up to 4 years", it is conceivable that Cayce’s prediction will yet stand the tests of time, even if the shifting of the poles is barely noticeable in 2001. If so, the next two years should show the increased instabilities in a more pronounced form, and the speculative avalanche of the crust scenario in "The Prophecies" which began more or less with 2000, will be seen to commence during 2002 and unfold during a period of six to 24 months. If it does not, well then … draw your own conclusions about failed prophecy.

In the meantime, then, by mid December we should know more about the "apparent" rate of drift of the average location. I am waiting for the waveform to clearly turn and change into the opposite direction. At that point some geometric comparisons and calculation are possible.

Cosa Nostra Damus Prophecy Watch

In an attempt to "nail down" the timing with far greater detail, I stimulated exploration of contemporary psychic "signals" through the Phoenix Quest group. Working very selectively and picking very very slowly, certain talented people became aware of me and I of them during this past few years. They are all members of the Phoenix Quest, which discusses dreams, visions, and other sensitivities to the spiritual realms. Last March Joan Griffith, a.k.a. Cosa Nostra Damus wrote up her remarkable predictions about Earth Changes, which seemed to point to December 12, 2001 as some sort of finale. It appears now that this date may be more of a beginning point. She also made a series of predictions which pointed to earthquake activity in Coos Bay Oregon, Santa Barbara CA, Columbia, and the Salton Sea, which would accompany or be close in time to highly destructive volcanic activity in El Popo.

Her predictions are written up in the "Earth Changes 2001 Special Report" and to both her amazement and mine, all of the areas she mentioned became active this past six months. El Popo did immediately though the volcanic activity was not destructive. Quakes off shore of Coos Bay occurred soon after. This summer, a large quake rocked Columbia. Now, this past three weeks, the Baja Plate is exceptionally active and a few quakes in the range of 4 to 6 have rocked the Salton Sea area. A minor quake even occurred this summer near Santa Barbara.

So, interestingly enough, she called some highly active locations, all without knowing much about tectonic structures. Her predictions thus could still come true to a greater degree and only our expectations related to timing will be dashed. This of course is highly typical with psychic material, which is most often "out of time". All we can do is watch.

Other Indicators Bari Hill

In my search for details, I had a series of readings done by Bari Hill. Bari is amazingly sensitive and often highly accurate. To test her ability I had her read my truck engine to tell me where to find an elusive problem. This is a lady who can’t check her oil. Knowing nothing about engines, especially old V-8 Dodge engines, she laughed and gamely told me where to reach, what to look for, what to do. She correctly pointed to two different wiring problems which were driving me nuts, an intermittent short and an intermittent open. Doing exactly what she said to do allowed me to correctly finish the diagnosis. I really am amazed and I cannot fathom how she does it.

So I asked her about the Avalanche of the Crust prophecies and my scenario. She has known about my work for many years, has not completely read it, does not want to believe in pole shifts or catastrophes, and is doing everything to live a life which ignores such things. She took on a very serious effort to do a very accurate and precise reading. She indicated that an increasing acceleration of change would begin in October of this year, would accelerate month by month and would become noticeable in December of this year and would continue on through 2002 creating more and more severe symptoms. For a sudden shifting, she said June 2002.

This is frrom the mouth of a babe. She still doesn’t want to deal with it but is now beginning to think about it.

Phoenix Quest Prophecy Watch By Pam Wiseman

The Sept 11 events have seemingly lit spiritual fires under many of those with psychic sensitivities. It came so rather close to the Sept. 17 date which Moira Timms says is the end of Pyramid Prophecy Time. The 4th world ended and the new one is beginning, and psychic visions and alarm bells are seemingly ringing off the hook.

Pam Wiseman has been exploring the increasing synchronicities in the sensitivities, dreams, and visions of many people, especially those in the Phoenix Quest group. A major opinion seems to hold that the Changes In The Earth (avalanche of the crust pole shift) are indeed truly immanent, though there is a minority opinion which is going with Ruth Montgomery and a couple of friendly heretics who have Planet X under the skin for 2003.

Most lately she has centered on this New Moon period as a major "consensus" pick among several for something "big" to happen. This appears to be undefined, perhaps related to Terrorism , perhaps related to Earth Changes. Last week, she advised the Phoenix Quest group and myself that the consensus defines Nov. 11 through the 20th, with strong signals about the 16th.

Well, the consensus certainly started out with a bang, did it not? See what I mean, says the Chesire Cat?

