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Earth Changes Bulletin Update As Of May 26 2004

You have heard of the Weather Report?  Here exclusively is this week’s  "Earth Report" - a short review of the “big picture” about how the dynamic changes in the Sun and the Earth are effecting our lives more and more intensely, with the latest prognostications and predictions for weathermen, farmers, investors, businessmen, and every man.


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On the geophysical front, solar activity is calm with no storms or magnetic disturbances even though sunspots were at 101 on May 25.  Since the count was plunging, no doubt the count could bottom even below 50 in a day or two But in a few days they definitely will rise for the Venus | Earth alignment on June 8, when the Earth will be directly connected to the magnetic field of Venus, forming one of most powerful circuits of ionic flow in the solar system.  As a consequence, chaos in weather, rain, storms, tornadoes, and human emotions and affairs will rule the next 35 days. On the Earth itself, the New Moon Syzygy at Apogee last week produced very little in the way of Earthquakes during the past seven days, the strongest being only a 5.6 quake near Japan. As well, volcanic activity is slowly waning and most likely tectonic activity will not be a significant factor for the next 120 days.

On the geopolitical front, the strange year continues to unfold in ever more unbelievable and unpredictable patterns.  At the moment, economic and political conditions are in stalemate and any outcome, good or ill, is within the possible. But in general terms, TIME runs against the continuation of the stalemate and the Americans.  As blood flows, the heart wearies and outrage increases.  As the economic imbalances mount up, debt crushes, and so the American Power slowly wanes as it futilely wrestles with the tar baby of its own creation in Iraq.  Once again the economic bubble took direct hits.  Inflation of basic commodities and food continued and the housing industry began a nation wide contraction. No signs seemed positive, they seemingly offered only the prospect of a big squeeze. .   And so turns the human world. 



Program Thesis: What are we trying to do with the Earth Changes Bulletin?

Most news media do not handle technical and scientific subjects like geology and earth sciences very well.  They don't understand the causes and effects of activities in the Sun and Earth.  Accordingly, they often do not understand if, when, how, why to report earthquakes, volcanic activity, global warming effects  The treatment often sounds absent-minded, poorly qualified, and frequently contains various technical errors.  Seldom is the treatment entertaining and genuinely educational.

Based on new scientific principles which have emerged during the past thirty years, many of the dynamic activities of the Sun and Earth can be linked together to see how a range of effects are linked together.  This makes it possible to paint "the big picture" into a perspective which explains many diverse events and processes, especially climate and weather patterns such as global warming and El Nino. From the "big picture", long range predictions can be made for weeks and even months ahead.  The result is sophisticated cutting-edge information which is objective, balanced, astute, relevant, and can be easily seen and appreciated by lay audiences.  The perspective is generally global, seldom parochial. For the framework of concepts, terms, and current conditions which are used or described in the these Bulletins, see the Earth Changes 2003 Almanac Calendar.


To see the internet resources which are used to prepare this Update, take a look at the Earth Monitor front page




THE COMING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE OF 2006, which puts today, tomorrow, and the trends together into the Cayce 25 year economic cycle which will “bottom” in 2006/2007.  Download from



THIS BOOK STILL COOKS AND IT WILL COOK THE POLITICIANS AND THE ECONOMY ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO 2008:  This synthesis is far ahead of the daily digests in all halls of the internet media: so far (since may 2003) the track record on this set of predictions for 2003-2008 is running 100 per cent.  If you have not purchased this book, you will remain ignorant of the main dynamics which are rapidly changing everything. 









Alex Merklinger (Millennium Radio) show at 6 PM Arizona Time (also 6 PM Pacific Daylight Saving Time).   Regular Weekly Update For The Earth Changes Bulletin.  To find Iway archives and stations, see



Mandeville is rescheduling an interview on the


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How to converge and express the spirit of mass transformation into manifestation, HOW to be, IS the question. How to do is the praxis of the time.  Examining this question, probing it, is the chief trendline of this year. 


As is now plain to see, the “Great Purification” has clearly commenced, pretty much right on the schedule suggested by the Q’ero, the Maya, and the Hopi. For additional discussion, see especially the commentary of May 19, 2004.




The latest peak of 148 in the sunspot count two days ago sent meditative spiritual energies all the way to Arcturus. Wispy sensitivities on etheric levels became crispy and full-bodied, the difference between a light zinfandel and a rich, full-bodied 100 year very rare dark red wine.


Meditation with energies from the Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury planetary alignments has brought greater revelation and more inner freedom to those who work with these energies at all levels.  Suddenly, chakras have begun to stay in an expanded state of energization for many hours on end, extending the normal result of meditation from an hour or two to all day and night.


Those who work with meditation energies will be greatly benefited, perhaps even more so than during the past few weeks, during the coming alignment of Venus with Earth.  The peak for this energy should hit in a few days.  Don’t wait to begin thinking about it.


This upcoming alignment is definitely the time to consider special personal alignment and celebration with the spiritual realities.  Here is one idea:  take your normal meditation practices and do something special to orient with the Earth Medicine Wheel alignments which North American shamans are trying to re-energize.  Just avoid getting hung up on space and time. It is inner connection to the All Pervading All In All which is “the deal”.  Time and space are irrelevant. But the Earth Medicine Wheel concept provides a “concept” of connection and unity with the world and Divinity which is beautifully outside the crazy worlds of crazy white man and crazy semitic religious warfare and heavy hands of doctrinal absolutism.   The Buddhist and Hindu traditions have lovely variations of the Earth Medicine Wheel, so those within those lineages can easily join in with some understanding of the ideas.


