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Earth's Atmosphere & Weather


Weather/Ocean Monitors

The mind-numbing mountain of data collected has allowed climatologists to declare with confidence that 1998 was a record-breaking year for the planet, the warmest in 1,200 years. From January to November, the Earth's average temperature was 58.4 degrees Fahrenheit, 1.2 degrees warmer than the average mean temperature from 1880-1997. What exactly this means and whether humans are the cause of this latest round of global warming in the planet's stormy climatic history is heavily debated. Vortex Tectonics, with superior evidence than all other theories, DEMONSTRATES EMPIRICALLY that polar motion and (most likely) associated underwter volcanism is the current engine of global warming.


  • Chemtrails & Other Queer Things In The Atmosphere - There is a truth out there....and it is likely anger you as the evidence mounts that Dr. Strangelove is fondling the atmosphere and our weather patterns.

News Central On Chemtrails

Earth Pulse by Nick Begich  -
real-life chronicles of real-life
Dr. Stranglove projects running amok.

  • El Nino

NOAA/NASA Pacific Ocean Water Temperature


EarthEarth Monitor HomepageMonitor