Pam, some two weeks and a half ago, seems like a year ago, told us "MONDAY" in California and of course we all got treated on Monday to the FBI national warnings, and then the California Bridge Scare a couple of days later. Now she is tuning into an X on the public library in downtown L.A.

I sure wouldn’t ignore it. Why not stay away this next two weeks from downtown L.A.? You have plenty of other things to do.

Why watch this stuff? Why dabble with this? Because these out-of-the-woodwork people are getting better and better at it. This is all non-commercial, only the insatiable desire for the truth, the really real truth motivates these people, and the synchronicity and level of energies which are catching them and us up is getting thick enough to cut with a knife.

Here is another. Over the weekend, another highly talented lady in Australia sent me this post. (her dates are one day in advance of ours)

Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 13:54:11 +1000 Subject: Re: [phoenix-quest] Update on Stuff From: Elaine Phipps-Earh

Pam wrote :- I was looking forward to hearing more about your recent impressions of words, places, times, and dates.

I had said privately to Janis several weeks ago that the 11th November would be a traumatic time.

I have had no more flashes and have been given no more dates as yet. However, u can be assured that as soon as i am told i will send the details.

------ discussion deleted

ok "Monday is it" I ask Monday here "Yes" Monday here will be Sunday 11th in the States so i guess it still stands

===== she went on to tell us this: (no date is mentioned)

Although u asked that i not speak about politics, this is not exactly about politics but i was just told that u will notice the absence of a high up politician. Someone holding a high position in American politics, associated with the White House will completely withdraw from office, from politics. It will not be Bush and his withdrawl will not be by choice. This person will initially speak publically but will then take great steps to avoid speaking to the media.


----------Within a few hours of the Queens plane crash on the 12th, Elaine sent me this email:

The plane going down in Queens is not a terrorist attack.

Love & Hugs Elaine

See what I mean, said the Chesire Cat? ; )))))))

  • July 17, 2001: Prophecy

I believe that I have found a consensus between many prophetic sources about the timing and nature of the coming pole shift (which I call an avalanche of the crust).

In brief: October through December 2001, a very catastrophic shifting of the poles leaves hundreds of millions dead and a long period of continuing disturbances continues long after the avalanche of the crust comes to a halt. The pole shift begins slowly but noticeably in October of 2001, creates an increasing turbulence through October and November, which we might call as a "time of tribulation", and then commences a rapid avalanching effect during the middle of December.

  • July 17, 2001: Polar Motion Monitor

All of the current polar motion charts are up to date as of July 6, 2001.  The anomaly continues but could be normalizing.    Currently a tuff call. By mid August we will probably know more about whether the axis location is re-stabiliizng. See below.

  • July 17, 2001: Earth Systems Monitor:

Several changes and additions have been made, tho none so radical as in previous upgrades.  The Helm of the SS Tectonic looks pretty good these days. Only a few links were added or corrected, one being the USGS Near Instant Time Earthquake List, which is clickable into a map like the U. of Edinburgh.    I also added a link to a text daily update of El Popo's activity.  Keep watch on that, I believe that it is a primo signal indicator of what's cooking on the Carib plate as it is squeezed between

North and South America. If that erupts more vociferously, expect bigger quakes in the Carib basin anywhere.  And vice verse.

For quakes, as can be seen on the recent activity lists, no one source is "it".   I find it useful to bounce around them all. The largest change was the major addition of pages and links for  "Earth Changes 2001" and Elk Mountain.

Elk Mountain is the focal point of a number of people for creating a Haven in New Mexico and we are planning some seminars and events there. Expect a communication from Cornplanter shortly about Elk Mountain. 

Earth Changes 2001 is a printed summary of what we have been learning for the past year and a half. It is an inexpensive magazine which holds the big picture for ready reference.Take a peek at first nine pages in PDF format.  It tells the whole story of the Books, the Website, the Phoenix Quest to date.  If you can't handle Acrobat pdf files (which are virus free) you can download first three pages of Earth Changes 2001 in html web pages

  • July 17, 2001:   Polar Motion Anomaly:

We began observing an anomaly in polar motion during 1999 when we concluded that a "bump in the night" during December 1998 had begun a strange pattern in Chandler's Wobble.  Eventually we concluded that it looked like Yumi's 1930's "phase shift" in the tempo of Chandler's Wobble during which it also "jiggled" the average location of the pole distinctly faster than normal.