The Earth Medicine Wheel has no baggage, only great opportunity for discovery of the interconnection of all things.  It is also a great place to hang one’s “hat” during the Great Purification which is now underway at all levels It is a way of stepping out of the failed world and into a survivor world of basic truths.


God, or the Great Spirit, that is to say, the appeal to consciousness of higher purpose and meaning, is inevitable. That is the only ground there is on which we can come together and make our stand.  This is the fundamental equation.  The secular equations of professorial econometrix and bureaucratic absolution lead nowhere.








What is happening to the motion of the Earth. For the overall summary of the status of polar motion GO TO:

(watch the word wrap on the URL)

To see the current graph of polar motion, see

Scroll down the page until you get to the black and white graphs with show the x and y coordinates of the North Spin Axis on two separate graphs.


Polar Motion on the X Wave is appearing STRANGELY DEVIENT, showing what may be a fairly unusual  "jog" in the Y dimension.

I get this “jog”  image (very small) from the X Wave plots from the IERS Paris Bureau, but I am unable to load the latest measurement files to see what the motion looks like in Wobble Tracker.  This happens occasionally and it probably just means that the IERS database is being updated today.


AS PREVIOUSLY REPORTED:  Steady as she goes. A slow acceleration in the shifting of the poles has been underway for perhaps the past 100 years and the last three decades has shown an increase in the rate of acceleration.  This has appeared to accelerate even more during the past decade.




What is happening to the magnetic fields of the Earth. For the overall summary of the status of the changes in the magnetic field GO TO:

(watch the word wrap on the URL)


No real change during the past year:  a magnetic pole shift is not something to be very concerned about within this decade at least.



(all time coordinates here and elsewhere are in UTC unless otherwise noted)

For background and the current information on planetary alignments GO TO:

(watch the word wrap on the URL)

See Earth Changes 2003 Almanac Calendar for additional details

The Almanac lays out the planets and the lunar phases for entire year in advance to allow you to find the best and worst periods of weather, earthquake activity, ethereal “lunar” influences, etc.


We have one  upcoming planetary alignment for the next few days:


May 28:  Mercury | Uranus


It would appear that the sunspot peak for this alignment is already past as of about three days ago at 128. 


The next alignment after Mercury | Uranus is on June 7.  Venus catches up with the Earth and aligns with it just two weeks before the Summer solstice.  This alignment should begin to be felt as increased solar activity during about the last week of May and the sunspot peak for it should be broad and early, perhaps as much as 10 days early.


The Moon this day is North of the Equator (its North Node) 6 days past the New Moon approximately 391,350 KM from the Earth. It is 45% of the next Full Moon (visibility).  The Moon just passed Apogee on May 21 at 406261 KM from the Earth. The next New Moon is June 17 2004 at 20:38 UTC.


HEADS UP:  WE ARE PROBABLY HEADED TOWARD A MAJOR INCREASE IN QUAKE ACTIVITY ON OR ABOUT TWO DAYS EITHER SIDE OF JUNE 3.   The Moon is now waxing to the next Full Moon of June 3 at 04:30 UTC.  Take note:  the Moon will be FULL in PERIGEE at 13:03 357248 km


 (Perigee = the Moon’s closest approach to the Earth during its monthly orbit which increases gravitational influence of the Moon by as much as 15%; Apogee = the Moon’s greatest distance from the Earth during its monthly orbit).   (Berkland has a more complex formula for syzygy and his dates are often different.)  For details see




For background and the current information on observable planets and planetary alignments GO TO:

(watch the word wrap on the URL)


TONIGHT IS THE LAST NIGHT PROBABLY TO SEE THE VENUS CRESCENT for a few weeks.  It will reappear when the Earth has moved far enough past it to let it be seen in the early morning just before sunrise. Venus is now loosing brightness as it slims down into a disappearing crescent whilst approaching a station precisely between the Sun and the Earth for its transit alignment of June 8 2004.  It can still be seen in small amateur telescopes as a thin silvery crescent.


NASA INVITES:  SEE THE “CELESTIAL TRIANGLE:  Step outside tonight after sunset and look up. You'll see a beautiful triangle formed by Jupiter, the Moon and the first-magnitude star Regulus. If you have a telescope, point it at Jupiter; even a small 'scope will reveal the planet's cloud belts and four largest moons.

(watch the word wrap on this URL, the second line may have to be pasted into the browser address line)





The events in the solar atmosphere which impact weather and climate patterns, the magnetic field and auroras, including forecasts for the week, month, and year ahead.  For background information, go to:

(watch the word wrap on the URL)

To follow the numbers below, view the Solar Cycle 23 Chart at

Or, get the data in a table from




After bobbing up and down between 78 and 128 during the past seven days, the sunspot count began to slide on May 23 and declined to about 101 on May 25, apparently headed steeply down to low numbers.


Most likely the peak in the count for the Mercury | Uranus alignment is over.


BUT,  the Solar Flux is still above 100 and probably will suddenly rise again during the next few days to bring the sunspot count back into high numbers for the Venus | Earth alignment during June 6-10


The rise in both counts can and probably will appear at any moment.



As reported by NASA/NOAA unless otherwise stated


The Solar Wind was robust at 433.6 km/s this hour (about 10:00 UTC) and it was pushing a mild density of 1.5 protons/cm3”. 


The Fluxgate Chart at the University of Alaska (which measures magnetic disturbances in the Earth’s atmosphere created by solar winds and ion storms) recorded mostly a flat line for most of the past 48 hours.  If one would "see" the cosmic ocean as one can see the oceans of earth, you would see a "glass" like reflecting pond with no disturbances (ripples and waves on the surface) to scatter the light.

