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Earthquakes & Seismic Activity
Databases - Maps - Newswires - Real Time Monitors


Near Realtime Databases, Earthquakes

Swiss "Red Puma" Automated Catalog
(Near Real Time Event List and Waveforms
from the Swiss Seismological Service
in Zurich, Switzerland)

U of Edinburgh (England) Catalog
provides the latest quakes with a clickable geo locator which displays the location of the quake on a map along with all quake details.

USGS Near Real Time Quake List
(now featuring clickable map locations)

Earthquake Auto Near-Instantaneous Alert Services
Click on current earthquake information go down to noticication services where there are several options from which to chose. To subscribe to the USGS bigquake notification list do the following: send mail to: majordomo@ghtmail.cr.usgs.gov and put subscribe bigquake in the body of the message.  Please leave the subject line blank when subscribing.

Databases, Earthquake

CNSS Earthquake Catalog
This is the best one but harder to use than the USGS Catalog (below).  Since this is housed at UC Berkeley (San Francisco Bay) don't be surprised if one day it does not answer. Please note that it takes about a month for the numbers to become accurate for the past few weeks. Use this for generating serious graphs as this is considered the World's premiere scientific database of seismology.

USGS Catalogs, Geo Info, Services, and Lists (by the United States Geodetic Service) for the Current Day,Week and/or Month

Technical Reference, Earthquakes

Great Access Site For Earthquake Topic Links
More Detailed than this one

Listening To Earthquakes
This is the Elfrad sound of the massive 7.0 earthquake in India. It is playable with Real Audio. It sounds like the ultrasound of a baby's heartbeat toward the end of pregnancy.

TLC Earthquakes Brief

Maps, Earthquake

http://earthquake.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/quakes_all.html  new site for daily quakes



USGS Earthquake Maps
Current Activity Displayed On The Continents
Alaska |
California/NevadaCoos Bay/PNW
California, Southern, Animations Of Earthquakes
Central US  |  Central US Quakes Map
Rocky Mountain Cordillera
(Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah,Wyoming)
New Madrid
| New Madrid Seismic Network
or  Madrid Fault |
Long Valley  | Yellowstone

Canada  |  U.S. | WORLD   | Japan

World Earthquake Historical Stats
stats by USGS NEIC

World Map Last 60 Days

Real-Time Monitors, Earthquake

Worldwide Live Internet Seismic Server
(the  raw seismic charts updated every 30 minutes)


Earthquake Predictions

Syzygy Earthquake Predictions
Editor: Jim Berkland  syzygyjob@aol.com

E.D.G. Predictions
(uses a combo of Berkland syzygy windows and Mandeville polar motion)
Newsletter EQ Forecasting:  

EarthEarth Monitor HomepageMonitor