Over many many moons since 1998 we observed that the motion became truncated and drawn out, throwing the normal waveform pattern of the Wobble off by at least three months. We also observed, by creating the "Eight Charts" which define the basic correlations of Vortex Tectonics, that the motion of the pole during the past 150 years seems to suggest that the current motions and acceleration of the location of the pole (the track of the daily position of the spin axis made by the (Chandler's) wobble of the Earth crust) was not constant.In fact we discovered that prior to 1916, virtually "no drift" was the norm, that for most of the 20th century, the drift has averaged about 6 inches per year after 1916.  We also noted that the track of Chandler's Wobble has "jiggled" at least three times at faster rates than the general average since 1916.  Since 1998, the track of Chandler's Wobble has given the appearance of moving at about three times faster than the average, but we noted a huge caveat to the effect that we couldn't really plot the moving average for this current cycle until it was completed.

Recently, Alonso Franco calculated that the motion of the pole is currently accelerating the rate of growth of the size of the wobble spiral.  He estimated that the wobble since April 2001 was suddenly growing in size several times more rapidly than could be observed from past cycles.

This could be a fluke and it could be the first calculated indication that the location of the spin axis had become unstable and was beginning to slip out of the normal patterns and bounds of Chandler's Wobble.  At the time Alonso calculated the rate of growth, he estimated from the predictions of the IERS computers that the pole would slip past the maximum size of the wobble track just a little after the beginning of August and would do so in a rapidly widening arc quite obviously beyond historical norms.

At this point in mid July it would appear that one could make one of four cases:

  1. It appears that the expansion may be slowing down and that Chandler's Wobble will show a return to normal (though a little larger than normal) during the last few months of this year and into the first half of 2002. The net change will be another permanent shift in the phase of Chandler's Wobble and another significant relocation of the wobble down Long. 90.  An above normal rate of relocation of Chandler's Wobble will continue for the next few years. Having entered into new territory more rapidly than before, the current high rate of volcanic and seismic activity will continue, possibly accelerate even a bit more and increase the rate of global warming.

  2. It appears that the motion of the pole is taking a trajectory which is rapidly widening in a large arc.  It may be creating a new wobble pattern (much greater size) in a slow process of becoming increasingly unstable. If so, there will be another significant jump in tectonic activity (seismic and volcanic) which will become apparent during the next few years, and even to some extent during this year.

  3. It appears that the motion of the pole is taking a trajectory which is rapidly widening in a large arc.  It simply may be becoming increasingly unstable at a rapidly increasing rate. If so, a large increase in tectonic activity will probably begin to appear by the end of this year.

  4. Anything can happen because we don't know enough. Strictly within an empirical framework of geophysics I would go with No. 4 at this moment  We will be able to make a much better guess by mid August. If the rate of change in the growth of the size of the wobble begins to slow down between now and then, then we should see No. 1. with possibly some characteristics of No. 2. 

If we don't see the slow down, 3 or 4 is the best bet.

  • July 17, 2001:   Tectonic Activity and Vortex Correlations

Earthquakes and volcanic activity definitely continue at high levels, showing rare patterns which are never remarked upon in the geophysical literature.   This is especially true in Peru and Japan.  During the last lunar Full Moon cycle, tectonic plate edges near Peru and Japan began to shake steadily, sometimes several 5+ mag quakes  per day, often times at mags of 6 to 7.  Peru's exceptional activity began of course with a huge 8 quake almost dead on the last New Moon. Japan saw a steady escalation of quakes during the week leading up to the last Full Moon, finally reaching a crescendo of several 5.0 quakes per day, after which the number sharpely fell off to the current rate of about one or two per day. 

In the Avalanche of the Crust Scenario in "The Prophecies", I projected that as the tectonic motions in the Earth's great plates began to increase leading up towards a major shift of the pole, it was probable that new geometric patterns of progressive escalations of quakes across latitudes and up and down the longitudes would begin to appear.  The quakes in Japan and Peru this past month certainly provide an unsettling precursor signal which is along those lines.  This highly focused quake activity does not fit geophysical models of slow, random creep in the Earth.   Something BIG is cooking, though it may not be a major pole shift.

Here is some of the pattern:

Most seismic activity - roughly 85% of the world's quakes (above 3.5) occurred as follows the last few weeks:

South Pacific - many days, accounts for 50% of the world's quakes Peru and Japan strange patterns of unusual activity this past 30 days, often 50% of the world's quakes Alaska and Cal,  high levels at times near to levels in or around Japan PNW (OR, ID, WA, BC) - much more tectonic activity the past six months than normal during the past 35 years.