(as of this time, about 2 PM Mountain time US). To see the Fluxgate moment to moment, go to

(watch the word wrap on the URL)


NASA PREDICTS: Not much.  Solar Flares:

Probabilities for an M-class or X-class solar flare during the next 24/48 hours: about 10-50%, perhaps 5 to 20% probability for geomagnetic disturbances during the next 24/48 hours. 


Jan Alvestad reports: “The geomagnetic field was quiet to unsettled on May 25. Solar wind speed ranged between 414 and 552 km/sec under the influence of a high speed stream from coronal hole CH97. This stream ended at about 18h UTC.  At midnight there were 5 spotted regions on the visible disk. The solar flare activity level was very low. No C class events were recorded during the day.  May 23-25: No fully or partly Earth directed CME observed.”


Jan Alvestad predicts: “An elongated coronal hole (CH98) in the northern hemisphere will likely be in a geoeffective position on May 25-29.  The geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet to unsettled on May 26-27 and quiet to active on May 28-June 1 due to effects from coronal hole CH98.”  Alvestad also predicts for the next 24 hours, 20-60% probability of coronal holes, 0% probability of CME's, 0% probability of M and X Class Flares


MONTHLY AVERAGES IN SOLAR CYCLE 23: (These numbers are reported by Jan Alvestad) Over all, the sunspot average count (ISSN) for February 2004 was 46.0. March 2004  was even higher with the ISSN average count at 48.9  April’s count was radically lower at 39.3. 


May’s average count will be similar to April’s





Those who have been following the patterns have seen that the correlations between sunspot peaks and major storm fronts coming in off the oceans to track across the continents is roughly pretty good, sometimes very much exactly on the mark.  Accordingly, our “sloppycasts” (approximate continental weather patterns) this past few years have proven out to be fairly worthwhile.



“rather than small numbers for solar activity and mild weather on Earth,  it is apparent that we will now see that A LOT OF FREAK EXTREMES IN THE WEATHER WILL BLOW IN DURING THE NEXT TWO WEEKS.”


Current floods and tornadoes are just the beginning.  Activity of the past three days will diminish a bit and the extremes will seem to be drying up BUT DON’T LET THE PAUSE FOOL YOU:


AS PREVIOUSLY PREDICTED:  the Venus | Earth alignment will keep the ball bouncing during the first half of June right up and through the Summer Solstice. The alignment of Venus | Earth on June 6-8 should make for a wet early Summer.  This weather disturbance may get pretty intense. SORRY, BUT IT SHOULD BE GREAT FOR TORNADOS, AND MAYBE AN EARLY NEAR HURRICANE STRENGTH TROPICAL STORM OR TWO DURING JUNE.


Plan accordingly for practically anything. 



(Northern Hemisphere) This “sloppycast” is based on sunspot counts, planetary alignments, and visual data shown on satellite and radar.






AS PREDICTED LAST WEEK:  For this next week, chaos and unpredictable patterns will rule.  The Jet Stream over North America is sliding around with sharp dips like a drunken sailor. Nothing indicates a normalization in the pattern now for the next seven days.  Radar maps show lots of action over North America with enough wet marine air coming in off the coasts to drive a lot of storm fronts.



(Northern Hemisphere) This “sloppycast” is based on sunspot counts, planetary alignments, and visual data shown on satellite and radar.


June 7 or so will see another major storm front roll in to greet the official opening of Summer on June 21. See above.



for background or more details see

(watch the word wrap on the URL)


The nights remain cool but the days are now warm.  After the next week, weather will now normalize into close alignment with statistical averages.  For all areas below 5000 feet, generally no moisture.  Elevations at 7000 feet plus will see scattered rain during the next three weeks, some of this rainfall may be extreme. AND, expect sudden flash squalls and floods practically anywhere.


watch is now open again; Pacific water activity appears mostly normal, we are between the extremes of the ENSO; but all Auguries point to next year for the next onset.


AS REPORTED LAST WEEK, THIS CONTINUES: A fairly large cool patch of ocean water has set up and consolidated along the Pacific Equator from the coast of Peru out some 35 degrees of Longitude.  It is about half the size as last year’s cool patch at this time of the year.  It has increased in size and temperature deviation up through to May 16, the latest date which is posted.  It would seem that no Nino or Nina is indicated as of the moment, but this sudden cooling of the Equatorial belt bears watching carefully.  It could build towards a surprise La Nina, but that is not very probable.


ADDITIONAL NOTE:  The year 2004 and/or 2005, in accordance with the 100 year X Wave Graph of the motion of the spin axis in Chandler’s Wobble, COULD BE EL NINO YEARS.   Graphs of various El Nino periods seem to show that the beginning of temperature build-up can occur as late as April of an El Nino year.  So 2005 may not be callable until early Spring 2005.






It is becoming obvious that we have a long term real shift in the average temperatures and climate regions related to the latitudes.


This climate shift is creating a growing environmental disaster in the polar zones and in the desert-prone latitudes such as in the Pacific Southwest.






There is no doubt that the long, high output of Solar Cycle 23 and its huge spikes of solar activity have probably added something to the most recent global warming phenomenon.


I originally attributed much of the drought of the past several years to the sunspot peak of Solar Cycle 23.  I thought, okay, wait until Sunspot Peak 23 is clearly over, let things settle down, and watch for the climb in global warming stats to decline a bit.  The drought should disappear, the arctic return to normal, and people will look with renewed interest in how the Sun really is the prime mover of everything in the solar system.


But Solar Cycle 23 is just insufficient to explain what is going on.   We are past the peak of Solar Cycle 23, all solar activity this year is well below the level of activity in Winter and Spring of 2003, yet climate change in the Arctic is still accelerating.  Recently,  credible sources have revealed that the artic is right now melting at a more rapid rate than it ever did during high summer.  A major shift in the Arctic eco-system happening before our eyes.  Everything in the North will be displaced if this continues during the next few years.  This includes the Alaska oil production, which is completely dependent upon the frozen permafrost on which the buildings and pipeline were built.  If that starts to melt, the buildings will sink, the pipeline will break, and the Alaska oil production will have to shut down.


Closer to home, the drought patterns in areas of the Pacific Southwest are still too evident.  The air is way too dry.  Though we had more rain in the Sonoran plain this winter, it was not enough, allowing us to see that there is still a problem and that perhaps we too are caught up in this forced planetary climate shift.


Meanwhile, the preceding years have killed off so many 400 plus year old Ponderosa pines along the Mogollon Rim in Arizona and New Mexico that it is very clear in the forests that this is far beyond the scope of damage which comes from an 11 year solar cycle.  Trees that were growing before crazy white men pirates came to this continent have died in massive numbers during the past two years.  Their death has left so much fuel for massive fires that THE PROBLEM is headline news in Arizona. Currently this dry tinder is fueling the outbreak of many forest fires which are at least a month “early”.  It is entirely possible that we will see 1 million plus acres burn this year, even as spectacularly as the fires two years ago.


What is the problem is the $10 million question.  I am glad that the environmentalists are so ardent in their desire to save the Earth. But I believe that their focus on greenhouse gases is largely displaced.  It is good to get rid of all forms of chemical pollution, but I doubt that the minor shift in CO2 is causing much of the problem.  THERE APPEARS TO BE FAR TOO RAPID AN ACCELERATION IN THE SHIFT FOR IT TO BE CAUSED BY A RELATIVELY  MINOR ANNUAL INCREASE IN CO2.  THERE MUST BE OTHER CAUSES.


This leaves us with the Sun and the fires within the Earth.  Is the Sun's overall output on an upward trend or we are just now seeing it more noticeably?  Or is increased heat flow from  the Earth’s Great Rifts warming  the oceans enough to cause the temperature shifts in the climate?  Or are both of these factors involved?


These questions are very serious hypotheses and neither the geophysicists nor the astrophysicists should pooh pooh the other. It is at the moment going to be tough to answer these questions perfectly objectively.  We are data poor and have insufficient ability to watch the process.  What we need to do is explore both of these ideas as aggressively as science knows how.


Frankly, I believe that NASA will get more bang for the science buck by investing big time in researching these than we will get in sending robots or people to Mars.


KEEP WATCHING THE ARCTIC AND ANTARCTIC. Those areas are the most objective front line observatories of the climate shift.





Around the world to see the current and potential patterns of seismic activity, with coverage of the windows of danger.  I prepared this section by pulling out the Earth Changes 2003 Calendar which has everything plotted on it.  You should too.  Check out the Almanac as well, it discusses all of the windows for the year and even spotlights the two most dangerous windows. Unless otherwise specified, all quake activity which is discussed is based on the USGS database charts and tables which list quake activity in excess of 2.0 mag. and above. FOR MORE QUAKE INFO RELATED TO SYZYGY WINDOWS, Jim Berkland calculates syzygy windows with considerably more sophistication than I do.  See



THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ACTION OF THE WEEK OCCURRED with a 5.6 quake in the Eastern Sea of Japan (which is not very big nor very rare for that zone) and with two quakes, mag. 4.8 and 5.4,  in the Great Rift at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean below the southern tip of Africa along the margin of the Antarctic Tectonic Plate.


Quake activity appears randomly distributed, roughly one third to the Mediterranean-Himalaya Belt, one third to the West Pacific portion of the Ring of Fire, and one third to the western coasts of the Americas, from Chile to Alaska.


Most major activity was generally diminished in frequency and widely scattered.  The largest daily total for quakes above mag 2.0 was 27 quakes on May 20, the day after the New Moon, but this syzygy increase lasted only one day.  The daily average for the remainder of the last six days was down, in the range of 6-10 per day.


Six shapeshifter quakes during the week continued “shapeshifting” the Earth by striking in the Great Rift which winds around the Earth at the bottoms of the oceans.

{The quake activity in the Great Rift is one of the most important harbingers for the Earth Changes Watch to monitor. As the Earth’s crust adjusts its shape in response to gravitational and spin energy vectors, quakes in the Great Rift increase and tectonic activity all around the world increases}’’


Three shapeshifters occurred along the margin of the Antarctic Tectonic Plate, two of them to the south of Africa and another one near between the East Pacific Rise and the southern tip of Latin America.


Another shapeshifter occurred in the junction of the East Pacific Rise and the tectonic margin between the South American and Carib Tectonic Plates.


The remaining two shapeshifter quakes occurred in the northern Mid Atlantic Ridge, one close to Iceland.  This activity in the Mid Atlantic Ridge continued the activity of the previous couple of weeks in the Northern Atlantic.


Here below are brief descriptions of the six shapeshifters.