  • July 17, 2001:   AMAZING GLOBAL GEOMETRY

Get out your globe or a big atlas to see this. Notice the big wide fat diamond which forms between the South Pacific (say Fiji as a specific point) Japan (Honshu) and California (which are both in the same latitude zone) and the Alaska/Aleutian Island Chain, the center of which is dead on the same Long. as  Fiji.

At nearly all times at least half the world's quakes occur in these four zones. Real geometry in this amazing symmetry is here to demonstrate that the tectonics of the earth are driven by the geometric structure of the entire Earth.  Tnis is one of the simplest proofs I have found yet of the vortexian movement of the tectonic plates and disproof of, ahem, er, cough cough, the mantle plumes crazy aunt in the basement.

The only way I can see we can get this symmetry is from the bilateral symmetry of the shape-shifting force vectors working throughout the entire Earth.   These force vectors can be seen to work sort of like inside-out nut crackers.   The crust wobbles into the nutcracker during its 14 month and 6.5 year wobble cycles, forced between the jaws of the cracker by the moon and sun.  Centrifugal spin forces the shape-shifting process which cracks the nut. (only outwards instead of inwards)   To carry this metaphor slightly further, the Atlantic (continents) side of the Earth is tougher and cracks less than the softer, thiner side of the Eartth in the Pacific.

The most active area of the globe is the area just to the North of Fiji,

which is spreading out is great rift cracks (creating more "thin" crust).

This area has been incredibly active this past several months with a 6+ mag quake per day most days. The incredible sequence of quakes on the Peru coast were all in the same latitude belt as the Fiji Islands and the area just to the North of it.

For this area to "thin" out. the thicker portions must be compressing in by moving more (which they are).  All around the Pacfic Rim, in the margin known as the great Rim of Fire, the continents are pressing in from all sides against the thinner, deeper oceanic crust, much more so than against each other.

In short, there is little doubt that the Earth's shape is shifting more rapidly, that the relative motions of the tectonic plates are faster, that seismic and volcanic activity are at or near their highest levels that there is a shape symmetry in the location of the main stress points As can be seen once again, all efforts to correlate tectonic activity lead to the vortex.

As discussed above (polar motion possibility no. 1), the location of the pole could simply keep changing like it has for the past 40 years. If so, this seismic   activity could keep steadily increasing at the same rates of the past 40 years.     The farther the track of Chandler's Wobble moves from its 1909-1916 territory, the greater is the accumulation of shape-shifting pressures. Thus the trend line of seismic and volcanic activity would continue to be additive and total numbers of quakes would increase at an even faster rate than in the past 40 years. If so, in ten year volc. and seismic activity would at least be something in the neighborhood of twice this year's activity.  Eventually more dramatic downwarp and upthrust events will occur in various widely scatterd places as the crust begins to shape-shift more aggressively.

You can see that we have gone far beyond clairvoyance to get to the heart of the dynamics.  At this point we have achieved a vision which is like finally being able to understand the structure of the atom or how the planets are revolving around the sun.  This importance of this vortex paradigm for all of the earth sciences and history cannot be over stated.

I am convinced that one could simply watch the quakes full time and learn much more about the shape-shifting patterns of the Earth as it responds to the Moon and the Sun. Like Rutherford and his associates discovered the structure of the atom and the nature of radiation by counting  in a pitch black room the flashes of light one by one made by radioactive elements as they emitted alpha particles, one could discover more about the structure of the dance behind the quakes. Without any distractions, one could tune in literally to the motion, to the rhythms of the moving Earth as it dances with the Moon and the Sun, and pretty well where the next big shoe was about to drop. The problem is that it is such a slow motion dance and who has the time?

  • July 10, finally completed an Earth Changes 2001 Poster which is the front cover of No. 1 Bulletin in PDF format for easy printout on any computer. Use this for diseminating as a flyer or as putting up as a small poster. This is a one page Acrobat PDF file for printing out on any printer. If you can't use Acrobat Reader for some reason, then send us an email with your name and address and we will send some print-outs to you plus a Word.Doc file on a floppy disk.

  • May 7, 2001:  Radical revamp of the website.  Make new bookmarks as you browse the pages.  I hope the site is a little less intimidating to newcomers.