2004 May 22 20:13:59 UTC

Preliminary Earthquake Report

U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center

Location          35.96S 101.88W

Depth 10.0 kilometers


Reference        1215 km (750 miles) SE of Hanga Roa, Easter Island

2865 km (1780 miles) WSW of SANTIAGO, Chile



2004 May 23 10:49:17 UTC

Preliminary Earthquake Report

U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center

Location          2.41N 99.21W

Depth 10.0 kilometers


Reference        990 km (610 miles) WNW of Villamil, Isabela, Galapagos

1410 km (880 miles) SE of Clipperton Island

1875 km (1170 miles) S of MEXICO CITY, D.F., Mexico

2325 km (1440 miles) W of QUITO, Ecuador



2004 May 20 08:45:14 UTC

Preliminary Earthquake Report

U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center

Location          35.60N 34.27W

Depth 10.0 kilometers

Region             AZORES ISLANDS REGION

Reference        510 km (320 miles) SW of Santa Cruz das Flores, Azores, Portugal

600 km (370 miles) WSW of Horta, Azores, Portugal

800 km (495 miles) WSW of Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

2250 km (1400 miles) W of LISBON, Portugal



2004 May 23 22:06:29 UTC

Preliminary Earthquake Report

U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center

Location          53.53N 35.30W

Depth 10.0 kilometers

Region             REYKJANES RIDGE

Reference        1035 km (640 miles) SE of Qaqortoq (Julianehab), Greenland

1095 km (680 miles) E of Nain, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

1395 km (870 miles) NE of SAINT JOHN'S, Nfld. and Labrador, Canada

1515 km (940 miles) SE of NUUK (GODTHAB), Greenland



2004 May 26 11:21:00 UTC

Preliminary Earthquake Report

U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center

Location          52.73S 18.57E

Depth 10.0 kilometers

Region             SOUTHWEST OF AFRICA

Reference        1020 km (640 miles) E of Bouvet Island

2085 km (1300 miles) S of Cape Town, South Africa



2004 May 20 07:58:23 UTC

Preliminary Earthquake Report

U.S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center

Location          52.26S 14.02E

Depth 10.0 kilometers

Region             SOUTHWEST OF AFRICA

Reference        750 km (465 miles) ENE of Bouvet Island

2070 km (1280 miles) S of Cape Town, South Africa



Unless otherwise specified, all quake activity which is discussed is based on the USGS LOCAL AREA database charts and tables which list quake activity in excess of 1.0 mag. and above. Generally most of the quakes which appear in these counts are in the range of 1 to 2 in magnitude.


Seismic activity in North America for quakes in the range of 1.0 to 3.0 was up in frequency for the last seven days, but not by very much:


577 in U.S./Alaska as a whole, up from 523 last week, widely scattered and diminished in magnitude. 


404 in California and Nevada, up from 376 last week, in all the usual places and diminished in magnitude, including a continued tremulation of the crust which is focused in the Paso Robles area.


30 in the Pacific Northwest, up from 24 reported last week (two week period) – these were mostly scattered, with another NEW but very small quake near St Helens.


23 in Utah, widely scattered, down from 42 last week


22 in Long Lakes (Mammoth Lake), up from 10 last week, microtremors highly focused in one small area.



Unless otherwise specified, all quake activity which is discussed is based on the USGS LOCAL AREA database charts and tables which list quake activity in excess of 1.0 mag. and above. Generally most of the quakes which appear in these counts are in the range of 1 to 2 in magnitude.


12 in Yellowstone, widely scattered mostly tiny 1.0 or less microquakes around the huge Yellowstone National Park.  For Yellowstone activity, see




Check out the Great Rift shapeshifters above.  The rest of the action was very boring.






Around the world with the most interesting and relevant volcano stories; briefs on the likely eruptions as well as coverage of on-going activity. For information on current eruptions, see the Southwest Volcano Centre at:

or see “Breaking Volcano Eruption News” at

(For the past couple of years I have been counting volcanoes in the classifications used by the Southwest Volcano Centre.  But the Centre cleaned house this first week and dropped all volcanoes off its list which it could not confirm to be in one of the three categories as of the beginning of the year. This means that a lot of volcanoes dropped off the lists, making the stats from this moment on un-comparable with last year’s numbers.)


OVERALL WORLD VOLCANIC ACTIVITY SEEMS TO BE ABOUT THE SAME AS LAST WEEK.  Few activity reports have been updated since last report, suggesting that the volcanism is muting down as it usually does during this part of the year but there were renewed eruptions in Africa and the discovery of a new underwater volcano in Antarctica which is heating the water around it. (This is a fairly subjective guestimate based on the numbers and data reported by the SWVC, quake data, and other reports)


Here are the SWVC volcanic activity numbers as of May 26, 2004:


5 on restless list (could go on active list at any moment) (same as last week)


47 on alert list (pre-cursors suggesting that activity may begin) up one from last week)


27 on active list (seismic, gas, steam, lava, ash, or explosive activity) (same as last week)


Popo gave a 9 puff day yesterday.  Centrapred reports for May 26 (17:00 GMT) that “In the last 24 hours the Popocatepetl volcano showed a small increase of activity. There were 9 small exhalations accompanied by steam, gas and small amounts of ash. The most important exhalation ocurred at 06:43 of today, it produce an ash plume that reached 1.5 km above the crater, we had reports of ash fall in Tetela del Volcán, Mor. Also there was a volcano-tectonic microeartquake of magnitude 2.4, that ocurred 2 km East of the crater. The other monitored parameters remain without important changes..



from Volcano Breaking News by Volcanologist John Seach


Volcano Travel:

Dates in red are posted in Eastern Australian Time (UT + 10 hr)


Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira Volcanoes

Thursday 27th May 2004

Two volcanoes continue to erupt in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Both Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira have been erupting since May 23rd, and there is a weak but steady emission from the volcanoes. Ash is expected to remain below 18,000 ft. The Nyiragongo eruption has been observed from satellite images, but has not been confirmed from ground observervations.

More on Nyiragongo volcano...

More on Nyamuragira Volcano...


Two Volcanoes Erupt in Democratic Republic of Congo

Tuesday 25th May, 2004

Both Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira volcanoes are currently erupting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nyamuragira volcano began erupting on 8th May. The eruption of Nyiragongo volcano has been detected by satellite and has not been confirmed by other sources. Last night there was an increase in volcanic activity with both volcanoes erupting.


New Volcano Discovered in Antarctica

Tuesday 25th May, 2004

A previously unknown underwater volcano has been discovered off the coast of Antarctica, and explains mariners' historical reports of discolored water in the area. The research vessel Lawrence M. Gould was returning from a study of a collapsed ice self when it passed over the volcano. Temperature probes showed evidence of geothermal heating of seawater. A lack of marine life on dark rock around the volcano indicated that lava had flowed fairly recently. The volcano is in an area known as Antarctic Sound, at the northernmost tip of Antarctica. There is no previous scientific record of active volcanoes in the region where the new peak was discovered. The volcano is located on the continental shelf, in the vicinity of a deep trough carved out by glaciers passing across the seafloor. The volcano stands 2,300 feet above the seafloor and extends to within roughly 900 feet of the ocean surface.




Awu Volcano (Indonesia)

3.67 N, 125.50 E, summit elevation 1320 m, Stratovolcano

Saturday 22nd May 2004

Hundreds of villagers fled their homes on Friday as Mount Awu in north Sulawesi, continued emit ash and smoke. The volcano became more active on Thursday. Awu volcano is dangerous with a history of fatal eruptions. It erupted in 1711, leaving 3,000 people dead and hundreds of houses and hectares of farmland destroyed. Another eruption in 1812 left at least 2,806 people dead. Awu erupted again in 1856, claiming more than 2,000 lives. The last fatal eruption was recorded in 1966, when at least 39 people were killed.

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CURRENTLY:  The incompetence of the top levels of management in the American Government and its tragic over-extension in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq will keep sowing the seeds of military, political, and economic confusion.  


ALL THIS HAS BEEN OBVIOUS FOR WEEKS.  THE REAL NEWS IS CHINA.  Its continued expansion, which is strongly driven by American Debt Spending On Chinese Imports, is increasing Asian demand for oil, which is driving up world prices for oil.  This in turn is stimulating a spiraling round of inflation. 


Get ready for the big squeeze. The construction and housing industry is already “busting” from the inflation play on basic commodities. The cost of materials for a new house have gone up 25% in just a few months and concrete is no longer available in some areas (the concrete is being shipped to China). Here is the perfectly logical result:


Home Sales, Durable Goods Orders Sink - Reuters

U.S. new home sales tumbled last month in a sign the country's housing boom may finally be cooling, government data showed on Wednesday, with durable goods orders also much weaker than expected.


During the “old economic” of the 20th century, a decline in the housing industry is a herald of the next recession.


With a million new jobs since last January, which Bush claims even though many people have considerable trouble finding them, the housing market should leap frog into expansion, even despite an increase in the cost of housing. Clearly things do not add up and this is a big problem.




 See the Earth Changes Bulletin Update Of May 12 2004


LONG TERM PREDICTION:  As the loss of value of the dollar accelerates, job creation in all the main old line pursuits will become nearly impossible in the U.S.  New production of new goods which solve real problems, along with companies which directly export American-produced goods, are the keys to the economic future.   But in the meantime, things will get funkier and funkier.  You have 2.5 years at max to the transition point at bottom.



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The DJI firmed up this week, lifting about 100 point from 9,937 last  Wednesday to about 10,109 this Wednesday. Most likely the worst drop in the DJI is over for the moment.



Given the massive loss of confidence in the U.S. and the Bush Administration, which is being discounted and undercut by many of the world’s wealthiest people, it is very doubtful that the boomer bubble is going to go much higher.  As I predicted more or less in the Coming Economic Collapse of 2006, 10,500 is about as high as it is going to get.


As I predicted last week, there may be one small rise left between now and the final slide, but don’t count on it. The small rise, IF IT COMES, is likely to come this Summer/Fall as a result of the decision of the House of Saud to support the Bush Imperial Faction with a major expansion in the production of oil to force a drop in the retail price.  This will be even more effective than a tax cut.  It will

suddenly stimulate people to do things with the cheaper fuel prices.  Lowered fuel prices will thus increase activity, confidence, sales, gross revenues, and equity values, most esp. stock prices.


So a “timely” boomlet may form up by October 2004, based on draconian manipulation and outright sorcery by the Imperial forces that be.  This of course will allow Bush and Company to say, “see, we told you so, there there everything is all right after all.” 


But do not expect that even this scenario will proceed smoothly.  There is too much instability and too much mass attitude change underway, with Al Qaeda also able to jitter the market on any given week with several hundred points of pure terror.


If as rumored, Al Qaeda strikes in multiple places in the U.S., just a couple will do, the stock markets could easily lose a couple thousands points in the blink of an eye and industries like air travel could crash.


Then of course, there is the unfolding tragedy in Iraq, the specifics of which are impossible to predict. A major military emergency, which is a growing and frightening possibility, will massively spook all economic markets, especially given the almost complete lack of confidence in the Bush regime around the world.


Without these scares and manipulations, the market in general is likely to stagnate here at this point around 10,000, seesawing back and forth for the remainder of the year, perhaps with chops in the range of as much as 5%, just enough to make you a nervous wreck.  Get out now if you are still there.  The most you have to gain is another 1 to 2 % and it is not worth trying to capture.


The only exception to this rule is equity in fresh small companies with real technology which offer a decided advantage over something, especially in the energy field.  Or a real cure for cancer, etc.  Buy this stock only for a five year scenario, not for quick turns, because most likely you will not be permitted to buy stock which offers sudden overnight wealth.