  • April 30, 2001:  Seemingly as predicted by Cosa Nostra Damus, El Popo blew its cork just three days after Good Friday (April 13, 2001) and has continued with large, every heavy emmissions of ash and pyroclastic materials since then.  Over half of its interior lava cap has disintegrated, bringing it closer each day to fulfullment of the Cosa Nostra Damus Prophecy.   Meanwhile, earthquake acitivty has been high but mild during the past three weeks and polar motion holds steady in a seemingly vigorous spiraling climb to the next 6.5 year MAX, but the upsurge seems delayed and truncated, seemingly betraying a major shift in the phase of the Chandler's Wobble.

  • To close out affairs with ARE, whose leadership has clearly betrayed its hostility and bigotry against the monumentual work of the Return of the Phoenix, Mandeville has released a final open letter to all current and future ARE members to set forth the facts surrounding the inability of  ARE national leaders to provide spiritual and scientific leadership related to Edgar Cayce's legacy.

  • April 13, 2001:  A great new utility for quick and easy modeling and keeping track of the exact motions of Chandler's Wobble was created by a subscriber to the Phoenix Five Earth Changes Bulletin. Called Wobble Tracker (by Davis Chapman, a professional software engineer) any person can quickly learn to automatically get the latest data on the current motions of the location of the poles.   A study of polar motion using it has already made some valuable discoveries. See The Wandering Poles of the Earth.   It is available through the Cosmic Catalog We will be live on Millennium Radio Network every Wednesday night from 7:00 -7:30 PM in the Mysteries of the Mind radio show with Alex Merklinger.  You  can also hear it on the Internet at Here below is a current summary of some of Earth's affairs as they stand as of the moment. If you have questions, you can try sending them to Alex Merklinger (email ) and he will pick a sample to ask on this coming Wednesday at 7:00 PM (MST - Arizona) Tune in any Wednesday if you can for our half hour or so treatment of the state of the Earth. That is

April 8, 2001

Here below is a current summary of some of Earth's affairs as they stand as of the moment. If you have questions, you can try sending them to Alex Merklinger (email ) and he will pick a sample to ask on this coming Wednesday at 7:00 PM (MST - Arizona) Tune in any Wednesday if you can for our half hour or so treatment of the state of the Earth. That is Millennium Radio Network, Mysteries of the Mind With Alex Merklinger which you can also hear on the Internet at

South Pacific: The ocean water is showing clear signs of warming up. This is probably reflective of an another round of increase in underwater volcanism and this may be the beginning precursor to what would normally be the onset of El Nino next year. For details, see:

Polar Motion: The shape of the x and y waves have returned to greater normality and now appear to fit into the range of normal historical variations. However, the past 18 months has seen a definite shift in the phase of these waves. This shift appears to be associated with a speed up in the rate of the average motion of the pole. After study of the spiral motions of the wobble of the crust, the following conclusions will be announced in a few days:

(a) the average rate of absolute polar motion (drift in the center of the wobble) which has been recorded during this century IS NOT NORMAL within the long range historical perspective.

(b) polar motion in the wobble has gone through at least three distinctive periods of change during the 20th century.

(c) the average rate of absolute polar motion (drift in the center of the wobble) has accelerated during the past fifty years and this acceleration in the drift of the wobble accounts for global warming and the increase in tectonic activity.

(d) this pattern of acceleration in the drift may be a precursor to an increasing rate of destabilization of the spin axis; as such the facts on the ground are completely consistent with psychic predictions about a catastrophic shift in the poles. Additional details will be posted within a few days.

Solar Storms, The Vortex, & The Weather: The sunspot and solar flux index has dropped to about half of what it was at during the alignment of the Earth with Venus. Some watchers predict that major solar flares are highly possible but it would appear that April's weather, though still extremely skittish and unpredictably extreme in wide areas around the planet, will begin to calm down and return to more normal patterns. The energy levels will slowly abate, allowing normal patterns to slowly resume for about a month. Then things should begin to pick up to a more and more rapid pace from mid May through to the end of June, peaking around the Summer Solstice. Plan on massive summer floods in areas which have seen summer floods during the past
few years. For current details on the solar flux and spots, see:

Quake Activity: Nothing exceptional except that the South Pacific continues patterns of high activity throughout the entire Fiji/Papua/Indonesian tectonic arcs. For the current Full Moon Syzygy, Jim Berkland predicts the following:

For the Seismic Window of April 7-14, 2001, I am 75% confident in the following predictions: There will be a 3.5-6.0M quake within two degrees (140 miles) of Mt. Diablo in northern California. There will be a 3.5-6.0M quake within 140 miles of Los Angeles. There will be a 3.0-5.0M quake in Oregon and/or Washington. There will be a major quake (7.0+M) globally, most likely within the Pacific Ring of Fire, where 80% of strong earthquakes occur. (Through March 27th there have been ten earthquakes of at least 6.7M, and only the Bhuj, India disaster of 7.9M was not in the Ring of Fire.)