AND TAKE NOTE THAT, DESPITE HUGE PROVOCATION TO RISE,  GOLD IS DOING THE OPPOSITE OF ALL THE PROMISES OF THE TOOTERS THROUGH THE PAST 30 YEARS, MAINLY IT IS MOVING DOWNWARD OR MERELY HOVERING WHERE IT HAS BEEN FOR 25 YEARS.  There seems to be about zero correlation between the price of gold and all of the bull toot theorems about how it must rise.  For the reason why, see “The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006”.  You gotta pay for this secret.  But I will give you this hint.  Gold is not nearly as scarce as it is cracked up to be.



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The dollar is sliding a bit this week, down a penny to 0.8261 from 0.8331 per euro last Wednesday.  The raise in oil prices is undoubtedly putting heavy pressure directly on the dollar. This pressure should lessen now for the next several months.  Even so, international sources will be beating it down to make the tourist dollar exchange rates as expensive as banks can drive it – in fact it is already happening.  Air travel is up, gas is up, commodities are up, food is up, and some foreign currencies will be going up as well.


AS REPORTED LAST WEEK, Saudi Arabia, as promised (as publicly revealed by mass media sources), will cheapen (as they have just announced this past week)  the price of oil to help their long time old-timey Family partners, the Bush Family, win the fall Presidential election by creating the illusion that things are “all right” on the economic front.


This will be just a temporary interlude. Other prices will still be up or going up.


AS PREVIOUSLY PREDICTED:  The next big erosion is likely to appear in late Spring. (witching hour for expansion of the euro zone into an number of Eastern European countries, this will create a surge of pressure against the dollar). This erosion is likely to slowly continue through the year and may bottom at $0.65 to $0.70 per euro by the end of 2004.


MUST READ:  “The Dollar Panics” in “The Coming Economic Collapse of 2006”, which lays out the dynamics of what is happening. 





All prices are going up substantially this year.




Government stats at the national level have become just another “Big Brother” lie.  We are adrift without real information.  This is not likely to change until the Orwellian Regime under the Imperial Faction is liquidated.





How are the sunspots likely to most effect human affairs during the weeks and months ahead?


SIGN OF THE TIMES: Ken Lay, who is now widely described as the biggest corporate swindler of all time, is still scott free and has never even been indicted. (ONE OF THE WORST ECONOMIC TERRORISTS OF ALL TIME).  At this time I will hazard the guess that he will be pardoned by Bush during the final days of his administration.  ANOTHER NEARLY EQUAL SIGN OF THE TIMES:  The lawyers who have been settling the Enron collapse for all parties, are billing the remaining net assets of Enron for approximately $1 billion for their services.  This is a new heavenly-ordained definition for the term Chutzpah.  I CALL IT CLASS ECONOMIC TERRORISM. 




The ionic flux and the human contradictions of denial have focused people into thinking and plotting intensely their next round of moves within a highly polarized mental and emotional atmosphere. 


Expect heavy choppiness in all things human.  Sudden shifts, both good and ill, everywhere.


As a result of the coming Venus | Earth alignment, the heavy shifts and dramatic chops of the past two months should accelerate during June.


It should be quite a ride.  Try to catch a positive updraft in the spiritual currents, let the crap fall to the side.  But watch your head, there is a lot of crap which is falling..




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Questions From A Subscriber:

(The following was edited to preserve the privacy of the writer)


Are you able to shed any light on what the blue hell is going on with Bush/The Military/Afghanistan/Iraq. …I know of a recent active servicewoman in Iraq who was discharged at nearly 9 months of pregnancy. She won honour in action during her pregnancy. Her husband is still in active duty in Iraq.  She has just learned that Bush is going to call-up all inactive reservists including all soldier mothers, with babies regardless of their age.

MWM:  I would ask you to get this nailed down factually iron clad. It is a pretty grim if true. The fact that her husband is still on active duty in Iraq probably provides her an out.  Generally it has been policy in the past that only one member of a family can be put in harm's way in a war theatre. She should be able to apply for base duty somewhere in the U.S.  Check this out thoroughly and don't be satisfied with only one answer. Get solid confirmations as to the policy in effect, not suppositions.

The whole family is in turmoil and anguish. Insider talk tells of mothers who are going to go to jail rather than risk being cannon fodder for Bush, and leaving their babies without parents if they get shot.

I don't blame them.  I would think really seriously about relocating in Canada.

They have been told that they will be drafted to Afghanistan and they are all convinced that Bush must be planning something big.

Well the word on the rumor mill street is that Afghanistan is spiraling out of control just as Iraq thickens into never-ending sniping.

Anything could happen.  I am not sure that Bush has anything in firm plan, but then, who can really say.  He tricked the U.S. into the invasion of Iraq, which his handlers intended to do even before he was elected.

Al Qaeda has the U.S. just exactly where they want it, its military extended and exposed to the grenades of  an endless Arab "snipe hunt" across a vast unfriendly territory.  They use their random attacks like the lances of bullfighters, to weaken and confuse the American Bull.  Their strategy is winning, mainly because Bush, Rumsfeld and his Imperial Faction are incompetent buffoons and continue to step into the traps Al Qaeda lays as well as hand delivering on a silver platter an oafish continuation of the killing fields of Iraq.  An astute leader could turn the entire situation around in 120 days.

Listen to Zinni.  Get everything that Zinni says....he has a better grasp of what is going on than any of the politicians and he is also now independent and can say exactly what he thinks.  The history of this era will be written 10 years down the road reflecting a good part of Zinni's commentary. 

What the hell is going on?

That is the million dollar question.  Essentially, chaos.  The U.S. military and the politicians cannot control the ground nor the behavior of the Iraqi's.  The projected force is far too small to win and control any given patch, except downtown Baghdad and the airports, so they have to keep prowling through the scene scaring the Iraqi's s$#tless with the predominance of tactical power on the street. By way of comparison, with the standards of the cold war period, the Russians would have used several hundred thousand troops, perhaps a million, to impose physical control block by block so that nothing could move through any major intersection in the country without Russian permission.  They would have also searched the entire country lock stock and barrel in a vast movement block by block.  They would have used a few hundred thousand Russians and three to five times as many Iraqi conscripts.

Nothing less will establish physical control  But the Bush Imperialists are too timid, basically they are cheapskates and have the  amazing arrogance to suppose that the superiority of their hot “shtuff” makes them manifest destined to win.  But more and more of the Iraqi's are figuring it out, they see that the U.S. is technically stalemated. Thus psychologically the U.S. has lost its psychological momentum and the Arabs themselves are redefining the name of the game.  In fact, and here is where the U.S. is taking a huge hit, most Arab males in the world are beginning to see how this works and realize that the strategic power of the U.S. is not nearly what it is cracked up to be.  Under this condition, continuation of resistance ONLY is the main key to a strategic defeat of the U.S. They do not have to win a single tactical battle nor hold any fixed location, they just need to continue sniping Americans and any other foreigners stupid enough to set foot in the country.

Have the Lunatics really taken over the asylum?

Unfortunately I would have to say so.  At least, our "leadership" is completely historically and socially incompetent.  Look, this entire situation could be turned around in 120 days by leadership which understands the basic universals of the human heart and consciousness and immediately implemented the elementary political and economic policies which would co-opt most of the adult Iraqi males into working actively to end the chaos.  What is the key to Al Sadr's success, the guy who started the insurgency among the Shia?  He gave several thousand unemployed males jobs and a sense of purpose amidst all the chaos.   It is that simple.


Get the point.  It is this simple, which you can see in Palestine daily, in Iraq, and in Afghanistan. The Arabs and other in the Middle East are desperate for a personal proposition which provides a world which makes sense and earns them a stable buck.  DESPERATE. They are so desperate a few are even willing to go out with bombs strapped to their body and blow people up at random, hoping that somehow that will help things get better for their families.


What does the U.S. need to do? The U.S. needs to immediately hire about two million Iraqi's and an equal number of Afghanistani’s and give them a weekly paycheck and tell them that to keep those paychecks coming they need to stop the insurgencies and force out all foreign Arabs and rocket propelled grenades. Same thing, in Paltestine, hire about 250,000.


THAT WOULD DO IT.  Real fast. The merchants and producers and taxi drivers would suddenly have more demand than they know what to do with and a prosperous wave of economic activity would surge across the land giving the rest multitudes of opportunities to earn a buck.  An elementary real proposition for every man in Iraq


They would get so busy chasing the bucks, nobody would have the time of day for terrorists.  It would cost pennies on the dollar for what the U.S. is spending on its military system.  The bankers to roll it? The Houses of Saud and the other rich principalities on the Gulf..

But as it is, most Iraqi males feel exactly like they are being treated, Like sad sacks of shit who are irrelevant, in the way, and are doomed to bake more poverty pie, liable to be abused by the powers that be at any moment.  So why should they, how can they, cooperate with anything from the West?  The West offers almost nothing for most of them in real terms. That is one of the reasons why the Prisoner Abuse scandal is SO DEVASTATING.  It turns the mind and the attitude decisively in directions which it is almost impossible to negate.  Forty years down the road there will be Iraqi's still pissed off at the U.S. for that and for everything else which it will come to represent.
I've turned to you because of the respect I have for your insight of the World stage and the subterfuge that is now the lifeblood of the American administration.
Blessings, xxx

Well that is right, subterfuge has become the lifeblood of the Boomers. It is the terrible, fatal illness which has come out of the cold war. We have become a nation of deceivers and liars. They, the Eastern Boomer establishment,  think of it as discretion and necessary security.  They think, we have all these secrets because it makes us safe.   I think of it as deceptions and lies which have killed the spirit of America.  No one in the established institutions has credibility anymore....the game is up because everyone else by now has figured out that they are just saying the things they are saying in order to maintain their insider secrets..

Under the current conditions of systemic dishonesty and crass manipulation, I believe any philosopher and spiritual teacher would say that you and your family are entitled to assert your individual right to LIFE, liberty, and pursuit of happiness under God, by refusing to put yourself into harms way. But this of course, may not be very good legal advice.

Best of luck in dealing with what you must.


THE DRIFT REMAINS IN THE SAME DIRECTION:  The American Empire is rapidly disintegrating and economic and political vectors are accelerating as the timing of the next crash draws closer.  As the CIA Little Shop Of Horrors begins to be OUTED, the Mideast enemies of Israel and the U.S. now fully understand that the U.S. is even more vulnerable than it was three years ago, does not have enough brains in political command to make decisive, creative political moves to build support and loyalty, and is so over-extended in Palestine-Iraq-Afghanistan that major losses can be inflicted on its men and equipment.  Thus, the insurgency in the Middle East, now here now there, is likely to break out again, seeking to deliver greater and greater tragedy to the Americans. With the “jaw-dropping” public destruction of the leadership of Hamas by Sharon, which he has liberally followed up with reckless bombings and demolitions which kill children in the fashion of Waco,  tens of thousands of operatives are now inevitably available to “the network”.  Meanwhile, Osama is hidden, biding his time…


The one thing which IS certain is that Iraq is America’s very own tarbaby, created largely by all of the cliques in control of American government since the advent of Ronald Reagan.  And it is now equally clear that no one else is going to attempt to rescue the fools who created it.  The more Bush and Kerry bleat about passing the buck by internationalizing the problem, the more pathetic both the Demopublicans and Republicrats look and sound. 


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