This last prediction has already nearly been met with a 6.7 quake which struck the coast of Chile today. For additional details, see

Psychic Monitors Next Few Months: April 13 through to June 21, high potential of dangerous tectonic and earthquake activity on the U.S. West Coast, especially in California, possibly another major quake in the Pacific Northwest. A major series of quakes running from Santa Barabara through the San Gabriel mounts and then down through the San Bernardino mountains through to the Salton Sea may set historical records. More virulent activity can be expected off the coast of Oregon and large earthquakes from the rift zone will be physically felt in Coos Bay, Oregon. FOR NORTH AMERICA WATCH THE NEW MOON SYZYGIES.

Psychic Monitors Long Term: There seems to be a fuzzy consensus forming around the idea that an avalanche of the crust (pole shift) will become more active during the September/October period and may be most active during December 2001. This date seems to have been predicted as far back as the beginning of the 20th century by a French seer. Contemporary visions seem to see this as merely the beginning of major changes in the face of the Earth, that an era of accelerated change through earthquakes, volcanism, uplifts, and downlifts will continue for a long time to progressively alter seashores, rivers, lakes, and naturally the climate patterns.

February 17, 2001 THE FIRST OF THE VORTEX PREDICTIONS BY MWM FOR 2001 HAVE MATERIALIZED WITH THE MAGNETIC REVERSAL OF THE SUN AND THE SUDDEN BLAST OF A MAJOR SOLAR STORM TOWARDS THE EARTH ON FEB 15 WHICH IS BEING INDUCED BY THE RAPIDLY APPROACHING ALIGNMENT OF MERCURY WITH THE EARTH.  We have added the Psychic Monitor to provide a means of sharing and compiling the psychic impressions, dreams, and other augeries which many people have been receiving about the Change In The Earth.  Can the occurrence, timing, and nature of an avalanche of the Earth's Crust (pole shift) be detected by psychics?

January 25, 2001

Many more changes have been made in the Polar Motion Monitor.  Somebody wanted weather, man oh man do we now have the weather.Fabulous new mapping system shows nuclear and harzardous site. Check out the new vortex predictions for 2001

We have added "The Psychic Monitor to provide a means of sharing and compiling the psychic impressions, dreams, and other augeries which many people have been receiving about the Change In The Earth.  Can the occurrence, timing, and nature of an avalanche of the Earth's Crust (pole shift) be detected by psychics? 

At the Polar Motion Monitor website, the exact motion of the Earth and the various geological activities are being watched and reported on daily by an international network of people through the Earth Change Bulletins and the Phoenix Quest Discussions. This experimental "Psychic Monitor" is an adjunct to the monitoring of material variables and this psychic monitor  may be just as important as the material monitor.

Any person who seriously believes they have received a definitely real premonition about the looming Change In The Earth is encouraged to participate in the Psychic Monitor by reporting their impressions.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: click into the Psychic Monitor Homepage and learn how to report your own premonitions.

January 4, 2001


Many changes and additions have been incorporated during the past 30 days, including a great cartoon panel which changes every couple of hours by Dan Youra. If you have not checked into the website recently, now is a pretty good time to view the links which have been contributed by subscribers to the Earth Change Bulletins.


January 4, 2001 - The anomaly in the motion of the spin axis continues but there is very little new to report about its behavior. At the present time the motion of the spin axis is within the normal bounds of Chandler's Wobble even if the motion is a bit strange. The most noteworthy item is the inability of the IERS computers to predict the location of the spin axis. Since at least the beginning of 2000, the computers have been increasingly OFF the mark. The X Wave did not go as far negative as it should have and turned upward at least two weeks earlier than predicted in October 2000. The Y Wave is going higher more rapidly than predicted. New graphs have been incorporated into the Polar Motion Monitor website for watching the behavior of the spin axis.

The energy in the wobble's motion appears to be transferring out of the X axis and into the Y axis. The X Wave was smaller than it should have been and now is already returning to zero. Meanwhile, the Y Wave appears to be headed on a steeper than normal slope into high positive numbers. In other words, it would seem that the wobble is presently showing more of an oblong oval than a circular spiral. The oblong is oriented approximately up Longitude East 90 and down Longitude West 90.


There are some correlations but the overall pattern of correlation has been weak this past 60 days. The clearest correlations are with the New Moon. Polar Motion appears to be too anomalous to permit correlations based on the past. Currently, the main prediction which can be made, based on the past twelve months, is that actual polar motion will not perform as predicted by IERS computers from past patterns. In keeping with past patterns, one would predict that El Nino will not surface during 2001, but the anomalous polar motion makes all vortex predictions a bit like whistling in the dark. Consequently I will not make any more of them in favor of keeping focused on the exact behavior of the spin axis.

December 14, 2000

It would appear that the anomaly in polar motion on the X plot is deepening.Two to three weeks in advance of the computer projections of just two months ago, the location of the pole in the X wave now seems to have bottomed out already and seems now to be climbing out of the negative numbers toward the positive numbers (towards Greenwich, England). (England is riding towards the North a little early).

If so, the X wave is thus completely abnormal at this point. It appears that either a profound shift in the phase and amplitude of Chandler's Wobble (as in 1936) is well underway toward creating a permanent change in the X Wave, or, as Alsonso suggested, polar motion is becoming more unstable with each passing month.

The nature of this instability appears at the moment to make the crust of the earth drifting at an accelerated rate such that England is moving closer to the pole and Northern Russia is moving also closer to the pole, with a substantial lean-to down approximately W 90 (Lake Michigan going South). It would appear as if the basic drift of motion during the past 100 years is proceeding in the same rough direction and at a substantially accelerated rate during this moment of time, enough to noticeably alter the tempo and shape of both the X and Y Wave.

These things are easy to detect visually be looking and comparing the wave forms by eyeball and doing simple counting, as I have been doing all a long. The shift may now be real enough that advanced mathematical analysis by those competent to do the modeling should begin in earnest to study this current shift in the wobble. Even if this has nothing to do with Cayce's shift in the poles, this is HIGHLY LIKELY to be a major key to the global warming phenomenon.

BUT, the computers may be wrong about projecting the current bottoming of the X Wave. There are random fluctuations in the wobble which appear. It may resume going deeper into negative numbers during the next two weeks. So, we probably should wait about modeling anything until the Earth's behavior at perihelion is measured. Then serious number crunching should be contemplated.

Unfortunately,. as well, this makes irrelevant for the time being all of the correlations I have been able to make out of seismic and volcanic activity during the past 40 years. Thus the predictions I tendered last month, based on the normal wobble, are off.

Based on current polar motion, it would seem that El Nino will not surface next year, but even that cannot be claimed with confidence given the current shift which is underway in the wobble.

December 7 - Some minor additional changes have been made to these links.

There is not much new to report about the actual motion of the pole. The X wave is slowly grinding down into the negative numbers. During the past three weeks it has moved more rapidly than predicted by IERS computers and it is now about a week ahead of the last projections made at the beginning of November. Curiously, though, the IERS computers still show the X wave bottoming out at about -0.889 about the end of December. This is shy of the amount necessary to induce El Nino (at least -0.1) and thus if IERS computers are correct, the vortex prediction for El Nino will have to stand at "probably not during 2001, almost certainly in 2002".

Because of the slow change at the moment, which is probably indicative of a bottoming out, I have not updated my daily plots this month and I probably will not until after the first of the year. For the latest polar positions, click on the IERS DAILY PLOTS on the Polar Motion Monitor web page (URL below)

The predicted peaks in earthquake activity in Japan and South California for November through mid December probably cannot be adequately tabulated until mid January. The quake catalogs usually lag about a month or so behind. The large quakes get entered pretty quickly but the bulk of smaller quakes trickle into the catalogs much more slowly.

Just looking at the numbers of large quakes, there were definite minor peaks in November right around the syzygy windows. However, these do not add up to seven year peaks. It looks like the seven year peaks were in the late summer months directly connected to the Y Wave low. This confirms the idea that a definite anomalous shift in the phase and timing of Chandler's Wobble is underway. What was associated with the X axis wave is now shifting to the Y axis wave. This also demonstrates that predictions of peak earthquake activity need somewhat fancier mathematics than simple graphs of the X wave.

There is much more interesting news about the monitoring and assessment of polar motion. A chemical engineer in Columbia, Dr. Alonso Franco J, has subscribed to the Earth Change Bulletins and is beginning the process of working directly with IERS polar position data to develop a sophisticated mathematical analysis of the motion.

Alonso has been studying Cayce and eeg bio-feedback engineering for the past six years. He has a website in Spanish on some aspects ( He will work with volunteers to translate some aspects of the Polar Motion Monitor website into Spanish.

Alonso confirms what the simple graphs of polar motion seem to convey. Here are his comments from two different email messages, before and after he studied the polar motion curves mathematically.


Dear Mr. Mandeville:

In other matter, I used to be an university professor for plant design and industrial control. This prepared me to analyze very quickly the stability of real world systems and gave me a good math background. I have studied the Internet published part of your material concerning coming pole shift and I have following comments:

1 Referring to present X coordinate of pole and its variation during 1999 to 2000 (xplot2), the slope (first derivative) of the second descending part of the curve is 30% higher than the first one. That means the driving force tending to destabilize the process is higher for the next wave, so the next peak should be lower than 0.11 arc seconds.

2 I will want to have also this historical data of both X and Y coordinates for the last 100 years in a simple text or spread sheet format for further analysis, mainly Fast Fourier Transform, to check for the components of the abnormal wave, May I ask this from you ? I want to get an idea also of the tendencies of the total SQRT(X2+Y2). Does it have some meaning in the present time ? How are the variations ?


>From the IERS site I got some data for the proposed analysis and after that I got following results in relation to present pole motion:

1 The X vs time graph for 2000 will let us predict by the end of December whether or not there will be a complete although abnormal following cycle.

2 The shape of the dX/dt or speed of the change of the pole position is completely abnormal for the last cycle. Abnormality starts as E. Cayce said in Nov. 1998.

3 The shape of the graph of d(dX/dt) or second derivative that is proportional to the unbalanced force is still more impressive because from 1962 to present days, the global force tending to equilibrate the pole motion is continuous lowering in magnitude, with a minimum in 1998 and continuing with a not harmonic shape for 1999 to 2000.


I believe that what Alonso is telling us is that plots of polar motion are showing that the motion of the pole has shown increasing instability since 1962 and that since December 1998 an even larger abnormality is becoming stronger and stronger. He is also predicting that the polar motion on the X plot has already bottomed out or will within a few days, well in advance of IERS computers. If this prediction is correct, we have a continuing anomaly and quite apparently a decided shift in Chandler's Wobble.

This signal is not exactly clear yet about the psychically predicted pole shift. It is certainly consistent with it but is not a convincing proof in and of itself. The signal is beyond our ability to readily classify. But one thing from the vortex principles should be fairly clear. If a shift in the phase and amplitude of Chandler's Wobble becomes more complete along with what is most probably an anomalous jiggle in the average location of the pole (as in 1936), then unusual and peak extremes in geological activity of all kinds can be expected as the minimum consequence for 2001 and most likely for the next decade in various fits and starts.

I believe the plot will thicken some more in just four weeks, at perihelion. The motion of the pole through this moment may tell us a lot about the newly emerging regime of Chandler's Wobble ... or about the tendencies toward a further shift in the location of the poles.

  • November 6 - Another chart has been added to show the reflection of the X Wave and El Nino in the seismic activity throughout the Fji-Papua Tectonic Arc, a huge swath of the South Pacific. The X Wave is early at the -0.5 position making all predictions for Japan and Southern California emphatically ON. It appears more likely that the X Wave will pass the -0.1 position early next year, which will mean, if it passes the mark that more probable than not there will be a an onset of El Nino in 2001. Links to many more near real time monitors of cosmic and tectonic activity have been added to this page.  More will be added during the month ahead.

  • October 29 - The predicted spike in Japan has not yet commenced.  The Friday Oct 27 report based on the 6.1 quake in the Bonin Islands was not accurate.  Three charts have been added which show interesting correlations between worldwide earthquake activity and the motions of the crust (the wobble around the axis).

  • October 26:  Major new scientific findings enable scientists to explain global warming and predict El Nino and dangerous earthquake periods: Southern California and Japan may experience a high level of seismic activity and dangerous earthquakes between October 25 and December 15, 2000.

  • September 5: New Scientific Work About Edgar Cayce And His Millennial Prophecies Is Unveiled In Three New Books Titled "Return of the Phoenix".

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